Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Steve Chaykin dies in accident.

RUMPOLE UPDATE: The federal blog has the details of the untimely death of attorney Steve Chaykin who died in Colorado rescuing his wife who slipped and fell into a stream during a hike. The title of the post links to the Herald's story. David Markus's blog also has articles from the Colorado papers. 



Welcome to our ninth and final report in a series of reviews of the contested judicial races. Over the past two plus months we have attempted to introduce you to the 19 candidates that are running for the nine contested judicial seats in Miami-Dade County.

In Week One, we focused on the only contested County Court race of Lindsay v. Lesperance. Since then, we have provided you with the Circuit Court races of Cueto v. Velis; Migna v. Manny; Colodny v. Kopco v. Millan; Garcia v. Glick; Corona v. Cynamon; Caballero v. Chumbley; and Cohen v. Cuellar.

Today we cover the ninth and final race in Group 57 between incumbent Judge Bernard Shapiro and his opponent Denise Martinez-Scanziani.


Ms. Scanziani has been a member of The Florida Bar since May of 2000. She graduated from the University of Florida School of Law and began practicing as a Staff Attorney for Legal Aid of Broward County. Soon after, she opened up her own private practice and she now handles family law, real estate and probate matters.

Ms. Scanziani is 33 years old and if my recollection serves me correctly, she would be just slightly older that the youngest ever Circuit Court Judge in our County, Judge Thomas E. Scott, (who went on to become a Federal District Court Judge and was also the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida for a three year stint).

Many of the regular readers of this BLOG know that I hit Ms. Scanziani pretty hard on February 23, 2008 with a piece that I ran about her campaign. I will not provide you with the laundry list of details, but I feel that I must recap the history that caused me to write such a strong article.

On February 15, 2008, Ms. "Denise Scanziani" filed papers to run in County Court Group 34, which was Judge Sarduy's seat. The only problem with that was the seat was not open as a result of the JNC conducting interviews to replace Judge Sarduy, (who had been named to the Circuit Court bench). On February 20th, Ms. "Denise Martinez-Scanziani" filed new papers. This time she filed to run in Group 17 of the County Court against incumbent Judge Eric Hendon. (It was the name change that drew all the attention).

Finally, on May 2, 2008, at approximately 11:59 AM, (the deadline for qualifying was NOON that day), Ms. Martinez-Scanziani, switched again and filed against Judge Shapiro.

If you missed all of the fireworks, I would direct you to read the front page pieces by The Captain on Feb. 23 and Ms. Scanziani's reply on March 2 and the more than 135 comments written by our readers, (including my rebuttal that was posted on March 3rd at 6:42 pm).

As for raising money, Ms. Scanziani has a lot of catching up to do. To date, she has raised only $7,289 from 35 donors. She has added $2,000 of her own money into the kitty.

Check out Denise at deniseforjudge.com.


Judge Shapiro has been a member of The Florida Bar since 1973. He graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. He first ascended to the County Court bench in 1987 and in 1990 voters elected him to the Circuit Court where he still sits 18 years later. In between, he was reelected in 1996 and in 2002. He has never faced opposition in any of his races for judge.

Judge Shapiro sits in the Family Division and has also been assigned in the past to the General Jurisdiction and Criminal Divisions. He began his career as a jurist handling DUI and traffic cases and then moved into general misdemeanors and civil cases. Prior to becoming a judge, Shapiro was in private practice for 14 years first trying PI and work comp cases and then handling family law matters.

Judge Shapiro is far ahead in the fundraising department having pulled in $94,789 from 384 contributors. He has also kicked in $25,200 of his own money.

Judge Shapiro's website can be found at voteforshapiro.com. (UPDATED)

Please do your homework on the two candidates. Help out our readers by giving us your comments, pro and con, on each of the candidates.

