Thursday, December 28, 2017



JUDICIAL ELECTIONS 2018 .................

Currently, there are 25 County Court seats up for election. Of those 25 seats, six judges are retiring at the end of their term; and at least 18 of the other 19 will be running for reelection. The only undecided incumbent, Judge Andrew Hague.

We have been communicating with Judge Hague and he has told us that he is still examining all options, including: running for reelection, retiring early and throwing his seat to the JNC and Governor Scott, and serving out through the end of his current term.

GROUP 2: (Judge Mary Jo Francis retiring):

Jeffrey Cynamon
Jacqueline Woodward (switched from County Group 43)

GROUP 18: (Judge Deborah White-Labora retiring):

Laura Cruz (first filed in Circuit and then switched to County)
Mike Mirabal (switched from County Group 33)

GROUP 32: (Judge Caryn Canner Schwartz retiring):

Rosy Aponte (first filed in Circuit and then switched to County)
Chris Pracitto

GROUP 33: (Judge Teretha Thomas Lundy retiring):

Olanike Adebayo
Madelin Diaz
Eleane Sosa-Bruzon

GROUP 40: (Judge Don Cohn retiring):

Michael Barket
Elena Ortega-Tauler

GROUP 43: (Judge Joseph Davis, Jr retiring):

Milena Abreu
Steven Paulson


Judge Michelle Alvarez Barakat
Judge Gina Beovides (appointed to fill Judge Charles Johnson’s seat)
Judge Alexander Spicola Bokor (appointed to fill Judge Jacqueline Schwartz’s seat)
Judge Tanya Brinkley
Judge Dawn Denaro
Judge Robin Faber
Judge Gloria Gonzalez-Meyer
Judge Diana Gonzalez-Whyte
Judge Hague *** Undecided as of this post ***
Judge Lawrence King
Judge Shelley Kravitz
Judge Luise Krieger-Martin
Judge Myriam Lehr
Judge Steve Leifman
Judge Patricia Marino-Pedraza
Judge Maria Ortiz
Judge Sam Slom
Judge Linda Singer Stein
Judge Andrea Ricker Wolfson



Anonymous said...

Who are these people running for the empty seats. With the exception of Ms Aponte, I have never heard of any of them

Millennial Me said...

I'm getting such positive feedback on twitter and here for my posts. Thanks bloggies!!!

Anonymous said...

David Perkins ? or Peckins ?

Anonymous said...

Police: Woman ruined $300K worth of art on date with lawyer

Dec 28, 2017 Updated 7 hrs ago (89)

HOUSTON (AP) — Authorities say an intoxicated Dallas woman who was on a first date with a prominent Houston trial lawyer caused at least $300,000 in damage to his art collection, including two Andy Warhol paintings.

Read more here:

Real Fake Former Judge said...

I dated her for a few months...a total hot mess...

Anonymous said...

Vote #shumie 2018 Make Miami Courts Great Again #MMCGA
(ps...miss The REN (A venue) best foodie place in 2016-2017 the home made chicharones with small pieces of meat hanging on them, the pork belly over mustard greens in red sweet chili sauce, the vanilla bean home made ice cream in a fudge soufflé, the Bernie Burger, the Hillary Hot dog- made from fresh ground Kobe beef, the twice fried oysters, the Venison au poive, The Elk sausage, the Quail Egg hot salad, the gourmet spicy popcorn clusters in the egg-drop soup was off the charts amazing...I could go on and on...the best food in Miami Hands down!) Oh well... there's always Outback steak house...sigh.

Anonymous said...

When Bit Coin was like fifty bucks a coin the REN had a sign saying "we accept Bit coin Payments" and Shumie told me he had like a hundred of em. I wonder what he did with them?

I liked the fried wild goose... you couldn't get that anywhere else in Miami and they had it on the menu only when the distributor they dealt with in North Dakota sent them a shipment.

Anonymous said...

Rump, "It's a town for losers, and I'm pulling outta here to win...."

Thunder Road

Anonymous said...

You have 20 followers on twitter, MM. That's actually quite sad.

Millennial Me said...

That's more than you have, loser.

Millennial Me said...

I know, because of the wonderful emails I get, that people just LOVE my random thoughts about life and I intend to fill up the comments section for the end of the year. So let me begin with this gem:

I don't understand the words to the Theme Song for Laverne and Shirley.
What is slameal and slamazo and Hopitz incorporated?
I never got it and it always bothered me.

I don't like those all you can eat meat restaurants where they bring you grilled meats until you turn the little placard over that has a picture of a pig looking stuffed. The picture always freaks me out and I always over eat no matter what I promise myself before hand.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda liking MM.
She's different.

