Saturday, February 25, 2012


It's spring time, and a young lawyer's thoughts turn to the beach, and bathing suits and that means, after literally years of email requests, we finally address the issue of .......(drum roll please)

D...I...E...T..S..!  What is the best diet for you? The simple answer is everyone  is different. But the more we (not us, but the medical profession)  learn about insulin resistance, hormones, and genetics, the more we know that everyone is different. No one diet works. Every wonder about that beautiful woman with a set of abs who eats pizza and chocolate milk shakes? Credit her DNA. She has a high level of insulin resistance. 

Akins is no longer the player. It's guys like the amazing researcher Gary Taubes, whose ground breaking book "Why We Get Fat"  took off where Dr. Atkins left off. No less an authority than  Dr. Andrew Weil supported the amazing research in the book. Watch the smack down of higher-carb veggie Dr.  Oz (Oprah's "Guru" and have you seen her lately?) here on Tim Ferris's Blog.

Enter Tim Ferris (4 Hour Body) and  David Asprey  (Bullet Proof Executive) who are "bio-hackers"- they hack their body with diet and supplements and promise that you can 1) do more on less sleep (both) 2) Have super-human sex (Ferris); 3) raise your IQ (Asprey) ; 4) work less and earn more (Ferris and where else have we heard that before?) 4) and reverse type II diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases and dramatically improve your blood-lipid profile (both) if you follow their diet/lifestyles.  For the lucky ones (like us) we need improvement in almost none of those areas, although working less seems like a nice idea. 

Aspey lives on bacon, grass-fed butter (he mixes it in his special mold-free coffee)  and all grass fed-organic meats, while Ferris adds beans at every meal to slow the absorption of carbs. 

Then there is the Paleo_Diet that is sweeping the nation which is a combination of lower carbs, seasonal fruits (very little bananas and grapes) green leafy veggies, and nothing white (flour, sugar) and nothing refined. "Eat like a Caveman" is their cry.  Sort of retro- South Beach. 

And still plugging away as vegetarians are Dr. Oz,  and Dr. Dean Ornish who converted President Clinton and had him put down that big mac and pick  up broccoli and brussel sprouts after his second "cardiac incident." 

After corresponding for  two  months  with a loyal reader who started an Asprey/Taubes very low carb diet (which we are still quiet concerned about) here is the last email we received: "Rump- first blood tests back- Cholesterol DOWN from 211(high)  to 175 (good) NO MEDS. Triglycerides down from 210 (very high) to 135 NORMAL!!! As per fasting blood test I am NO LONGER pre-diabetic. Per your suggestion I began a slow progression of cardiac interval training (30 sec all out runs, 60 sec recovery, slowly transitioning to 60 sec runs, 30 sec recoveries along with a kettle bell routine) and my blood pressure is now 120-85 down from 150-200 NO MEDS!!!!.  Rump, this diet literally saved my life. My cardiologist is both amazed and thrilled. The supplements you recommended also greatly helped and in her words "Can I meet this lawyer who thinks he is a doctor?" she said that without exception you were right on the money with every supplement.  And of course the weight loss..." (by request the total weight is not included here, but our subject, who is a middle aged male lost 28 pounds in 72 days.)

SO...is the Elephant in the room or in the special set of clothes you keep for the affects of  all those  holiday parties? 

What diets have you tried? What works for you and what do you think about the latest diets? Are they fads? 

See (hopefully and literally) LESS of YOU in court. 


Anonymous said...

That sound you heard was Angry Gurl exploding from happiness. Her favorite topic!

Fake Kenny W said...

That other sound you heard was Kenny clicking over to the girls of Maxim blog. Diets...ugh.

Meanwhile we recommend a pair of chino shorts, sandals (NOT crocs) and a sporty Izod collared shirt for the fun and food at the sobe food festival.

Remember, it's better to look good than be good.

sobelivinlarge baby!

Fake Pando said...

Great topic during the south beach food festival Rump. Timing is everything in life, right?

ButterGirl said...

