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Welcome to our eighth in a series. Over the past seven weeks, we have brought you seven of the nine contested races analyzing the judicial elections in Miami-Dade County. In Week One, we focused on the only contested County Court race of Lindsay v. Lesperance. Since then, we have provided you with the Circuit Court races of Cueto v. Velis; Migna v. Manny, Colodny v. Kopco v. Millan, Garcia v. Glick, Corona v. Cynamon and Caballero v. Chumbley.

As we reported on May 2, 2008 on this blog, there are nine contested races here in Miami-Dade County; eight in the Circuit Court and one in the County Court. Today we cover the race in Group 55 between incumbent Judge Geri Beth Cohen and her opponent Abbie Cuellar. Next week we will rap it up with the Bernard Shapiro race.


Judge Jeri Beth Cohen has been a member of The Florida Bar for 22 years. She educated herself at Boston U, Harvard, and earned her JD at Georgetown Law School. She was a practicing attorney from 1986-1992 when she was elected a County Court Judge. She spent four years on the bench, in the Criminal Division, and in 1996 she ran, unopposed, for a Circuit Court seat. She has spent the past 12 years in the Juvenile Division and the General Jurisdiction Division.

Judge Cohen has a long history of community involvement both off and on the bench. The list is long and I would direct you to her website to read all about her background. Of note, she began one of the first Dependency Drug Court programs in the country in 1999.

Judge Cohen has not avoided controversy while on the bench. While challenger Cuellar can actually claim being shot at (see below), Judge Cohen can only admit to shooting herself in the foot, a few times. There was the comment about Hispanics many years ago that first got her in trouble. This year, her campaign manager's secretary inadvertently sent out a campaign letter to several prominent attorneys; the letter included the names of several attorneys who had not in fact endorsed her. Then she showed up at the Coral Gables Democratic Club meeting and gave a speech. Only problem - that was a violation of Canon 7 of the Code of Judicial Conduct. She admitted the violation and apologized.

Judge Cohen has been in the news of late; she is the Judge on the City-County-Marlins v. Norman Braman lawsuit. By all accounts, she seems to be doing a great job given the very complicated legal issues and the public nature of the case.

All this publicity has not hurt her one bit in the fundraising category. She has blown away her competitor and The Captain is impressed with the 806 attorneys who have donated over $190,000 to her campaign. Judge Cohen has kicked in an additional $100k.

Check out Judge Cohen at judgejeribethcohen.com.


Ms. Cuellar has been a member of The Florida Bar for 11 years. She earned her legal degree from Rutgers Law School. She runs a solo practice with a concentration in Family law and Criminal law. She is also a Guardian Ad Litem Staff Attorney and has been very committed in that area.

Ms. Cuellar made the news in March when she was driving her Infiniti SUV and suddenly two men jumped out of a van and started shooting a hail of bullets at her windshield. She pulled a Starsky & Hutch reverse move and survived with cuts from the flying glass.

Ms. Cuellar, along with attorney Alan Mishael, represented real estate developer (and former sports agent) Joe Cubas and his wife last year in their unsuccessful effort to become the permanent guardians for a five year old Cuban girl. The Judge - Jeri Beth Cohen. It was the decisions of the Judge and the way she handled the case that motivated Cuellar to run against Cohen.

Cuellar reports raising no money as of her last filing. She did contribute $15,000 of her own money to the campaign.

You can check out abbieforjudge.com for the Cuellar campaign.

Please do your homework on the two candidates. Help out our readers by giving us your comments, pro and con, on each of the candidates.

The election takes place on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

CAPTAIN OUT .........


Anonymous said...

"There was the comment about Hispanics many years ago that first got her in trouble."

WHY DON'T YOU JUST ENDORSE COHEN NOW!! You bash every lawyer in Miami say nasty mean comments about Denise Martinez but stop short of saying exactly what Cohen said about Cubans.

Captain you are a racist bigot!!!

Rumpole said...

Well the Captain wins. 1000th post. Congrats El Capitan.

Anonymous said...

I've appeared in front of Judge Cohen in many cases in different areas for years. She is one of the best. If we lose her in what is clearly a grudge match, it will be our loss.

Anonymous said...


def- daily bathroom ritual; washing, shaving; use of toilet.

Use: With problems at home, the Judge took to doing his daily abolutions in the bathroom in his chambers every morning.

