Monday, November 17, 2014


"I'm sorry…so sorry….that I was such a fool"

David Ovalle and the Herald have the article:

Miami-Dade Judge Jacqueline Schwartz is apologizing after ranklingCuban-American lawyers with her election-night comments about beating a "nondescript Hispanic."
"I fully understand my comments could readily been seen as offensive to the community, something I never intended and that pains me greatly," Schwartz wrote Saturday in a letter to the Cuban American Bar Association (CABA).
"I should have never issued the post-election statement that has, understandably, caused do much concern. I retract the statement completely."
The judge also said she will ask the courts to "participate" in judicial diversity training.

Scene: Inner sanctum of power. Chambers of Chief Judge Bertie Soto:
Dramatis Personae: Judge Soto, judicial assistant. 

Judge Soto: "…and in conclusion, while I appreciate your desire for a larger courtroom and chambers, may I remind you that you are one of more than two hundred judges, and the assignment of chambers is based solely on seniority, and due to the fact that you were just elected to the county court and have not yet even been sworn in, the large courtroom on the 4th floor of the justice building, currently being used by Chief Administrative Judge Safyie, will not be available for your misdemeanor calendar. 
Yours, blah blah blah…you got that?'

JA: "Yes boss."

JS: Anything else?
JA: More complaints about the civil courthouse. Apparently a bird flew into an open window and grabbed a piece of paper off a desk and flew out. The attorney wants to sue. 
JS: We'll handle it tomorrow. 
JA: And Judge Schwartz is calling for courts to participate in judicial diversity training. 
JS: What the hell does that mean? Courts participating? Courts are inanimate objects. She wants Judges to get diversity training? 
JA: Apparently so. 
JS: So she insults the hispanic population of Miami, and feels that because of that, every judge has the problem she has?
JA: Yup. 
JS: They don't pay me enough for this job. 
JA: Should I send a reply?
JS: Yes. Tell her to take a flying ….nah. I will address it tomorrow. 
JA: Good night. 
JS: Good night. 

See You In Court, unless it is canceled due to diversity training. 

dream sequence…the page gets all funny and weird before becoming clear and we see President Obama standing in the Rose Garden in 2015. 

Obama: And I want to thank Justice Ginsberg for her many years of dedicated service to the court and this country. And I am proud to announce her replacement will be a distinguished jurist, a jurist who forever changed the landscape of American jurisprudence by coming up with the startlingly original and amazing idea of requiring all judges to undergo judicial diversity training. Now, I know in 2015 this seems standard practice, but I  take you back to that now famous letter, sent to the Cuban American Bar association in Miami, a letter which has since been safely ensconced with our most treasured letters of the republic in the federal archives, and a letter that set the tone and standard for the judiciary.  It is therefore with an enormous amount of pride that I nominate as the next Justice of the United States Supreme Court, J….


"Hi and uhhh… welcome to the inaugural meeting of Insensitives Anonymous.  A world wide fellowship of men and women who help each other stop being insensitive. This is a closed meeting, and you are welcome to stay if you have a desire to stop being insensitive. If you have been insensitive in the last twenty-four hours, we ask only that you stay and listen. So, I will begin. My name is Jackie, and I am a judge, and I am insensitive to hispanics

Everyone in the audience: "Hi Jackie!"

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2014/11/miami-dade-judge-apologizes-for-saying-she-defeated-nondescript-hispanic.html#storylink=cpy


Anonymous said...

Best stuff in a very long time. Great great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Jahsus christ almighty….grow a pair will ya? What's next? "Dear Mrs. Hernandez: When I sentenced your husband to 30 days jail for punching that Nun in the face who he claimed cut in line at the starbucks at the Dolphin Mall, I didn't mean to be insensitive to all individuals who have had someone cut in line. I just felt that given the circumstances, the Nun being 80 and your husband being a 28 year old construction worker, that jail was an appropriate sentence.To the extent my comments were deemed insensitive by you, I completely retract them and apologize. Yours, Jacqueline "Jackie" Schwartz.

Anonymous said...

If we sent all the CABA members back to Cuba, this town would be----------------

Anonymous said...

The backwater hick town it once was before they and their families built it into the world famous destination in now is.

Anonymous said...

You gotta kiss a few "nondescript Hispanic" asses to keep your job in this town.

Anonymous said...


Hot PD said...

Now this is the old Rumpole I love. The sarcastic, slashing, burning, take no prisoners Rumpole, who writes great commentary and is brilliant and turns me on.

Claude Erskine - Browne said...

Bravo, well said ., quite humorous, I say.

Anonymous said...

She should never have apologized.
Anyone who goes to therapy 101 learns that you don't have to be sorry for the way you feel. She may be sad that her words hurt people but she should stick to them.