I've been following an Asprey/Paleo diet and it's worked for me. The 'bulletproof' coffee with butter is actually pretty good. Sounds gross but if you ever whipped cream too much it turns into butter so it's not much different. Plus you use a frother so it's not all greasy or anything.

I'm not really a fan of his sleeping less idea. I guess that goes along with your theory Rump, of nothing fits everyone. I do have more energy eating higher (good) fat, high protein, low carb, but I still need more sleep than he talks about and I think sleep is super important for ealth and restoration.

P.S. once you start to use real grass-fed unsalted butter, you'll never buy those tubs or sticks of fleischmans again.

Bullett Proof lawyer,Esq. said...

Amen butter girl. I also get a full 8 hrs sleep. I started with Ferris and his garlic/ green tea/ alpha lipc acid actually helped remove plaque from an artery but I didnt lose much weight on slo-carb. So I migrated to bullet proof, the grass fed meats are amazing- like no steak I've ever eaten and the bulletproof coffee makea starbucks taste like sanka.

Ps- you single BG?

Anonymous said...

I get a beer at 4. Another at 430. A scotch at the bar fron 5-6. A hunk of red meat charred at mortons with a california cab and then a cigar at 8.

The Shumie diet. Die happy.

Real Fake Kenny W said...

Real Fake Kenny W would not be caught dead in an Izod shirt; I believe you meant to say Rene Lacoste.

Hedonist said...

The best prescription for life: eat, sleep, casino, fuck. That sums it up for me. Any money left over, I waste.

DS sez: said...

How about:
Eat less - Exercise more.

Give up potatoes , rice or bread if you have beer or rum.
everything in Moderation.

Dont give in to the muchies, its just a reaction to the reduction of blood sugars.

Think of desert first , so you can plan your meal to leave room for the sweets.

Take the Stairs and walk fast.


Bulletproof Lawyer, Esq. said...

Actually DS here is why you're wrong: check out Gary Taubes other book- Good calories, Bad Calories, and you will see the scientific proof as to why the "moderation" philosophy doesn't work for everyone. If you have high insulin resistance and put on ten pounds on a cruise, then yes, you can cut out some things, eat in moderation and the pounds will come off. But if you have low insulin resistance two things happen- 1) it is NOT an issue of will power and 2) you can eat 50% less calories than the person with high insulin resistance and as they lose weight you will gain weight, feel frustrated, be accused of cheating, and not know what to do.
The answer is that it is not your fault. Its you DNA.

Anonymous said...

I am in the second phase of transforming my body through exercise and healthy diet.

The first involved losing fat while maintaining muscle mass. From mid-July 2011 through mid-January 2012, I lost 40 pounds of fat and actually gained 9 pounds of lean muscle. (Body fat percentage went from 26% to just under 9%). Accomplished this through consistent gym training (3 weightlifting sessions and 3 cardio sessions per week) and clean eating at a calorie deficit.

I ate every 2-3 hours and the diet was heavy on protein (chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites, and protein shakes when on the run), lower on the carbs, and lower on the fats. Removed all fast food, soda, white breads and rices and potatoes from the diet and kept red meat to a minimum.

Supplements taken were fish oil, vitamin C and D, carnitine for fat metabolism, and glutamine for muscle recovery.

The goal of the second phase is to clean bulk--i.e., add as much lean muscle mass as possible with minimal fat gain. I now lift 5-6 sessions per week at heavier weights and at a pace to keep the heart rate up and do one day of just cardio.

Am now eating about 400-500 calories a day above maintenance level. Tracking macros (proteins, carbs, and fats), and have balanced them at about 45-45-10%. Carbs come from brown rice, sweet potatoes, wheat or grain breads, oat cereal, oatmeal, vegetables, and fruit. Fats (unsaturated) come mainly from almonds.

I still take the fish oil, added a garlic supplement, but removed the vitamins C and D for now. I think eating three servings of green vegetables (usually broccoli, and sometimes spinach or asparagus), two servings of balsamic tomatoes, and three servings of berries (combination of blueberries, strawberries, and rasberries) per day give me the micronutrients I need, but I am exploring this further.

