Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Take a deep breath. Breathe in....hold it.....exhale. Breathe in..... hold it....exhale. Ommmmmmmm. 

It will all be ok. 

Before we begin, lets take a minute to remember our colleague Sy Gaer. His birthday was November 7. Happy Birthday SY. Have one on us. For you newbies, go to the second floor, face the elevators, turn 180 degrees. Look up and read the wonderful words written by Judge Milt Hirsch. 

So where are we today?

1. No marijuana in Florida (sorry Jeff Felier). 
2. No civil courthouse. (Sorry Bertie).
3. Four more years of Rick Scott. Can't say Governor Scott has done a bad job on judicial appointments. He hasn't. He hasn't stuck to the playbook of always elevating a county Judge to give him a second appointment, and he has appointed many fair judges from both sides (prosecution and defense) of the aisle. 
4. But no more federal judges. It's hard to think the Senate would appoint Judge Scalia today if Obama nominated him. Mark our words, the Senate is going to shut down the judicial appointment process.  Beth Bloom and Darrin Gayles should close the door behind them, because they just made it.  

So what do the Republicans intend to do? Easy: shut down the government, cut taxes, expect the CDC to cure Ebola (while shut down and bankrupt) and blame Obama if they don't. Seal the border from Ebola infected ISIS fighters streaming in from Mexico, pass numerous laws absolutely forbidding the use of Sharia law in US cases (because that happens all the time, right?), and blame the extremely slight, barely undetectable elevation of global temperatures on the increased use of lights at the White House during the current administration. 

Abortions will be outlawed. 
Homosexuals condemned and tarred and feathered. 
The flag will be protected while stem cells (that could cure disease if the CDC was open and funded) will be outlawed. 
Immigrants will be forced to wear a  large yellow "I" and their attempts to attend school, go to the hospital, drive, eat and breathe will be criminalized. 

Iraq will be invaded agains just because it's a good way to divert attention and get money into defense contractors, while grants to poor families and hungry children will be cut, because you get what you deserve damn-it. 

Taxes for hard working Americans earning over a million dollars a year will be cut, because it takes a lot of work to earn that money, while taxes will be raised on single working mothers earning less than fifty-thousand dollars a year, because no one forced them to be single, a parent and poor. 

And just because they can, that damned health care law will be repealed because it has wrecked the economy (not) and cost Americans jobs (double not). 

Bridges and roads and infrastructure will be repaired through prayer,  because taxes must be cut. And when tunnels collapse and bridges crumble, Obama will be blamed because it happened on his watch. 

And most importantly, most critically, government will get the hell out of the way of Wall Street and the Koch Brothers, because that's all that matters. Regulations will be repealed. Clean coal (no such thing) will save the day, the pipeline from Canada will be built because global warming is a Chinese conspiracy to spread drugs, homosexuality, and godless communism in the free world. 

And finally- we will stop listening to the so called experts and scientists on things like disease, global warming, science, health care, and ecology - because they  are all in Putin's pocket- and get back to what made this country great: prayer and hard work and no taxes. 

We are praying.  That's for sure. 

See you in court. 


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how anyone could have summarized it better.

R. Gregg said...

A Sy story-I had a case with him where we had co-Defendants to a grand theft (shoplifting)-I asked Sy if he had seen the surveillance video-he said no he never looked at those things and I informed him that it did not show our clients taking anything. Just then his client walked up and asked if he had seen the surveillance video and he told the client-of course I did and it is going to clear your name.




Yes, it is fair to say that if more voters had turned out in South Florida’s three counties, Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach, then the Dems would have realized more votes.

No, it is not accurate to say that “if the turnout was in the high 40s then we would have a different governor”.

First, turnout in those three counties wasn’t much different than in the last election of 2010. Four years ago, the turnout was:

Dade - 41.5%, Broward - 41.0%, PBC - 47.5%

This year, the numbers were:

Dade - 40.7%, Broward - 44.5%, PBC - 49.0%.

Scott is ahead by 66,000 votes with a few thousand overseas and provisional ballots left to count. For Crist to pick up 66,000 votes in the three counties, turnout would had to have been 8%-9% higher, only in those three counties, (and nowhere else).

Each percentage point of turnout in the three counties combined would have given Chain-Gang Charlie an additional 8,000 vote spread. So, Dade would have needed a turnout of 49%; Broward 53%; and PBC 57%.

This election was lost by the Dems when they couldn’t manage to come up with anyone else besides a Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat; (in only two years). Has anyone watched Rick Scott give an interview? Is there anyone less dynamic that him? How could a guy who took the 5th 75 times and who ran HCA, a corp which paid a $1.2 billion dollar fine manage to win two elections? Did you see whom the Dems ran in 2010? Alex Sink - the only candidate who is actually less dynamic than Rick Scott.

Of the 67 counties in Florida, 54 of them voted for Scott over Crist.

One other thing. Exit polling showed us that voters care about jobs and the economy. And whether you like Scott or not, the facts are the facts. With Crist in office the unemployment rate skyrocketed to 11%. In the past four years it has dropped to below 6%. Sure we all know that Scott had little/nothing to do with the entire turnaround of the US economy. But Scott is all about jobs. He ran on that platform and he has stuck with it. He offers big businesses, and small, sweetheart deals if they move their businesses from out of State to the Sunshine State. And many of them have listened and moved.