It has been a pleasure to provide our readers with this weekly series over the past couple of months. I must congratulate our readers for providing mostly positive input as to who they feel are the most qualified candidates for these nine seats. At times, the debate got a bit raucous, but all in all I think it was a positive exercise in the way a BLOG can be useful to our profession. I hope that you learned some new information along the way about the candidates (certainly a lot more than you would have garnered from those weak Herald endorsement pieces), and I hope that we helped you form a decision on whom you may end up casting your ballots for at election time. If we did, then we did good.

Rump has been nice enough to give me the vine and I have tried to use it fairly and, without taking sides, just present the facts ala Joe Friday.

Look forward to seeing you on Election Day with those real-time returns.

The election takes place on Tuesday, August 26, 2008.

CAPTAIN OUT .........


Anonymous said...

You couldn't find a website for Judge Shapiro? It was on this blog several weeks ago that someone mentioned that Judge Shapiro had the best judicial campaign website this election cycle - the only one with a walking, talking jurist - go to voteforshapiro.com.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it is late.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH FOR DENISEFORJUDGE: When a judge rules against you and you think that the judge is wrong, your remedy is not to run for judicial office against some other judge - any other judge - your remedy is to TAKE AN APPEAL.

Anonymous said...

No website for Shapiro? Check out www.voteforshapiro.com

He walks, he talks.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's got a billboard...cha ching!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a civil lawyer. I have tried cases before Judge Bernard Shapiro. He's no ball of fire, but he is patient, smart, courteous, he reads everything you give him and he tries hard to be fair. I don't know how much more you can ask. I don't know Ms. Scanziana-Martinez, but it irks me that a lawyer 8 years out of law school would challenge a fine, competent judge like this.

Anonymous said...

Denise, I appeared before Thomas Scott, I knew Judge Scott, Tom Scott was a friend of mine. Ms. Scanziani, you're no Thomas Scott.

Anonymous said...

Former Broward Sheriff Ken Jenne, in federal prison for a public-corruption conviction, has agreed to a five-year loss of his law license, according to Jenne's attorney David Bogenschutz.

Bogenschutz originally had sought a three-year suspension and the Florida Bar sought permanent disbarment. The two parties reached this compromise in June.

Anonymous said...

Bernie may be a blah guy but, he is a very good judge and she has no business running against him.

Anonymous said...

I am told the Review is putting out a huge insert this year covering all the races in South Florida, but is not making endorsments. It also includes lenghty surveys of the candidates. Supposedly it will put it out in their newspaper and doing some wider distribution to libraries, colleges and universities and other places. That's what I know.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Shapiro (did a trial with him and thought he was pretty weak on the law and that he did a mediocre, at best, job of controlling the courtroom), but I can't abide by people who pander to the masses (especially by singling out minorities or other discrete groups) the way Scanziani is. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...


I applaud your fair and unbiased reporting. Yeah right.

Anyone who knows her would recognize her intelligence. You attack her as if to say she is pretending to be something she is not. Her parents are Cuban immigrants and her husband is Hispanic also. You forgot to metion that Denise Martinez-Scanziani finished undergrad with High Honors and Law School with Honors. She has chosen to take the positive approach to this campaign and she has my vote!!!

She's not bad to look at either!

Anonymous said...

Is shapiro's website:


Anonymous said...

Judge Shapiro, isnt he that Weekend at Bernie's guy? LOOKS like it to me, Bern. P.S. How is Tawny?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Judge Blake having a hearing today on the PD's office refusal to take new felony appointments? Any word on how it went?

Anonymous said...