Anonymous said...

Cuellar does criminal law? When? Anyone seen her around?

Anonymous said...

LOL. 1:50..........get some sleep. CABA forgave Cohen.......are they all racists also?

Anyone who's ever known Cohen would tell you that she has no prejudices and is as liberal as the day is long.

Anonymous said...

this is a joke another lawyer trying to cash in like eig becuase they wanted to steal a choild from his parents because he lived in a country we dont like.

cuellar was nothing as an asa and has done nothing since leaving sao which would qualify her to be a judge.
cohen is a whiny pain in the ass but is smart and tries very hard to be up on the law and do the right thing. just wish she would give us our stadium though.

Anonymous said...

I take my Absolutions with orange juice and cranberry making a tasty Madras.

You can absolutely have it just with cranberry for a fine Cape Codder.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Jeri Beth Cohen would be so much better than Abbie Cuellar. In my opinion, Cohen has been on the bench long enough. All of those years behind her, she should have known better than to say certain things. As a judge, she has to exercise discretion, not to mention decorum, and she clearly lacks that when in the public eye. Some new blood would be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

What is even more disgusting is that Judge Cohen was endorsed by a CABA Board member Rolando Sanchez-Medina, even after the fact that she made that comment about Cubans. Mr. Sanchez-Medina, great job!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Captain, her comment was not about "Hipanics" years ago, Judge Cohen made a fact-based comment that Cuban noncitizens convicted of an enumerated felony would not be deported like other non citizen felons.

In true Miami fashion, some foaming-at-the mouth first amendment free speech crushers falsely branded her comment as anti-cuban --- an absolute falsehood.

Please retract that statement painted with such a broad brush.

Abbe Cuellar is a sweet, honest person and caring lawyer with an entreprenurial bent- private practice & coin laundries, and would do well with a good steady judge income with benefits.

Worked with her during her completely undistinguished ASA stint. She is a good person and cares about the community but cannot hold a candle to the intellect, knowledge and experience of Jeri Cohen. I met Jeri when we were both ASAs in the very early 90's, she blew us all (and most of the judges) out of the water and never looked back. Our community NEEDS to keep her on the bench.

Anonymous said...

jeri beth is very photogenic - the camera loves her. how naughty.

Anonymous said...

The exact Cohen quote about Cubans as reported by the Daily Business Review:

“If we deport people back to Cuba, we could empty our jails. We would have it made and be happy, but we cannot.”

Anonymous said...

So if the decision had gone Ms. Cuellar and Mr. Mishaels way, then she wouldn't have run for judge?

Sounds like a team of poor sports!

Anonymous said...

Jeri Beth lacks any judicial demeanor or temperament. And, while "liberal", she is intolerant of hispanics.

Anonymous said...

Haha, that is a comment that could be funny and sad at the same time. But Rolando Sanchez- Medina, you are indeed a disgrace!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a revolting development this is. Two really stupid people who both want to be judge.

Both trying to say that they ever handled a real trial while prosecutors.

One has money and the other wants to be a Cuban as she can be. By the way, she also wanted to be Black when she needed her first job.

Either way, we all lose.

Anonymous said...

Cohen is very intelligent, quite experienced and will usually make the right ruling, consequences be damned (a la Margolius). Yet one cannot overlook the following:

1. She has put her foot in her mouth way too many times. And in a very serious way. Everyone says something they regret from time to time, but someone with commen sense learns from those missteps.

2. She seems to thoroughly enjoy putting down, insulting and screaming at everyone who comes before her. She does so far more often and severe than necessary. Her judicial demeanor is short, to say the least.

3. If she mentions that she went to Harvard one more time, I am going to toss my cookies......

I worked with Abbie Cuellar when we were both ASAs during the 1990s. As 11:20 said, I agree that she did not distinguish herself as a particularly good or bad ASA. Yet she was, and is, a caring, compassionate and thoughtful person, and she was good to work with. And she knows more than most people will give her credit for. Cuellar may not match Cohen's experience or knowledge, but in the demeanor department she wins by a knockout.

Anonymous said...

11:07 you need to check your facts. Cohen has not been endorsed by Roland Sanchez-Medina. Former CABA president Ray Abadin, however is backing her. I know, all those Cubans look alike, sound alike and their names are just too similar.

Anonymous said...

