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UPDATE: Check out the extra credit question. 
We will start filling in some answers check below. 

Judge K contretemps update: POTUS isn't the only one who has people chasing him for his job. Politicians are jumping on the "Dump Kastrenakis" bandwagon. Way overeaching and over reacting in our opinion. This is a teachable moment. No reason to destroy a very well respected and good judge.  Here is a CBS story on the issue. 

You were born in the 80's which means we probably do not like you. In our opinion you know nothing about culture and the world. So prove us wrong. Here's some cultural trivia from the 1960s-70's with a few from the 40's and 50's. Politics; sports; entertainment; a few gadgets. 60 questions. No googling. Try it honestly. How many could you get correct? If we were presented with this cold we think we would get 50-55 correct. The gadgets are the hardest. 

Before you get to it, we like the over 41 in the Thursday night game Giants at New England. We might take a flyer on the Gints +16.5 but only for a few Jerseys. 

1) Madame Anna Chennault  -

Our first person is perhaps one of the hardest to identify. Only Rumpole, with his superior knowledge of history and the election travails of the 37th President of the United States (hint hint) knows the answer to this. If you know this, you are already way ahead of your class. Probably less than 5% of the US could identify this fascinating woman of the 1960s.

2) Joe DiMaggio Iconic Yankee Baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe.

3)Abbe Hoffman 1960's radical. 

4) SNCC Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee organized sit-ins around college campus's in the 1960's for civil rights and later to protest the Vietnam war. 

5) Huey Newton 1960's black activist who along with Bobby Seale co-founded the Black Panther party which advocated violence in the struggle for civil rights. 

6) Cyrus Vance Jimmy Carter's secretary of State. 

7) Sinclair Early PC.

8) Desert One The rendezvous spot in the desert of Iran where a US helicopter crashed into a plane on the way to an ill-fated recuse mission of US hostages being held in Iran. Ordered by President Jimmy Carter. 

9) Sergeant Shriver

10) Ed Muskie US Senator who ran for VP with Senator Humphrey in 1968 loss to Nixon. 

11) Henry Cabot Lodge Longtime US politician and ambassador from Massachusetts who ran as Nixon's VP in the loss to Kennedy in 1960.  

12) Adlai Stevenson- Ran against Eisenhower twice- 1952 and 1956 and later became Kennedy's ambassador to the UN and was famous for backing down the Russians at the UN by yelling that he was prepared to wait "for hell to freeze over" for his answer to a question. Estes Kefauver beat out Kennedy at the 1956 Democratic National Convention for VP. 

13) Estes Kefauver- A senator who ran an investigation into organized crime and also beat out Kennedy for the VP nomination in 1956.

14) TRS-80- Early Radio Shack desktop computer. 

15) Charlie Finley Flamboyant and publicity loving owner of the feuding but championship Oakland A's Baseball Team who won the World Series in 1972, 1973, and 1974 but fought with his Ace Pitcher Catfish Hunter and slugging outfielder Reginald Martinez (Reggie) Jackson.

16) Betty Friedan 1960s-1970's feminist.  There was a time in our country when being a "feminist" was a career. 

17) Brian Epstein Manager of the Beatles. 

18) Ed Sullivan Had a widely watched Sunday night television variety television show that, as  a sign of the times, showed Elvis Presley only from the waist up when he appeared on the show. Was often imitated for his statement that he had a "really big show" that night. Set records for a TV audience when he had the Beatles on in the 1960's setting off Beatlemania.  

19) Trinitron - Best selling Sony Color TV from the 1970's 1980's.

20) Petula Clark _1960s British Pop singer/songwriter whose hits included Downtown and It's a Sign of The Times. 

21) Christiaan Barnard – Another tough one that gets to the heart of the quiz. South African Heart Surgeon who completed the first hear transplant. 

22) Charles M. Schultz-Creator and illustrator of Peanuts comic strip (Snoopy and Charlie Brown).

23) Ann Landers Wrote a syndicated advice column entitled "Dear Ann". Her twin sister Abby also wrote a separate syndicated newspaper advice column. 

24) Joseph Heller-Author who wrote Catch-22. 

25) Esso - Became Exxon.

26) Ken Kessey- You’re crazy-good if you get this one. Author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

27) Ira Levin – You’re scary-good if you know this guy. Author of 1960's horror classic Rosemary's Baby. 
Both books were made into iconic hit movies. 

