Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I could not have screwed yesterday's post up more if I tried. Rather than edit and run from this disaster, I will leave it up for all to see in its embarrassing glory.

First, when I received the email on Gerstein, and saw it referred to a law office in the Gables, and remembering where Mr. Gerstein set up shop with Lee Bailey and others, I naturally thought of our former State Attorney Richard Gerstein. Then when the email mentioned a governor's race in the 70's, I again thought the email referred to the former State Attorney. But as one alert eader noted, the email refers to Joe Gerstein, the Miami Dade Commissioner who has since fled Miami to Australia.

Another error: I started off the post with "lest we never forget" when an alert reader immediately notified me that what I meant to say was "lest we forget."

So, through the haze of cold medicine and alcohol (you should only mix cold medicine and alcohol under the guidance of an experienced doctor or bartender, and Suzie at Monty's has said the pain killer ( a rum drink) she mixed me was safe to drink while battling this cold) I wave the white flag, admit defeat on the post, and gamely move on to another topic.

Here's some good news: A federal Judge has declared Bar rules that prohibit a lawyer from criticising a judge overly broad and vague and he has struck them down. Want to call one of our dear robed readers a JACKASS?
Then click on the link and find out how (not that we're inciting such conduct. Far be it from us to heap scorn and ridicule on our wonderful robed readers.)

And finally, long time and careful readers will remember our fondness for the life well lived and a well written obituary. Sad news reaches us that Alex, a famous African Grey Parrot who worked with researchers at Brandeis University has died after thrity years of work.

From the OBIT

"It's devastating to lose an individual you've worked with pretty much every day for 30 years," scientist Irene Pepperberg told The Boston Globe. "Someone was working with him 8 to 12 hours every day of his life."
Alex's advanced language and recognition skills revolutionized the understanding of the avian brain. After Pepperberg bought Alex from an animal shop in 1973, the parrot learned enough English to identify 50 different objects, seven colors, and five shapes. He could count up to six, including zero, was able to express desires, including his frustration with the repetitive research.
He also occasionally instructed two other parrots at the lab to "talk better" if they mumbled, though it wasn't clear if he was simply mimicking researchers.

Rumpole says: This Bird "expressed frustration"? The Bird could identify colors and told other to talk better if they mumbled? Was this Bird a Judge in South Florida???

Oh wait, of course not. As the Obit says, Alex worked 8-12 hours of his life everyday. Never mind.

See You (achoo!) In Court, wiping my nose.


Anonymous said...

You're still screwed up. Joe Gersten does not have an "i" in his name. Get it right or get an editor.

Anonymous said...

Dick Gerstein and F. Lee Bailey had offices at Bay Point, Palm Beach, and Boston, not the Gables. Enough excuses -- you just never knew Dick Gerstein, which means Rumpole arrived in town long after he retired as State Attorney. And it really doesn't sound like you really knew Joe Gersten, either, even though he was a highly visible politico through much of the 70's (state legislature and ran unsuccessfully for AG) and 80's (county commissioner). Anyone who knew both men would not mistake them, as you have.

Rumpole said...

I said I give up. Can't you let a sick man be?

Anonymous said...

I think judges are jackasses who require that you file a written motion for continuance and then also require that you attend sounding.

They should excuse you from any hearing.

If they require you draft a motion then you consult with the ASA. If there is no objection, then the judge should grant the motion. The good cause will be in the motion.

Sometimes, its good to avoid the madness.

Jackasses in robes.

I love AC Slater.

Anonymous said...

With the new federal law can I now call any Judge I want a jackass on the blog without censor. If so I want to start with my top ten immediately.

Rumpole said...

I have never said I met Joe Gesten.

I thought Richard Gerstein had an office in Gables. If I was wrong, sue me.

As to who I know and how, you'd be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you claim to love literature. Can we start a contest with the greatest opening paragraphs you'd never see of novels about our Judges?
Like this one:

"Supreme Court Justice Betty Butchko stared out at the crowded courtroom. It seemed only like yesterday when she and her best friend/mentor-Judge Leslie Rothenberg authored the famous opinion doing away with reasonable doubt in criminal misdemeanor cases. Since that opinion her career had skyrocketed beyond her wildest dreams. The clerk walked in: "oyez oyez oyez...."

Now you try Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

trivia question: how many sitting criminal judges have never tried a single felony case?

Anonymous said...

It's Joe Gersten as in his brother, the 3rd DCA Judge, and the father: old Judge Gersten, who young Joe seems to take after. I formerly thought you were an old-timer, in the know. Now I know you are neither. I admit disappointment. DS

Anonymous said...

349 Days
8 Hours
46 Minutes
10 Seconds

Until McGillis is Clerk of the Court.

Anonymous said...

