Wednesday, October 30, 2019


For shame Kathy Rundle. Your office's policy on police officers who lie darkens the reputation and memory of Janet Reno and a prosecutors' office once  known throughout the country for its integrity. 

We are speaking about this Power Point slide deck training prosecutors about how to deal with police officers who lie. 

Let us step back for a moment and consider the topic. Police Officers who have demonstrably lied in official proceedings and prosecutions of defendants who could lose their liberty. 

There is nothing more powerful than a prosecutor arguing to a judge that a police officer has no reason to lie and therefore their testimony should be accepted. And the argument is compelling, except it is patently false because our criminal justice system is littered with innocent defendants convicted on the false testimony of police officers. 

Prosecutors have one of two roads to travel when confronted with a whiff of a police officer lying. 

Road one is the road that the Dade State Attorneys Office has unfortunately chosen to travel which is to apply a microscopic hair-splitting legal analysis and avoid turning over what is clearly Brady material (judges who do not understand this concept are free to email us for a more detailed explanation of Brady) unless it is absolutely necessary. 

The second road, call it the "Reno-Road" is to "do the right thing" and turn over anything that relates to a defendant being innocent and a police officer lying. 

USA Today concluded this in an article about lying police officers, Brady, and the Dade SAO:

In Miami-Dade County, internal training presentations obtained by USA TODAY show prosecutors being taught legal tactics to avoid disclosing officers’ histories.

The documents say prosecutors don’t have to go out of their way to disclose, and the burden of proving they covered up a questionable officer’s history is on the defense.

Let's repeat that slowly-  The Dade County State Attorneys Office trains its prosecutors not to "go out of their way" to do justice. They want to win, and if winning means not disclosing information about a police officer lying, then so be it unless all the "T"s are crossed and all the "I"'s are dotted. 

The Dade County State Attorneys Office teaches its prosecutors not to "go out of their way" to do justice.  This  is shocking to its core. 

For shame. 

Every Judge in the REGJB should be shocked by this. Every judge should tell every prosecutor that until they are shown otherwise, the representatives of the Dade SAO will NOT be believed when they say they have complied with the Brady and Gigglio obligations. 

People's lives are at stake. And we have a bunch of bureaucratic yahoos playing legal niceties and games with the law.  

No Janet Reno-trained prosecutor would ever tolerate this. None. 

For shame. 

From the Dade SAO Power Point training - they think this is funny.

 to disclose, and the burden of proving they covered up a questionable officer’s history is on the defense.

In Miami-Dade County, internal training presentations obtained by USA TODAY show prosecutors being taught legal tactics to avoid disclosing officers’ histories.

The documents say prosecutors don’t have to go out of their way to disclose, and the burden of proving they covered up a questionable officer’s history is on the defense
In Miami-Dade County, internal training presentations obtained by USA TODAY show prosecutors being taught legal tactics to avoid disclosing officers’ histories.

The documents say prosecutors don’t have to go out of their way to disclose, and the burden of proving they covered up a questionable officer’s history is on the defense.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019


DOM asks in his blog post today whether the Democrats are taking criminal justice reform seriously. Rumpole replies "Not as seriously as President Trump." Say what you want about this president, but he is actively doing more bringing some sanity to the criminal justice system then Obama did, and we are in a lot of this mess because of what Clinton did. 

Put another way, there is a famous Vulcan saying: "Only Nixon could go to China."
Only hard-wing law and order Republicans have the political capital to spend on sentencing and criminal justice reform, because who is going to call them "bleeding heart, criminal coddling liberals"? No one. 

The prison reforms being implemented are bringing a whole lot of relief to people without a constituency- prisoners.

The Democrats need to catch up here. 

In Florida we can take the decision making power out of the hands of twenty-four year old prosecutors and return it to more experienced and hopefully level-headed judges by removing the ever expanding list of crimes that carry minimum mandatory sentences. 

Judges are elected based, hopefully on their experience and ability to be fair (yes we know, please stop laughing or cringing). Twenty something prosecutors hoping to make a name for themselves have no such oversight. Only supervisors who are unwilling to make hard calls. As Judge Moreno used to opine: "Too many chiefs, not enough Indians."

Have your say in response. 

Sunday, October 27, 2019

NFL WEEK 8 2019

UPDATE- Something we rarely do, changing our pick. But over 100K sims of the game tonight yields no real pick here. So it's a pass, but if you have to bet, there is a slight bias to the Steelers covering. 

