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Anyone have the scoop on the fracas at the Dade County Jail?
(UPDATE- it was apparently TGK)
Ms. Georgia Ayers.
Controversy and possible arrests.
(update: arrests were threatened but apparently not made.)

Rumours are flying, but alas we were not there.

Who was?

Update: Any public official who messes with Ms. Ayers should best remember the short judicial career of Henry Ferro. Of course when you point a gun at anyone in court from the bench, much less a family member of Ms. Ayer's, you get what's coming to you.

"A circuit judge pointed a gun at a defendant in open court?"
Oh yes dear new readers, this used to be quite the town in the day.
DAVID S MARKUS (not the guy who runs the federal fight blog) apparently represented the Defendant Judge Ferro took aim at and had this to say:
I was the defense attorney in the case where Judge Ferro stormed off the bench and pointed the gun at the head of the defendant's mom(I don't believe that she was related to Ms. Ayers-my fuzzy recollection was that she was hispanic).We were in the middle of a plea colloquy for boot camp and the defendant was showing a lot of "attitude". Judge Ferro was trying to impress upon the young armed-robbery defendant the magnitude of his actions. All of a sudden, the judge, robes flying, jumps up out of his chair, demands the gun from the clerk, and accosts the mom, who was seated in the audience. Everyone was shocked. Then he sat back down and finished the plea colloquy as if nothing unusual had happened. The guy was a real nutcase.
Rumpole says: That's what happens when you take a plea instead of going to trial.


Anonymous said...

Not much but quite interested. This is what's on the web.

Anonymous said...

Judge Tunis should be commended for the work she did on the Thompson issue. It is rare that a lawyers bar/ethical issue is reported on a national level. The quality and professional work she did on this case broadcasts a very positive message about the ethical standards among lawyers in florida.

Anonymous said...

This Ranck crap was such a joke. all air, and not balloon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole...are you leaning towards Obama? Who should I vote for?

I have not voted since the 1992 election at my residence at Boca Del Vista Phase II and I need your help to decide - as do the rest of the readers of this blog.

Please help us.

Anonymous said...


defined: Having an offensive smell; poisonous or noxious.

USE: The Judge invited us to chambers, but we all left rather quickly as there was a mephitic stench coming from the bathroom.

(tgfkafmaa=the guys formerly known as fake matters and adelstein)

Anonymous said...

Henro Ferro was a real jerk on the bench and yes, he put a gun to the head of a defendant or family member of the defendant and said... how would YOU feel if someone did this to you?

Somehow he then resigned and moved out of town. That was good for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Fleet did the gun deal in Broward too.

Anonymous said...

I see no problem putting a gun to the head of a convicted murderer or attempted murderer, or assaulter.

What comes around goes around. Ferro for Chief Judge. Better yet Ferro for the Democratic nomination for president.

Anonymous said...

Judge Tunis should thank the Courts legal department for all the assistance they gave here, especialyy Lisa K.

Anonymous said...

did ranck get sacked or was all this hub bub speculation

Anonymous said...

It was a BB gun, and his common sense was no bigger than a BB.

Anonymous said...


I was the defense attorney in the case where Judge Ferro stormed off the bench and pointed the gun at the head of the defendant's mom(I don't believe that she was related to Ms. Ayers-my fuzzy recollection was that she was hispanic).
We were in the middle of a plea colloquy for boot camp and the defendant was showing a lot of "attitude". Judge Ferro was trying to impress upon the young armed-robbery defendant the magnitude of his actions. All of a sudden,the judge,robes flying, jumps up out of his chair, demands the gun from the clerk, and accosts the mom, who was seated in the audience. Everyone was shocked. Then he sat back down and finished the plea colloquy as if nothing unusual had happened.The guy was a real nutcase.

Anonymous said...

11:01, you think with all that air it would float.

Attorney Rejected By The Princess, proud member since 2008

8:04, good use of the word

Anonymous said...

Are you a YES man?

Watch the video of the lawsuit by MDPD brass against the MDPD brass.


Anonymous said...

Anyone know how to reach Howard Lubel? I need to talk to him about a closed case he worked. If you see or speak to him, please give him my number. Thanks

Susannah Nesmith
Miami Herald
305-772-4380 (mobile)


Say what you want about Newt Gingrich, but this is very powerful:


Anonymous said...

Ever since the Judge brought her infested pet weasel to work, a new species of pest, a cross between a skunk and a tick, has been infesting the courthouse: the mephitic. FA

Anonymous said...

Oh Susannah -

You can find Lubel in Broward county, where all of those hogs who made over 120k a year and did no work at the Dade PD's live (Stein, Melinek, Rauch, etc.). And more likely than not you can find him driving his red Mercedes convertible laughing at how the State gave him a lump sum of over 500k just to finally officially retire.

Anonymous said...

Newt gave that speech last year. He's a fear monger. Everyone in Washington knows the score... that's precisely why we don't reject the Saudis and Pakistanis despite their despicable regimes.

Anonymous said...

to 11:14

why don't you go speak to Lisa K or anyone at legal and ask her if she was at one hearing, read the trial transcript, read the final draft, wrote one word used and even knows theres a final order.

Then write back and tell everyone what she says.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, Chicago Lawyer here. I've been assigned to the "Q" team at work. Not much on the blog about the Q lately. Is he OK?
We have some questions in our firm that maybe one of your readers can answer:

1) What is the Q's real name? We've scanned the blog and we have our ideas, and the bets have been made, and now the question needs to be answered.

2) Do the Q and Shumie interact at all? ARe they friends? Rivals?