Alan Colmes has a cold, too! SO Rump is Alan Colmes!

Hey Spano, you are on lazy F*%K!




From the "I f-ed up royally department":

Scott Jeffrey Hidnert, 720 N.W. 103rd St., Miami, to receive a public reprimand to be administered by the Board of Governors and placed on probation for six months, effective immediately, pursuant to an Aug. 30 court order. Hidnert also was ordered to attend the Bar’s Advertising Workshop and ordered to cease advertising or listing his number under the name Ticketbusters. (Admitted to practice: 1990) Hidnert failed to include the name of the city in which he practices law in an advertisement, disseminated an advertisement that contained a false, misleading or deceptive communication about his services, used language in the ad that improperly promised results, failed to include information about the client’s liability for costs and expenses as well as fees and committed other violations of the Bar’s advertising rules. (Case No. SC07-1585)

Hidnert last made news when he shot a robber between the eyes back on March 1, 2007.

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

Anonymous said...

Captain, is Hidnert really someone you want to piss off? Last time someone did that.......




Many of you have been following the trial of suspended City Commissioner Keith Wasserstrom of Hollywood up in Broward.

Noted criminal defense attorney Milt Hirsch for the defense. Much press about the five count Information and trial over the past two weeks. Judge Lazarus granteda JOA on one of five counts.

Wasserstrom was convicted today on two felony charges of official misconduct for violating the state's conflict of interest laws.

The jury found him guilty on two of the four counts, both 3rd degree felonies and the Judge set sentencing for November 2nd.

The Commissioner wll stay suspended and he will appeal to the 4th DCA.

Keep up the fight, Milt.

CAPTAIN OUT ........

Rumpole said...

Thank you Captain. As far as I can tell you scooped the Broward Blog.

But the Broward Blog now has cool music. How do they do that? I can't keep up.

Anonymous said...

1:52- You mean like this?

"Retired Judge Richard Margolius could not believe the turnout or the applause as he stepped to the podium to receive the Humanitarian Award for his work since retiring from the bench. The audience was on their feet, the stage lights were in his eyes. Sweat started to roll down his forehead when suddenly... a shot rang out."

Hows that?

Anonymous said...

Answer to 2:10:00 PM : Judge Sara Zabel.

Anonymous said...

Rump: If you had music on the blog, what would your theme song be? Any takers?

Rumpole said...

Great Question!!! I lean toward two songs: 1) Badlands by Springsteen; 2) I am an Innocent Man By Billy Joel.

zestfoodie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I was thinking something along the lines of Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones.. but you can never go wrong with the Boss.

Rumpole said...

Let the Broken heart stand
its the price you gotta pay

Anonymous said...

I fought the Law, and the Law won.

Anonymous said...

We usually rate only the best judges on this blog, but not the worst, although we do mention them at time. How about a poll for the worst five judges. As long as we are at it, let's have a poll on the worst SAO Division or Division Chief and Judge combinations. How about it, I think it would have interesting results?

Anonymous said...

We say old chaps, us Shumie Boys will be going across the pond to see the Dolphins play. Sure hope those Weisman Boyz will not be around. Can't say we like those ruffians one bit.

Anonymous said...

what a great, novel idea, lets talk about the worst people in the building. What a wonderful use of time and effort.

Anonymous said...

i agree, rump cannot be an old timer since he mixed up gerstein with gersten. although in his defense both were crooks as was the father who got indicted for bribery in jax. and judge dresnick was gersteins law partner at the bay point location.bring back the trialmaster,he knows alot more than mr. rump! and he is funnier.

Anonymous said...

From the New Times:

"The prosecutors must have thought Goldman was all they needed — they rested after he was finished. Hirsch, who had promised the jury that Wasserstrom would testify, then rested without putting on a defense."

Less is more Milton. Less is more....

Rumpole said...

First off, when have I ever said how long I have worked here?

Secondly, as a matter of fact I did know Richard Gerstein. I never knew or met Joe Gersten. I know the difference between Gersten and Gerstein. What I was trying to say today was that I made a mistake. I rushed the Post because I have been sick and not posting anything. I quickly scanned the email and jumped to conclusions I should not have made. Rather than edit the whole mess and hide it, I admitted to the mistake and left it there for all to see.

I write about a post a day. That's about 365 or so a year. You try being funny and entertaining everyday while running a business, representing clients, and still finding sufficient time to drink. It looks easier than it seems.

Anonymous said...

ok has phil r been sick ? which of the Rumpole suspects is sick and has a cold?

We could find Rumpole. Here is the deal when you see a Rumpole suspect check forehead for fever look for red eyes tha basic I have a cold clues. Now if Phil R is doing great and we have witnesses than he is NOT Rumpole.

This post might not make it because Rumpole has slipped...