Our survivor pool marches on, like the walking dead, avoiding zombies which are otherwise known as favorites who tank and take you out. 
Messrs.. Faber. Michaels, Sautter and Tischler are safe for another week, locking in the Vikes this Thursday night past. DOM likes the Rams today, while our last remaining female player, in the ineffable Lucy Lew puts her survivor marbles on the Texans. As always we await the pick of Mr. Grieco who is probably being lobbied for some bill or other. 

Travel has forced us to post only our 4pm and later picks for this week. 
The Pack at KC is the game of the week. Despite rumors of a quick return for mega-QB Patrick Mahomes, we like the Pack, on the road, against an increasingly beatable KC team. Green Bay -4.5.

Carolina at San Fran poses the question of if the 49er's are for real. It's hard to say, but we like the home team miners to strike gold and win by more than 5.5.

AND WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER-- 3-0 FOR THE DAY NATURALLY  The Cleveland Browns, who are showing why the appellation "The Mistake by the Lake" is not a misnomer for a team that just cannot shoot straight, run well, or throw at all. The are in New England to play a team that is fielding a historically dominant defense that statistically is rivaling the 76 Steelers and 85 Bears for the best defense ever. Even though they cheat, they can beat the Brownies by more than 13. 

Last week we told you to bet the farm and rent money on the Fins to cover and they did, sending two readers who risked their meager state salaries on our pick, to NYC for the Thanksgiving weekend. 
This week the Dolphins are on MNF, because the nation needs to see what 0-6 and an utter failure looks like. They take on a struggling Pittsburgh team that has not found its footing or a reliable offense, although the defense is starting to gel. Take all of your winnings and risk it on a game of pitch and toss and close your eyes and take the Fins to cover again. Miami +14.5

Friday, October 25, 2019


The announcement on Friday was sudden, unexpected for many, but not, we hear, indicative of any underlying problems thank goodness. Judge Diane Ward, after a long career as a PD, private attorney, and Judge who beat Alan Postman for her spot on the bench, retired, for-we hear- a spot in an arbitration/mediation firm.
(You know what DOM famously says: "You can't win a mediation").  

Judge Ward was an asset to the bench, especially in these days where only prosecutors get appointments. She knew what defense attorneys were facing, especially sole practitioners, and that made our jobs just a bit easier. We are sorry to see her go. 

Sometimes there is no going back. This is big. 
An inexorable change of earth-shaking proportions. All that we know shall never be the same. 
It is "total protonic reversal"??
What's that you say? 
We refer you to one of our favourite go-to's for knowledge and information: Ghostbusters

Peter Venkman: I'm fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, "bad"?
Egon Spengler: Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously, and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.
Ray Stantz: Total protonic reversal.
Hold on to everything you hold dear, because dear readers this:
Changes everything. 
Mayonnaise and Ketchup in the same bottle. 

Total gastronomic  protonic reversal.  

We're still shaking. 


We recently visited the REGJB this past few weeks, checking in on some courtrooms, seeing some old friends, bow tie affixed, bowler in hand. Trying to maximize our time, we previously scheduled a deposition, something we do less and less these days. Finishing our appointed rounds, we perambulated down the street to the SAO, expecting to spend the afternoon inquiring "what happened next...and then what did you do (see, hear, etc)?"

But we didn't expect to be confronted with this law-school-entrance test-like puzzle: 

We started our ill-fated journey  at  Depo window # 5. But it was not occupado and we were re-directed to window #4.

But window #4 had a surprise- an arrow pointing to window #5. Now what? We confess to being flummoxed. 

Our eyes darted back and forth. No way in. No way out. Foiled again!

The state doesn't like depositions. But this is a little underhanded don't ya think? 


Wednesday, October 23, 2019


This horrible news, about our friend and colleague dying in a tragic accident, was released this morning in an email from the FACDL president: 

Dear members,

It is with a very heavy heart and great sadness that I tell you that our dear friend, colleague, and brother, Herb Kim, passed away unexpectedly yesterday in an accident.
Herb was a friend to many of us, always with a smile, a joke, and always full of kindness and loyalty. 
He was also a true warrior- a fearless advocate from the time he was an Assistant Public Defender to his later work in private practice. He brought skill, zealousness, and even laughter to a trial, every time.
If you had the good fortune to know him, you know that the world was better with him in it. He will be missed, and he will be remembered with love, respect, and admiration. 