Anonymous said...

Hemorrhoids are different too, but I don't like them.

Millennial Me said...

Everyone's a comedian this time of year. But no one (but me) is original.
How sad.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Millenial Me, she’s so lame. While I appreciate a perspective from a younger POV, all she does is post about herself...which has become quite ponderous. Whining and kvetching; why do I want you to read about that ?

Millennial Me said...

Of course I post about myself... let's look at my name...
MillennialME ME ME ME
Millennials are all about ME.

We were raised being told we are special. We were driven to play dates with "baby on board" signs as we were tucked neatly and safely into our child safety seats which were loaded with fun games to keep us occupied. It only got better from there. My whole life, my whole upbringing has been about me and how I am special and how me- and my generation are going to change and save the world you and your generation have almost completely ruined with pollution, global warming, sexual harassment, nuclear weapons, racial violence, and this moron for a president.

So when I, and the other members of my generation aren't busy saving the world, we blog, tweet, snapchat and text about us. ME. It's all about me. You should see my snapchat. It's dozens of videos a day of ME. Me eating breakfast. ME going to the gym. ME going for a run. ME eating lunch. ME going to the movies. ME at starbucks after the movie. ME in Uber meeting friends for a drink. ME having a drink with friends. ME at home. ME ME ME.

Get used to it, failure.

Anonymous said...

We all read this blog because of rumpole and cap J. We don't get to choose who is allowed to blog, they do. So even if we don't like MM, let's stop whining about it. Maybe MM will stop slumming it in the comments section needlessly responding to criticism, and blow us away with an interesting post. If good posts don't come, I for one have faith in rump and cap to let MM go live her own life on Twitter.

Rumpole said...

I will respond and say I think she is doing a fine job. What has she done that is "wrong" or bad? I will tell you this- other people have tried to blog, lawyers who are accomplished who, I quickly realized could not write a lick. I don't like everything MM says. I don't understand many of her tweets. But her writing is fine and she hasn't abused the privilege. She has followed my rules, so she stays.

Anonymous said...

MM stinks, your blog is going down "jumped the shark" with the foolishness.

Rumpole said...

6:39. Please turn off your computer. Walk to a window. Open it (it's nice and cold out). Look outside and make sure there is no one around. Then throw your computer out the window. Never read the blog again. Somehow. Someway. We will survive.

Thank you and Happy New Years.

Anonymous said...

MM dumping = blog interesting
MM posting = blog boring

Anonymous said...

Or he could just as well throw himself from the window... I like mm. The selfishness is not good for the long term but usually means multi organismic.

Anonymous said...

Send Spencer Eig packing to look for the next Elian Gonzalez. People he knows in politics can only get him so far. He is unqualified.

Anonymous said...

I think the outrage against MM ia due in part to the misogyny that festers in the 'justice' building and, relatedly, in the blog comments. I commend Rumpole for his growing sensitivity to the problem, in his own posts, in his role as comments curator, and in his defense of MM. I commend MM for withstanding the slings and arrows of outrageous misogyny.

Not only do your commenters skew male, they skew old. Many of us have seen our best lawyering days in our rear-view mirrors. We have had friends die, more of them each year, and our own health scares. I envy MM her youth, her energy, her confidence, her future.

Rumpole said...

So I posted 10:42 AM as a thoughtful comment only after reading that and reading the ridiculous 12:29 am comment. And here is why- I get dozens of "locker room" comments about MM that I do not post- speculating on her looks, body, sexuality, etc., and surprisingly, I've never received one, NOT ONE, about the Captain, wondering how he looks, whether he is gay, what kind of sexual positions he likes. And I guess that is the rub for the end of 2017- women are treated different, and on an underlying basis their sexuality enters the discussion while a Man's sexuality almost never does.

About two years ago I routinely posted comments, supposedly from men, talking about their sexual activities. Some of them mentioned the enjoyment of a younger woman. I fully and completely admit I saw nothing wrong in that. I didn't see much right in it, but it didn't bother me. I got an email from a Judge who had daughters that chastised me, and opened my eyes. I got some other emails from women who also talked about how insulting those comments were. They were right and I was wrong-wrong in the sense of being blind. I didn't support those comments, but I didn't see the harm, and that in and of itself, was a form of sexism that was inappropriate.

Since then I have not posted those comments, that still arrive, but with less frequency, and the matter was closed until I allowed a young lawyer, who happens to be a woman, access to the front page. And from this point forward, people can criticize her writing style, her ideas, her "Millennial" attributes of being admittedly self absorbed (see her fascinating comment above) but not her sex, or her sexuality. Period.
Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, I just wanted to talk about the Dolphin game today.
Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Planning a trip to Normandy. Tour or on my own? Will I have to rent a car?

