Sunday, September 23, 2007


DOLPHINS AT JETS. It’s time we started riding this Miami gravy train. The Fins are only getting 3 in their visit to the big apple. Rumpole shocker: MIAMI WILL NOT LOSE TODAY IN NY. GUARANTEED (since they are playing in New Jersey) However, the Fins lately have had a tough time on the road against the Jets. Call it a reverse curse of the famous Marino Spike Play. This is just the game Mangenuis needs to right his Jets. Give the three. Jets -3. The total in this game is 35 and Miami/Jets games have a history of going under the number, but the Jets have some problems on D and the Dolphins do not want to go 0-3, so I think they will pull out all the stops here. Dolphin D minus Zack won't make it any easier. Over 35.

COWBOYS AT BEARS. We’re continuing our theme of overrated teams this season. The Bears are overrated. Didn’t we tell you before the season started that the Saints were overrated? Now they’re 0-2. The Bears are 1-1 and while their defense is stout, their offense is anemic. The Boys are getting three points on the road and we think they are the superior team. We’re a little worried putting some cow patties on the Cowboys for their second consecutive road game. You try and stay away from teams on their second consecutive road game, but we still like riding the line against the overrated teams, making Dallas +3 the play here in the NFC marquee match-up of the week.

BENGALS AT SEAHAWKS. Remember last week when Irwin talked about lines that appear out of wack? The total here is 49 ½ points. The Bengals have a potent offense, but Seattle has a good defense and Seattle has a good but not explosive offense. So the number seems too high. The Bengals are getting 3 points on the road, and this is their second week on the road after an exhausting and surprising shoot out with the Browns last week. By all rights, this should be the week the embarrassed Bengals bounce back. But that takes character, and we are not convinced this Bengals team has character. The Seahawks ( as we predicted) lost last week to the Cardinals on the road, and they do have character. We like Seattle minus 3 here.

COLTS AT TEXANS. The Colts are beatable. They showed that last week, eking out a 22-20 win. This Houston team is for real, and more importantly, they believe in themselves. The Texans are getting 7 at home, and its time to ride this Houston gravy train for a while. The Texans showed great character in coming from behind against a tough Carolina defense last week, and they did it on the road. They will be sky high for this game, and 7 points is a gift. Houston +7. (The line opened at 7 and moved to 6.5, meaning lots of money is going on the Texans. If you were in Vegas the play would be to follow the late money. Since we can't do that here- talking about gambling on the phone is some sort of federal offense right? And we would never do that. Anyway, take what you can get or tease it up.)

Denver stole one from the Raiders last week. And if you know us, you know it pains us greatly to give the Raiders any kind of sympathy. But Janikowsky made that 53 yard field goal and that last tenth of a second timeout was BS. Be that as it may, Jay Cutler is coming into his own, while we think trouble is brewing in JAX. The Broncos -3 a mile high win.

We doubt you will ever see a play as juicy as the NE Cheaters -3 at home last week. What did we tell you? That the Cheaters would “pound” the hapless Chargers, and that is exactly what happened.

San Diego is giving 6 points to the surprising Packers in Green Bay. The Packers are not a 2-0 team, and yet there they sit, having whooped up on the Eagles and the Giants. The Packers will return to earth. But the real question is whether San Diego’s new coach Norv Turner has this team? There was a power struggle in San Diego and Marty Schottenheimer lost out. Turner does not seem to have the Chargers believing in him. If the Chargers lose, they lose big. Meaning the play here is not the line, but the money line.
100 pieces of cheese gets you 215 back on a straight Packer win with no points. Consider it, but lightly.

This week is tough. The one Play is clearly the NE Cheaters. However, you can make a case for the Seahawks or the Broncos. The rule of thumb in these pools is to not get too fancy and look several weeks down the road. The rule of thumb is to survive, which means the Cheaters are the choice. And yet, the Broncos should win…..hmmm.

David Markus: NE Cheaters
Feet of Clay: Seahawks
52nd Street Irwin: Broncos
Miguel De La Over: NE Cheaters
Rumpole: Gonna play it safe and take the Cheaters and stay alive.

J….E….T…S….(don’t you just hate those slovenly cads covered in Green mocking us? Until the Dolphins clean house and get some Cowher power, look for things to remain the same sad way. What really stinks is that guys like Zack Thomas and Jason Taylor will not even get a taste of the playoffs much less a super bowl. These guys spent their whole career here with a bunch of losing coaches. Cam seems to be a nice guy, but don’t they finish last? )

Lastly some sad news, a reader reported late last evening that the prince of polygraphs, George Slattery has passed away.

See You Tomorrow, counting my winnings.


Anonymous said...