Judge Shapiro presides over his courtroom in a quiet and dignified manner. He might be better known by more lawyers if he were confrontational and rude, but that is not his nature.
Lawyers who practice before him agree that he is gracous and polite. He treats lawyers and litigants with courtesy - and has for the past 21 years. They know that they will receive a full hearing and a fair ruling from him based on the facts and the law. His 33-year old opponent may be intelligent, but she has no trial experience. Okay, so maybe other people lacking trial experience have been elected to the judiciary. Two wrongs don't make a right. She is adept at "time management?" So is Judge Shapiro. He has many, many other qualities that make him the right choice in this race.
No one doubts that his opponent is of Hispanic heritage. The fact that she began using her maiden name that she had not used for ten years to amplify that fact for the electorate is a transparent ploy. It demonstrates a lack of dignity and integrity - and apparently a belief that she had no chance of being elected without the name. And she's right.

Anonymous said...

2:43.."cohn is a horrible creature"??? You might not like him but I worked for him for 4 years. He is smart, LOVES the law, and is a hard worker. One of his favorite sayings when I worked for him was that he would have time to rest when he was dead. As a lawyer in private practice, he genuinely cared for his clients. I saw that first hand.
In short...I take offense to your statement!
E. Garcia

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:14 pm - the Weekend at Bernie's guy? You're just jealous because he's so handsome - and that great head of thick hair - more than you can say for a lot of men his age !!!

Anonymous said...

People use their Hispanic names all the time to go against Jewish Judges. Abby Cuellar is doing it to Judge Cohen as we speak- an incompetent attorney against a fine judge of 16 years. Migda Sanchez did the same thing two years ago against one of the finest- Judge Shelly Schwartz.

Denise, grow up!

Why do these incompetent women who happen to have a hispanic name choose to challenge the best judges we have?

You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Go back to law school or something.

Anonymous said...

Judge Bernard Shapiro is a good, fair judge, a gentleman, and a very nice person. There is just no reason for that woman to be running against him - aside from her being influenced by those who engage in dirty, nasty politics.

Anonymous said...

Funny how not one person can really say a bad thing about Bernie.

Bernie is the kind of judge we need. He is nice, blah,kind and does not make a big deal out of being a judge.

Come on, the truth is that she is a total flaming jerk for running against a very good judge who has not pissed off anyone in all those years on the bench.

Anonymous said...

I am just sick to my stomach.

In 2006 that looney JA was attacking Judges, even calling them anti Semitic names and yes that was all about the last name because Juan made it that way. He was a hater. Now this year you all want to play the same deck of cards but one player is not at the table and that’s Juan. Without Juan dealing the cards you all are nothing but exactly what I disliked about Juan in 2006, HATERS!!

I have news for you - this town has over one million two hundred thousand Latins, compared to only a half a million white’s. This is a town of citizens who come from different parts of Latin America and for any white person to diss any one of these citizens based on there last name for running for a public office is disgusting!

This is America and we should be proud that young people can rise to the level to one day seek public office. To slam them because of there last name is purely hate trash talk. Go back to the day when some of the old timers first ran for Judge. When the Jewish vote dominated you will see they too were young lawyers fresh out of law school. Judge Cohen is a perfect example she had less time as a lawyer then Denise Martiunez when she took office.

So what gives?

The Miami Herald is losing readers at a rate so fast that they just cut half there staff. This blog is run by a old timer who I can bet is not Latin. The world is changing and it’s time to realized in Miami Florida, Latin people good and bad are the majority citizens of this community and if you do not like it move to Broward.

I for one loss all respect for the Herald when I read the Cohen endorsement. Because they were not even honest. They could not even mention the admitted to comments made by Judge Cohen about Cuban’s. Why? Also the Herald could not just simply endorse they had to slam the opposition. WHY? Those old timers at the Herald need to get a clue or lose more readers at an alarming rate.

In 2006, I supported Faber, Leifman, Schwartz, etc; because I felt it was about hate towards the Anglo candidates. This time around the shoe may be on the other foot.