Jeri was right, you know.

She didnt mean the hardworking, law-abiding Cubans. She meant the Cubans that Cuba sent us when fidel opened up his jails and mental instituions.

Fidel laughed and laughed at Jimmy Carter and the cruel joke he played on the US and the Cuban exile community.

Dont blame her for her pointng out the obvious. No one can say anything about Cubans without an onslaught of cries from that community. Thick skinned when they spout conservative ideologies insisting that women be told when to get an abortion and thin skinned when the truth is brought to bear.

Anonymous said...

AP reports the judge ruled that a prenuptial agreement was valid, meaning Ms Walsh-Smith must leave their luxury Park Avenue apartment within 30 days and Mr Smith must pay her $750,000- justice is done

Anonymous said...

the trialmaster has appeared before Judge jeri beth. She has a big mouth and thinks she knows more than she does. I dont know her opponet but the trialmaster thinks it is time for some new blood. she was only in the private sector 6 yrs. The trialmaster does not like the way she tried to scold the attorneys who simply wanted her to rule. She plays to the press. The trialmaster says Jeri Beth must go. Although the trialmaster does find her pouty lips sexy and would like to see her without her robe.

Anonymous said...

Judge Cohen has been a Judge for several years and still does not know the election law. Worse, it seems to me she cares about being re-elected. Makes one wonder if she rules from the hip on big controversial cases or actually reads the law. I would say, hip at this point.

Also, who is CABA to forgive anyone? Who died and made them King/Queen? I smell CABA corruption in the form or sneaky lawyers getting points for their coverup.

Enough is enough. Cohen needs to go. I need to see the statement she made and wonder how can a sitting Judge attend a Democrat event. She should be removed from office.

Smells like a Hector Lombada situation if I ever smelled one. Is Hector involved? Please report Captain.

Anonymous said...

Uhh, don't you mean ABLUTION(S)?!?! Only in Miami...

Anonymous said...

Early shumie time anyone? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Lot's of laffs today!

Cap'n: "Next week we will rap it up with the Bernard Shapiro race."

This means your bios will be rap-style!? Are you up to the challenge? You can't back down now! Can't wait for the Bernie/Denise Rap...could be a hoot!!!! but let's keep it clean and make sure your boxer's aren't showing! Fake Anonymous

Yes, word of the day guys: I grant you absolution! FA

Anonymous said...

"He's jammed up many fax machines. During a hearing in October 1999, Judge Jeri Cohen complained about it. “You are not to fax me anything else,” Cohen ordered. “If you have something. I'm warning you not to do it. Let me tell you something, Mr. McGillis. Look at me. That fax machine is my fax machine. I pay for all the ribbons in that, and since you have started faxing me information my bills -- and I'll call my secretary in here -- have gone up. It's costing me $85 a month in ribbons because of all the junk you've sent me."

Anonymous said...

"Judge Jeri Cohen has questioned his sanity: “Darrin is mentally ill.... You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that he's got severe psychological problems,” she said during a hearing in April 1999."

Gomer said...

Rocket scientists determine people's sanity?

I'll bite.

Anonymous said...

Jeri Cohen is unfit to be a judge.

She is demeaing to lawyers and staff and witnesses. She panders to the press. She yells at lawyers on a regular basis and doesn't have an understading of how to conduct a trial.

She is vain and often makes comments about her purported beauty and intelligence, generally at the expense of some victim who had the unfortunate need to appear in her division.

Judge Cohen is vindictive and inflating her ego is more important than following the law.

Anonymous said...

All you knitpickerss are so pathetic! Knocking Judges for their demeanor and forecasting someone who has never donned the robe as having a better judicial demeanor than others. Please!!!
Y' all must be a real hoot under the sheets!

Jeri Cohen is a fine Judge. She is not a superstar but, if she was, she would take a fasttrack a la Altanaga. Most of the Judges are fine yet, under the microscope, they all have their Jeri-Bethisms.

If you are a real lawyer, in the trenches, fighting for the sheer beauty of the FIGHT, then it is obvious that she just wears her heart on her sleeve. She is one of those judges (that I prefer) that thinks out loud. That does make you a bad person. Genden and Firtel are like that and they are beloved.

Could this be a gender/sex issue? If a tough male judge eyeballs a lawyer and states " I have ruled", he is decisive. Yet Jeri Beth does it and she's mean?

