Thursday, February 16, 2012


UPDATE- The PDs report they're closed. The SAO is open. The courts are closed. RC is just thankful they have Gene Zenobi. 
Broweird? Do you even need to ask? (open). 

Lots of things to do this long weekend, as long as you're not an ASA, PD or full-time Assistant Regional Counsel (see, we remembered you guys for once) as courts are closed Monday, but state offices are open. 

But if you're an ASA or PD and  per chance get the Washington/Lincoln flu, here's what you can do:

The Boat  Show is in town at Miami Beach. Go catch Rumpole looking to trade up. 

The 49th Coconut Grove Art Festival is this weekend in....Coconut Grove of course. Go sneak a peak at Rumpole perusing the art exhibits and snacking on a pita stuffed with greek salad. 

The federal guys are rightfully excited about the confirmation of Judge Jordan to the 11th Circuit Court of appeals. This was a no brainer nomination and confirmation and it was a appointment that was more than well deserved. There wasn't a more professional, courteous and downright intelligent Judge in the Southern District and that reputation began well before Judge Jordan took the bench.  The only downside to the confirmation is we lose a great trial judge. Meanwhile, with Jordan confirmed, Atlanta super attorney Jill Pryor was nominated for a seat on the eleventh circuit Thursday. DOM has all the details. Click above. 

In Maples v. Thomas the U.S. Supreme Court gave an Alabama death row inmate another legal chance when his big shot Sullivan and Cromwell attorneys abandoned him.  Here is the amicus brief by a group of Legal Ethics Professors and a group of law students at the Yale Ethics Bureau.
 S&C is hung out to dry. 

The DOW closed at its highest level in four years Thursday. Unemployment claims for January were the lowest in four years. The economy is coming back just in the nick of time and the Republicans are so baffled at what to do now that they are flinging condoms at each other. 

It should be an interesting spring and summer until the GOP convenes in Tampa. Set aside our usual table at Berns for the week.

See You Tuesday. 


Anonymous said...

Obama's judicial picks are really wonderful...the Republicans should not play the obstruction card with this Ms. Pryor.

Anonymous said...

just as i am gushing about Jordan going the 11 circuit he kicks me in the boys with this ruling http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/16/2643483/miami-man-who-lived-like-a-millionaire.html#storylink=omni_popular. ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!! Snitches always catch a break. The first bird to sing, is the first bird to fly.

Anonymous said...

State offices are closed on Monday.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the WSOP tornaments going on in palm beach. Should be fun. Also, I believe stinking Broward courts are still open

Anonymous said...

Just getting back from Broward court and I open my email to see an email from KFR asking for a donation.

Considering the ridiculousness in the Broward SAO, I'll gladly send $$$ to KFR since at least her office has a clue.

As a defense lawyer, my advice is if you are black or hispanic in Broward- get out.

It's also probably Satz' campaign slogan.

Anonymous said...

PD'S office closed! See you at the Art Festival.

Anonymous said...

TERESA POOLER jumps seat. From County Court/Brinkley to Circuit Court/DeYurre

Anonymous said...


Never purchase a new boat.

Anonymous said...

Now that Hersch doesn't have to run, Tess has decided to run against the old Cuban guy. Won't work.

The old Cuban guy needs a young female Hispanic opponent.


The Captain Reports:

C. David Weed .....

I am happy to report that the turnout was large, the food was good, and MC Stan Blake was hilarious as usual cutting up David into little pieces. Nice to see some old timers from the old PD's office on the 8th floor of the MJB.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Rumpole ... When was the last time that you took time to relax and went Mutton Snapper fishing? You need to enjoy life kind Sir!

Master Chief said...

Someone very wise once told me that if it flies, floats, or fucks, don't buy it, rent it.

Sorry for the gutter mouth, but it just doesnt roll off the tongue as nicely without the four letter word.

Rumpole said...

sorry about the frog thing. I approved it by mistake and then caught it later.

DS sez: said...

My Extended Family , My Mom/Step-Dad, Aunt & Uncle, Sister Freinds & I - not necessarily together- Always went every year for Decades to the Grove Art Fest. Had a great parking spot behind the Bank. The Poster, food, St. Stephan's and the eye-candy made it worthwhile. Oh yeah the art was good, also.
Now it costs $10 to get in, w/ parking , wife n kids that's $60 just to walk the art bedecked streets of Coconut Grove.

Sorry , No Thank You !
[ really mean F / U but this is a family blog]

Lots of Free Art fests that make their money in Posters, T-shirts and artsy merch.


DS said...

Every Body Knows Weed is THE FROG
right Froggy ?

The Barrister

Fake Kenny W said...

Chow down with me and the paisanos at Sopranos on Lincoln Road before truckin on over to SOBE's hot new ping pong club- Chalks- for Saturday night "Karaoke with Kenny" and yes, I will be ending the karaoke session with my famous rendition of the Bangles smash hit: Eternal Flame.

Party like a sobesuperstar.com/ kenny

Rumpole said...

