Monday, December 19, 2011


UPDATE: Sorry Virginia, there is no Santa Claus.
Court is OPEN ON FRIDAY. Merry Christmas- now get to work.

The Governor issued a reprieve today for State workers and as a result (State) court's in Miami will be closed (update- some readers say it ain't so. Is there a Santa Claus Judge Brown?) The JAA Blog has the machinations that the folks in Browierd are going through as they decide what to do.

Getting tough on CRIME JUDGES
This is what the Republican party has sunk to: with no more room left to increase penalties on crimes, Newt Gingrich, who is currently leading the race for the Republican presidential nomination, has opined that arresting federal judges might just be the right thing to do. Really.

Appearing Sunday on Face The Nation, Gingrich said Congress should compel federal judges to testify about any decision that the party in power disagrees with. Gingrich said he would send U.S Marshals to arrest federal judges if they did not come willingly to the Capital to testify. As Andrew Rosenthal pointed out in the NY Times, Marshals are tasked to protect the federal judiciary which gets hundreds of death threats a year.

Really Newt? Arrest Federal Judges if you don't like their decisions? What's next? Suspend Habeas Corpus? (Oh, wait, Scalia has already almost done that). National Identity Cards? Guilty until proven innocent? (Except in Texas, where that is already pretty much the case. Read this NY Times article on the 46h person exonerated based on DNA in Texas in the last ten years. In this case the defense is seeking to have the prosecutor investigated for withholding the evidence.)
And while you're at it President Newt, get rid of that pesky first amendment, shut down this blog, and declare this a nation of christians and throw all the muslims, jews, and japanese in internment camps. Now you've got the tea party's attention. Not to mention the religious right.

Listen closely. If the Republican party nominates this lunatic then they have lost their soul, they have lost all reason, and they will surely lose the election.

Anybody in trial? Let us know.

If you check out our tweets on Monday you will see that during the day there was quite a bit of chatter on the FACDL Listserv that certain penurious ASA's are ringing up certain appellate attorneys to give them a piece of their mind (not that they can afford to give much more away) about "trashing" them in emails. Meanwhile the appellate attorney noted that when the ASA told Judge X during the hearing that the other appellate attorneys had all billed the cap of $2,000 in the case, one of the appellate lawyers was an assistant public defender, and the other billed and received about 10K.

Newt Gingrich got involved and called for the arrest of the appellate lawyer for doing a good job and "trying to free a convicted murderer."

See You In Court. We are announcing our availability to represent any member of the federal judiciary who gets called to Congress for Contempt of Newt.


Anonymous said...

Wrong Friday open, Monday is closed.

Anonymous said...

America is becoming Idiocracy.

Anonymous said...

She is such an asshole

Anonymous said...

6:59 am is almost correct. America is not becoming in idiocracy. It is one already.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is caught in a quandary wherein their candidates need to be right wing nuts to win the party's nomination in the primaries but need to be moderate centrists to win the presidency in the general election.

Until the Republican electorate starts coming back to its political senses, any Democratic incompetent with a moderate-sounding theme and the gift of gab (even if it's from a teleprompter) will continue to win the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Friday court schedule has been out for long time; Dumb governor can't just give people day off and expect everything to shut down.

Anonymous said...

Gail Levine. Just say her name already. Everyone knows she butts her nose into places it doesn't belong. I saw her once object to the appointment of the regional counsel in a capital case because she claimed the defendant had real property that should be sold prior to any appointment. when Kellie Peterson cited the rule that the indigent determination rest with the court and the clerk, she claimed she represents the taxpayers of Florida and thus had standing.

Anonymous said...

Scott closed state offices Friday, but County offices are open.

Anonymous said...

My dear old chap. The Gov issued a Xmass eve repreive. State Offices will be closed not only the 25th ( Sunday) and the next Mondayt(26) to observe Yeshua ben Yosesh v Miriam's birth, but also the 24th, a SATURDAY [ when most state employees are not working anyway].So Friday is still a work day.
As to Newt I raised the alarm 2 months ago about his war on the Lawyer class. But Michelle B is almost as bad.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party and Christian conservatives are a much better friend of Jews than the left wing will ever be. Obama wants to return Israel to pre-1967 borders. Rumpole, as a Jew, you should understand that. By the way, this blog should not be used as your personal political propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Being a "friend" to the Jews does not equate with allowing the right wing hawks in Israel to do what they please. You also must know that the reason Beck and other ultraconservatives like Israel so much is because they believe that a unified Jewish state is necessary to bring about end times.