There is nothing wrong with a judge that forecasts where they are going which gives you guidance on how to do your advocacy.

You can't please everybody all the time. With every tough ruling, you will have happy and unhappy campers. Just because you are on the losing side of the argument does not mean you have to whine and try to unseat the Judge!

All this hispanic talk (to a very Latinized gringo) sounds so stupid! How can there be a hispanic basher in a hispanic-majority town? How can that even be an issue? With so many hispanic interests, is it not inevitable for a judge to rule, for the sake of the law, against the majority? Is that bigotry or the realities of South Florida.

Other minorities take it on the chin all the time, without all the crying and whining and race bashing. Show some backbone and class.

Jeri Cohen, who is just a regular woman, tries to do the right thing. She may make mistakes but everybody does.

She did start out as a young, inexperienced Judge but, today, she is fine, there is nothing wrong with her and she deserves to stay on the bench.

Abbe Cuellar, who I have never met and know nothing about, may be a very solid candidate but she picked another candidate who, instead of taking the safe, conservative, pandering route (and you know who you are), tries to issue... opinions.

The thing that all of you missed...a young ex-prosecutor, who did not create a real impact while being in the SAO decides to run for Judge? Sounds like the same beefs against Jeri Cohen when she ran in 1992.

I like most of the Judges, they mean well, try hard, get trained at judicial conferences and do the best they can. Yet, in order to be in their position, is it simply entering an illogical popularity contest? It is obvious that race and ethnicity are the components for the campaign. Since when are the merits relevant to the general population?

Anonymous said...

Captain, your posting that Abbie's decision to run was the way Judge Cohen handled the Cubas case is not accurate.I can attest to the fact that she and I spoke many times about her running for Judge over the past four years ,long before Rafael Izquerdo or Joe Cubas ever entered into Judge Cohen's courtroom.Abbie has the desire,intellect,temperment,and knowledge to serve the Public as Judge.

Anonymous said...

Judge Cohen is intelligent, hardworking and fair. Period. For someone to run against her because that person didn't like how the Cuban Missile Crisis trial worked out is ridiculous.

Sure, she can be mercurial. But JBC works her ass off and wants to do what's right. Period. She deserves to retain her seat.

Anonymous said...

what JBC said about deporting Cubans was right, although a stupid thing to say publicly. it is a disgrace that Cubans alone among immmgrants can come to this country and deal dope and commit Medicare fraud and not get deported. can anyone really argue that miami wouldnt be a better place if we could deport serious criminals back to cuba like we do to any other shitty latin american country run by a bufoonish thug?

Anonymous said...

Rump, can this be true?

"Speaking on the condition of anonymity, highly placed sources in the Jerri Beth Cohen campaign refused to deny reports that the very difficult and controversial civil cases that have been assigned to her this year were assigned based on the belief by the "chief judge and other judges" that she was the most competent jurist to oversee these difficult cases. The source said: "I'm not saying the chief judge can just willy nilly assign cases, but ask yourself why time and again Jerri gets the tough cases? Luck? And do you believe in Santa Claus too?" "

Anonymous said...

Scott Saul's little love letter about Jeri Beth is revolting. What a little sniveling suck-up he is. Sure, Jeri Beth is book smart but she lacks manners and common sense. She is beyond rude - she is arrogant to a degree, that even amongst the judiciary, is quite astonishing. If I ever hear that woman say again "But this is MMMEEEE you're talking to" it will be too soon. I hope the voters do some talking and bring a talented, caring, smart and courteous person to the bench.

Anonymous said...

It is evident that all of those postings acollades about judge Jeri Beth Cohen have not been before her in denpendency. Otherwise, it would be very clear that she is arrogant, rude,and disrespectful to all that come before her. She has being suffering from severe robe-itis for several years now and it is about time that someone finally has the ovaries to run against her.

Anonymous said...

David Nelson for
Clerk of the Courts


I started my public service career in 1982.

I've been a U.S. Army Sergeant and Blackhawk helicopter crewchief. And a U.S. Air Force Flight Engineer on a C-141.

I started teaching in 1992 and have been at every level: high school, middle school and elementary school. My certification includes: Biology, Educational Media, and Educational Leadership.

I have a Bachelor's degree and two graduate degrees.

