Friday, May 23, 2014


UPDATE: What is Rumpole reading this holiday weekend as he digests his steak and sips his wine? 
"Stress Test" Tim Geithner's account of his public service. From an Assistant Secretary of Treasury during the international monetary crises of the Clinton administration: The Mexican Peso crisis followed by the meltdown of emerging Asian Markets, to his time as Secretary of the Treasury when he and a new president struggled every day during the first year of Obama's presidency to stop a deep recession in the U.S from turning into a financial contagion. 
It's a very good and quick read and well worth your time. 

We excel at many things besides being an exceptional trial lawyer and writing a blog that sizzles. 
We also cook. 

Just in time for Memorial Day, we present to you: "Rumpole On Steak."

Rumpole on steak.

The good news is that you don't need a back yard bar-be-que to do a steak well at home. 
We do however, recommend a quality cast iron pan. 
Go put that pan on the stove and heat it up. And we mean, heat it up until it smokes and you are sure it is about to glow.  It will take a while to get it hot, so while it is heating, lets cover some other areas. 

Grass fed beef is  the best beef for you these days. No hormones, no antibiotics. It's all good. Did you know that free range grass fed beef has more Omega 3 fatty acids (the stuff that prevents heart attacks) than most salmon? So eat up. It's really really good for you.

Grass fed beef has less fat than other beef and there is no doubt that fat and marbling adds flavor to beef. Therefore, look for grass fed beef that is well marbled. The rib eye cut is the best. We also like flank steak, also called skirt steak or London Broil. Whether your steak is a porterhouse or t-bone or rib eye, or filet mignon, just take it out of the refrigerator an hour before cooking and wrap in a paper-towel to remove moisture. For skirt or flank steak, you can use a marinade, but that is a topic for another time. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT salt the steak before cooking. 

Your cut cannot be thicker than one inch. The steak needs to cook in five minutes. Any longer and bad things tend to happen. Stick to one inch. Size matters. 

Add a good quality kosher or rock salt to the pan. About a tablespoon.  Sprinkle it evenly across the bottom of the pan. Like Rumpole on cross, keep the heat on high. Once the pan start smoking, add the steak and be prepared to move quickly. 

Let the steak cook one minute and then using tongs, flip it. 
Let it cook another minute then flip it again. Then, every thirty seconds for the next 2- 1/2 -3 minutes, flip the steak (5-7 times more). Then take it out of the pan (don't forget to turn off the heat). If you've done it right, including the all important heating of the pan and patting the steak dry for an hour before cooking, the steak will have a beautiful crust on it.  Now put that bad boy on a cutting  board and let it rest for a few minutes. 

Put some butter in the pan. Turn the heat back on to low-medium. Throw in some chopped shallots and sliced mushrooms. Cook for about 3 minutes or until the mushrooms start to soften. Then add a half a cup of red wine. The wine  will de-glaze the pan and create a wonderful sauce that the mushrooms will finish in. 
Take the pan off the heat. 

Go back to your steak and slice it and then put a few strips on a plate and ladle the mushrooms and gravy over the steak. Baked potato optional. We prefer some nice broccoli or kale sautéed in garlic and oil. 

Serve with a big, bold red wine. These days we like a full bodied Petite Sirah.  Bogle vineyards makes a very reasonable Petite Sirah. If you really want to step up to the plate (and wineglass) this weekend look for the 2007 Priest Ranch, the 2009 Carver Sutro, or the 2010 Sean Thackery Petite Sirah. All will stand up to the rich, bold steak you just cooked. 

Those images that yet/ Fresh images beget
W.B. Yeats. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds Great But What About Us BackYarders This Weekend? Gas Grill

Anonymous said...


Fla. Stat. § 784.048
Fla. Stat. § 784.048

Seems that a Florida Bar complaint can pull IP addresses and likely end a judicial and attorney career.

Govern yourselves accordingly folks.

Cyberstalking. Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet, email or other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening or malicious behaviors. Cyberstalking may be considered the most dangerous of the three types of Internet harassment, based on a posing credible threat of harm. Sanctions range from misdemeanors to felonies.

