Monday, November 30, 2009


SCOTT ROTHSTEIN UPDATE: Gotta love this nugget from the Daily Pulp:
"I know this is frustrating, but let me assure you, this is the greatest story in the history of South Florida, and it will all come out in due time. Let me just say that I'm hearing incredible stories about Rothstein's use of his associates to impersonate judges, officials, and reporters on the phone to help him in his extortion schemes and scams."

I admit that I am hooked. I'm on that site ten times a day.

Broward is collapsing under its own weight of cronyism, theft, fraud, bad karma, and less than mediocre individuals in position of leadership. Things are so bad that Broward may just dissolve and ask to become "Dade North" (North Dade is already taken and we are sure the fine folks in North Dade want nothing to do with being associated with Broward in any manner), at which point the statute of Florida's 19th Governor- Napoleon Bonaparte Broward - (who notably wanted to drain the Everglades)- which stands ominously in the hallways of the new wing of the Courthouse in Broward, would just spontaneously implode.

Let's start with the Sherrif's Department. There are plenty of reports circulating that the top man-Sheriff Al Lamberti- is a major disappointment who is not "a hands on guy" and "can't make a decision without checking with his right hand men." The problem is that one of Lamberti's right hand man- his head of internal affairs no less- was in the pocket of disgraced Broward Attorney/Thief Scott Rothstein. BSO Lt. David Benjamin - who personally drove a frightened and on-the-run Scott Rothstein to the airport in early November so Rothstein could run to Morocco with 20 million in stolen Ponzi funds- is now rumored by the Broward Pulp to be either A) Under Federal Investigation for accepting at least $30,000 from Rothstein; B) A Federal Informant or C) (This being Broweird) BOTH!. (Scott Rothstein tidbit- why did he need police protection to go to the airport? Scotty boy was stealing from some pretty powerful people. The type of people who don't call the police or sue when things go wrong. More on this at another time.)

Lamberti's campaign coffers were literally stuffed with stolen RRA money as Bob Norman details on his blog. Of course so was Governor Crist's campaign, so Lambeti is in good company.

Lets move on to Broweird State Attorney Mikey Satz.
"It is well documented by law enforcement that people using drugs are actively involved in all sorts of criminal activities such as burglaries, robberies, and violent crimes."
-Mike Satz 2009-
...right beneath pictures of Satz circa 1970 at a "pot party".

So much for the personal integrity of the County's top Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Officer.

Item: Mike Satz's Major Crimes division put an innocent man on death row and fought to cover up his obvious innocence. Frank Lee Smith died on death row before the court's could rule on his motions proving innocence.

Item: There is an avowed Federal Informant who works as a Prosecutor at the Broward SAO and is called a snitch around the office behind her back. Because this is Broweird, she is also a City Commissioner and a central figure in a Circuit Judge and a Prosecutor meeting at a restaurant for drinks and laughing at a gay juror who was sickened by the grisly crime scene photos of a death penalty case the prosecutor was trying before the Judge. And because this is Broweird, the defense attorney was not included in that convenient little social.

Leaving prosecutors and cops, lets turn to the judiciary:

Item: The current Chief Judge is fighting with the former Chief Judge. A former circuit judge who cried on national TV during a hearing into the death of Anna Nicole Smith was secretly stealing tens of thousands of dollars from an elderly woman he befriended in his condominium.

The Chief Judge up there likes to fight. Besides being famously (or infamously ) rude to us many times because of where we have our office (Dade), he is also fighting with the Broward Clerk of Courts.

File these under the courts/judiciary:

Item: Fort Lauderale's Police Chief's wife fires his weapon at him (a 20 year minimum mandatory for those of you scoring at home ) and ...this being Broweird....gets 9 months. Meanwhile possession of cocaine, a third degree felony, routinely gets you an 18 month prison sentence, especially if you're....a black male not standing consanguinity to a public official of import. Because if you're say, the son of a certified "Broweird Player" and get arrested for Drug Trafficking in Broweird, you get....

"Johnny, tell out contestant what he has won today on 'I'm related to someone important in Broweird': a Misdemeanor!"

Yup, the former son-in-law of politically connected Broward Lawyer Bill Scherer, who happens to be the lawyer leading the lawsuits against Scott Rothstein with this mammoth 289 page lawsuit that is rife with spelling errors and grammatical gaffes, got a misdemeanor after being arrested on a drug traffcking charge. The cops laughed when the suspect said "you don't know who you're messing with." They're not laughing any more.

And neither are we and nor should you. It's a complete mess up there North of the the Border, and this Scott Rothstein disaster will show all of those Broward sacred cows with their hands deep into the pockets of the man with the money. These same politicians, Judges, lawyers and officers who sneer at "Dade Lawyers" and have mistreated and maligned us for decades as unprincipled and uncouth, have now been unmasked for what they really are- rank hypocrites who fought over each other to jump into bed and be closest to the man with the money. May each and every one of them get what they truly deserve.

We end most posts on Broweird this way: Karma baby.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I should run for the Broward State Attorney position. I just need those five years of Florida Bar membership. I can't be worse than Satz, can I? I mean, I served under Rundle, which is quite an improvement over the Satz mentality. On the other hand, I am Hispanic...