Herb is on the left. His dear friend and colleague Marcos Quesada is in the center. 

Herb was simply a great person. He was a superb lawyer and he was always happy, always smiling, always ready to pitch in and help. 

Recently many of you know that a great attorney who does some work for RC3 was struck by a young driver who was texting,  as he was out for a run. He ended up with a broken back, although he could have easily been killed. 

Life is a gift. It is precious. Let us take time from our busy days and remember that life is all too fleeting and we need to enjoy each day for all that it can offer us. 

Rest in Peace Herb, you will be always remembered, and deeply missed. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Before we begin our history lesson, make sure you scroll down and read about a comparison between the almighty and a member of the judiciary. And yes we recall the quip that goes "what's the difference between a federal judge and the lord? The lord doesn't think he's a judge."  And now, on with the show...

It went down in history as  "The Saturday night massacre" and it is a prime example of presidential power misused. Like a boomerang, what Nixon threw came around and hit him in the back of the head. 

The president believed he was above the law, so he ordered the Attorney General of the United States, Elliot Richardson to fire special prosecutor Archibald Cox (you don't meet many people named Archibald these days). Richardson refused and resigned. Next up in the DOJ was William Ruckelshaus, who also refused. As you will read below, Nixon did not get to an ASA assigned to the Hialeah Branch Court to do his bidding, but almost. 

Nixon refused to turn over the tapes made in the Oval Office, lost in the US Supreme Court in US v. Nixon, (which is now a bane to federal criminal defense attorneys everywhere seeking a rule 17(c) subpoena) and eventually resigned, consigned to history to be opined upon by the likes of the  Honorable Judge Hirsch, who provides us, free of charge, a timely constitutional calendar today:
(Longtime and careful readers know that this isn't our first post on this subject. You can review the other one here)

          “Nixon Forces Firing of Cox; Richardson, Ruckelshaus Quit”

– Washington Post headline, Sunday, Oct. 21, 1973

A former aid to White House insider H. R. Haldeman revealed to a congressional Watergate committee that President Nixon had recorded secret conversations in the Oval Office.  Archibald Cox, the bowtie-wearing Harvard professor who had been appointed the Watergate independent special prosecutor, obtained a court order directing the Nixon White House to produce the tapes.  Nixon, furious and running for his political life, ordered his Attorney General, Eliot Richardson simply to fire Cox.  To the president’s astonishment and outrage, Richardson refused.  In what must have been a scene evocative of a Leoncavallo opera, Nixon responded with something like a curse: “Let it be on your head,” he seethed at Richardson.

Nixon then ordered the next in command at DOJ, Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus, to fire Cox.  Ruckelshaus instead submitted his own resignation, writing to the president that, “I am, of course, sorry that my conscience will not permit me to carry out your instruction to discharge Archibald Cox.”  Finally, in Solicitor General Robert Bork Nixon found a man to do his bidding.  “I am, as instructed by the president, discharging you, effective at once, from your position as Special Prosecutor, Watergate Special Prosecution Force,” Bork wrote to Cox.  

Nixon had underestimated the national sense of outrage.  NBC news anchor John Chancellor told his viewers, “The country tonight is in the midst of what may be the most serious constitutional crisis in its history.”  David Broder of the Washington Post coined the phrase “the Saturday night massacre” to refer to what had happened, and the phrase stuck. Professor Cox released a statement which included the dire message, “Whether ours shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now for Congress and ultimately for the American people.”

As talk of impeachment swirled around him, Nixon backed down.  He appointed the highly-respected Leon Jaworski as special prosecutor, and announced that he would produce the tape recordings

Judge K 
Can't get enough of the Judge K story of the day? Then head over the Mr. Markus's blog where he has a Palm Beach Post story covering the career of the former Dade State and Federal prosecutor. 
Or just click the link here to the story which opines that the Judge may have a G-d complex. 

Sunday, October 20, 2019


Welcome to the NFL week 7 G-7 edition, where this blog, and only this blog effortlessly merges the two big story lines of the day. 

