Thursday, November 12, 2009


All the legal blogs are covering this story, so why not us?

Bob Norman and his Daily Pulp blog have had, and continue to have the lead in breaking this story.

Today's events:

1) A source is going on the record with Norman that Rothstein keep a female dancer (stripper) at the Ritz Carlton on Ft. Lauderdale beach.
What does this mean? Goodbye Mrs. Rothstein. Any pretense of being the loving devoted wife standing by her man just went out the door. You can click on the Daily Pulp link to see a picture of the very blonde, soon to be former Mrs. Rothstein cozying up to Dan Marino.

2) Rothstein's new book:
"How to steal 57 Million from your client" goes on sale Saturday.

The Sun Sentinel has details of the fake orders Rothstein used to convince South Florida car dealer Ed Morse that his two million dollar contract dispute with an interior decorator had grown to a 20+ million dollar judgment. Just like any cheap Nigeran Internet Scam, Rothstein somehow convinced his client that he needed TO PAY MONEY TO MAKE MONEY.

From the Sun Sentinel:

The Sun Sentinel Wednesday obtained copies of the fake court orders Morse says he was given, allegedly by Rothstein. They bear the forged signatures of two federal judges, U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra, and U.S. Appellate Court Judge Susan H. Black. One of the documents threatened Morse into silence with a "strict" confidentiality order, even as he grew increasingly suspicious.

The documents Rothstein gave Morse bear no case numbers, and are instead marked "Under Seal.''

The first, with a fake Marra signature, said the kitchen designer was liable to Morse for "punitive damages for fraud,'' and owed Morse $23 million. It said the designer had illegally moved millions to the Cayman Islands, but that Rothstein "has facilitated the contact between the relative governments,'' and that the money would be returned to the U.S.

The faked order demanded that Morse "deposit to their attorney's trust account the sum of $15 million no later than 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the 20th day of March, 2009'' as a bond to secure the funds. "If such funds are not so posted,'' it went on, "this order shall be null and void. …''

At some point even a used car dealer is going to get suspicious. It's not like they haven't built their business on selling undercoating and extended warranties, right?

So when Morse got his dander up, Rothstein sat down at this computer and voila', came up with this order from the 11th Circuit: (From the Sun Sentinel)

When Morse got increasingly suspicious this summer, Rothstein claimed to have filed an action in the 11th U.S. District Court of Appeals, and told Morse he was victorious. He gave Morse an order with a faked signature from appellate court Judge Black. The Aug. 13 order reassured Morse that he had money coming to him, but emphasized the confidentiality of the case.

"We again strongly caution all counsel and mandate that they caution and counsel their respective clients that this matter is governed by a strict confidentiality order … which this court strongly cautions, contains severe penalties for any violation of same.''

Morse never saw another penny of his money, his lawyers said.

Memo to Scott: One thing we would have seen right away is that Judge Mara is smart enough not to end every sentence in his orders with a semicolon (;) . He knows when to use a period (.) . period.)


But you gotta give the big fella credit: He not only just wrote his own order winning the case (when in real life he lost) but he held the opposing counsel in contempt for good measure. In for a penny, in for a pound, eh Scotty Boy?
From the order:

Paragraph 13 for those of you keeping score at home or work: "That counsel for JONES is hereby found to have acted in contumacious disregard for prior orders of this and other courts and thus is found to be in contempt thereof."

Contumacious- that should bring out the word of the day guys. Scott may not know how to litigate a case, but he knows how to use a thesaurus.

Here's the thing: we hate standing in line at the Justice Building. We can't stand listening to Judges tell us how when they were in private practice they had every case prepped for trial within sixty days. But despite these horrors we slug through our simple practice and go to sleep every night. It's bad enough having to beg for a 30 day extension from the 11th Circuit to file our brief....We can't even imagine sleeping at night knowing that we are forging orders from the 11th Circuit.

On the other hand....they never ever do what we ask them to do. And it's sort of like Captain Kirk rigging the Kobayashi Maru exercise at Star Fleet Academy. (You never knew we are a Trekie? )


Rumpole's a Trekkie!!! said...

