Saturday, December 10, 2011


Governor Scott appointed three judges in Miami (Motto: "Give us your tired, your poor, your wretched refuse, your judges...") not the two we reported, so we apologize to County Court Judge D.J. Cannava for leaving him(?) out of our last post. It's sort of a record in a way. We usually wait until the Judge has donned the black robes and taken the bench before we insult them.

As our Captain reported:

Don't feel too bad for Donald "DJ" Cannava. In his first time interviewing with the JNC, his name was sent up to the Governor, not only for one of the two Circuit Court seats, but also for the County Court seat vacated by Judge Rosa Figarola (Circuit).

And the Governor chose Cannava as our newest County Court Judge, in his first time

A Rumpole Courage award goes to 29 year old Scott Millard. The Michigan attorney refused to let a cantankerous, sarcastic, sneering (aren't they all?) Judge Kenneth Post from questioning his client about when he last used controlled substances during an initial court proceeding. Mr. Millard was polite, respectful and firm and held his ground to the point where the Judge fined him $100 and then held him in contempt and took him into custody.

We would gladly pay his $100.00 fine if we could, and we want Mr. Millard to know that he will never pay for a drink in this town should he choose to visit our fair city.

Here is the arrest report for Officer Villa who was arrest for DUI in his vehicle last week
courtesy of ace Herald Reporter David Ovalle who was nice enough to email it to us.

Sorry about the size of the document. We think if you click on the link you will get the full size of the document. Officer Villa was taken to the station, no idea if he provided a breath sample, and then in violation of some policy/statute (?) that we were told requires drivers arrested for DUI to be held for 8 hours or until there is some proof they are sober, Villa was taken home instead of to TGK/DCJ.

Arrest Affidavit - Fernando Villa


Fake Tannebaum said...

Just once I want to be first in something. Maybe here?

First? Please???

I mean besides being first at my Starbucks when it opens which I tweet about and blog about ad nauseum.

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to say it... For officer Villa, please, somebody call the Q!!!

Fake Tannebaum said...

Ah Tis a great Sunday morn. Made it to my Starbucks, third in line when it opened. Tanya, my personal barrista already had my Sunday Latte ready for me. It's a privilege earned when you appear at a Starbucks day after day. We chatted briefly and she showed the appropriate deference and respect for me heading into my busy practice on a Sunday. Tanya wont be here tomorrow when I open the place with my Monday Grande coffee and espresso.

Lt. Cafferty said...

Rump- there's been a fence line shooting at Gitmo, and now the Marine who wrote to NIS about it was found dead a few days ago. Two Gitmo grunts are in custody. Can you take the case?

Rumpole said...

You have the wrong lawyer and blog my friend. Take it to DOM. He's been waiting for that call ever since he became a lawyer.

Lt. Cafferty said...

Here's the thing Rumpole, the CO- a Colonel Nathan Jessup ordered a code red that resulted in the death of Private Santiago, who was the Marine who wrote the letters about the illegal fence line shooting at Gitmo,

With all due respect, I don't think Markus has what it takes to put Jessup on the stand and get him to admit to the code red. But I would bet the future of two good marines that you do have the guts to do it. What do you say?

Angry Gurl said...

So here we are, another Sunday morning. Right in the middle of the holiday season. I took my car to Sears for an oil change, and the entire parking lot was full. At Sears! Over priced junk and people- mostly poor people- were lining up for the privilege of over paying and loading up their credit cards for things they don't need, but things advertising has convinced them they need to have. Like filling the house with a half dozen flat screen TVs. I have one TV in my house, it is 25 inches and not a flat screen and for the three or four times a week I watch the news on it, that's plenty. There is so much more to life than TV, but once these people get hooked, they can't get off it.

Think I'm just crazy about the obesity epidemic in this country? Did you see this article in the herald?


The US Coast Guard has to change and lower the passenger capacity of cruise ships, not because the ships have shrunk, but because people's waistlines have expanded.

And what's one of the main causes of over eating? TV. Why don't people have enough time to go to the gym every day? TV. Why are people fat? Where does McDonalds spend its advertising money? Books? Radio? Posters at the gym? TV.

We're doomed and you people who know it are partially to blame.

PS. This post is certified as me with a corresponding email to Rumpole from my private address. Don't accept substitutes when I am the real thing.

Anonymous said...

AG-- why do care about other peoples eating habits?

Why not focus on your own life instead of criticizing others?

not an angry old guy said...

What in the Sam Hill is wrong with you lady? In memory of the late Harry Morgan/ Colonel Sherman T. Potter, "HORSE HOCKEY!"

People go to Sears to get things like affordable clothing for them and their children. They go this time of the year because Sears has holiday sales and it helps them stretch their dollars further.

These poor people can't go to the gym not because they're watching TV, but because they can't afford the 300-400 a month for a membership to your fancy club. They can't afford the private trainers and private pilate instructors that you pay for. And they can't afford child care for their children when they go, and they don't have the time because many of them are working two and three part time jobs in their community to stitch together a paycheck to put food on the table.

Maybe if you turned your TV on and watched a bit more news instead of sipping wine in your penthouse brickell condo with Montavani on your satellite radio on the new age or spa channel, you might have a better idea how the 98% of Americans are living.

Get your head out of your tight trim butt and see wha is going on in the real world.

Angry Gurl said...

I am not in the habit to responding to comments on this rag, but I will make an exception.

I focus on other people's eating habits because it affects me. It affects me when fat people shove in theaters to get their place in line and secure their extra large pop corn tub and gallon of Pepsi. And it affects me when they squeeze their fat sweating bodies into the seat next to mine and proceed to let loose a few hours of flatulence built up from their repeated visits to Taco Bell earlier in the day.

Ditto for their habits in airports when I travel.

And quite frankly I look at them in public with their children and I feel sorry for their kids who these tubos are pushing in the same direction.

And finally it affects me when they show up at Jackson at age 45 with chest pains and no health insurance and my taxes go to pay for their emergency by-pass and 20 years of subsequent ER visits to manage their diabetes and refractive coronary artery disease.

That's why it concerns me. OK?

Rumpole said...

That's the AG we all know and love. And it just ain't a Sunday without her.

Anonymous said...

Angry Gurl probably has such a huge fat butt that she hauls a wheelbarrow behind her to carry it.

Anonymous said...

Sears? that is your target angry gurl? this is a dying company that poor people go to shop for shit that they need. i could see you getting so upset about poorer people going to some ritzy place and blowing all their money but Sears is not the place to get all outraged about.

Anonymous said...

and I agree with AG on the obesity thing. Michelle Obama starts a campaign telling kids to eat right and that stupid caribou Cunt palin starts railing about how people have a god given right to be fat pigs.

uh no, you dont. If we could make a dent in the obesity problem in this country Medicare costs would go down substantially.

Fake Ron Jeremy said...

Angry Gurl--I am one of those "fatties" you are talking about. But I also have a big, long, thick schlong which I know how to use very well. How about taking me up on my skills and learning how to chill out a bit?

Email List Broker said...

We are going to look at this chapter of the book of Judges.

Anonymous said...


There are 2 types of handwriting on the A-Form, but it's only signed by one officer. Also, the ticket 7088XEE has not yet been filed with the clerk even though the arrest took pace 6 days ago. What gives MDPD and SAO????? What's cookin' guys?????

Anonymous said...

dont blame the state attorney's office for that dui debacle. That's the brotherhood! And the subject has finally been arrested, so there!