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, 10:28 am and 11:11 am, we lived in a democracy. While it may irk you or you may think she has no business filing against Judge Shapiro, she is exercising her right in a democratic society to run against an incumbent. I’m puzzled why attorneys would question Ms. Scanziani Martinez’ right to challenge an elected official. This year we had forty one judges up for election and only four were challenged. Instead of questioning her right as a citizen to challenge an incumbent we should be encouraging more people to run against incumbents. Then maybe we would have a judiciary worthy of our respect. Stop complaining about her exercising her rights in a democracy and exercise your own right to vote.

Anonymous said...

8:37-- where?

Rumpy-- very well presented information.

Attorney Rejected By The Princess,
-proud member since 2008



We have updated the post to reflect the website for Judge Shapiro.

Thank you to our readers.

Cap Out .....



Yes, Judge Blake has been in court all day hearing the Motion filed by BB's office to not be appointed to any new felony cases.

We understand that the witnesses have included Bennett Brummer, Carlos Martinez, Rory Stein and other members of the PD's office.

The testimony continues on Thursday.

Cap Out ...

Anonymous said...

Check this folks.

The minority judges the large other minority in Miami-Dade.

If anyone plays the race card in Miami-Dade, it is the sitting Judges who do not want to face the changing of the guard.

Enough said.

Ref.: Meek v. Dade County

Anonymous said...

My first question on cross of Brummer, Stein, Weed and Martinez would be -

Isn't it true you yourself have
actually represented zero clients in the past year?

Second question -

You are a criminal defense attorney right?

Third question -

Well then if you are so concerned with the high caseloads of your attorneys, why not help alleviate
some of that by handling cases yourself?

Fourth question -

You office has a need for more attorneys correct?

Fifth question -

Yet you still have investigators, social workers, paralegals and
other support staff that you haven't let go to make room for
more attorneys?

This whole thing is a total joke.
Anyone who has worked in that office in the past 10 years will tell you that the top 25 lawyers at the top do barely any actual criminal defense representation.

Get them up off their asses, fire
some support staff, hire more lawyers and everything is OK.


Anonymous said...

Brummer, Martinez, Stein...

BORING!!! Except for a few testy exchanges between them and Don Horn they were as dull as dishwater.

The real "show" came late in the evening when a hotty (tall, blonde, need I say more) APD (Webber?) gave her emotional (I'm sure I saw a tear.) testimony about how she failed her poor child porn defendant and because she was so overworked he ended up getting 5 yrs. If she gets this choked up about a pedophile she must be a sobbing wreck when she loses an autotheft case.

The saga continues Thurs, 8am, CtRm 2-4.

Anonymous said...

Under the previous post, Anonymous at Tuesday, July 29, 2008 4:05:00 PM said:

WOW!! No let me say that again WOW!!

"Abby Cynamon has spent $308,373.58 on her Campaign to date! The donations only totaled $66,000.00 and she has loaned the Campaign $300,000.00 has any one told her that you cannot buy a seat on the court? Well maybe you can?

I have seen Judicial Candidates put up alot of cash to scare off opposition but I have never seen one spend a quarter of a million dollars of there own cash."

It seems like this poster hasn't been paying attention to previous elections. In 2006, for example, two candidates for circuit court spent over a quarter million dollars of their own cash to get elected: Josie Perez Velis spent $330,000 and Valerie Manno Schurr spent $305,790.

Anonymous said...


I love this comment from Diaz De La Portilla:

''I understand that Dr. Stinson supports the status quo,'' he said. Before that he called Stinson "disrespectful.''

Both true. If you look at the poor performing schools, you will see they are mostly in his District. He needs to be replaced and leave room for progress. His District suffers from his Mafia tactics. The best way to help that District is to get rid of him.

I suggest that UTD push for a Term Limit Amendment to the MDCPS to alleviate School Board Members with clear special interest as well as that desire for the famous "status quo."

Anonymous said...

Steve Chaykin passed away todya at 57 in a hiking accident in Colorado.


Anonymous said...