I'm currently a Media Specialist(Library Director)

I'm married with one child.

Some of you might remember....

I received just under 250,000 votes in 2002 as the Florida Democratic Nominee for a Cabinet position.

Please vote again for a proven candidate and leader with the integrity, professional experience and vitality to lead the Clerk's Office far into the future.

Taken from David's web site.

Anonymous said...

scott saul,[whoever he is]has a brown nose with respect to his post. most judges[not stan, kevin or marc] are judges because they cant make a nickle in private practice. saul is probably a bottm feeder similar to gaer and the others who have offices on "bondsman row".

Anonymous said...

rump delete Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:00:00 PM

or be branded a bigot forever.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, the post from

"Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:00:00 PM"

is so racist that if you allow this to continue, it will be more than clear that you feel the same way.

Thus, I will tell my friends to vote anti-Anglo.

Hope you make the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see this story on CNN about the child molester out on bond after conviction?


I'm really hoping there's something missing from this story, I can't remember any Judge, no matter how defense oriented, doing something like this anything like this.

Rumpole said...

10:52 and 12:41- welcome to the United States Of America. We use a small document here called the Constitution. After the Constitution was written, a few amendments were added. Right now I'm talking about the first ten, specifically the first one. The first ten are called "the bill of rights" and the first one deals with freedom of speech.

Let me clue you into how this blog works, as you seem unable to grasp the concept:


That means that while your sentiment about deporting Cubans may be something I agree with, I think the person who thinks the other way has a right to say it.

In the end, ideals like that create the type of freedom that people will risk their lives for on rafts to enjoy.

See how it works?

And guess what is the bonus part? Because we have this freedom, you are free to call me a racist, although not on my blog.

Have a nice day, and I'm sure any Library has a copy of the Constitution for you to peruse, or because you have a computer you can Google it.

Anonymous said...

Scott Saul, put your jeans on.

Anonymous said...


Lesperance blasted in Herald's recommendation of Lindsey. Jeez, how many times have you jokingly told a cop to not show up for court?

Herald overlooked how Lindsey rose to her appointment through Bush fundraising by hubby. Great judgment giving max to psychobitch Katherine Harris and $2,000 to Bush-Cheney.Also overlooked that she is still a deer in the headlights.

Sweet pics of her must have swayed the male editors.

Anonymous said...

Captain, wake up, we're running aground! In the brain, automatic behavior is ruled by Hebb's Axiom; neurons that fire together, wire together. Cohen and friends fire stories as the first neuron and the imagination of the blind sheep go to town! Don't be so quick to dismiss Abbie Cuellar. The fact you have not seen Abbie in action only tells me where you have been. Cohen has been sucking the air out of courthouse rooms for years, boring us with her rants and sharing way to much about her menopausal state. This Judge gives courtroom decorum a bad name.

It is you who have not done your homework-- but you have to be awake for that. Cuellar has a reputation, you know something others bestow upon you, for being THE knife you pull out of the drawer. The fact that Cohen has been around for many years simply gives her the name recognition, not superior intelligence. Have you really seen Cohen in action? I doubt it. You're going by hearsay, just like all the other Axiom affected ones. Your opinion in this insider "vote generator" matters and you owe your readers better quality. Try to be conscious when you comment, will you?

Anonymous said...

Lesperance- oUCH.

ferdaro said...

The fact that almost everyone on this site post anonymously speaks volumes. Anyone who does not agree with Cohen better walk around ducking knives for a while; that's how it works here. How does bright Judge Cohen not know the rules of campaigning after being in office so long. I tell you what she does know; how to intimidate colleagues and manipulate their staff. We all know why she transferred to the civil division- mucho campaign money. And let's not forget the megaplan trial maneuver in an attempt to win back the Cuban players after her lack luster performance; backfiring as we speak.

Anonymous said...


Ohhh you're making me hot with these words.


Attorney Rejected By The Princess,
proud member since 2008

(I'm close to hitting 100 rejections)

Anonymous said...

Dear Rumpole,
That poster is not only ignorant of the Costitution, but also uses threats. Nice. In fact, most Cuban (and other non-US born) lawyers I know are extremely protective of the Constitution and ALL the rights granted, because they know that it's a slippery slope and next thing you know, you are Fidel Jr. when you start to quell free speech.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of ALL the incumbents is what I say!
Term Limits!
2 terms of 6 years and, automatically... Outta there!