Anonymous said...

Even with all of Broward's problems, it is still a better place to live that Miami-Dade.



Long time Juvenile Judge and "first" female ASA in the State of Florida passes away .....

Rumpole, many of your more seasoned trial lawyers from the "Metro Justice Building" days will remember Judge Adele Segall Faske.

From the obit:

She received her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Miami. After graduation from law school, she joined her brother, Sidney L. Segall, in his law practice. In 1953 she was appointed by Governor Dan McCarty as the first woman Assistant State Attorney in the history of Florida. She served loyally in the Dade County State Attorney's office for more than two decades. She was Chief of the Nonsupport Division and the author of the Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act (URESA), which due to her lobbying, was enacted by the Florida Legislature in 1967. This landmark legislation prevents delinquent parents from evading their child support duties by moving to another state. URESA has been adopted by every state in the nation. In 1976, the people of Dade County elected her a Circuit Judge. Throughout the years, Adele Segall Faske received innumerable accolades from a variety of organizations for her long-term service to the community. She is installed in the Juvenile Justice Gallery of Honor in Dade County, and is a member of the Iron Arrow Honorary Society of the University of Miami.

She may not have been able to hear everything you said in her later years on the bench, but she could always be counted on to do what was best for the children of our community. For those that have the honor and privilege of donning the robe, she wore it well.

She would have been 94 years old this week.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

One of the best post ever!

Anonymous said...


You better read the clarification on the JAA Blog re the alleged pot party. I think you need to change yoru post asap............it's arguably libelous.


Anonymous said...

Broweird!! Love it!!

Agreed best post ever!!! So true too.

Rumpole said...

I Read the JAABlog statement today. I think my post accurately reflects what occurred- Satz- who wants to throw everyone in prison (not jail mind you, prison) was associating with known marijuana users (horrors of horrors!!!!)

Satz has the death of an innocent man his minions put on death row- and the following cover up. He has more to worry about than my blog.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole thank you for shedding some light on Frank Lee Smith. More people need to know or be reminded of this travesty.

Fake Jack Thompson said...

Fake Jack Thompson, J.D., M.D., Ph. D., D.D.S., Ed. D., D.M.D., D.O., O.D., D. Div., D.P.M., D.V.M., LL. D., Psy. D., D. Pharm.

Dear Rumpole:

I have been retained by Michael Satz for the purposes of filing a libel lawsuit against you, once I get my bar license back (trust me on that one)!

I am going to sue your fucking pants off you immoral, homosexual-loving, Christian-hating, un-American asshole motherfucker. When I am done with you, you won't have a penny to your name dickwad.

I am also certain that, given your lack of mental capacity, that you have attended more than one "pot party" in your day.


Fake Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

what i love about all of this is about 10-12 years ago so many anglos I know left dade because "they couldnt take the cubans and the corruption" as if cubans had a monopoly on corruption. they all said they were so fed up they were "moving to America" blah blah blah.

and look what happened broward is just as fucked up as dade and in some ways worse because thier sao is even more fucked up than the dade sao. they prosecute the innocent and have done nothing about public corruption except chrage some hollywood commissioner.

so fuck all you who fled miami for the ugly,plastic planned community strip mall hell of broward and palm beach.

btw i am not cuban-just an anglo who stayed behind and was once told by a friend fleeing to broward "one day you will be standing on a street corner with a sign that says "neeed a job I speak english only"

Rumpole said...

8:31 - very well said.

Shihan Sugimoto said...

"and look what happened broward is just as fucked up as dade and in some ways worse because thier sao is even more fucked up than the dade sao."

Let's not sell the dade sao short, on 11/3/09 we have ASA Bill Kostrzewski claiming he had swine flu, misses an important deposition on 11/4 and then goes back to work on 11/5!

Take that Broward SAO!

(true story BTW!)


The Captain Reports:

They are drying the ink on the Indictment and Scott Rothstein will be taken into custody in the next 24-48 hours.

The only question now is: how much will the bond be and will Scott be able to come up with enough clean money to post it. Of course, the Govt could ask for PTD based on Rothstein's trip to Morocco.

Predictions for whether he gets bond and if so, how much. Let's see what our readers say?

Cap Out ..........

Anonymous said...

bond set- 2 million.

Anonymous said...

He'll get a bond, whether he has access to clean money to post it is another story. But, I bet he comes up with it. My real wonder is as to what he will be sentenced to once convicted.....Are these 100+ years sentences going to be the norm for this type of crime. ala Maddoff? Are financial crimes the new domestic violence? The new sex crime? Curious to see.

Anonymous said...

9:33............WHAT A SCANDAL! Horror of horrors. Impossible to believe that he can be sick on day and healthy the next. He must have been ducking that incredibly important deposition.

Have you considered calling the Washington Post? I'm sure Woodward would be interested in this flagrant abuse of power. You might want to file ask the FBI to investigate as well.


Anonymous said...

How can you tell if Kosztrewski actually is sick?