Cyberharassment. Cyberharassment differs from cyberstalking in that it may generally be defined as not involving a credible threat. Cyberharassment usually pertains to threatening or harassing email messages, instant messages, or to blog entries or websites dedicated solely to tormenting an individual. Some states approach cyberharrassment by including language addressing electronic communications in general harassment statutes, while others have created stand-alone cyberharassment statutes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a trip to Bern's or Peter Luger's is in order after Memorial Day Weekend...

Anonymous said...

Seems to parrot a New York Times article I just read. But good cooking tips nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Credit to last week's NYT!!

DS said...

OK Rump,
This is an area I KNOW about, even more than the Lawyering.
I cooked my way ( at night ) through undergrad at FSU and Nova Law.
I Ended my cooking career as Senior Night Cook at on of the busiest Steak & Ale's in the Country ( in Aventura). I have literally cooked over 40,000 steaks ( plus 20K chic filets &
10K Fish, Lobster, or Prime Rib dinners).
You are correct Great Beef equals Great Steak. Go to a Butcher or
up-scale grocery store. I like Lorenzo's.
Get a great cut, Rib Eye is my preference.
I disagree I like RED meat, I eat it Pitsburgh , also called Black & Blue: That is Extra rare w/ a crisp / seared exterior.
A Rib Eue 1 & a 1/2 to 2 inches is best. Bone in adds extra flavor and a bone for the Dogs.
On the Gas Grill or BBQ is best but the Iron Skillet is good.
My kid & I had Rib eyes last night.




North of the Border, Judge Gisele Pollack was suspended today, without pay, by the Florida Supreme Court.

"Judge Gisele Pollack is hereby immediately suspended from office without pay pending disposition of this proceeding."


Addiction to alcohol is a bitch and we wish Judge Pollack all the best as she makes yet another valiant attempt to get sober and remain sober.

To all our Readers - Have a safe Memorial Day Weekend.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...

Gas grill? Puhleeze.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing about wine.Petit Sirah maybe for a burger, but to bring out your steak's flavor you need something bigger. Try an Inglenook 2009 Cask Cabernet Sauvignon. Coppola bought them and this is what you should drink, heathen.

Anonymous said...

Just an update on my new kitten Brindash. She is adjusting well to her new home and has a fairly regular routine patrol that ends up with her in the front windows observing the street during the day. She has a sun deck and pool area with plenty of lizards to chase, but she eschews this for monitoring the activities on her street.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole I took your suggestion on Twitter and have tuned in to watch the Sands Of Iwo Jima. (My gf dumped me last night before running off to the keys with some new guy so I have nothing to do). The Duke is the best. Sgt Stryker. Is it true that the film is the first to use the term "Lock and Load"?

Anyway thanks for the recommendation.

Rumpole said...

The film the Sands of Iwo Jima is believed to be the first RECORDED use of the term Lock and Load. The phrase is said twice, both by Wayne. The first time is in the Landing craft during the invasion of Tarawa. The second time is when he is invited into a bar for a drink.

The phrase refers to the M-1 which required a bolt to be pulled back and locked, before the ammo clip was loaded.

Enjoy the movie and don't forget to watch The Longest Day at 1pm, which was Saving Private Ryan before there was Saving Private Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I always shed a tear when Stryker gets killed and they read his letter to his son just before the squad raises the flag on Mt. Surabachi.

Semper Fi Sgt Stryker!

Anonymous said...

10:09- look at the comment before you.

Single lonely girl with her cat. Long weekend.
You're by yourself. Long weekend.
Ask her for her digits Dude.
A blog hook-up!
You wouldn't be the first.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:30: chances are, that's not a broad.

Anonymous said...

Could she mail Rumpole a picture of Brindash and then Rumpole could post it?

Anonymous said...

I used to subscribe to the theory that taking taking a steak out an hour before grilling/ searing. It's BS. Makes no difference

Rumpole said...

You are an amateur my dear air. The temperature of the meat at the time it is exposed to heat makes all the difference in the world. Cook a fresh hamburger and a frozen one and compare. And then you will see.