Is it just my client, or are others having major problems with Corrections? My bondsman tried posting a bond at 1pm and they prohibited him doing it until 1:30am. I had to call the on duty judge because the in court officer did not accurately note the jail card (oh and by the way they decided my client was not needed in court for his bond hearing). After the bond was posted, the corporal in charge of releases waited 3.5 hours to review the paperwork, because he was doing what at 4am?

My bondsman says this is a big problem that is occurring very often. Anyone else having these problems?

Jonathan Davidoff

Anonymous said...

So I'm reading the wiki article on Miami-Dade County and under external links I find:

Judicial branch

Miami-Dade Traffic Ticket Attorney

Some traffic hack placed his law firm link at the top of the Judicial Links for Miami-Dade County.

Check it out:


Wiki Link:


Anonymous said...

our good friend steve chaykin died in a hiking accident in aspen. he leaves behind his wife melissa and his daughter sydney, whom he loved very much.

Anonymous said...

Re: 6:10 Well said - it get's tiresome to hear complaints about someone having the audacity to run for office. I've heard it here for the last 22 years. The names change, but the liberal identity politics never ends.

Re: 7:28 When you learn to express your thoughts in English, try again. I think you had a thought there you were trying to get out, but that was pathetic. Meek? What the hell you talkin' 'bout?

Anonymous said...

6:08 pm...........get a clue. No one is bashing Scanziani for her last name. We're bashing her for ADDING the Martinez for the purposes of the election. I don't care if she's black, white, brown, green, blue or yellow. I don't care what religion, if any, she believes in. I DO care that she added the last name (after not using it professionally and not including it in her originally filing [and don't even try to tell us that she simply forgot half her name] for purely political reasons.

People have the right to free speech and the right to run for whatever office they qualify for, that doesn't make it right.

Anonymous said...


He was a man of good character. It is a great loss. I really feel sympathy for him.
God may bless him.

Anonymous said...

6:10, the point is, there are a number of bad judges. why not challenge them instead of going after a good one? 6:08, you're sick to your stomach because you are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Terrible news about Steve. Just Terrible.

Services here??

Anonymous said...

OMG - WTF- I sure picked the wrong time to move to Miami - So 6:08 says that there are 1.2 million Latins in Miami and only a half million "whites." Funny, I'm just a dumb blonde, but I thought that some Latins WERE white - guess I need to learn about who's who here in South Florida - things are really different here. Then, 6:10 says that it's Ms. Scalafani-Martinez' constitutional right to run for judge against whomever she wants. Okay, I get it now. So, like, everybody with a Hispanic (or Latin) sounding name - this is your big chance - if you've been a member of the Florida Bar for five years, and you got good grades in college and law school (that's how young you can be - still touting your college grades on your resume) - then you should like open a campaign account RIGHT NOW because there will be elections in just TWO years - and it's your constitutional right and you should exercise it- why wait? It's your right, why let it go to waste - there are lots of judges with non-Latin names out there ripe for the picking - just pick one, any one, and go for it - after all, with 1.2 million Latins and only a half million "whites" - and the odds are likely to get better by then - what do you have to lose? In the meantime, I think I'd better take 6:08 up on that suggestion to get out now and head to Broward where I'll be safer - but I'm not sure for how much longer.

Anonymous said...

not even close, the trialmaster endorses judge shapiro over the unqualifed chick. but she could win, a chick beat judge martin kahn a few yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

Martinez has nothing else but her last name to use in an election against Shapiro. It seems that she is banking on it: she did not spend any money on this campaign and she doesn't seem worried either - she knows that her last name is enough. Let's see...

Anonymous said...