I want Israel to survive forever - Israel will not survive beyond the exhaustion of oil in the middle east unless it reaches a compromise with its neighbors, including two states.

Rump should do whatever he likes with his blog, he has worked his ass off to make it.

Rumpole said...

i'm Jewish??? OY VEY!! Hannukah is tonight and I don't have a gift!

Anonymous said...

If a judge asked a defense lawyer how they were doing and the defense lawyer said "fine," Gail would probably object and ask that an SAO investigator determine if the lawyer is truly "fine" or just "okay."

If a defense lawyer cured lung cancer, Gail would complain that they didnt cure melanoma.

If a defense lawyer saved child from a burning building, Gail would complain that they didnt put out the fire altogether. And then arrest the lawyer for arson.

If a defense lawyer wished for world peace, Gail would wish for world war.

If a defense lawyer was glad that Kim Jung Il is now gone, Gail would wish that his son was worse.

So......If an appellate attorney put in 153 hours on a capital case and was "only" asking for substandard pay, naturally Gail would want them to earn less than a barista at Starbucks.

Gimme a break. Usually when you have an ASA objecting just to object, it occurs with a county court ASA who just started practicing 15 minutes ago, not with one of the most senior trial attorneys in the office.

DS said...

Im was wrong. The 23rd is a gift to us all to celibrate Jesus' birth. Remember this day, it happens so seldom.

As an State employee I say thanx
As a Jew: what the hell is a U.S. State Gov't giving time off for a religous holy day for. Gov't and Religion are NOT supposed to mix.

DS said...

12:07 pm
I should thank Republicans and Christains for supporting Isreal? Are You meshugina (phonic)?
Truman a Dem recognized Isreal , Repbulicans were against it. Nixon intervened to make pacify the Arabs and keep the Oil flowing. Conservative Christians want Isreal to exist so Jesu can come back and the world is destroyed. Republcans want Isreal to exist to nuke Iran's nukes.
Zionists say NO THANK YOU,
We have had enough Christian kindness though out history.

DS said...

Good Yom Tov
enjoy a lattaka

Anonymous said...

Scott is giving all state employees a paid administrative leave day on Friday. So the courts will be closed Friday and Monday. Rump is right.

Anonymous said...

If lawyers don't criticize Newt's catastrophic ideas, who will?

Even if you agree with the foul clouds of filth emanating from that puffy-headed marshmallow of a cheat, what would happen if a) Newt is elected, b) he actually enforces said plan to punish judiciary, and c)the Dems beat him the next time around and use his same strategy to bash Republicans who legislate from the bench?

As one of the commentors on Fox News' site wrote in response to an article about Newt's plan:
"What is he thinking? I could see this backfiring against us."

Anonymous said...

2:29 you hit the nail on the head. Disagreeing with the ultra right wingers in Israel does not mean you are not a friend to then Jews or anti-semitic. Roughly 40% of Israeli's disagrees with them also. I guess they are not friend of Jews either.

Anonymous said...

check out http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/crime/fl-wasserman-rubin-trial-date-20111220,0,4213848.story

Anonymous said...


Fake Adam Sandler said...

So put on your yarmulke, its time for Hannukah
And file a Notice of Expiratikah, its time for Hannukah
A day of for the goyikah
Its a Rick Scott maniakah

So drink your gin and tonicah
And smoke your marijuanikah

Fake judge samm slomm said...

Damn. I had shumie time all set for Friday. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Here is what is funny...a bunch of lawyers who toil in the justice building can't seem to figure out (or even build a concensus) as to whether court is open or closed on Friday. What about all the defendants (represented and pro se)?!

Anonymous said...

apparently the reason it is open on friday is because the court closed on another day this past year and they could not do it again on friday. For whatever reason it was an administrative decision made by the chief judge.
It isnt considered a state bldg, it is a county bldg. Too much blogging about it. Done deal!

Anonymous said...

Friday is not a holiday.

Saturday is not a holiday.

Sunday is a holy day if you believe in certain faiths.

Monday is a day that the government pays employees to do no work because some people a long time ago were upset that religious people were going to have to use a personal day off to celebrate their religious beliefs and they convinced the gov't to give everyone a paid day off.
And even though this year the holiday is on a non-working day (Sunday), our government still pays people to do no work on Monday.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Union type thing. I heard recently that postal workers who put their names on a list for overtime work get paid even if their name is never reched on the list. Something about "equity" pay!That is one of the things that is wrong in this country and that the liberals don't care about. So tax the rich so we can pay government employees to do nothing.