First, after saying farewell to our NY Yankees last night as the Astros walked it off with a two run dinger in the bottom of the 9th, we turn our laser attention to football. 
There are a bunch of interesting games today, but one game we love. One game that is season changing. It's the type of game that allows you to fly NetJets to NYC and have dinner at Le Bernadin where our friend the sommelier Aldo Sohm will suggest the perfect wine, and where we recently enjoyed a delightful Saint Estephe Bordeaux (you cannot go wrong with the 2008, 2009, or 2010). 

Dolphins at Bills will have you living the life of Rumpole. Coming off a bye week, our Fins are poised...POISED we tell you, like a loaded strong-bow. Pulled back. Tense. Rested and ready to be fired. The Bills are giving 17 wings to our Fins, and that's too much for a Buffalo team trying to find an identity on offense. Take Miami and make a bundle $$$.  And when you make a resv at LeB, remember who got you there. 

Arizona at NY Giants. We love these Gints. They have spunk. And they are on a two game losing streak. They revert to the mean and pull out a win against the visiting birds. Giants -3.5. A light rain in New Jersey makes the under 51 the way to go here as well.

Ravens at Seahawks. We like Seattle. Russell Wilson is having an  MVP season and Seattle plays well at home. We have an announced dislike for running QB's and have bet against  Raven rock-thrower Jackson (much to our detriment so far to this season). Once burned, but not twice shy. Lay the 4.5 cups o'Seattle Joe and pick the Hawks at home to slash their fellow ornithological species. 

MNF will be all green as the Cheaters play at the  NY J...E....T....S....Jets Jets Jets ! . But hold off for now. Lets see where the spread settles. 

Eight players continue their lonely trek to stardom, fame, and accolades. Only one shall win. Right now in the second half, three players have not followed our advice and have picked the Bills, who are losing to our Fins. 

Grieco is a late addition with the Seahawks.

Doral is OUT to host the G-7, as per a POTUS tweet Saturday night. But that doesn't mean Miami is out. Exclusive to the REGJB Blog, we know that the President is fond of Miami, and holds no hard feelings about not being able to host the summit at great personal cost at his property. Here are some of the alternative spots he is considering. 

The Shalimar Motel has some nice features

The Sinbad could work

And here's out favourite: The Vagabond Motel. Where else to place a bunch of Euro-trash leaders POTUS hates, then the Vagabond? 

Friday, October 18, 2019


Quid pro Quo is much in the news these days. Even in our own County where our own Dade County State Attorneys Office, in response to the revelation that one of their long-time DUI witnesses is a racist (or opined  that an African-American defendant looked like a monkey),  increased the charges against the Police Sergeant who was arrested to Felony Child Abuse. 

Two alert readers have alerted us to the unfortunate unfolding of events that would make a certain resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC proud: 

Anonymous Anonymous said...
For making the monkey comment public, the SAO did the right thing. They immediately upped the charge to felony child abuse simply because two kids were in the car. Both were properly strapped in with seat belts. If that isn't vindictive, what is? Turns out two cops testified under oath that they were there and the police sergeant was not even slightly impaired. They even said there was no PC for the arrest. The video shows a very sober arrestee. For that, Kathy Rundle upped the charges even though the DUI statute is rather specific that kids in the car is a first degree misdemeanor and the generic child abuse statute is a felony. Nice work SAO!

Friday, October 18, 2019 8:53:00 AM

Anonymous said...


Why is the SAO filing a child neglect/no great harm felony charge against Sgt. Moore after the racial slur incident came up in the news, specially when the DUI statute in s. 316.193(4) has a sentencing enhancement for DUI with minors in the vehicle:

"Any person who is convicted of a violation of subsection (1) and who has a blood-alcohol level or breath-alcohol level of 0.15 or higher, or any person who is convicted of a violation of subsection (1) and who at the time of the offense was accompanied in the vehicle by a person under the age of 18 years, shall be punished:
(a) By a fine of:
1. Not less than $1,000 or more than $2,000 for a first conviction.
2. Not less than $2,000 or more than $4,000 for a second conviction.
3. Not less than $4,000 for a third or subsequent conviction.
(b) By imprisonment for:
1. Not more than 9 months for a first conviction.
2. Not more than 12 months for a second conviction."

By filing an unnecessary felony charge for conduct directly addressed by the DUI statute, the SAO is making itself and KFR look petty, vindictive and defensive of their racist witness. Any of the many SAO chiefs care to comment?
Friday, October 18, 2019 12:54:00 PM

Revenge is a dish best served 😰

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Thursday night football....
Bronocs home-dog +3 and over 49.