Doctor Who- I think that you may have missed the point about Ms. Weber's testimony. The client was offered a plea of 364 with probation that she was unable to convey because of workload. She was in calendar, arguing a motion to sever, preparing for trila and her client was never brought into the courtroom. She did not have time to get back to the holding cell to convey the plea to him. The prosecutor revoked the plea before she could convey it. The prosecutor then had her kicked off the case to avoid the rule 3, the RCA was appointed and the guy ended up with 5 years and probation. THE CLIENT IS BEING INCARCERATED FOR AN ADDITIONAL 4 YEARS because of workload. Amy is on of the most professional and hardworking attorneys in the office. She is not the type that gets emotional whenever something doesn't go her way. The point is that if she wasn't being thrown in 15 directions at once then that client would be out of jail right now. If that's not something worth getting emotional over, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

To: Rumpole & Captain
From: Rick Freedman, President, FACDL-Miami

Could you please pass this information along to your readers. I know that many of them are already members of FACDL-Miami and have received my email, but for those who are not, I would like to invite them to both become members of FACDL-Miami and to attend our Forum on August 6th.

Here is the information:

On Wednesday, August 6, 2008, we are co-sponsoring a Judicial Candidates Forum at 5:30 PM at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus located at 300 NE 2nd Avenue, in downtown Miami. The Forum will be held in Room 1261 (building one, second floor).

We have confirmed that all 19 candidates for Judge will be attending the event. They will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and there will be a period of time for questions of the candidates and also some time to meet and greet the candidates. Light food and drinks will be served.

If you would like to attend the Forum please RSVP to Miguel Amador or Alicia Alers at:


Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on August 6th.

Anonymous said...

how about the DONNER_FARINAS race several yrs ago. Donner spent 700k of her and mainly her husbands money while farina's wife was in for around 500k.

Anonymous said...

I really did not know Steve Chaykin other than passing him in court or FDC. Nonetheless, so many of you are worse than the judicial candidates you nitpick on.

Look at the title of this post and look at what you all write about?

A fellow lawyer died in such a tragic manner. That could have been any one of us! That man wee on vacation and ended up dying!

His wife was injured, has to live with the concept that her husband died trying to save her and they have a small child that has to endure this nightmare.

Who cares about the usual Judge, ethnic, jealousy gibberish? Once the post announced this tragedy any subsequent post should be one of condolences or reflection.

Anybody that posts the usual latin vs anglo, why-she-change-the-name- or she is mean to me stuff is so, so shallow!

Get your priorities straight! Become righteous people of honor.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

RUMP...bravo to Phil Reizenstein on his fantastic win in the 3d DCA in Davalos v. State in which he overturned a very vindictive judge who gave the defendant 30 years on a plea to the court when the asa offered 7 years. This horrible judge should have an opponent.

Can we get Phil to run? Phil, you have done some very wonderful things for the less fortunate during your career. I am proud to call you my friend.

Anonymous said...

2:56-------you say, "If that's not something worth getting emotional over, I don't know what is" in reference to the APD who got emotional over the pedophile going to prison for 5 years because, she claims, she didn't convey a plea. Are you serious? You ever depose or speak to any victims? You ever have an innocent client? You ever have a client facing a lengthy min man who doesn't deserve it?

PLEASE. You sound as crazy as she is. That dude isn't in prison because she didn't convey a plea..........he's there because he committed a serious crime.

Ya'll need to put things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

I have always being amazed by the lack of understanding by top scholars such as many of us on this blog. I respect everyone’s opinions and understand that it is sad to see Good Judges be removed from the bench.
But Judge Shapiro in my views is not a good man, nor Judge; I have witnessed the lack of ethics and respect towards people that he has especially showed towards his opponent by attacking her in public.
As a man you at least show respect towards women even if she is your opponent and even if you feel she has targeted you for race. He has not done this at least three times in front of me and others during forums or community meetings. He has either spoken down too her or has specifically insulted her, as a man I find this disgusting but most of all shameful, I believe that this is a violation of the Canon Rule or at least unethical and yes a lot of things are unethical in Miami, especially in politics.
As an Incumbent Judge who has so much experience an so many years on the bench he should know better, and this why I believe that he does not deserve to be re-elected and we must not continue judge people by what their names are, and yes he might be a good judge on the bench, and in many other things but I believe he has lost touch with the people of this community and the reason he was elected.
And as a friendly reminder the people of the community are who placed him there and they are who take them out, unless you retire like I would have if I was Judge Shapiro...