I like a 1945 Chateau Mouton Rothschild ….

Anonymous said...

The long sobs of the autumn violin
wounds my heart with a monotonous languor.


The long sobs of the autumn violin
wounds my heart with a monotonous languor.

Anonymous said...


The invasion is on!!!!

Anonymous said...

In your NBA poll, is it too late to vote that the Heat will be swept in four games? LMFAO

Heat fan said...

Led by Ray Allen and his 4-4 shooting from beyond the arc, the Heat bench once again beat the Pacers bench; this time is was 31-23. That's three straight games the Heat bench has out scored their opponents bench.

Two down two to go.

All heart; all Heat; all the time.


Anonymous said...


Rump, I want to hear you write again how the Heat are "uninspired", "heartless" and "cry babies".

Last night, down 15 and playing as badly as they have ever played together, this team got it together, fought back in the first half to just about even it up, and then put on one of the most inspired and dominating second half performances possible. With all of that, the looks on their faces, the hustle they exhibited and the show of emotion (accented by Lebron's demonstration after Allen's last 3-ball) was one for the ages. Getting the worse of some questionable and inconsistent officiating the only crying was being done by the Pacers (although that is pretty normal for West and George).

If that did not impress you, then you should spend all of your time with Heat-hating Jeff VanGundy who still acts like the little girl who was dragged across the floor holding onto Alonzo Mourning's leg. You don't have to be a fan, just back off the tags. They may not beat the Spurs, but you have to be a great basketball team to make the finals 3 years running, and they will be in the finals.

Rumpole said...

Nothing impresses me about a bunch of spoiled stars who conspired to go around league rules to all play for one team so they could win championships together that they never could win apart. Look at Lebaby in Cleveland. Not good enough. What does that tell you about him?

Its as if Dan Marino decided to leave the Dolphins and go play for the Cowboys or the 49ers as a co-starting QB just so he could win a ring. He didn't do that. He took his best shot with the guys he had and if he lost, at least he could hold his head high.

You watch. Lebaby's contract is coming up. How of a hero will he be in Miami if he decides he wants to go to LA and help Koby win one more or go to NYC and win one on the bug stage? Then let's hear you fly by night fans speak his praises.

And don't celebrate too much. They can't beat the Spurs.

Brindash's Person said...

Rumpole, I am taking offense about the comments that just because I am a single woman with a cat that I must be desperate. Far from it.

Let's just say I am picky.

So If anyone wants to meet me and see a pic and not be embarrassed on the blog, would you help by accepting their emails and forwarding them to me? I will send you an email confirming this. And then we can take it from there.


Brindash says meow.

Anonymous said...

Who is Koby? Do you mean the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant? You sound like my 95 year old grandmother who says "That Wayne Dwade is a good basketball player."

Rump, you lose so much credibility when you talk about basketball. They followed the rules and decided to play in Miami. So what? The majority of players at one time or another in any sport exercise their rights extended to them to be a free agent.

Rump - if you got "drafted," or lets say, was given your first legal job by the SAO, then I guess you should have stayed their your entire legal career. More money in private practice? Who cares? The SAO gave you your first job and you should stay there forever. You want to work with your wife/friends? Who cares? You are at the SAO for life. There are very few Sally Weintraubs/Dan Marinos. And Marino was about to be a Viking if h felt like his body would have held up. Minnesota could have easily gotten past the Giants in the NFC Championship.

If you had any clue what you were talking about, you would know if he left Miami after this season he could not go to LA or NY because they do not have cap space. He could only go in a sign and trade and that wouldn't happen in those situations.

Focus on important things, like some obscure battle of tonga that happened during some civil war in New Zealand no one has heard about.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you have said you know a lot about D-Day. Why didn't Rommell attack with his Panzers on Day one? He might have stopped the invasion at the beaches.

Rumpole said...

Yeah, you make a lot of sense because getting a job out of la school is EXACTLY like being a free agent in the NBA. In fact people often confuse the two. Moron.