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the simulation takes place on a replica of a starship bridge, with the test-taker as captain and other Starfleet members, officers or other cadets, in other key positions. In the scenario of the 2280s, the cadet receives a distress signal, stating that the Kobayashi Maru has struck a "gravitic mine" in the Klingon Neutral Zone and is rapidly losing power, hull integrity and life support. There are no other vessels nearby. The cadet is faced with a decision:
Attempt to rescue the Kobayashi Maru's crew and passengers, which involves violating the Neutral Zone and potentially provoking the Klingons into hostile action or an all-out war; or
Abandon the Kobayashi Maru, potentially preventing war but leaving the crew and passengers to die.
If the cadet chooses to save the Kobayashi Maru, the scenario progresses quickly. The bridge officers notify the cadet that they are in violation of the treaty. As the starship enters the Neutral Zone, the communications officer loses contact with the crippled vessel. Klingon starships then appear on an intercept course. Attempts to contact them are met with radio silence; indeed, their only response is to open fire with devastating results. There is no way to win the resulting battle, especially as the computer is allowed to "cheat" to guarantee defeat; the simulation ends with the understanding that the cadet's ship has been lost with all hands. The objective of the test is not for the cadet to outfight the opponent but rather to test the cadet's reaction to a no win situation.

Anonymous said...

Boy, there is nothing funny about this. This guy, WHO IS A LAWYER, has violated everything that we all stand for. How could this guy not understand that he should have jumped from that damn plane on the way back from Morocco.

Izzy Tichelbaum said...

We, from the world rabbinical association (WRA) hereby impeach and oust Scott Rothstein from any further tribal functions. For now on, he will be known as Troy Rauthsten. Your high holiday passes have been voided.

BARry LeGal said...

Since the WRA is taking action, that gives us an idea as well. Were thinking baout taking Bar action.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to rip into Rothstein, but what about all the people and entities that kissed his butt?

Hell, wasn't be being considered for the JNC?

To the powers that be; this is what happens when it's all about politics.

You made this bed, now sleep in it!

Anonymous said...

I notice that they no longer run all those ads with Rothstein and sports personalities helping charities.

I bet they pulled those real fast.

I wonder if they will ask the charities for money back?

Faux Fakey Fakerstein, Esq. said...

Scott Rothstein was in fact appointed by Governor Charlie Crist to the 4th District Court of Appeals Judicial Nominating Committee -- apparently meetings had been held at RRA's Fort Lauderdale headquarters a number of times.

Vote Faux Fakey Fakerstein for XXXXXXXXXX County Judge, Group XXXXXX -- August 2010.

Anonymous said...


Not that it is important but I believe, given the fact that you appear to be well read and write well, that you were educated at top-tier undergraduate and law schools and that said schools are not located in this fine state. Am I correct?

Just Wondering

Rumpole said...

I have often said that I was educated in the North east.

Anonymous said...

Dear Izzy: The WTA, World Talmudic Association, has joined with your organization, The WRA, and hereby stripped goniff in chief, Scotty boy, of his high holy day front row seats with the big machers and the acompaning parking passes. Scotty, the supreme goniff, will now and forevermore be known as Scotty "the goy" O'Regan. Yours truely, The Goneven Hall of Fame Committee

Anonymous said...

THe comments section in the New Times re Scotty are very funny. He is now becoming a cult hero of sorts after information released about his alleged "keeping" of a stripper girlfriend at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. She was running up $2,000.00 a day bar bills. Partying all night and sleeping all day. Girls just gotta have fun! You go Scotty boy! Wonder who else visited Scotty at the Ritz? Who else is Scotty gonna drag under the bus with him? Just wonderin'. Shoes just keep falling. It's like Imelda Marcos' closet.

Christpher Kindajew said...

We still like Scott and allow him to pray with us....as long as he keeps up the contributions.

The Unbelievably Reformed Temple of Opa Locka

The Bear Jew said...

We at the God of Yashiva (GOY) Temple are completely disgusted with this Fagin-isque stereotype of how the gentile world perceives us.

Jointly submitted,

Bill Goldberg
David Lee Roth
Steven Seagal
Meir Kahane

Anonymous said...

Props to Scotty for getting some poor sap to fork over 57 mil "bond" on a 2 million dollar lawsuit where he says the sap wins 23.

Sort of makes me feel better about getting ripped off my car dealers all the time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well it's all fun and games until someone gets their eyes poked out. Do any of you give a flying fuck to the employees who live paycheck to paycheck and have lost not only their jobs, but their last three paychecks. I honestly don't know where I am going to get the money to feed my kid, maybe we should go down to Capitol Grill and ask Scottie for a handout as we are now charity cases.

I may not be a savvy investor, but I know you do not "legally" get those kinds of returns on an investment, or can you. Lawyers time and time again disprove the adage that you can't cheat an honest man.

And all I can say about Ed Morse is I wish I would have met him first. He just lost almost 60 million and he still has more left than I do.

Bitter, party of 150!!!