6 weeks into the bulk phase I have added 4 pounds of lean mass and a 1/2 pound of fat.

I'll stay on this course for at least another 6 weeks (I have the gym take measurements every 6 weeks) and probably through the summer. If necessary, I'll tweak if the fat gain is too high.

Finally, had blood work done in December. All good, including all cholesterol numbers well within normal ranges. Will check this again during the summer.

DS sez: said...

I agree DNA controls much of our health issues.

Anonymous said...

Three questions Rump-- what are you smokin,' what planet are you living on, name one beautiful woman with a set of abs who eats pizza and diet shakes? Fifty bucks if you can answer all three--- I predict you'll lose this bet--beautiful gals don't eat pizza. They eat only heads of lettuce and then vomit.

Anonymous said...

Diet and health issues on this blog?

Have you seen the hallways of the justice building ? For the most part, it's like a leper farm out there!

This issue, for this crowd, is akin to best sexual positions on a Santorum blog.

ButterGirl said...

Congrats on taking care of yourself and your amazing transformation.

I do have a concern/question for you. What do you think will happen to your body if you stop the heavy amount of exercise you seem to be doing?

Not knocking you at all. But the amount of exercise you're doing seems really hard to keep up in the long long term.

Have you considered things like adding grass-fed beef and coconut oil to your diet?

Could all your exercise actually be making you hungrier?

I know the theme of this is that every body is different but that much exercise seems really hard to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about this?

Anonymous said...

Butter Girl- I once had a chance to spend an evening at a party with Lance Armstrong's trainer and asked him various questions. An obnoxious woman interrupted us with a similar question however more geared towards cardio workouts. Chris replied "you should only exercise on days you breathe.". As I get older I realize the slogan "use it or lose it" really has meaning. Not to say all exercise must be intense.

Anonymous said...

I will also say another great trainer I knew was often asked by new clients how long it would take for them to lose all the weight they wanted/and get into shape. And he would reply "well, how long did it take you to get this way ?" his point being exercise is or should be a daily lifetime commitment.

Anonymous said...

I am the guy in Rumpole's post. He neglected to mention the low carb diet cured my acid refulx GERD in two days. And that was two months ago. I stopped meds for GERD as I went low carb and never took it again. Low carb SAVED me.

Anonymous said...

OK ladies and gents, I need to buy an indoor bicycle trainer for those days that it is too hot to ride outside in the afternoon.

I narrowed the choice down to the Kirk Kinetic Fluid Trainer or the Cycleops Fluid 2. Quietness and "road feel" are my paramount concerns.

Can someone please help me out?


I stay thin by only eating Kenny W's Filet of Cobia and Kenny W stays thin only eating my Mutton Snapper ...

Anonymous said...

The best way to lose weight, try doing
sex-cer-cises. My girls' got legs of steel and we always work up a sweat.

Anonymous said...

Best advice so far was shumie diet. Die happy. I agree. Pass me that Big Mac.

Anonymous said...

I ate low carb for several years and unfortunately I developed acid reflux GERD. Probably due to the higher fat content of the food I was eating. I added in some things like brown rice and stopped eating as much of the fatty foods, still high protein though, and GERD went away.

Surprisingly potatoes (and tomatoes) and can cause reflux. So some meat n potato types can help reflux not by going totally low carb but just cutting out the spuds.

Anonymous said...


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Legal system still needs court reporters
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The official record from Judge Myron Duhart's Lucas County Common Pleas courtroom apparently will be transcribed by another person and not the person monitoring the new equipment ("Electronic device replaces human recorder; Courtroom goes digital," Feb. 7).

In 2010, the Ohio Court Reporters Association retained a court management consulting firm to provide a cost analysis of stenographic court reporting versus digital recording in Ohio courts. It found that the error rate in transcription for a stenographic court reporter is less than 1 percent, whereas for a transcribed digital audio recording, the error rate can be as high as 24 percent.

The Ohio Court Reporters Association and the National Court Reporters Association maintain a database of reported failures of electronic/digital recordings in courts. Last year, in the case State of Ohio vs. Todd Conner, in the state's 6th Appellate District, the appellant's testimony, along with his witness' testimony, were missing from the audio recording.