And as to important stuff, as we approach Memorial Day and you can pay your thousands of dollars (fool) to sit in some seat at an arena and cheer for men who could care less about you or your allegiance to a team (other than buying their Jerseys) try and remember that there were real men-Patriots- who fought and died for your right to be a blithering idiot who doesn't even have the decency to spend a moment and honor their sacrifice.

Enjoy your $20 dollar watered down beer while cheering for "heroes" who haven't the integrity and dedication in their entire bodies that men who fought for this country have in their pinky.

People who fought for your freedom died for you. Lebaby wouldn't piss down your throat if your guts were on fire, unless you paid him.

Rumpole said...

I will answer your D-Day Panzer question in a bit.

Rumpole said...

There are many layers to the poor German response on June 6, 1944. Start with poor command structure. Only General Von Rundstedt correctly figured out in the early hours on June 6 that the paratroop drops was the start of the real invasion. Many other generals stuck to the belief that the drops were a diversion from where the main invasion was expected: Pais De Calis- the shortest point between England and France. Von Rundstedt ordered the 12th Panzer to move forward to Caen. But Von Rundstedt was not respected by Hitler or the sycophants who surrounded him. The order was not followed because Hitler had personally placed the 12th Panzer under his command, and on the night of June 5th the fuhrer had taken a sleeping pill and no one would awaken him.

Hitler didn't authorize the release of three of the four panzer divisions until 4pm the next day. By then the skies had cleared and allied aircraft attacked them as they rolled forward.

But this is the short answer. There are many other issues at play, including Rommel's whereabouts on June 6, the decision to keep the Panzer's in reserves and not subject to the daily bombing attacks. The fact is that the heavy german tank divisions caused serious damage and slowed the invasion down for weeks and weeks until enough allied forces landed to allow a break out.

Anonymous said...

You are full of it Rumpole...if the heat lost, you would have been all over it hosting and posting that the real hero's are the troops, not the heat. you are a crybaby who can't own ip to being wrong
Sad. And yes, if LeBron goes somewhere else, i will cheer against him when he is playing the heat, but you won't catch me saying anything other than the guy us the greatest

Anonymous said...


There was something in the tone of the UCSB mass murderer's manifesto that resembles the tone of some of your posters -- those that make hostile generalizations about women. http://talkingpointsmemo.com/edblog/i-will-slaughter-every-single-spoiled-stuck-up-blond-slut
I'm obviously not suggesting that your commenters are potential mass murderers, just that some are permitted by you to express in this forum the kind of misogyny that toxifies our culture and fueled this sicko's actions.

By the way, I tried, real hard, to read Miller's Tropics - both, to give me the opportunity to like one if not the other. I couldn't get through either. I love smut as much as anyone. And I love fine writing. Miller's got plenty of smut and his writing is fine. But reading him felt assaultive to me. I think it's because he objectifies women without any authorial detachment, through irony or judgment or SOMETHING, like Mark Twain or Evelyn Waugh.

Rumpole said...

I've stopped posting those wacky comments. Haven't I?
Don't waste your time with Miller. Read the Goldfinch by Donna Tarrt. Amazing. Best fiction writer of my generation. A powerful book. And I surprised myself because I generally don't like many women authors. With obvious exceptions like Harper Lee. But Tarrt is the real deal. And like Lee she is a southerner.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is a mysoginistic jerk. Trust me. I know. Don't let him fool you.

Anonymous said...

10:48 a.m., Kobe is a kind of Japanese beef with very nice marbling and very expensive price.

Anonymous said...


What's different about it? Most defense attorneys are more selfish than any nba player.

Anonymous said...

"a bunch of spoiled stars who conspired to go around league rules"

Damn, Rumpole, I thought that was what decent defense lawyers were EXPECTED to do.

Unknown said...

thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Serious question Rumpole: do affairs ever end well?

Happy Guy said...

Take it from me 1:14. Almost never. I mean someone wins the lottery every few weeks. But most don't.

Anonymous said...

I am 59.I wish to take this moment to thank all the veterans who lost their lives so I could have mine.

Thanks Uncle Angelo!