ALCS....Yanks -130 (lay 130 to win 100) Yanks bats come alive in the Bronx. Look for us...we are at the game! 

It's just one of those Federal-Thursdays, and where better to get all the federal news you need to know then from the earth-shaking, litigating, committee-note quoting, world famous Southern District Of Florida Blog? 

Judge Scola releases an elderly dying inmate over the objection of the feds? DOM has it covered here. 

All aboard the Supreme Court Express! Next stop Atlanta!
Judges Luck and Lagoa (L&L) appeared Wednesday before the senate judiciary committee like a duo of wayward travelers on their way to Washington DC (and the supreme court) via Tallahassee (Fla Supreme Court), Atlanta (11th Cir) and then finally DC? Read all of the details here including a shoutout  to @fedjudges on twitter.  

Want to know how famous and successful federal criminal defense attorneys spend their off-hours? They read the twitter feed of @fedjudges naturally, along with @supremecourtjudgesstarbucksorders, @fedjudgesfavpizzas, @11thcirjudgesattheopera,  @petitionsforcertnotgrantedinthe1990s, and @greatcrimcasesofthe1930s. He reads them all!! 

Coverage of the democratic debate with an eye towards the judiciary? SDFLA has it here. 


COMING FRIDAY: Rundle and the Dade SAO teach young lawyers how to hide lying cops and not disclose Brady material? 
Youbetcha! CAUGHTINTHEACT.dadesao

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


UPDATE: Mike C responds- see below: 

Here's a Herald article about DUI Maven Michael Catalano going after longtime public service aide Pablo Espinoza who (allegedly) told Catalano that his client, an African American Miami Dade Police Sergeant who had been arrested for DUI "looked like a monkey." 

There are two morals to this story. First, racial slurs have no place in society, public or private. Period. Full stop. That people, much less law enforcement officers (yeah we know he's not a cop, but he works on criminal DUI cases) still think this way is very very disturbing. 

Second, when Michael Catalano texts you about something you did wrong, best you don't reply bro. 

Update: Mr. Catalano, a blog reader, responded in a comment (edited only to correct a typo)

Mike C here

He did this out of the blue. I had no idea it was coming. He popped this on me. How dare he put me into this situation. Folks, most lawyers  are afraid to do anything controversial. Not me. I stand up for clients. They pay us money. They expect us do defend them. I don't care now unpopular it is to defend them. I chose to defend them.

Rumpole says: well said. More importantly, Dr. King said "Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that." 
Mike Catalano had the courage to confront a racist, call him out, shed light on his repugnant beliefs, speak truth to power. For that he is to be applauded and lauded. 

Rudy Guliani, lawyer, loudmouth, and now a target of an investigation by federal prosecutors in the SDNY, an office he used to lead, has ended his relationship with Jon Sale, a Miami Criminal Defense attorney and law school classmate of Giuliani. 
Could it be Rudy is tapped out$$$? Sale doesn't offer sales, and Rudy recently had to borrow a hundred K to help in a divorce case. 

Rumpole Rule #27: Being under investigation without counsel is not the best position to be in. 

Item: The president winged it, went off script in a call with the President of Turkey, and the next thing you know the Syrian-Turkish border is in flames, America has abandoned the Kurds- one of its staunchest allies in the fight against ISIS, Russia now has troops patrolling towns US forces were in two weeks ago, and basically things are falling apart. 

Query: Just who was it who said this? 

It was Mr. Trump himself who, during a presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016, blamed President Barack Obama for a similar error. “President Obama and Secretary Clinton created a vacuum the way they got out of Iraq,” he said, referring to the 2011 withdrawal. 
“They shouldn’t have been in, but once they got in, the way they got out was a disaster. And ISIS was formed.”

Nature abhors a vacuum. Most of the  rest of us just really hate our idiot president. 

Monday, October 14, 2019


Here is Judge Kastrenakes' order in the WPB furor.

Here are the survivor picks from the weekend.

Sunday, October 13, 2019


The survivor pool saw some upsets last week, with KC losing and taking Miguel De La Over down along with Shumie's Ren and Alan Kaiser and Jason Ireland getting knocked out with da Bears losing a see-saw battle with the soon-to-be Las Vegas Raiders near the old Bailey in London. Eight players are left, including the ever dangerous Mr. Markus. 