What she should have said is that for years non descript white males with Anglo names were beat by non-descript men with Jewish names. They started being beat by women simply because they were women and they started being beat by non-descript Hispanic names.
It's true. So it sounds bad? BFD. The truth hurts.
She could have also added that she won because she has a non-descript Jewish name and is a woman and she beat a black male because of it.

What she also could have done is used this as a chance to show how idiotic it is that voters in Judicial elections have absolutely nothing to base their decisions on. The election process for judges is ridiculous - as is the inherent problems with the appointment system.

We need to come up with some hybrid system that will end up putting qualified judges on the bench instead of a vote based on race, gender and non-descript names.

Secret Judge said...

Is there a bigger bimbo on the bench than this pathetic excuse for a judge? Just trying to protect her ass next election cycle is the obvious motive for her so-called letter. She's toast.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if a flood of recusal motions would occur based on these comments.

Anonymous said...

Next election cycle, CABA will run three hispanics of all shapes and sizes against Wacky Jackie.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Well done.

Anonymous said...

I am going to prove Judge Schwartz wrong - I will run and I will win!

s/ John Smith

Anonymous said...

What happens if I have to cross a cop in her division about a BOLO for a "hispanic man"?

Anonymous said...

Would someone please run against Victoria Brennan. Have you guys seen the way she treats people daily?

Anonymous said...

The Professor says:

3:51 - all denied as not being legally sufficient.

Secret Judge - that is what they said about Jeri Beth Cohen years ago, and where is she now? Oh yeah, still on the bench. 6 years is a long time.

9:53 - AMEN

Anonymous said...

Brennan is a real piece of work. Probably the rudest, most state minded "judge" I have ever seen. A disgrace to nuetrality. Counsel who appear before her should make complaints to the JQC and move to recuse her. Then, maybe she will get the message. I plan to run some of my Hispanic fair minded friends against her when she has to run. I will take her off the bench and she can return to the SAO and we will have one less proscuter wearing a black robe maaquarading as a fair judge.

Anonymous said...

Please don't compare Jackie to JB. JB is as liberal and fair as anyone who has ever sat on the bench. She just has a big mouth and everyone knows it. Jackie is a whole different animal.


Anonymous said...

Your comment is part of the problem. Why do you have to say 'Hispanic' friends?
Why not just find a qualified candidate, regardless of their name, nationality, religion, etc.?
As Schwartz's elections just showed, a Hispanic name doesn't always win.
Then again, many don't think the qualified candidate won, either (although Rachel did give it a good shot)

Anonymous said...

Judge Schwartz and Judge Cohen made the same comment. That is clear. The difference here is Bob Levy reviewed Schwartz's statement and felt it was appropriate. (Yep, not donating or supporting anyone that hires Bob Levy.) Then again his record, arrest, speaks for itself.

Hector Lombana protected Cohen when he had the juice which we all know he is trying hard to salvage, but thankfully it is gone. Now, he plays coy and goes after Schwartz after he ran someone against Judge Thomas on a alleged racial platform and pointless issue of tardiness. He was against insurance companies and targeted Judge Saenz, though he served as treasurer for Judge Smith. Remember both were insurance attorneys and received the same support in this past election. Then Hector is all is his wisdom of ambulance chasing calls Judge Schwartz and "idiot" and thinks that is fine. Wait for it... He called Judge Saenz on social media and Judge Thomas at the court worse. This fella represents CABA? One must wonder what CABA thinks about their own part president being an "idiot" himself and calling judges "idiots" and threatening them. Noting that Hector is running the "HISPANICS FOR JUDICIAL FAIRNESS" since August 6, 2013 may shed some light as to why he is attacking judges. As we recall a few years back, Hector had Robert Petrieta serve as a "campaign consultant" and was paid $25K to help a certain female judge. It has been several years later and no one can verify what Robert did and how a man that can demand $25K, only ran one campaign and basically did nothing.

Here is what we expect: For Julie Kay to research these allegations and get to the bottom of Hector's malfunction. As we recall most of these activities happen when he was a JNC member, campaign treasurer and Florida Bar member. This sounds like an Ethics Commission, Inspector General and Florida Bar matter for Hector.

By the way Julie, if the candidate cannot do certain things like speak ill of the seating judge, neither should the treasurer. Additionally, the judiciary should not be smeared by a member. It is a disgrace to all. These tactics must stop.

Anonymous said...

Yuppers... I'm Hispanic and I may run against Brennan. She must go. If I do, trust me, all the money in the world won't make her likeable on the campaign trail.

I'm tired of being treated like shit by her simply because I defend those evil people in the box.

Anonymous said...

The real problem with elections is Saul Cimbler suspended lawyer who can't get re admitted and wants to be a an election consultant cause he can't earn money any other way .He and Juan D'arce are rumored to be opening a shop together.

Anonymous said...

Nice try. She gets no opponent because she is worth about 8 million dollars - plenty of $$ for a warchest