I am curious why you think I kill things for fun? . And i I were to fish something called a Mutton sounds dreadful in and of itsefl.

Anonymous said...

Rumpy ... Can't we just change this blog to the "South Florida Fishing Blog"? SFFB ... I love it. 24/7 with hosts: Kenny, Fake Kenny, REAL FORMER JUDGE ... and the wicked Real FAKE Former Judge (I bet he loves the Hog Snapper more than the Mutton Snapper)?

What say you Michael Haber - King of all Hog Snappers?

Who Rumpole is the King of Cubera Snappers???

Anonymous said...

read this 3rd dca opinion of this ridiculous 3.850.

No. 3D10-1383
Lower Tribunal No. 83-627
Juan Alfonso Hernandez,
The State of Florida,

Anonymous said...

rump never buy a new boat. Stick to used, stick to under 20, and always go outboard Yamaha. You'll never have a complaint. Have a great weekend


Sorry Rump, but mutton snapper, is one tasty fish.

From wiki:

"Mutton snapper is considered by most as excellent table fare. Like most of the snapper family, the meat is white, flaky and light; and is excellent prepared in a variety of ways."

An I'm a Captain, I should know.

Anonymous said...

More Pando hijinks complete with Glamour Shot. http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/16/2649377/dade-judge-tangled-up-in-probe.html

Kenneth Weisman said...

Here is my contribution to the SFFB. This week I Caught Mutton Snapper, Spanish Mackeral and a few lobster. Although lobster is plentiful, too many are shorts and can't be kept. Same with Gag and Black Grouper which are out of season. Weekly highlights include dolphin catches and a large swordfish which was speared in 20 ft. depth (highly unusual).

Rumpole said...

It sounds like a slab of gray fatty meat

Fake Kenny said...

Ken- "lobster (plural) ARE plentiful" "is plentiful" makes us both look stupid and a man in my position cannot afford to be made to look ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey REAL Kenny W. - How the heck did you spear a Swordfish while snorkeling? Any photo proof? Do you as a fishing expert worry about mercury levels and thereby stick to your Mutton Snapper?

Still no opinion by Real FAKE Former Judge? I knew he was a Cubera Snapper lover!

DS said...

I Thought the Mackeral ran w/ the Kingfish, in the autumn,

Anonymous said...

Knowing Kenny as we all do if you read his comment he never said HE speared the swordfish. His comment is best understood as him being on a boat, in the shade, watching others snorkle and spear. Putting a spear in his hand in the water is a useful as giving a rhino an Apple MacBook. Plus Kenny neither gets wet nor sun unless he is swaddled in luxury. Most swordfish dont have maitre d's that take tips in exchange for a easy shot.

Anonymous said...

oh, maybe Real Kenny meant that he had the "swordfish sandwich special" at Joe's. I thought he meant that he actually speared it. So sorry for the confusion!

Kenneth Weisman said...

Here's the story and the photo. I shot this photo from the Anejo with Captain Joe Turner and fellow attorney Jessie Soffer. Pictured on the L and H are fellow attorney Judd Rosen, Captain Mike Simpson and all around bad ass Jay Bruns. Truth is we were all in the water with many spears.https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/408946_10150679061763792_570933791_11278312_555250124_n.jpg

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald gossip column reports several local lawyers frollicked in the water this presidents day weekend with celebrity Britney Spears. Swordfish sandwiches were later enjoyed by all.

Anonymous said...

"he shot a spear thru a swordfish and it continued into my heart" celeb britney spears shyly said when photographed with he new boy toy sobe lawyer as they dined al fresco at prime italian this past valentine's day. "and no, Rumors he's going to my beverly hills dr for a nose job just aren't true" Spears cooed.

Star Fleet Command said...

Kobayashi Maru is a Class III neutronic fuel carrier. The is ship commanded by Kojiro Vance with 81 crew members and 300 passengers.

Here are the details: Dead weight tonnage: 147,943 MT; cargo capacity: 97,000 MT; length: 237m; beam: 111m; height: 70m; max cruise speed: wf 3; max emergency speed: wf 6. The name is Japanese: Kobayashi (小林?) means "small grove" and is a common
family name; Maru (丸?) is a common suffix for Japanese ship names meaning "round" as in "to return.

Captain Rumpole, your orders are as follows:

Rescue the civilian vessel Kobayashi Maru which has become disabled in the Klingon Neutral Zone. Please be aware any Starfleet ship entering the zone would be in violation of the Organian Peace Treaty. However, if you do not enter the neutral zone, the ship will be destroyed and the crew lost.

What are your orders Captain Rumpole?

Rumpole said...

The Kobayashi Maru sim? I'm not biting. Like others have said before me, I don't believe in un-winnable (cases) or situations.

DS sez: said...

Great Article by Oppenheimer in the Herald :

Pro-drug legalization forces are gaining clout

For the first time since the United States launched its “war on drugs” four decades ago, there are signs that the forces supporting legalization or de-criminalization of illegal drugs are gaining momentum across the hemisphere

First, for the first time, Latin American presidents currently in office are openly calling for government-to-government talks to discuss legalization or decriminalization of illicit drugs.