Of course, outspending your opponent by a 2-1 margin didn't hurt either.

Cap Out

Anonymous said...


Let's make it a reality!

Riley Freeman said...

Scott's judicial appointments have been.....hmmmmmmm lacking in diversity and not representative of the communities. That he has the ability to appoint more is frightening if his past repeats itself.

Anonymous said...

I'm drinking the delicious tears of Baby Boomer liberal Democrats who just cannot fathom why a nation of voters has turned against them.

"GOP Rides a Wave of Anger" the New York Times printed as its headline yesterday. LOL. Im sure the headline in 08 was "Dems Ride a Wave of Hope".

Yes, it can only be racism and anger and ignorance that empowers massive turnout (for a midterm) in order to send Dems back to their studio apartments.

I guess you'll have to wait till 2016 to buy more votes in Philly (with Dem "street money"), import more votes in Texas (No ID, no problem, keep voting!), meanwhile driving down conditions for the poorest Americans.

And the War on Women will continue! Oh no! Michiganders who sincerely believe aborting other peoples' babies is, you know, not the best use of their hard-earned money cannot be forced to pay for it through their mandated insurance. What a War on Women!

And think of the bathrooms! Where will the federal funding be for adding third, transgender bathrooms in all elementary schools. The cisbigotry knows no end!

Next people will be forced to wear pink triangles and yellow stars, like Rump has posted!

After all, the bogeyman Nazis he is comparing Republicans to were famous for advocating smaller government, right? Um.... Right?

Lol. What a great week for young conservatives. Democrats looking old and foolish, fear mongering as always.

Anonymous said...

Godless is spelled with a capital G.

Anonymous said...

Ricardo Martinez-Cid is my fing hero!


Anonymous said...

Awesome rant Rump about the unfortunate state of both state and federal government.

I'll have to disagree with your statement that the feds will have the ability to repeal the ACA. It requires a super majority to repeal; while the GOP gained 7 additional seats, I don't believe they will have the requisite 60%.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

543............You're right. However, Congress doesn't need to repeal the ACA to kill it. All they have to do is defund everything. They don't need a super majority for that.


Anonymous said...

“I think my re-election is a very significant victory for the people of Miami Dade County,” Schwartz said Tuesday night in a statement. “We have gone past the days when any nondescript Hispanic name could go on the ballot and defeat any Anglo sitting judge.”

She added: “I am proud of the voters of Miami Dade who have shown that they can cut through all of the subterfuge and actually recognize the qualification of a sitting good judge.”


MC Waste Services, Inc said...


FSU realizes the state of florida has become a politically corrupt cesspool and it either hires the inside guy to bring in the bucks or hurts itself in this...academia being overtaken by political hacks

Anonymous said...

Bob Levy shows his true colors by allowing this to be published. He is her advisor. The true issue is judicial politics.

Bob Levy, the campaign manager who released the statement, declined to comment on CABA's letter

Anonymous said...

The older I get --- the less I give a shit about anything or anyone.

Hedonism, selfishness, alone time is becoming a priority.

People are disappointing and boring.

Anyone else???



Miami Bail Bondsman Charged With Stealing $16,000 .....

From the DBR:

Florida chief financial officer Jeff Atwater announced the arrest of Miami bail bondsman David Rodriguez on grand theft charges.

The arrest follows a joint investigation by the Department of Financial Services' Division of Insurance Fraud and its Division of Agent & Agency Services into a 2013 incident in which the defendant is accused of stealing $16,000.

Rodriguez, 37, failed to turn over the funds that a Margate man paid on behalf of his son to Fire Line Bail Bond. When Rodriguez couldn't answer several inquiries into the son's release date, the victim demanded a refund. Rodriguez refused and cut off communication.

Records show all funds drafted from the victim's bank were endorsed and cashed by Rodriguez. Rodriguez, who is being held without bond, faces up to five years in prison.

"Floridians seeking the services of bail bondsmen are putting their trust in someone during a vulnerable moment in their life, and we cannot allow anyone to take advantage of it," Atwater said.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

The Professor says:

However BTDT, any bill defunding would be in a budget that would have to be signed by Obama, and he will never sign a budget that defunds the ACA. The truth is most Republicans don't want the ACA repealed.

It was easy to make a show of it when it would never be passed by the Senate. Now, if both houses pass a repeal, they create just the kind of confrontation they need to avoid to show they can govern.

In addition, many of the House members are from states where the ACA is working. Lastly, do those members really want to be seen as taking health care away from, what will be after the next enrollment, 20 million people. It made for good campaigning, but in reality it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Professor, I don't disagree with your analysis except that I do believe most R's don't like the ACA.

I was responding to the prior post and explaining how Congress could kill the ACA, not predicting what Congress would do or advocating a path of action.


Anonymous said...

The first A in ACA is pure and perverse doublespeak. Not affordable at all. It's just an insurance industry corporate welfare law.

Anonymous said...

What about the Glamour Shots campaign ads?? Okay to use those I guess? She's a dumbass, and benefitting from the very thing she criticizes, a dumb electorate.