WIN The Game of the week has to be the winless Redskins at the winless Dolphins. Our Fins are home dogs at -.35 and are coming off a bye-week. Mortgage the house and bet the rent money on Miami to win one or cover.

LOSS Another "home-dog" we like is the Tampa Bay Bucs +2 over the visiting Panthers. Of course both teams are playing in London, but we still like Tampa. Bruce Arians is a great coach and he is beginning to work his QB whisperer-magic on Winston. 

LOSS AND TIE ON THE OVER The Houston Texans march into a buzz-saw named KC who will be a foul mood after disappointing Judge De La O and losing MNF to the Colts. Take the Chiefs and lay the 5 and take the over 55. 

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER Bengals at Ravens. Cinncy can't win, but they may cover but our pick is the under 48. 

Cowboys at J...E....T...S...Jets Jets Jets, We like another home dog as gang green gets it QB back New York +7 at home and over 43 as Leveon Bell (remember him?) gets back on track. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019


UPDATE: Check out the extra credit question. 
We will start filling in some answers check below. 

Judge K contretemps update: POTUS isn't the only one who has people chasing him for his job. Politicians are jumping on the "Dump Kastrenakis" bandwagon. Way overeaching and over reacting in our opinion. This is a teachable moment. No reason to destroy a very well respected and good judge.  Here is a CBS story on the issue. 

You were born in the 80's which means we probably do not like you. In our opinion you know nothing about culture and the world. So prove us wrong. Here's some cultural trivia from the 1960s-70's with a few from the 40's and 50's. Politics; sports; entertainment; a few gadgets. 60 questions. No googling. Try it honestly. How many could you get correct? If we were presented with this cold we think we would get 50-55 correct. The gadgets are the hardest. 

Before you get to it, we like the over 41 in the Thursday night game Giants at New England. We might take a flyer on the Gints +16.5 but only for a few Jerseys. 

1) Madame Anna Chennault  -

Our first person is perhaps one of the hardest to identify. Only Rumpole, with his superior knowledge of history and the election travails of the 37th President of the United States (hint hint) knows the answer to this. If you know this, you are already way ahead of your class. Probably less than 5% of the US could identify this fascinating woman of the 1960s.

2) Joe DiMaggio Iconic Yankee Baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe.

3)Abbe Hoffman 1960's radical. 

4) SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee organized sit-ins around college campus's in the 1960's for civil rights and later to protest the Vietnam war. 

5) Huey Newton 1960's black activist who along with Bobby Seale co-founded the Black Panther party which advocated violence in the struggle for civil rights. 

6) Cyrus Vance Jimmy Carter's secretary of State. 

7) Sinclair Early PC.

8) Desert One The rendezvous spot in the desert of Iran where a US helicopter crashed into a plane on the way to an ill-fated recuse mission of US hostages being held in Iran. Ordered by President Jimmy Carter. 

9) Sergeant Shriver

10) Ed Muskie US Senator who ran for VP with Senator Humphrey in 1968 loss to Nixon. 

11) Henry Cabot Lodge Longtime US politician and ambassador from Massachusetts who ran as Nixon's VP in the loss to Kennedy in 1960.  

12) Adlai Stevenson- Ran against Eisenhower twice- 1952 and 1956 and later became Kennedy's ambassador to the UN and was famous for backing down the Russians at the UN by yelling that he was prepared to wait "for hell to freeze over" for his answer to a question. Estes Kefauver beat out Kennedy at the 1956 Democratic National Convention for VP. 

13) Estes Kefauver- A senator who ran an investigation into organized crime and also beat out Kennedy for the VP nomination in 1956.

14) TRS-80- Early Radio Shack desktop computer. 

15) Charlie Finley Flamboyant and publicity loving owner of the feuding but championship Oakland A's Baseball Team who won the World Series in 1972, 1973, and 1974 but fought with his Ace Pitcher Catfish Hunter and slugging outfielder Reginald Martinez (Reggie) Jackson.

16) Betty Friedan 1960s-1970's feminist.  There was a time in our country when being a "feminist" was a career. 

17) Brian Epstein Manager of the Beatles. 

18) Ed Sullivan Had a widely watched Sunday night television variety television show that, as  a sign of the times, showed Elvis Presley only from the waist up when he appeared on the show. Was often imitated for his statement that he had a "really big show" that night. Set records for a TV audience when he had the Beatles on in the 1960's setting off Beatlemania.  

