Monday, December 05, 2011


What Rumpole is reading:

11/22/63: Absolutely Stephen King's finest. And even if you're not a Stephen King fan, this book is special.

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. When you're done with this shorter story you will immediately start re-reading it to see what you missed. Sounds weird? Read it and see.

Destiny Of The Republic: A Tale Of Madness, Medicine and Murder of A President. Candice Millard. Think you know everything there is to know about President James A. Garfield? Think again.

The bad thing about writing a good post over the weekend is coming home late Monday and feeling like we have to write something before people get bored. It's not like we have law professors at UM guest blogging for us.

First no soup, now no mail for Rumpole. The US Postal service will be making cuts in the spring.

Super size black holes are gobbling up the universe, and that has us worried.

North Miami Police Officers are casting Santeria spells on the City Manager (and getting fired for it.) Pure Birdseed.

The cost of fuel in Afghanistan has risen to $400.00 per gallon, but only for the US Military.

The Dolphins don't suck anymore after the drubbing they put on the Raiders on Sunday.

And only 19 more shopping days until Christmas (starting Tuesday).

See you in court.


DS said...

Het Beavas its a Black Hole, hehehe.
Rump, Relax its 300 million LY away. Might as well worrry about Strings or Dark Matter or the other 9 to 11 dimensions, String Theory suggests.

Rumpole said...

My dear DS. There are things in this world you are eminently qualified to opine about. Voire dire, res gestae, cross examination , et. al.
And then there are things you are not qualfied to opine about. But we are, with a co-major in astro physics from N..., well never mind where.

300 million light years is around the corner for a container of milk, relatively speaking ( pun intended) in the universe.

That being said, despite the enourmous size of this black hole, there would have to be something on the order of several hundred billion of them before the odds would tip in favor of our fair blog, and the rest of this planet beng gobbled up.

Rumpole said...

That being said, I still don't like black holes. They bother me. And it annoys me to distraction that Hawkings radiation probably exists. (Professor Hawkings has theorized that light emits radiation at the event horizon of a black hole. Which on its face is a paradox bcause a black hole is defined in one manner as an object from which nothing, even light, escapes. As Ms Rand famously said, paradoxes don't exist. When you see one, check your premises.) In the case of Hawkings radiation, an apparent anomaly in quantum mechanics - I'd call it a quirk- but there are too many puns with quarks- allows for the theoretical existence of Hawkings radiation. And from here the conversation spirals downwards in areas I refuse to tred while stone sober during the work day. Catch me on a Saturday night and I shall expound further if appropriately lubricated and otherwise inclined.

DS said...

I opine on all, who needs qualifications. LOL.
But Asteroids and other near Earth Objects are much more worrisome on a practical matter. They Have hit us many times in the past, usually w/ devastating results ( like the Dinosaur or Siberia ).

CMPR said...

After carefully reviewing this blog for several days, I will start providing you with some advice to jazz it up and pull it out of the doldrums.

Let me start with this well worn piece of advice that works as well now as it did in 1977:

Let the Wookie win.

Secret Judge said...

Who is Hawkings? Perhaps you are referring to Stephen Hawking. Interesting error for someone who claims to have a co-major in astro physics. You also misused the term 'quantum mechanics' which refers to the physics of the very small, as opposed to the very large such as in black holes. But nice try.

Rumpole said...

Add an apostrophe to the S you arrogant ass. My tolerance for accepting criticism much less criticism from someone who claims to wear a robe is very low today. Kindly act accordingly.

Rumpole said...

Also If you knew anything at all about Hawking's radiation you would know that the anomaly that allows it to exist comes from a quirk in quantum mechanics and yes i am fully aware of what quantum mechanics deals with. I was writing dissertations on Schrodinger's cat in the tenth grade while you were watching scooby foo cartoons.

You know nothing about this. The deeper issue with Hawking's radiation deals with not only the uncertainty principle but the attempts to unify relativity and quantum mechanics. Go back to your chambers and try reading one of those books you bought to display to impresss the lawyers who come into your office.

Sexy blonde PD said...

Thats my Rumpole at his finest. The blogger I know and lust after.

FACDL said...


With the holiday season now in full swing FACDL is again joining hands with the Dade County Bar Association Homeless Outreach Committee to ensure that some of Miami's less fortunate children do not go without toys this year. Just as we did last year we will be setting up collection boxes on Wednesday in the REG Building to collect new, unwrapped toys that will be delivered to the families at the Champman Homeless Center in Miami. Through the efforts of Rick Freedman, and the assistance of Judge Yvonne Colodny, Carlos Martinez, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, and the staff at Au Bon Pain, we arranged to have collections stations set up at Au Bon Pain restaurant on the first floor of the Justice Building, Judge Colodny's chambers in room 209, as well as both the State Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office. 

Please bring an unwrapped new toy and drop it in one of the boxes at one of the four locations.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Just finished a book about AlexanderThe Great. Before that it was a book about the 1828 US presidential election. Now it is on to James A. Garfield.

Anonymous said...