Anonymous said...

Rump: so what are your views on MM injecting her gender into almost every post/comment, as if it's a qualification?

You say she hasn't done anything wrong or broken any rules. I agree. Is that the same standard you would judge a male contributor?

Seems like you are overcorrecting so you can call yourself pro-woman (or pro-girl if you used MM's words).

Rumpole said...

Yeah, I don't disagree she touted her gender with the "let the girl blog" stuff. But I think her plan was to approach this as a young, female blogger, and that as such she represented a new perspective. I don't think that was inappropriate considering myself and the Captain are both male, and are much older. I think if she was African American or Hispanic or Asian, she could also use that to say she wanted to give a different perspective than the white males who blog here.
I think when a man blogs, nobody asks how big our genitals are, but I have dozens and dozens of comments I haven't posted where people are asking how big MM's breasts are and if she will email them a naked picture. She's forwarded me some very inappropriate emails that do everything from calling her horrible names, to threatening her with violence.

My criteria for selecting her was very simply, her writing, not her age, not her gender. She's a good writer, so she gets a chance. As I have said before, there have been accomplished lawyers who wanted to blog who were just awful writers, and I pulled the plug.

If MM wants to make her gender part of her identity, that is her call. But responses- like yours in which you mention what she is doing, are fine, Comments that are crude, rude, threatening, and demeaning cannot be accepted.

Anonymous said...

Rump, I want to file an FTC complaint. Work with me here. We have great legal minds.
Issue: False Advertising. Subject: YOUR Miami Dolphins.

This advertising song is demonstrably false, fake and misleading. Let's work though it.

1 "Miami Has the Dolphins." Analysis- demonstrably true
2. "The Greatest football team." Analysis- even when considering their history, they are not the greatest football teams. Other teams, Cowboys, Steelers, Pats, have more SB wins and more overall wins.
3. "They take the ball from goal to goal like no one's ever seen." Analysis- they do not score a lot. Unless the sentence can be read to mean that since they don't score, their taking the ball like no one's ever seen means no one sees them score, which I don't think is their intent, the verse is demonstrably false. Many more teams this year have scored more than the Dolphins.

4. "They're in the air, they're on the ground, they're always in control" Analysis- It is true the team throws and runs the ball. But it is false to proclaim they are always in control. More often than not, they are not scoring or getting a first down. They are more not in control then in control. Demonstrably false.

5. "And when you say Miami, you're talking super bowl." This is mostly false. It's true Miami has won two super bowls and played in another two. But mostly when you say Miami, you're saying they are NOT going to the super bowl. They were eliminated and not really in the race early on. So this statement, in the context of claiming that when people talk about the Dolphins, they are talking about their super bowl chances, is demonstrably false.

So overall, the only thing that is true in this entire song, is "Miami has the Dolphins" four silly words.

I think we have a lawsuit here Rumpolium. What say you?

Millennial Me said...

WOW! Got up. Did laundry. A beach yoga class that I biked to. Then some brunch with my Yogis, then home, fluff and fold, see that Breaking Bad is on all day and night on AMC (so dope!) but the Hunger Games is on TNT, so now I have stuff to TiVo for later, and before I go shopping for dinner and tomorrow, I check the blog and am happy to see that....It's all about ME!! (smiley face :) ). I mean, could this be a better end to the year?

Millennial Me said...

So now I'm just totally into Breaking Bad (again for like the 6th time) and the moral dilemma that Walter White faces as to whether or not he's going to kill the drug dealer he has captive in the basement, is just fascinating. He makes him a sandwich and trims the crust off for him, and then brings it to him while the guy is chained up in the basement. It's one of the most amazing dilemma's that a lead character has ever had to face, especially so early on in a series, and it sets the hook and sets the stage for the rest of the series.

I so totally love BB. It just rocks and hooks me every time.

I've got a few cool parties I can go to tonight, but I'm seriously considering being chillax at my crib.

Anonymous said...

Ah Rumpole,

Your 10:55 am from yesterday was heart-warming. Takes a real big person to say what you did. And may have a real big impact on our little world.

Keep up the great work in the new year.

Seth Sklarey said...

A schlemiel is a guy who spills soup into a schlemazzle's lap.

PS would be interested in your sex life from the perspective of a Miami Millenial.
Or is it against Rump's Rules?

There were some interesting tapes from back when the building was bugged during Operation Court Broom, but they never were divulged except to a few insiders.
Gave a whole new meaning to matinee performance.