19) Trinitron - Best selling Sony Color TV from the 1970's 1980's.

20) Petula Clark _1960s British Pop singer/songwriter whose hits included Downtown and It's a Sign of The Times. 

21) Christiaan Barnard – Another tough one that gets to the heart of the quiz. South African Heart Surgeon who completed the first hear transplant. 

22) Charles M. Schultz-Creator and illustrator of Peanuts comic strip (Snoopy and Charlie Brown).

23) Ann Landers Wrote a syndicated advice column entitled "Dear Ann". Her twin sister Abby also wrote a separate syndicated newspaper advice column. 

24) Joseph Heller-Author who wrote Catch-22. 

25) Esso - Became Exxon.

26) Ken Kessey- You’re crazy-good if you get this one. Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

27) Ira Levin – You’re scary-good if you know this guy. Author of 1960's horror classic Rosemary's Baby. 
Both books were made into iconic hit movies. 

28) Griffin Bell - Attorney General of the United States 

29) U Thant- Two generals in a row, huh? Secretary General of the UN. 

30) Gayle Sayers  Great Chicago bear running back of the 1960's whose career was cut short by a knee injury. Became close friends with teammate Brian Piccolo who died of cancer as a young man. The story was turned into an iconic made for TV movie tearjerker that ended with Sayers giving the eulogy for his teammate in which he said "I love Brian Piccolo." The unusual twist to the story for the 1960's is that Piccolo was white and Sayers was black and the friendship between a black and white teammate was considered newsworthy enough to make a movie about. 

31) Paul Harvey -……(long pause) Good day! Conservative radio and TV commentator who at the end of his radio report would say "Paul Harvey....(very long pause) GOOD DAY!" He also had a second five minute radio vignette in which he would give details on the surprising background to a well known story and end the report with "....and now you know THE REST OF THE STORY." 

32) Cherilyn Sarkisian – one-word winner here, and maybe “we got you babe” with this one.CHER

33) Betamax- the first system to record TV shows. Introduced by Sony in the 1970's. Was replaced by VHS which gave rise to this business maxim: explorers get slaughtered, settlers prosper- meaning the second product that comes in a new field usually does better than the groundbreaking one. 

34) Lee Iacocca -Chairman of Chrysler who took company through bankruptcy in 1970's and appeared in a series of TV commercials which made him an iconic figure in the 1970's. 

35) Ngô Đình Diệm  President of South Vietnam who was assassinated. 

36) Vida Blue Ace Pitcher on the Oakland A's (see Charlie Finely above). Winner of the Cy Young award and MVP for the all-star game. Pitcher on three straight world series winning teams for the A's 1972-1974. 

37) John Lindsey- Mayor of NYC in late 1960's and frequently discussed as a possible presidential candidate in 1968 and 1972. 

38) Brian Mulroney Conservative PM of Canada in 1980's. The Ronald Reagan of Canada.

39) Roberto Clemente Great Hall of Famer right fielder for Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960's-1970's  who was a great hitter and considered to have the best arm in baseball. A s Puerto Rican he fought for the rights and dignity of black-Hispanic ballplayers and people. Killed while flying relief supplies from Miami to Nicaragua New Years Eve 1972.  Won Batting crown four times, League MVP in 1966, and was world series MVP in 1971. Was first ballplayer to speak in Spanish on network TV when he was interviewed after winning world series in 1971. 

40) Ed White NASA Astronaut killed on the ground in the fire that killed Astronauts Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee in Apollo One. 

41) Maurice Richard- eh?  Montreal Candian superstar hockey forward. Nicknamed the Rocket was first player to score 50 goals in a season and first player to reach 500 goals. Named to list of 100 greatest hockey players of all time. 

42) Howard Cosell Iconic sportscaster (who was originally a lawyer) who rose to fame with his distincitive nasal voice and  sesquipedalian form of speech. Supported Muhammed Ali when he was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War when most everyone else in the media did not, and was an advocate for civil rights. Was on the first trio of Monday Night Football announcers which turned the game into a cultural phenomenom. Based on his voice and arrogant use of his intellect, Cossell was widely despised by other sports reporters and portions of the public who would tune into MNF to curse and yell at the TV based on what Cossell saif. 

