Tuesday, July 26, 2022


UPDATE AND HINT ON COMING POST: What does the Peruvian Embassy in Havanna have to with modern day Miami and its recent history? 

COMMING SOON A blockbuster post on the history of Miami and four names who made it happen- at least two you will barely know. 

 SANDI has arrived! Hurray! 

From the "Media Advisory" of the Miami Dade Courts:

The Miami-Dade Courts are proud to announce the addition of SANDI, a new, artificial intelligence-based digital navigation assistant, to our website user experience....SANDI uses text-to-speech and voice command technologies, so those who are using an audio and microphone-enabled device can select the option to verbally ask a question rather than type.... SANDI understands Spanish....SANDI can answer frequently asked questions ... and direct users to the appropriate web pages for forms and instructions. If live assistance is needed, SANDI can connect the user to a paralegal or, if after hours, send a request to have a paralegal contact the user the next business day.

Being a BIG supporter of the Miami Dade Courts, upon hearing of the arrival of SANDI we immediately went to check her out and get some help. 

Rumpole: SANDI I need a notice of appearance. 

SANDI: Notice of Mortgage Foreclosures are found here (weblink to Disney World was then provided).


SANDI: Court hours for Probate court are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. 

R: SANDI email Judge Sayfie

SANDI: Judge Sepe has retired and there is no active email for him. Here is the judicial directory (weblink to a Dennys in Clifton, New Jersey). 

R: I need a summons and complaint for small claims court

SANDI: There are no current recipes for Clams Casino. 

From the media advisory: 

“We are excited to bring this artificial intelligence-based online chat feature to our website. This means our users don’t have to go searching through drop-down menus to find what they are looking for – they can just ask SANDI,” said Chief Judge Nushin G. Sayfie

Rumpole says: That's all well and good Judge, but SANDI thinks you're Judge Sepe and he's been dead a long time now.  

 Oh we see great things for SANDI. In fact we are so excited we dictated the last part of the blog post to SANDI and here is what SANDI understood: 

Rumpole: SANDI represents a new and exciting application of technology. 

SANDI: To erase your current filing, please press escape plus alternate. 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The real key here are legal hornbooks.
Hanzy&Coco on Torts
Hanzy&Coco on Contracts and the UCC
Hanzy&Coco on Probate

Make millions

Anonymous said...

Are you fing kidding me?

Imagine this....

"Coming up after Morning Joe, Hanzy & Coco have Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to discuss the effects of inflation on the markets; Mark Cuban will join for a discussion on Etherium and an exclusive first Interview with J Lo and Ben Afflick -their first interview after getting married. Starting at 10 am on MSNBC"

Joe: Mika have you seen the line up today for Hanzy and Coco?
Mika: I love it. Bennifer -their first interview after getting married. I can hardly wait.
Joe: And big finance with the Treasury secretary and Mark Cuban. And yesterday, did you see Coco dancing salsa with Beyonce? Talk about moves on the dance floor.
Mika: And don't forget Hanzy's one on one with best selling author Stephen King with his son talking about their new movie.
Joe: Coming next, we close the show with a look at the market opening and then coming up the show everyone is talking about- Hanzy and Coco. But first this word from American Express.

I mean come on man. You want that or writing some boring f'ing book on Probate?

Anonymous said...

Rumpole … no one cares about this post on SANDI.

The people demand that this be deleted and we go back to the highly rated and never before seen before “HANZY & COCO!”

Please Rumpole. Oh the humanity. Serenity Now. Please.

Anonymous said...

Rump sent you an email. The one from George Clooney’s production company. Very serious. Call me. This Hanzy and coco things has legs. It’s got the exotic locale. Miami. A compelling story. The surf side tragedy. It has fascinating characters. A cranky brilliant judge and a retired judge who has been in fast food since leaving the bench. Almost a little of better call Saul mixed in. Or at least a redemption arc. All we need is a little sex. A romantic interest. J Lo. Courtney Cox. Jennifer Aniston. And perhaps a crusading lawyer struggling against the power structure of the courts designed to squash the little guy. Some one like Matt Dameon. This thing is going to be huge. Bidding war from Hulu Netflix and Amazon for sure. Call me please.