Anonymous said...

Shumie annoys me. But in a rogue-ish sort of charming way.

However, Rump you'd better step in before this Shumie/q feud gets out of hand and ends up in court before Jerri Beth Cohen (she gets all the big cases, right?)

We don't want either of those guys going to the mattresses do we?

Anonymous said...

I've practiced as a defense attorney for years in Miami. I've firsthand seen both Ms. Cuellar and Judge Cohen. Judge Cohen isn't the posterchild for polite, but her track record in the community and the work she has done on behalf of childrena and women speaks volumes.

On the other hand, Ms. Cuellar, is BLAND, not particularly well versed in the law, not an overtly zealous advocate on behalf of her clients, in fact, not even that impressive when she speaks. Is she polite and seemingly nice, sure but that doesn't give her the qualifications to be a Judge

Anonymous said...

Jeri "Judge Judy" Cohen is a kind hearted person this is a fact. Cohen is also a very smart legal mind. But Cohen is not Judge material because a Judge cannot call people names, racial profile or speak in a unprofessional manner to the party she disagrees with.

I will say this Cohen would make a great appeals court Judge on the 3rd DCA or even Supreme Court because she so legally smart and rarely reversed on appeal. Also add the fact appeals court Judges do not deal with litigants she is perfect for the job.

So many of the current and past 3rd DCA Judges have privately commented on the countless transcripts they have read of Judge Judy part II going off at the mouth. Cohen is affirmed almost always but her mouth is still a problem ask anyone who has practiced in her Court.

If re-elected Cohen would be a perfect Judge if she did less talking and more listening. Just be shut up.

Rumpole said...

"no fan of...?" Its you nutty. Don't you know I always know when its you?

That being said the crack comment was inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

I will vote based on the better web site:




After careful review Judge Cohen has my vote. If Abbie's web site is any indication of how she will be as a Judge we are in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hey Abbie.
Add something on your website to give us information on where to send contribution.
The fact that Ray Aba-don't and 'Lombada' are JB Cohens biggest supporters just gives me another reason to help you out.

Anonymous said...

Business Review picking on Segarra. TOO funny.

Link to Blog posting

Anonymous said...

Ok, so Judge Cohen does not express herself in the best way possible and says things that are offensive. I don't even care for her to remain a judge anyway, she got her self in trouble. But what bothers me is that Abbie Cuellar decided to run against Cohen mostly because she knows that she could use the " i am a hispanic and she is not" card. When are people going to run based on their qualifications and not race? Cuellar only ran against Cohen because Cohen is Jewish. Abbie is no better than Denise Martinez who ran against Shapiro or Migna Sanchez llorens who ran against Judge Schwartz. When these bottom feeder attorneys or "wanna be judges" going to stop running dirty campaigns against good judges who happen not to have a hispanic last name?

Anonymous said...

900PM reminds us that racism is alive and well in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Web sites, DBR's new blog has an item about another candidate. Funny. Check it out here: http://dailybusinessreview.typepad.com/insidetrack/

Anonymous said...

I have appeared before Judge Cohen quite a number of times in criminal court, civil court and dependency court. She is well-versed in the law and always very well prepared. She is also willing to make the legally correct but politically incorrect ruling. She has done so much for the community including, but not limited to, starting the dependency drug court program. Yes, she can be curt with an unprepared lawyer or a lawyer making a ridiculous argument or a parent who is not complying with a court order. But that is a reason to be prepared before appearing before her, not to run against her.

I also know Abbie Cuellar from her days with the State Attorney's Office and from dependency court--in both of which arenas she can best be described as mediocre. Neither very good nor very bad. Certainly, she is polite and a nice woman. But running against a quality sitting judge because you didn't like her ruling(s) on a high-profile case is no reason to challenge her. Abbie just does not compare to Judge Cohen who deserves to be re-elected if we want to keep proven qualified jurists on the bench.

Had Abbie chosen to run in the Migna-Manny, Velis-Cueto, Garcia- Glick races, then I just might have supported her.

Rumpole said...

I'm dangerously close to banning further comments about Judge Cohen because

1) I am bored by them
2) I have this vision of two people sitting in front of their computers trading insults for and against judge Cohen and her opponent. I mean I could care less about this race.

Anonymous said...