43) Red Adair- The heat is on with this quiz. Somehow became famous as an oil-well firefighter. Considered the best at his profession. 

44) Daryl Stingley NE Patriots wide receiver who was paralyzed on national TV when he received a cheap-shot hit by Oakland Raider Jack Tatum who for years refused to apolgize for his dirty hit. 

45) Konrad Adenauer First West German PM during reconstruction after the war.

46) Pete Rose Pugnacious baseball player who became all time hit leader and was on the great 1970's Cinncinnatti Reds "Big Red" baseball team. Banned from baseball for gambling as a manager. Served time in prison for tax evasion. 

47) Henry Aaron Atlanta Braves baseball player who broke Babe Ruth's homerun record of 714. Received mutliple death threats because he was black and was breaking an iconic record. 

48) DynaTac

49) Jim Brown Greatest running back in NFL history. Played for the Cleveland Browns. Became a movie star in 1960's. Civil rights advocates. 

50) Jack Parr Second host of the Tonight TV show before Johnny Carson. Comedian who walked off his show when NBC censors did  not allow him to tell a joke that had the line "water closet" in it (which is a British term for bathrooms). When he returned three weeks later he famously quipped " As I was saying..." and then finished the joke. Is credited with making the late-night televison show host a part of US culture. 

51) Tommie Smith and John Carlos: African American runners  at the 1968 Olympics who during a medal ceremony for the 200m event  (Gold and Bronze) hung their heads and gave an iconic Black-Power-fist-raised salute. 

52) Patty Hearst Daughter of US Newspaper owner Randolph Hearst. Was kidnapped in the 1970's by the Symbionese  Liberation Army (a 1960's 70;s left wing radical organization). Due to the Stockholm Syndrome, she bonded with her captors and robbed a bank. When she was rescued, she was then indicted for bank robbery and represented by F. Lee Bailey. She was convicted at trial and served a short prison sentence.

53) Roberto Duran Great Panamanian Middle weight fighter who beatup and bet opponents through intimidation and hard punches. Nicknamed "hands of stone." Beat popular US boxer and gold medal olympian Sugar Ray Leonard  for the championship, but lost in a rematch several months later, infamously saying "no mas" when he could not handle the speed and taunting of Leonard who trained hard for the rematch while Duran did not.

54) Chet Huntley -If you get this one, good-night! C-Host of the NBC Nightly News with David Brinkley. Their famous signoff "Good Night Dave, Good Night Chet, and Goodnight from NBC news" became so popular that people would watch the news with Walter Cronkite on CBS but switch to watch the two men say goodnight to each other. 

55) Bob Grant Acerbic and top rated  NYC radio talkshow host of the 1960's and 1970's who would scream at callers "Get off my show" and hang up on them. The forerunner of radio shock-jocks.

56) Alan Shephard First American Space. Later walked on the moon. 

57) Bob Gibson Great and intimidating pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals. Won 20 games in a season 4 times, and 19 games twice. Won 3 world series games in 1967. Was a world series MVP in 1964 AND 1967. Only pticher in history to be MS MVP twice.  Had an ERA of 1.12 in 1968 in which he had probably the greatest dominating season of any pitcher in baseball. He was 22-9 and had 268 strikeouts. 

58) Georgy Malenkov

59) Whittaker Chambers- you won't find this answer in a pumpkin patch. Communist Spy who cooperated tetsified against Alger Hiss before the House Unamerican Activities Committee. Hid notes, microfilm and stolen state department papers in a pumpkin and then revealed this to a young energetic congressman/communist hunter named Richard Nixon who was famously photographed in a pumpkin patch in an overcoat "discovering" the papers. 

60) Joseph N. Welch -we end with a tough one. Which may make you ask us if at long last we have no sense of decency left. Counsel for the Army who famously responded to Joseph McCarthy on national TV during senate hearings if at long last he had any decency. Was part of the reason for the downfall of McCarthy. 

Extra Credit: Who was A. Hidell and Edwin Walker? What did they have in common? If you get this without googling, you are at the top of your game "pardnah" (hint) and even Rumpole is impressed. 

1-25: Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

25-35: Not bad if you're under 35. Hang your head in shame if you're over 50.

35-45: It's a tough quiz and you hung in there. 

45-55: You might enjoy our four hour lecture- "Nixon, the teenage years." 

55-60: You could have a beer with Rumpole and follow the conversation.