Is Scooby Foo what they call it in China?

Anonymous said...

Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics that deal with the infinitesimal amounst of photoprotonic radiation of the orders of magnitude of 10 to the minus 354.73xpi microasclepius at which an oxidation/reduction reaction can be sustained between rare elements like tedrunium and kardalonium.

The solution to the Schrodinger theorem with respect to a Felis catus derives its mathematical proof on the induction of micromillimetric perforation on the lignic enclosure to the feline, thereby producen a camera oscura effect that projects an image of the mechanics of the feline upon a suitable screen.

Those who do not apply the concepts in quantum mechanics to the enzymatic metabloism of subatomic particles in environments where the potential of hydrogen ions adopts a leeser value than 7 may encounter severe gastroesophageal reflux diseases when attempting to digest the paradoxes of macrodense objects of infinite density at the event horizon.

Anonymous said...

The SECRET JUDGE obviously knows nothing of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle! Let him (her?) just go back to adjudicating those conceptually difficult urinating in public cases. Don't get your feathers ruffled Rumpole....The holidays are just around the corner and all those "schnurer" Judges get to be invited guests at the vacation homes of the lawyers who practice in front of them. PS: Do you know what a "schnurer" is Rumpole? Do you know some yiddish?

Rumpole said...

Do I know Yiddish? Just a bisi.

Rumpole said...

Let me clarify a bit and first say how thrilled I am that the discussion has devolved into theoretical physics:

Schrodinger created the explanation which is really a paradox based on an article by authors Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen—in 1935. Called the "EPR article", it highlighted the strange nature of quantum entanglement, which is a characteristic of a quantum state that is a combination of the states of two systems.

To explain further, the two systems might be compared to two subatomic particles that once interacted but were then separated and are not each in a definite state. There is something complicated that we don't need to fully discuss called the Copenhagen interpretation which implies that the state of the two systems undergoes collapse into a definite state when one of the systems is measured. You need to grasp the concept that the observation itself effects the system being observed.

Now along comes Schrodinger and he and a gent named Albert Einstein begin a correspondence about Einstein's EPR article. At one point Einstein pointed out that the state of an unstable keg of gunpowder will, after a while, contain a superposition of both exploded and unexploded states. Schrodinger now has many more ideas based on his correspondence with AE.

Schrödinger describes how one could, in principle, transpose the superposition of an atom to large-scale systems of a live and dead cat by coupling cat and atom with the help of a diabolical mechanism. He proposed a scenario with a cat in a sealed box, wherein the cat's life or death depended on the state of a subatomic particle. According to Schrödinger, the Copenhagen interpretation implies that the cat remains both alive and dead (to the universe outside the box) until the box is opened)- remember the idea that the observation affects the state of the subject being observed? Opening the box changes the state of the subatomic particle and thus the well being of Fluffy.

The problem illustrates the counterintuitiveness of quantum mechanics and the mathematics necessary to describe quantum states which goes well beyond the subject of this blog and the intelligence of certain secret robe wearers.

Anonymous said...

Rump is sounding a lot like Jack Denaro

fake Tom Risivy said...

Rump, sorry to take away from the hi-falutin physics discussion, but may I point out that Mars makes a fine snack product, namely the Snickers Bar, which is sold in a fun size, which is actually a small bite size and why they call something small fun is beyond me.

In any event, I highly recommend the snack product which if not over indulged in, is both fine and healthy for hard working attorneys who don't otherwise have time for a well balanced meal.

Just a thought nee suggestion.

Yiddish Speaking PD said...


Its ein bisel, not bisi... Don't reiden drek Yiddish around here.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Boy, Rumpole is super impressive on the intelligence scale. For all those who have made guesses as to who Rumpole is in real life ... I would say that this superior intellect narrows down the choices to only one lawyer! Rumpole is obviously _________! Right?

You Don't Know Jack said...

Rumpole's attempts at Yiddish/Jewish references and culture over these years is a bit off. It's almost like he's hung around enough of us to kinda know what were referring to, but didn't grow up in a Jewish family. Or, he's from the Midwest (or near it), which as we all know are mutant Jews. They are the ones who eat hot dogs with a load of salad on them. What the heck is " a bisi ". Dude, it's "bissel" or "bisl". Watch, he'll say it's a simple typo.

Rumpole said...

Gosh it was just a simple typo.

DS said...

Just to make sure
You can know the speed of a atomic/sub-atomic particle or it location but not both at the same time?
Any comment to Hawking's comment that he can prove GOD does NOT exist. He said that prior to the Big Bang ( a Term the scientist who came up w/ the theory did not use)all Matter and Energy was looked together in what was in effect a giant Black Hole. That there was Nothing before this pre-Big Bang Black Hole, not even time, cause w/in this Black Hole TIME itself stopped ( due to Gravity?) So nothing , Not even God existed prior to the Big Bang. Of course He doesn’t explained where all the Matter and Energy in this giant singularity came from.

Anonymous said...

When did Dr. Sheldon Cooper take over the blog?