Judge Duhart said: "We're just trying to move from the dinosaur age to the digital age."

Today's stenographic court reporters use state-of-the-art equipment and technology to provide an instantaneous, voice-to-text transcript of proceedings as they are occurring. The written text is then instantly transmitted to the judge and attorneys, providing them access to a written transcript that can be searched and annotated.

Today's stenographic machines are paperless, simultaneously creating three digital copies, which can easily be stored on a server or other medium.

Stenographic court reporters are trained to be the guardian of the record. A stenographic court reporter providing real-time translation of proceedings is the most efficient method of making the record.

Susan Horak

President Ohio Court Reporters Association Columbus

Dinosaur? No way, reporters valuable

I add a court reporter's perspective.

Court reporters moved from the dinosaur age more than 25 years ago with computerization of our stenograph machine and the use of laptop computers.

For many years, court reporters throughout the country have been able to provide voice-to-word transcription instantly. Judges and attorneys are able to read in real time the spoken word on their laptops.

A tape recorder records every bit of ambient noise in a courtroom — coughing, sneezing, sirens, doors slamming, paper rustling, people talking over one another. The recording creates the need for someone to type every word on a word processor to create a transcript for review by the appellate court.

In most instances, a court reporter must rewrite on the stenograph machine from a digitized audio disc to provide a transcript. Court jurisdictions end up paying twice for what a live court reporter in the courtroom does once.

I've been reporting for 42 years. I've kept up, as have my colleagues, by spending thousands of dollars of my own money to provide the court with the latest real-time, state-of-the-art technology in the courtroom.

A digital tape recording? The court has begun to step back into the 1960s. Welcome to the dinosaur age.

Doug Ackerman

Anonymous said...

ButterGirl, 3:54 here.

Neither phase is a lifetime program. (Obviously I cannot cut fat forever, nor do I want to bulk forever.) Instead, both were set at intensity levels to reach precise goals.

Once I get to the desired combination of muscle mass, body fat %, weight, and aesthetic look, I will simply adjust the calories and exercise to maintenance levels (including cardio maintenance). At 5'11" and 178 lbs. currently, I estimate I'll stop bulking at about 190 lbs.

Regarding grain-fed and coconut oil, I have to explore things like that further. I'll be looking to expand the dietary choices once I hit maintenance.

Bulletproof Lawyer, Esq. said...


It's GRASS FED MEAT AND BUTTER not grain fed (yuck!) Grass fed. And coconut oil- just sautéed myself some kale in coconut oil....grass fed NY Strip. I'm bulletproof I tell ya! Bulletproof.

Anonymous said...

How does Steve's Pizza fit into this blog topic Rumpole?

liam @ thelowcarbrecipes said...

Remember that the best way to lose weight is getting your diet sorted out, you dont even need to exercise to lose weight!"

Anonymous said...

There is room for Steve's Pizza provided you account for those calories and carbs.

Re: 9:44 saying you don't have to exercise to lose weight--I don't like that approach. If you just diet, you'll likely lose muscle and fat. You should try to maintain as much muscle as possible while losing fat. With that said, though, better that you start somewhere than do nothing.

ButterGirl said...

Sounds like a sensible plan.

(wouldn't work for me, but as the nature of this post is, not every thing works for every one)

Although, if you get a chance take a look at "Why We get Fat" by Gary Taubes. It may help you make some decisions as you cut back on the intense program.

And as BulletProof Lawyer said, it's grass-fed, not grain-fed. Not just semantics. Grass fed means the cows have free roam to eat from the pasture and eat what they normally would. Grain-fed may be higher quality feed than others but it's still someone processing food to give to them, and they are not eating what they naturally would. In same regard, cage-free eggs are not the same as pastured. Hens might be able to move around a little bit more, but diet is what is given to them.

Speaking of eggs, Bulletproof, you have any good source for pastured eggs? I can't always get to framer's market btwn 9-2 to get farm eggs.