Last week, Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina said he will propose to his Central American counterparts to legalize drugs in the region and to decriminalize the transportation of drugs through the area.

There are already 13 states that have approved use of marihuana for medical purposes, and three others will propose it in state ballots in the November election.

University of Miami professor Bruce Bagley, an expert on U.S. drug-policies in Latin America, how he sees the various challenges against the traditional interdiction and prohibition-based U.S. drug policies.

“This is becoming a kind of avalanche,” said Bagley, who supports decriminalization of marijuana. “There is a growing questioning of the hard-line drug policies both in Latin America and here in the United States.”

Bagley added, “Prevention, education, treatment and rehabilitation programs are more effective than drug-supply repression.”
(Oppehheimer concludes by saying ) "
My opinion: I agree


Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/18/2647277/pro-drug-legalization-forces.html#storylink=cpy

DS said...

The Herald reports that, Former Miami Beach Police officer Lavont Flanders Jr., 41, of Miami Gardens, and Emerson Callum, 45, of Miami were sentenced Friday to 12 consecutive life terms by U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore

Two Miami men will spend the rest of their lives behind bars for sex trafficking, after they lured unsuspecting women to South Florida, slipped them drugs, taped them performing sex acts and sold the images to pornographers.

Flanders claimed to be a talent scout for companies such as Bacardi, Sony and Paramount Pictures, and asked the women to audition for commercials that were fake.

During the auditions, he would ask them to drink and promote different brands of alcohol. But the drinks were laced with date-rape drugs, prosecutors said.

After the drugs took effect, Flanders drove the victims to a Miramar warehouse where Callum would have sex with them while Flanders filmed

The Barrister

EyeonQ said...

The Q's new treatise: "practical case managment for type II diabetes and the legal practitioner"
Is now available at Amazon. And note it was written without any advice from that semi-famous type II who hates twitter. Get your autographed copy now. Come with a big Q

Anonymous said...

What's Kenny doing today? He's the new Shumie.

EyeonKenny said...

He and Britney are spending a quiet day by the sobe ritz carlton pool snacking on swordfish sashimi created especially for them by chef Morimoto.

Anonymous said...

“Prevention, education, treatment and rehabilitation programs are more effective than drug-supply repression.”

RIGHT. Seems the legalizers (including you DS) always seem to forget that the manufacturers/dealers will have First Amendment rights as soon as it's legalized. Watch what happens then.


Anonymous said...

Kenny called the Shumie on Friday.

Anonymous said...

with all these serious alleagations against pando why dont some of our county court challengers switch races and instead of going against good judges like Charlie Johnson, they could go against Pando.

mr Yabor are you reading this blog?

Ms Barakat-Alvarez hows about you take out judge pando?

Anonymous said...

Did I read that Teresa Pooler is a judge? She worked up a homicide case until the day of trial and then suddently "recognized" the victim's mother as a county employee and shed tears over it. Did I believe it? If you read all of the discovery how can you not know details?

Then she was appointed on a really long homicide trial as "appellate counsel." Did she really read it?

Having her on the Bench will go inline with the crappy transcripts put out by digital recordings.

Kenneth Weisman said...

Here's the weekly SFFB highlights which included Swordfish, Cobia and a small Nurse Shark.

Kens no shumie said...

I know Shumie.
Shumie is a friend of mine.
And you sir, Mr. Kenny are no Shumie.

Now go grease your way into Joes you paisan wannabe. So you can look like a big shot to all your peon leech/hangeron/ "friends"

DS sez: said...

We already Know what will happen: Nothing , look at California and the other states that decrimialized mariJ. Just legalize possession, use and growth below 10 lbs or so for personal use or make it a permittable action. $600/year a permit ($ 50 /month) save lives sanity and $100/day to lock up people.
Dont Toak and Boat
Dont Bump n Fly

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something obvious - what does legalization have to do with First Amendment rights?

Fake Judge Pando said...

Please I'm begging you. No more comments about Kenny. It's making me nuts.

Anonymous said...

This is for DS and 5:23...

DS............your argument is bogus. First, the medical marijuana laws have created problems. Second, the reason it hasn't been worse is because possession still is against Federal law. Third, my understanding is that you actually support the legalization of ALL drugs, not just marijuana.

If the government legalizes drugs, then the manufacturers, distributors, licensees, etc. will have First Amendment rights of free speech. That means they can advertise their products. If you think drug pushers are effective, think about what Madison Avenue could do.


Anonymous said...

@ 5:23-- What does legalization have to do with First Amendment rights?

Good G-d sir! That is like asking what does the Bill of Rights have to do with the Constitution?

Anonymous said...

Its not that I miss Fake Tannebaum. I don't. I do miss the updates on the lives of the barristas But give FT his props. He got smacked down by the man and said he was walking away and did b

Anonymous said...


Your world is scary. I would wouldn't want my kids living in it.

Circle K