Anonymous said...

a 1:30 p.m. post from George A. Brautigam reminds me of how Gerstein was elected in the first place, in 1956: The Herald did it. Read Time Magazine's story from
Monday, Mar. 03, 1958:

"Hark, the Herald:

John S. Knight's aggressive, ad-fat Miami Herald (circ. 258,764) supervises the public's welfare like an honest cop—and sounds at times as if it were judge and jury as well. Last week, during trial of a libel suit brought against the Herald by former State Attorney George A. Brautigam, the Herald's longtime Associate Editor John D. Pennekamp, 61, bragged from the witness stand about his paper's vigilance, turned to the judge and cautioned: "We are keeping a box score on you, your honor." The jury's score: $100,000 damages for Plaintiff Brautigam.

The Herald thus paid heavily for its own hasty scorekeeping on Prosecutor Brautigam, who in 1956 objected to charges brought by a grand jury against a local judge on the ground that they were based on "imputation and innuendo."

ON THE PEOPLE, trumpeted a Herald editorial written by John Pennekamp. Ten months later Florida's Supreme Court not only upheld Brautigam but, in an unusual aside, commended his "courageous public service." The ruling came too late to help Brautigam. In a primary election held less than ten days after the Herald's blast, he was trounced by a little-known opponent. In his libel suit for $2,000,000 Brautigam charged that the Herald had "maliciously" undermined public confidence in his integrity.

Explaining that it was "involved" in the case, the morning Herald piously restricted its coverage of the jampacked libel trial to stories carried by the A.P. But at trial's end the Herald ran a side bar in which Publisher Knight reviewed his stand in the case. Brautigam's attorney, famed San Francisco Trial Lawyer Melvin M. Belli (pronounced Bell-eye), promptly thundered that he would file another suit against the Herald for "republishing libels." Crowed Belli: "Mr. Knight is a charming fellow. He promises to keep me in business for years."

Consider the irony: A State Attorney hounded out of office because he was fair and diligent. Gerstein (the little-known opponent) was the electoral beneficiary of The Herald's libel, then it hounded him for the next quarter-century until he retired.

At least The Herald remains the same.

Rumpole said...

Achoo! You caught me. You are so smart. wow. How could I slip up like that? Woe is me. All is lost. Boo hoo hoo hoo.

You should really be a detective with brain power like that.

Anonymous said...

From Dolphins training camp today, Coach Cam Cameron, in answer to a question about the Patriots Cheating, said the Dolphins have a fake signal caller for offense and defense. Reporters then went to ask the players, who all denied knowledge of there being a fake signal caller on the sidelines.

What is going on here?

Cameron has been caught being unprepared. He knows teams steal signals, and unlike other teams the Dolphins DO NOT use fake signal callers.

This guy is another Vanilla re-tred coordinator like Wade Phillips.

We need to lock up Bill Cowher NOW. Hire him NOW. Let him coach next year or the year after. Give him a few million just to have his exclusive rights when he is ready to coach again. I'm seeing Dave Wansteadt all over again. Yuck.

Rumpole said...

Wow. Pleamaster. That is a history lesson. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Dont forget our own Ron Dresnick was a partner w/ Gerstein & Bailey. Ron MJB misses you, or atleast I do.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

John Pennekamp aint nuthin but the name of an seapark now.

Anonymous said...

The Shumie Chaps wish the Weisman Boyz the very happiest of New Years, although we strongly disapprove of them scalping high holiday tickets ( "We got two at Beth Am right by the Cantor- knock your socks off- $250 for the pair")

Rumpole said...

Mr. Sisselman, I regret to inform you that one of my readers believes your praise of Judge Dresnick is hollow, and feels your comments reflect those of a young girl. While I did not post his/her crass comment, I have conveyed his/her feelings.

Anonymous said...

Adrien and Walker. Worst Judge/SAO Division Chief combo.

Anonymous said...

"Adrien and Walker"

That poll didn't take long! Next?

Anonymous said...

7:55 let me assure you I am in fine health. Actually just returned from vacation. And to the extent Rumpole did ANYTHING between September 1 and September 10, I was not only out of cell phone range, I was on a remote spot of the Oregon coast where there was NOT internet service. Go figure. I am in the clear. Again.

Anonymous said...

I concur, Adrien and Walker has got to be the worst Judge/SAO Division Chief combo in the building.

Anonymous said...

I feel so bad about the Officers who got shot today and the one that die.

With that said, I am ashamed for having such a fool of a Mayor. I mean, this guy is only visible when it comes to Police. He has done nothing, but give trouble to the Commissioners and gain power. He is horrible. He must go!

Anonymous said...

I am a defense lawyer and I hope that no one further discusses the deceased police officer along with anything about politics.

I feel so bad for the family and friends of the officer.