28) Griffin Bell - Attorney General of the United States 

29) U Thant- Two generals in a row, huh? Secretary General of the UN. 

30) Gayle Sayers  Great Chicago bear running back of the 1960's whose career was cut short by a knee injury. Became close friends with teammate Brian Piccolo who died of cancer as a young man. The story was turned into an iconic made for TV movie tearjerker that ended with Sayers giving the eulogy for his teammate in which he said "I love Brian Piccolo." The unusual twist to the story for the 1960's is that Piccolo was white and Sayers was black and the friendship between a black and white teammate was considered newsworthy enough to make a movie about. 

31) Paul Harvey -……(long pause) Good day! Conservative radio and TV commentator who at the end of his radio report would say "Paul Harvey....(very long pause) GOOD DAY!" He also had a second five minute radio vignette in which he would give details on the surprising background to a well known story and end the report with "....and now you know THE REST OF THE STORY." 

32) Cherilyn Sarkisian – one-word winner here, and maybe “we got you babe” with this one.CHER

33) Betamax- the first system to record TV shows. Introduced by Sony in the 1970's. Was replaced by VHS which gave rise to this business maxim: explorers get slaughtered, settlers prosper- meaning the second product that comes in a new field usually does better than the groundbreaking one. 

34) Lee Iacocca -Chairman of Chrysler who took company through bankruptcy in 1970's and appeared in a series of TV commercials which made him an iconic figure in the 1970's. 

35) Ngô Đình Diệm  President of South Vietnam who was assassinated. 

36) Vida Blue Ace Pitcher on the Oakland A's (see Charlie Finely above). Winner of the Cy Young award and MVP for the all-star game. Pitcher on three straight world series winning teams for the A's 1972-1974. 

37) John Lindsey- Mayor of NYC in late 1960's and frequently discussed as a possible presidential candidate in 1968 and 1972. 

38) Brian Mulroney Conservative PM of Canada in 1980's. The Ronald Reagan of Canada.

39) Roberto Clemente Great Hall of Famer right fielder for Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960's-1970's  who was a great hitter and considered to have the best arm in baseball. A s Puerto Rican he fought for the rights and dignity of black-Hispanic ballplayers and people. Killed while flying relief supplies from Miami to Nicaragua New Years Eve 1972.  Won Batting crown four times, League MVP in 1966, and was world series MVP in 1971. Was first ballplayer to speak in Spanish on network TV when he was interviewed after winning world series in 1971. 

40) Ed White NASA Astronaut killed on the ground in the fire that killed Astronauts Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee in Apollo One. 

41) Maurice Richard- eh?  Montreal Candian superstar hockey forward. Nicknamed the Rocket was first player to score 50 goals in a season and first player to reach 500 goals. Named to list of 100 greatest hockey players of all time. 

42) Howard Cosell Iconic sportscaster (who was originally a lawyer) who rose to fame with his distincitive nasal voice and  sesquipedalian form of speech. Supported Muhammed Ali when he was a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War when most everyone else in the media did not, and was an advocate for civil rights. Was on the first trio of Monday Night Football announcers which turned the game into a cultural phenomenom. Based on his voice and arrogant use of his intellect, Cossell was widely despised by other sports reporters and portions of the public who would tune into MNF to curse and yell at the TV based on what Cossell saif. 

43) Red Adair- The heat is on with this quiz. Somehow became famous as an oil-well firefighter. Considered the best at his profession. 

44) Daryl Stingley NE Patriots wide receiver who was paralyzed on national TV when he received a cheap-shot hit by Oakland Raider Jack Tatum who for years refused to apolgize for his dirty hit. 

45) Konrad Adenauer First West German PM during reconstruction after the war.

46) Pete Rose Pugnacious baseball player who became all time hit leader and was on the great 1970's Cinncinnatti Reds "Big Red" baseball team. Banned from baseball for gambling as a manager. Served time in prison for tax evasion. 

47) Henry Aaron Atlanta Braves baseball player who broke Babe Ruth's homerun record of 714. Received mutliple death threats because he was black and was breaking an iconic record. 

48) DynaTac

49) Jim Brown Greatest running back in NFL history. Played for the Cleveland Browns. Became a movie star in 1960's. Civil rights advocates. 

