Monday, February 06, 2012


Before we begin- we nailed the coin flip again yesterday. In super bowl coin flips, we believe we have called each one correctly but one since starting the blog. Plus we told you the Giants +3 was a great bet and we told you to forgo the points and take the money line because the Giants were going to win outright. 
When will you listen? 

And now...Don't Bet On It....

Somewhat quietly, and not with a bang but a whimper, the bill to bring a mega-casino to the Miami Herald property fizzled   and went bust in the Florida legislature last Friday.  Genting Berhad, the Asian company that bought the Herald property and made the bet,  threw a seven on it's second roll, which any Vegas craps player will tell you results in the stick man shouting "seven out!" and wiping all the chips off the table and into the coffers of the house. 

Next shooter? 

The NY Times covered the defeat of the gambling bill, and not surprisingly, all the usual suspects were behind the murder of the bill: Disney World, The Florida Chamber of Commerce, Norman Braman, some religious groups and the Miccosukee  Indian tribe, which has a near monopoly of the Casinos already operating in Florida.  
Casinos  and legalized gambling make strange bedfellows.

We're not sure how we felt about the prospect of a mega-casino five minutes away from the REGJB. 
Judges leaving court early to catch the 7pm Cher Concert?  
Racing from morning calendar to get in line early for the $9.95 lunch buffet?

In the final analysis, these are the things people fly to Vegas for. And in our humble opinion, they are better left in Vegas. 

See You In Court.  


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the football takes. I really give two shits about a group of meat heads throwing a ball around.

Now, is cjis working? That seems to be a bit more relevant to a relevant legal blog

Anonymous said...

I think what Rump is trying to say is gambling destroys the charactet of a neighborhood and a city.

Anonymous said...

What Rump is trying to say is there is somethng special about vegas and we should keep it that way.

Real fake former clerk said...

Can someone explain to me how Rumpole keeps correctly predicting the coin flip? Kinda freaky.

Anonymous said...

Fellow judges might enjoy visiting a blog spot from the "Ultimate Vindicator" which seems to be posting pro-casino blogs. I have not made a pronouncement on this one, yet! You be the judge!

Anonymous said...

What Rumpole is trying to say is gambling costs more to most communiies than it brings in and Las Vegas i an exception.

Anonymous said...

I was having problems with CJIS. Turns out it is a browser issue. Does not work with iPhone now.

Microsoft Explorer worked, Google Chrome did not.

Fake JA said...

What Rumpole is trying to say is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Duh.





I previously reported that Tanya Brinkley was the only non-incumbent candidate without an opponent.

No longer.

Teresa Pooler, sister of Judge Katie Pooler, has entered the race filing her paperwork last Friday afternoon, February 2nd, some time after Shumie time.

Ms. Brinkley though is well funded for the challenge having thrown down $100k of her own money and raised another $39,000.

And speaking of loans, in the Group 39 race, incumbent candidate Judge Charlie Johnson, (appointed), has thrown down $140,000 of his own moulah to beat back the challenge of Enrique Lazaro Yabor.

In Group 43, incumbent Judge Joe Davis, (also appointed), has plucked down $100,000 of his own money and raised another $43,000 in an effort to scare off any potential opponents.

In Group 27, candidate Jacci Seskin has loaned her campaign a whopping $150,000 in trying to beat challenger APD Ivonne Cuesta.

In Group 25, incumbent (appointed) Judge Dawn Denaro has loaned her campaign $140,000 in the hopes of winning a full term without having to face a challenger.

In Group 21, incumbent Judge Andrew Hague (elected) isn't taking any chances and has loaned his campaign $200,000. Now we're getting into Amy Steele Donner money territory!

And finally, in Group 33, we previously reported that challenger John Rodriguez has loaned his campaign $100,000 in his efforts to unseat incumbent Teretha Lundy Thomas. We just got our first invite to a Lundy Thomas campaign fundraiser.

Cap Out .....

Fake Joel Brown said...

Rump help. I'm still voguing from last night. Sweet Jesus I can't stop.

Anonymous said...

What Rumole is trying to say is Vegas is a desert and there is no reason to go ther except for gaming and entertainment. Miami has beaches and fishing and divng and sobe and great food and latin culture and the everglades and sailing and the keys are nearby and bringing some mega casino just cheapens all that.

Did I memtions the models on sobe?

Anonymous said...

Why does John Rodriquez have to run against a judge everyone likes?

Really. John. Why her?

fake joel denaro said...

No no no. What Rumpole is trying to say is that Miami blew a chance to bring a billion dollar property with thousands of jobs to this area.

Nieman Rancher said...