Anonymous said...

Well, at least we know Mr. Chaykin is not Rumpole.


Anonymous said...

This morning's Miami Herald quotes Hector Lombana as saying with regard to Abbie Cuellar running against Jeri Beth Cohen, "I firmly believe that Abbie Cuellar is running against her because she's Hispanic." NOW I'M REALLY CONFUSED. WHOA, WAIT A MINUTE HERE. Isn't Lombana the guy who's supporting Denise MARTINEZ-Scanziani against Bernard Shapiro? At least Ms. Cuellar does have some trial experience to run for judge, and at least Lombana is being up-front about what's going on in that race. But then again, wasn't Hector Lombana Eric Hendon's campaign honcho, and the person who talked Ms. M-S into switching to a different race? And why does this make a difference? Because it's better to practice before a judge who's experienced and competent.

Anonymous said...

What was discussed at the traffic meeting yesterday with Leifman and Slom? Was anything resolved or are any changes going to be made?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least one blogger here knows his fanny from third base (unlike 9:48)...it is trial master. However, It was closer to $750k, it is said. Whatever the real amount, it proved a good investment when prorated against all the subsequent uncontested races. As for the crass ploy of playing the name card...have we forgotton how "Sylvester" morphed into "Camacho"....? People do it because it works. Fake Anonymous

Anonymous said...

SCOTT SAUL: Your comment makes me laugh. This post was about the election, not Chaykin. If Rump had done a separate post on Chaykin (which I believe would have been appropriate), I (and many others) would not have put our posts re the judges under it. The fact is, however, that this chain was discussing the election before Chaykin's death and will continue to do so. We're just continuing an appropriate discussion. So, chill out.

Batman said...

July 30 at 6:10 - (which based upon the anger and resentment in the comment has to be the candidate herself)

Your theory regarding more challenges to incumbents makes no sense. Your basic premise that those who challenge incumbents are just as competent as the judges in office lacks credibility. In general, over the past 6 years the challengers have not been more qualified or better prepared to take office (i.e. Peter Adrien (I just can not find it in myself to call him "Judge") Barbara Areses, Mindy Glazer, for example).

It is not true that you are getting better candidates. Many highly qualified people are not running because they don't wish to sacrifice what they have, just to find themselves at the mercy of unqualified wannabes who can't make a living and are looking for a better gig.

No one assails Ms. Whatever-her-name-is-today's right to run. They question why she chose Shapiro and whether she is qualified to be a judge. The truth is there was no reason to go after Shaprio except he had very little money in his account, he is a white Jewish male and she is a young Hispanic female. She has little or no real experience and is exceptionally unqualified to be a judge.

Anonymous said...


Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:57:00 PM"

To answer your question any candidate for Judge who insults another candidate has committed violations of the canons "JQC" and if you have witnesses you should file a written complaint.

Anonymous said...

captain must be afraid to post comments about hector lombana because mine did not get posted- what is it captain, afraid of him or working for him?

Anonymous said...

Regarding: Friday, August 01, 2008 2:20:00 PM

I completely agree with you but many family lawyers are concerned that Shapiro might take actions against them in court due to a complaint as such. I spoken to at least three family practice lawyers and they have expressed this to me, they have even gone to FR in some lawyers house where Gus Machado was there and one them even felt they might be in some sort of violation bcause they have cases in front of him..
Judicial Campaigns should be Publicly Financed instead of b Lawyers (Nothing against Lawyers ) but it would make it a little more clear for people..


Anonymous said...

Is shapiro's website:


Wednesday, July 30, 2008 1:02:00 PM

Can Some explain this to me??? What does this mean??? Can Judges like Shpiro be recalled??