50) Jack Parr Second host of the Tonight TV show before Johnny Carson. Comedian who walked off his show when NBC censors did  not allow him to tell a joke that had the line "water closet" in it (which is a British term for bathrooms). When he returned three weeks later he famously quipped " As I was saying..." and then finished the joke. Is credited with making the late-night televison show host a part of US culture. 

51) Tommie Smith and John Carlos: African American runners  at the 1968 Olympics who during a medal ceremony for the 200m event  (Gold and Bronze) hung their heads and gave an iconic Black-Power-fist-raised salute. 

52) Patty Hearst Daughter of US Newspaper owner Randolph Hearst. Was kidnapped in the 1970's by the Symbionese  Liberation Army (a 1960's 70;s left wing radical organization). Due to the Stockholm Syndrome, she bonded with her captors and robbed a bank. When she was rescued, she was then indicted for bank robbery and represented by F. Lee Bailey. She was convicted at trial and served a short prison sentence.

53) Roberto Duran Great Panamanian Middle weight fighter who beatup and bet opponents through intimidation and hard punches. Nicknamed "hands of stone." Beat popular US boxer and gold medal olympian Sugar Ray Leonard  for the championship, but lost in a rematch several months later, infamously saying "no mas" when he could not handle the speed and taunting of Leonard who trained hard for the rematch while Duran did not.

54) Chet Huntley -If you get this one, good-night! C-Host of the NBC Nightly News with David Brinkley. Their famous signoff "Good Night Dave, Good Night Chet, and Goodnight from NBC news" became so popular that people would watch the news with Walter Cronkite on CBS but switch to watch the two men say goodnight to each other. 

55) Bob Grant Acerbic and top rated  NYC radio talkshow host of the 1960's and 1970's who would scream at callers "Get off my show" and hang up on them. The forerunner of radio shock-jocks.

56) Alan Shephard First American Space. Later walked on the moon. 

57) Bob Gibson Great and intimidating pitcher for the St Louis Cardinals. Won 20 games in a season 4 times, and 19 games twice. Won 3 world series games in 1967. Was a world series MVP in 1964 AND 1967. Only pticher in history to be MS MVP twice.  Had an ERA of 1.12 in 1968 in which he had probably the greatest dominating season of any pitcher in baseball. He was 22-9 and had 268 strikeouts. 

58) Georgy Malenkov

59) Whittaker Chambers- you won't find this answer in a pumpkin patch. Communist Spy who cooperated tetsified against Alger Hiss before the House Unamerican Activities Committee. Hid notes, microfilm and stolen state department papers in a pumpkin and then revealed this to a young energetic congressman/communist hunter named Richard Nixon who was famously photographed in a pumpkin patch in an overcoat "discovering" the papers. 

60) Joseph N. Welch -we end with a tough one. Which may make you ask us if at long last we have no sense of decency left. Counsel for the Army who famously responded to Joseph McCarthy on national TV during senate hearings if at long last he had any decency. Was part of the reason for the downfall of McCarthy. 

Extra Credit: Who was A. Hidell and Edwin Walker? What did they have in common? If you get this without googling, you are at the top of your game "pardnah" (hint) and even Rumpole is impressed. 

1-25: Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

25-35: Not bad if you're under 35. Hang your head in shame if you're over 50.

35-45: It's a tough quiz and you hung in there. 

45-55: You might enjoy our four hour lecture- "Nixon, the teenage years." 

55-60: You could have a beer with Rumpole and follow the conversation. 


Scotty Saul said...

Vida Blue, now so far back in the rear view mirror of Charlie Finley-ish sports history, is now the name of a EMD/jam band featuring a member from Phish and Allman Brothers Band.

Anonymous said...

Many of these names are just pop culture famous from the past and of no real significance. Judging young people (or any people) for not knowing them is like having yourself judged for not knowing who the latest Kardashian kid is dating. Didn't matter then. Doesn't matter now.

Anonymous said...

You forgot:
1. 8 TrackPlayer
2. Lenny Bruce (and for extra credit, who was Valerie Perrine)
3. What famous CIA agent and later Watergate burglar and novelist was in Dallas on November 22, 1963.
4. Jim Bouton
5. Bobby Baker
6. Judith Campbell Exner
7. Sarah Jane Moore
8. Phyllis Schafly
9. And finally, Iron Butterfly’s In a godda davida or something like that

Anonymous said...

You forget Qualudes.

Anonymous said...

The Q got 58 of 60

Rumpole said...