3) What is Shumie's real name? We're pretty sure on this one but we'd like to nail it down.

4) Would either of them consent to speakign with us via email about how it feels to be covered so completely by a blog?

5) Firm meeting in Vegas next week, perhaps next year one of them can come out and speak with us. That would be a gas. We're a mid- to large size firm but we're pretty loose as firms go and we like to have fun.


Your loyal fans in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

someone please wake me and tell me migna sanchez is not going to be a judge. i mean, she is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please tell me what happened with David Ranck on Monday? Is there a gag order out there or something?

Anonymous said...

Shumie annoys me. Not a lot. Just a bit. Associated with this blog. I'd enjoy the blog more without incessant shumie chat.

Anonymous said...

If I get one more freakin mailing asking me to use them for Campaign sign printing I am going to lose it...

Signed, one of the candidates seeking office.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about armed Judges and no mention of David Tobin, who was armed while on the bench and how about Judge Pollack, county court dade, who loosed a round in chambers. There may be other gun stories. If so who knows them and what are they?

Anonymous said...

Just so happens shumie will be in vegas next week.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that Mr. Ranck will one day again grace the halls of the SAO. If that's true, it's a good call by the SAO Administration. Ranck may not be beloved by outed members of the SAO Legal Division or administrators exasperated by his gadfly ways, but the line ASAs admire and respect him and the Honorables in robes trust him.

Anonymous said...

the q is a mythical traffic hack who made millions in county court.

shumie is the husband of a tv star.

they are not friends

Anonymous said...

Did Howard get a new Benz? What happened to the green one?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


There should be a new poll to brighten and liven up these hot summer Florida days (for those of us who haven't gone to the mountains):

How about: Best Post of the Day?
We could all vote on a sidebar you create...other categories like: Funniest, Most Insightful, Most Honest, Worst Metal-Detector Story, Weirdest Courtroom Experience, Who's applying for the opening on the Supreme Court, etc.

Nominated today for "Best Post of the Day," is Mr./Ms. 11:14 alleging that after almost two years handling a case with apparently thousands of pages of paper and many lawsuits made public,(in which Rump himself and the SCOFLA refused all future e-mails/pleadings), Judge Tunis did not have the ability to write her own order, but had to rely on people that had no involvement in any way and did nothing on the case.

Anyone (APD, ASA or PA)who knows her or has been around her courtroom the past number of years, knows this is a farce.

The post was one sentence long and had three typos. Ya' gotta love it. What a way to give someone a hatchet-job, whether you like/respect her or not.

Anonymous said...

8:24:00 PM..........

what do you mean "will one day" grace the halls again? was he disciplined?

Anonymous said...

q=albert quirantes and he is a pathetic balding trafic hack lawyer

Anonymous said...

I just saw my mail and the wonderful letter from attorney Cynamon's campaign.

It was signed by many notable attorneys, including the honor-less Hector Lombana.

I was going to vote for attorney Cynamon, but now I am going to vote and donate to her opponent, attorney Corona. Why? Anyone who would think listing such a creep would earn her votes, cannot be a judicial officer. I do recognize that attorney Corona is not the best, but he is smart enough to know that he should not list Hector Lombana in his team.

To think that I liked you when you gave me that cheap, but cute nail-file.

Anonymous said...

Judge Ferro for Attorney General!

Anonymous said...


Not Lombana again.

Who is he supporting?

I need to know who I am not voting for...

Anonymous said...

To 11:30 A.M, Friday Post:

I also received the wonderful letter from Abby Cynamon's campaign. Just to be fair and fully informed, the letter is also signed by Ramon Abadin, Esquire (AV Rated Lawyer, currently on The Florida Bar's Board of Governors, 2004 President of CABA and 2005 President of the Cuban-American Bar Foundation); Mikki Canton, Esquire (AV Rated Lawyer, former Managing Partner for the Miami Office of Gunster Yoakley); Michael Chavies, Esquire (former Circuit Court Judge and a favorite when he was here in the Criminal Division); Alan T. Dimond, Esquire (AV Rated Lawyer, 1992-1993 President of The Florida Bar); Tomas Ganba, Esquire (“AV” rated lawyer, and named to Florida Trend Magazine’s Legal Elite and Florida Super Lawyers in the field of Civil Trial Law); Alan Kluger, Esquire (AV Rated and named as one of the Best Lawyers in America); Corali Lopez-Castro, Esquire (AV Rated Lawyer, 2005 2006 and 2007 listed in Chambers USA’s America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, 2006 President of CABA); and Roderick D. Vereen, Esquire (top criminal defense attorney and 2006-2007 President, Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. Bar Association).

In addition, on the first page of the Cynamon's letter, from the top of the page to the bottom are two full columns in small print listing other prominent people supporting Cynamon's campaign including Gerald Wetherington, Esquire (former Chief Judge of the 11th Judicial Circuit); Neal Sonnett, Esquire; Roland Sanchez Medina, Jr. Esquire (President-Elect of CABA); Richard Milstein, Esquire; Manuel Crespo, Esquire; Marlene Quintana, Esquire (2007 President of CABA); Roberto Pardo, Esquire; Edward Guedes, Esquire (top appellate attorney); Bruce Reich, Esquire (top criminal defense attorney and President of the Miami Beach Bar); Edward Tobin, Esquire (top criminal defense attorney and Miami Beach Commissioner) and many, many more.

Anonymous said...

Henry Ferro coaches basketball as well. When he was swearing at his players, a fan told him to watch his language. He flipped the guy off and tried to start a fistfight with him and continued trying to get a fight going throughout the game and afterward. This man should never have been on the bench and should not be allowed before the bench.