Hey any other knucklehead Miami lawyers with a ton of money to waste want to throw some my way? We have a real slick web site and will make you feel that the meat you order was raised from the happiest, healthiest, grass fed, free range, no antibiotics animals that ever lived.

Of course the truth is that we are a coalition of farmers that treat the animals the same as always. The pigs get slop, the cows are kept in tight pens and force fed junk to fatten them up and prevent them from forming muscles. But the difference is that the web site makes you think the meat tastes better and is better for you. So of course we charge a whoile lot more/

We scammed Weisman. Who's next?

Anonymous said...

Really, you need to ask?
If you really need an answer:
Black, non-Latin woman.
There, I said it. Everyone else seems afraid to.

DS said...

Deja Vu SNU / TNT ?

Read the whole article:

Corruption probe targets Miami undercover cops
BY JAY WEAVER The Miami Herald
An officer who faced prison implicates his boss, as the FBI probes alleged drug-dealing and corruption by undercover cops.

When FBI agents questioned Miami undercover cop Roberto Asanza on May 25, 2010, they found a dozen bags of cocaine and marijuana stashed in a CD box in the cab of his truck.
Asanza, an ex-Marine, admitted he kept the drugs after seizing them from a dealer he and his boss had busted at a window-tinting shop in Allapattah weeks earlier.
Rather than arrest Asanza for not turning in and reporting the evidence, the agents flipped him. He agreed to wear a wire to help them go after a much bigger fish — the boss, Miami Police Sgt. Raul Iglesias — in a rare instance of cop turning on fellow cop.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/02/04/2625191/corruption-probe-targets-miami.html#storylink=cpy

Anonymous said...

Every election year, there is the gripe from some of you that why does Jose "El Latino" Perez or MarĂ­a "La Latina" Perez run against such and such a "____________ (insert name of Jewish judge or Black judge) here!" Or why does someone run against an incumbent.
Well first of all instead of bitchin', why don't you all bring up stats at how anti-Hispanic some Hispanic judges are or what exactly besides their heritage should disallow them from participating in an election! An when did being elected (or more aptly "appointed" mean you are or should be judge for life?

Anonymous said...

My answer to you 8:58 is not that people resent Cubans or other Hispanics running for judicial office. The reality is that the demographics favor such candidates (68% of August primary voters are Cuban or Hispanic), just as they did Jewish men, then Jewish women before that.

The real objection is not the opposition to judges or candidates who have shown themselves to be unqualified, but the thought process that simply because they are not Cuban or Hispanic makes them unqualified.

I agree that the JNC process has become so politicized that it may be worse than elections (and if the legislature has its way this spring it will get worse than it already is), but unqualified or ill-prepared Cuban or Hispanic lawyers taking judgeships from qualified non-Cuban or non-Hispanics just because they can seems to defeat the betterment of the system.

I also believe that there is resentment that unqualfied Cuban or Hispanic judges are not being challenged. This just feeds into the belief (which is the reality) that judicial politics is (in this order)determined by (1) Ethnicity, (2) gender and (3) race.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you are right about latins running against Jews and blacks but, why not run against the bad Jews and the bad blacks?

The really good judges should be left alone.

Anonymous said...

Seems that when Hispanics could not get elected no one cared about race. Blacks are seem as quota fillers.

I remember when back in the 1980's if you needed a lawyer you were told to get a Israeli-American lawyer because Hispanic lawyers were not seen as equals. Anyone wish to share their story on this?

Then politics hit and we get token Hispanics and Blacks on the Bench. Some good and some really bad. Funny thing is that the resemble the Israeli-American judges on being good and bad as for ratios.

Fast forward to today and demographics change. More Hispanics and Israeli-Americans suffer from the ill they had enjoyed. Though, they are smart. They play the race card and cry on qualifications while never outing the bad Israeli-American judges currently on the bench. With that, they show love for blacks and Hospanic judges who are on the bench and should be removed.


Easy. To save their butts by protective the castle. That simple.

It is the norm for demographics to change. If not, our courts would be filled by Native American Indians or Spaniards who were here first. Get used to eat and stop playing the blame game of distress. Grow up and vote for the better jurist and human. We have too many clowns on the bench. By the way, being a Public Defender does not make you a human. It only tells us you had/have a job.

What to see when considering who to vote for? Are they looking better because they have personal wealth? Are they looking great because they have political allies? Are they looking better because they are someone's puppet? (Sorry Hector Lombaba, I still think you are corrupt by sitting on the JNC and running candidates. Unethical I say!) Did they actually work? Do they care?

Just points to ponder. Think and vote wisely. Cute and smiles are good, but show me your resume and who is giving you cash and pushing you.

Hope this helps. God Bless!