Check out the extra credit question

Anonymous said...

I missed 1, 8, 14, 15, 27, 29, 36, 40, 41, 45, 48, 51, 55, 57 & 58.The rest were not difficult. So I scored 45.
Sir Wilfred

Anonymous said...

Maurice "Rocket" Richard. He of Canadiens fame
Daryl Stingley. NE WR who was permanently paralyzed by Jack "They Call Me Assassin" Tatum.
Ed White. Maybe not teh one you are thinking of but was an all pro guard for the Vikings. There was also an Ed "Windmill" White who was an amateur boxer in the late '60's in the Boston area and appeared on Friday Night Fights on Channel 27.
Charles Schultz. you got it right but there was another Charles Schultz who was an economist at The Brookings Institution in the early '70s and later became Jimmy Carter chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
Sergeant Shriver. McGovern's VP after Thomas Eagleton admitted to seeing a shrink in 1972. Shriver ("its not who you marry but the family you marry into") was put there because Ted Kennedy (you should have Mary Jo Kopechne on this list) was unavailable
Bob Grant. inflammatory talk radio host in NYC who is the godfather of all else that came after him. Singlehandedly invented the genre of conservative talk radio.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We live in a cancel or call-out society, which is troublesome, but what this judge did is proof that bias and prejudice still abound and the judge should rightfully suffer the arrows that are being shot at him. And he should suffer the backlash he is getting.
He said this at the hearing where he tried to undo the damage he had done: “Mr. Somerville was the only African-American on our jury and represented a very important cross-section of our community.”
Why is the kid's race being discussed in the context of the makeup of a jury?

earl rogers said...

A. Hidell was the alias Lee Harvey Oswald used to purchase the infamous Manlicher Carcano Rifle allegedly used to shoot President Kennedy and (General) Edwin Walker was a right-wing figure who was also the subject of an earlier Oswald assassination attempt.

Anonymous said...

Send them Eig in trade for Johnny K!

Anonymous said...

Who was Carol King Guralnic?

BR said...

#22 (which happens to be my playing number), Charles M. “Peanuts” Schultz, was a passionate ice hockey player his entire life player and he played well into his 80s. He has a senior ice hockey tournament held in his honor in Anaheim, California each year.

Anonymous said...

Forget those questions. Who knows who:
Edwin Saar, Joe Cinney and Azim are??

Jim Greenfield? Rebecca Nachles?

Anonymous said...

Re: Jim Brown. He may or may not have been the greatest running back ever but there is no doubt that he was the greatest lacrosse player ever. And Griffin Bell was an old style southern gentleman who was a strong civil rights advocate. Perfect choice for attorney general at the time.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention Vida Blue and Charlie Finley but don't mention the two times they crossed paths. First, Finley offered Blue money to change his name to True Blue. Never happened. Second, in 1976, Finley sold Blue to the Yankees but Bowie Kuhn vetoed the sale.

Anonymous said...

9) Sergeant Shriver Eunice Kennedy's husband.

25) Esso - Became Exxon. Still uses the Esso name and logo in many countries.

58) Georgy Malenkov - Soviet dictator after Stalin's death.

Anonymous said...

12:34 those were ASA's in the late 1980's and early 1990's.

Anonymous said...

Despite being elected, Florida state judges have long been complacent. So long as they didn't upset the "city fathers" or local powers that be, they didn't have to worry about election opponents or JQC complaints. Maybe that's changing? At least for a little while?


Anonymous said...

Not to be picayune Rump, but Kefauver did not defeat JFK for the VP nomination in 1956. Kennedy put his name in on the condition that he would lose, knowing full well that Adlai was never going to beat Ike. Putting his name in the hopper generated good publicity after his speech to the convention. This was all done on the advice of his father, Joseph P. Kennedy, who was the original Ivan Boesky, another name you should have put on the list. For what it is worth, I got bombed last night with a friend going over your list and coming up with 100 other names that the millennials never heard of.

Anonymous said...

Anna Chenault- wife/widow of General Claire Chenault (Flying tigers"). ddi all she could to upend the Vietnam peas talks (along with Nixon and Kissinger).

Anonymous said...

2. Lenny Bruce-comedian, Valerie Perrine played his wife in the movie
3. G.Gordon Liddy
6. Had affairs with JFK and Sam Giancana
8. Anti-ERA advocate