Manny Segarra's website proudly announces his endorsement by the El Carajo restaurant.

According to the Urban Dictionary:

1. Carajo
Literally meant the lookout basket in the top mast of a Spanish galeon ship. Sailors would get very sea sick when assigned to this post, so when they would think of becoming mutinous, the captain would send them up to the carajo as punishment. Hence the Spanish interjection meaning anything from get out of here, go fly a kite, go fuck yourself, etc...
Vete para el carajo.
No me importa un carajo, I don't care a shit!


Hey Rump:

You haven't seen nuttin yet. Just wait until next week when I get to post the race between Shairo and Scanziani.

Now that's when the real fireworks will begin.

Sit back and enjoy. You have 63 comments while the Southern District Blog has 4.

Cap Out

Anonymous said...

With all that being said, I would still afford Jeri Beth shelter for the night.

Anonymous said...

8:08, well put Rump!

10:11, might I offer you some advice-- try asking the princess and/or leaving her an intelligent comment/question. Not only will she publish it she may if you're lucky respond back.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Chumbly seem like it should be some fuzzy animal in a Disney movie?

"What's that?" said Poo?

"Oh, that's just a Chumbly" said Eyore. "We get a lot of Chumblys in these parts of the woods this time of year."

Anonymous said...

The poster who threatened to vote against every anglo if Rump doesn't remove the 9 pm entry also reminds us that racism is alive in Miami.

Both posters should be ashamed.


Anonymous said...

SHUMIE SHOCKER!!!!! details to follow. News at 5 with video.

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald recommends
For Miami-Dade Circuit Court, Group 42
Posted on Thu, Jul. 24,2008

Voters should have no problem deciding for whom to vote in this race. Judge Norma S. Lindsey, who was appointed to the bench by former Gov. Jeb Bush 2 ½ years ago, has demonstrated all of the attributes of a good judge, including intelligence, compassion, judicial temperament and knowledge of the law. She should be retained on the bench.

Lisa V. Lesperance, a private-practice attorney, is challenging Judge Lindsey for the seat. Ms. Lesperance, 43, has the distinction of having been reprimanded once by the Florida Bar during her 14 years of practice. The case involved a comment she made to a neighbor who happened to be a police officer scheduled to testify in a case in which Ms. Lesperance's client was charged with DUI. Ms. Lesperance says she jokingly told the officer that there was no need to show up for the hearing. The officer did not appear. The license suspension against Ms. Lesperance's client was dropped.

Before her appointment, Judge Lindsey was a civil litigator for several law firms. She also handled a range of legal affairs for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Miami-Dade County. Between 2001-05, she was chairperson of the Judicial Nominating Commission, which screens judicial candidates. In civic affairs, Judge Lindsey volunteers as a judge in students' mock-court trials and participates in the state Supreme Court's Justice Teaching program.

For Miami-Dade County Court, Group 42, The Miami Herald recommends Judge NORMA S. LINDSEY.

Anonymous said...

—Billy Shields you are brillant great blog on manny.

Anonymous said...

Since when is "Cuban" a race? Why should a refugee from Cuba get treated any differently than someone from Venezuela or Nicaragua? Wet foot dry foot is total crap. Try explaining that policy to the boatload of Haitians that are sent back to that hellhole. Making an exception for that one country makes no sense, unless you are trying to get votes in S. Florida.

Anonymous said...

In reading the Lesperance-Lindsey article, noticed Lindsey was apparently appointed while on the JNC or just after resigning, isn't there some restriction about the time between serving on a JNC and eligibility for appointment. Oh well, I guess if Jeb did it it must be right?

Anonymous said...

Love Jeri Beth. She's yelled at me and my clients plenty and I still love her. She cares about this community and wears her heart on her sleeve, smart as a whip too. Love her.

Anonymous said...

I dealt with Jeri Beth Cohen in the early 90s when she was a ASA. She was always a straight shooter as a prosecutor. Yes she does get passionate in her demeanor, but SHE IS NOT MEAN SPIRTED, she cares. That is not a bad quality on the bench. I like her, she is not afraid to make the tough, if unpopular ruling, even if or when she knows that it will be used against her in the next election. It seems that is why she has an opponent this time.
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

After serving on the JNC, you cannot be appointed for two years. I dont know if that applies for different JNCs. So if you are on the DCA JNC or Supreme Court JNC, I dont know if that bars you from going through a circuit JNC.