JETS.....Just End The Season!

Rumpole said...

Ron Dayne is a late scratch in Houston. He rumbled for over 150 yards in December of last year when the Texans beat the Colts. No RJ plus their WR is also out- I'm backing off the Texans pick. Leave the game alone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Weisman Boyz predict Miami Country Day School in easy victory over Pinecrest on October 27th. Will take all action (after homeroom). Also will provide "markers" for approved parents.

Anonymous said...

Our September Picks:
Michaels Genuine Food and Drink. A neighborhood hangout at 130 NW 40th street serving great broiled chicken with crispy skin, and don't miss the wood oven smoked Vidalia Onion.

When we're roillin with pops on SOBE we like Quattro Gastronomia Italiana on Lincoln Road. Serving Northern Italian, which is really the only real Italian cuisine.

Anonymous said...

J ....E....T....S....stop the dolphins again. JETS 14 dolphins 10.

Rumpole said...

Liking that over in Jets/Miami game. Total of 34 at the half.

Anonymous said...

We like Shortys on Friday night, Miami's Best Pizza on Saturday, and maybe a little Indian with Im Lee on Sunday. Plus TGIF Fridays at The Falls. Better than that SOBE foo foo food. Those SOBE fancy pants can have all the lincoln road "northern italian" swill they care to over spend for.

Rumpole said...

after watching 9 quarters of Miami Dolphins football, I have developed a fairly sophisticated opinion of them. In technical football terms, the Dolphins

are just not very good.

Anonymous said...

31-13 J..E...T...S..

Put a fork in the Dolphins.

They're done.

Anonymous said...

say it ain't true about george slattery. who reported this, when, where and why did he die? he use to be very "tight" with j. korvick.

Anonymous said...

This is your joint 5:50 Blog update:

Town Blog Crier: Dolphins late rally ruins Rumpole's pick. Rumpole is a push with Jets -3, but wins with over big time.

Rumpole on the money with the Packers and the money line.

Monday coming up- trial time for you know who?

Fake Captain: Thanks BTC, now on to fake captain stuff: With a shaky opening week behind her, we can exclusivly report that Cris Pereya and Veridicto Final have jettisoned such questionable opening theme songs as NWA's rapping thugs, and the theme from Gilligan's Island, to settle on Feist's "1-2-3-4 tell me that you love me more."

Anonymous said...

I miss sleepy Brummy.

Anonymous said...

Judge Harvey Shenberg has been released from federal prison after serving 14 years of hard time. We will be planning a fundraiser at Tobacco Road in the next 2 weeks to help finance his campaign for re election to the bench against Judge Amy Steele Donner. All of the "biggie" lawyers are already on board to help. It is time to restore justice to the court system...

Anonymous said...

So this whole Weisman Boyz versus Shumie's Chaps is a whole sociological commentary on South Beach hip chic versus South Dade Pinecrest conservative family values?

Well, I think its frivilous, and devoid of proper humor, and I have some community service hours for the people who waste their time with such frivilous activities. Please come see me in chambers this Monday afternoon.

Rumpole said...

2 wins 1 loss 2 ties - not counting the Texans Colts game which would have been a win, but I backed away when there was a late report of an injury to Ron Dwayne.

Jets + 3 and Seahawks +3 were pushes. Game was right on the number.

Dolphins -Jets Over 35 was a win, so was the Packers in a money line straight win was a win.

Broncos Lost- unbelievable.
Glad I followed common sense and stuck with the Cheaters in the suicide pool. Whew. But 52nd Streetr Irwin takes a tumble, which just goes to show you even the pros can be beaten.

1 Game left to make this a money making week- Cowpokes over Da Bears.

Anonymous said...

There will be an experiment for the next few months with Jury Selection. Judge Adrien will have lawyers make premeptive challenges with ROCK PAPER SCISSORS. When a lawyer challenges a juror, the lawyer must then engage in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. If the lawyer wins, the juror is gone, if the lawyer loses, the juror stays.

Prior to beginning Voire Dire, all lawyers about to pick a jury before Judge Adrien will view a 15 minute video ROCK PAPER SCISSORS- THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR- staring former Judges Rudy Sorrondo and Rick Margolius. The game and simple strategy will be explained.

We picked Judge Adrien to over see this experiment, because we finally found something he was qualified to Judge.

Anonymous said...

sleepy brummer will be back...

Anonymous said...

Hey. I came over from some lame Miami Beach legal blog because I heard this is where the action is. Lets get to it.

Anonymous said...

Before you recruit Adrien to judge paper rock scissors, did you make sure that he has Herb walker's permission. From what i understand, guy can't piss without walker's ok.