Anonymous said...

She may have apposition because of the child custody matter. But she will lose the race because she screamed at every Miami Dade voter over the past 16 yrs on the bench.

The people will now scream back!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, the banning comments comes from your own comments in the past 2 years. Not only do you take sides, you also deny first amendment privileges and allow others to abuse them. Judges are public figures and thus, open to criticism of all kinds as you know. (LAW 101) Issue here is that you allow for non-lawyers to be abused and cover others up. This behavior also happens with groups. You have trashed some and baby others. Either let this be an open forum or be totally PC.

There lies the issue buddy.

I am out. Have a massive migraine.

Anonymous said...

10:55--------ever hear of discretion? Or responsible journalism? I guess not. This is not a black and white issue. Rump is doing the right thing by operating in the gray zone. And, he has posted PLENTY of items bashing judges (I guess you missed those posts).

I don't agree with all of Rump's decisions, but I applaud him for taking responsibility and trying to do the right thing. That's a lot more than I can say for some of the folks posting on this and other sites.


Anonymous said...

the only reason jbc may lose is because she spoke truth to power in this town

Anonymous said...

Cohen, you got the Herald endorsement, but not mine of anyone I know.

Stop writing on the blog. I can believe 2 people saying you are great, but more than that I know it is you. Go back to the Democratic Party and talk again. Are you being prosecuted for this mistake made by a sitting Judge. Yikes. Guess you do not read the law well Judge.

Herald, what say you?

Anonymous said...

The Miami Herald recommends for Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Group 50
Posted on Sat, Jul. 26, 2008

The Miami Herald recommends
Abby Cynamon, a supervising attorney with Miami-Dade courts, and Ricardo Corona, a lawyer and former banker, are both looking to replace Judge Stuart M. Simons, who is retiring at the end of December. Only one of them will be successful. We think that person should be Ms. Cynamon, who is our clear choice in this race.
Law is Mr. Corona's second career. A graduate of the University of Miami School of Law, he has practiced since 1997. He previously was a businessman and banker. In the 1980s, Mr. Corona, 54, was an officer of now-defunct Sunshine State Bank, which was embroiled for years in a fight with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation over allegations that the bank was being mismanaged. Mr. Corona and his family ultimately prevailed when a federal appeals court ruled that the family's remedies for the troubled bank ``did not constitute abuse of discretion.''

As supervising staff attorney for the 11th Judicial Circuit, Ms. Cynamon, 48, attends hearings, drafts legal memos, researches laws and writes opinions that help judges rule on civil, criminal, family, appellate and administrative cases. She has wanted to be a judge since she was a 9-year-old unwitting party in her parents' divorce. A Miami-Dade judge questioned her gently and kindly, teaching Ms. Cynamon a lesson that she has carried into adulthood.

Ms. Cynamon was placed in a foster home as a 12-year-old after her mother died. She devoted herself to hard study and hard work, which won her scholarships and hardscrabble jobs that allowed her to earn a law degree. Ms. Cynamon is active in Foster Care Review, the Mental Health Association of Miami, the Cuban American Bar Association and other groups.

For Miami-Dade County Circuit Court, Group 50, The Miami Herald recommends ABBY CYNAMON.

Anonymous said...

I too like Jeri Beth but, I did trials before her and she could not shut up and let us do our jobs.

Sorry, she needs to move on to another job.

Out of court, she is a very nice person who means well but, can not keep her mouth from saying stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Incredible how the Miami Herald forgot to speak about Jerri Beth Cohen's comment about the Cuban Community.

Can anyone fax that around please?

Seems the Herald needs a wake-up call on its racist segregationist practices.

Hector! Why don't you fax what Cohen said and your letter forgiving her to the different members of the Spanish media in South Florida since you are all that and a bag of chips?

What say you?

Anonymous said...

The Cynamon-Corona race is a joke. Two candidates who shouldn't even be thinking of taking the bench. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Damn that Scott Saul is entertaining. Says whatever he wants, doesn't give a shit, usally is accurate. He needs his own blog.

Anonymous said...

I love Judge Cohen.

I love her so much, I think she needs to be back in private practice so other can hire her and feel her fury as a client.

Enough said, bring Judge Jeri Beth Cohen back to Earth in 2008!