Anonymous said...

Lets also get #SANDISUCKSMIAMI trending on twitter. Spoke to her in English and Spanish. And kept getting a default to call the clerk paralegal.

Anonymous said...

WWE summer slam streaming live this Saturday on Peacock. Do I hear a rumor about Hanzy and Coco showing up ? A little half mil appearance fee for just sitting ringside ? Yup.

Anonymous said...

Rump up in west palm. Quick hearing. Nice judge. After we are done he asks if I’m from Miami. I say yes.
“Tell Hanzy I said hi” he says.
I nearly fell over.
People all over are following this.

Anonymous said...

I watched HANZY & COCO this morning after Morning Joe. I went to a motion calendar hearing after and the show is all the rage on Flagler Street. Folks drinking cafe con leche just standing there for hours talking about the show today.

I’m sure that Don Lemon of CNN is saying to himself “What does HANZY & COCO have that I don’t?” He ponders how these two jurists have exploded to be on the covers of People, US, Hola, Life Magazine (* special collectors item $) and GQ.

There is no doubt that a Pulitzer, Emmy and maybe even the … Nobel Peace Prize is forthcoming in 2023.

But - the question is “Who will be People Magazines Sexiest Man of the Year?”

Who do you think Hanzy or Coco?

Fake BRAD PITT said...

I’m F’ing jealous of Hanzy. For that matter, I’m jealous of Coco.


What the heck does Hanzy & Coco have that we don’t have. Hanzy is that good of a guitar player and frankly, Coco is just somewhat humorous. H&C’s Vegas show is at the Fremont Hotel. We played the Sands. So there.

Anonymous said...

God bless Hanzy and Coco. Taking their show’s summer sabbatical to preside over the most tragic trial ever. No joke, these esteemed Judges are going to hear 98 families testify as to their loss of infants, parents and loved ones when those Surfside Towers collapsed.

This is probably the most complex class action since the 9-11 tragedy. Hanzy and Coco are the perfect Judges for this.

Be proud Miami legal community. This is law at its highest caliber.

Anonymous said...

What is this “farkakta” Sandi? The people want more Regis and Coco

Anonymous said...

“Esteemed” ? Or in the case of Hanzy more like just “steamed”

I mean let’s be real. He doesn’t suffer fools lightly.

Anonymous said...

SAO employee here. My GF texts me pics of all the Hanzy posts. Can’t use sao computers or will get fired and pretty sure you’re blocked. Afraid to find out. But still great part of my day. Keep it up

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you should be distressed and embarrassed to see your blog devolve into a gossip rag populated by jealous haters, wanna be comedians and morons. It once was a forum where serious topics were debated with appropriate humor. It has now reached a new low. Tell me what is funny about a Judge and a former judge who have set aside five days a week for over a month to listen to and console parents whose children were buried alive, spouses who lost their husbands and wives, children who lost their parents, and others who are grieving after the most horrific tragedy imaginable. Thank God these poor souls had a serious hard working Judge who commanded the respect of the bar and through sheer will was able to conclude this case with a recovery in excess of $1b in less then a year and who then agreed to personally meet with every family and hear their damage claim. What Judge does that? I am one of those civil lawyers that you and other criminal lawyers think are paper pushers, not a skilled "trial lawyer" like yourself, and have been involved in this case. I have never seen anything like what this Judge did here. Now he and former Judge Colby will spend everyday with devastated families. Think about how difficult and emotionally taxing that will be, meeting with parents of deceased children, children who lost parents, siblings that lost siblings, an on and on. Watching day in the life videos, seeing pictures of smiling families obliterated an an instant, hearing mothers and fathers describe their deceased children and the dreams they shared that will never come to pass. A month of this without a break so these victims can get some closure and try to move on from this nightmare. You and your followers think this is humorous and the time to take shots at a Judge who gave up a multi million dollar a year income to do public service and who could have appointed a retired Judge to do this and gone on vacation for the summer. How disgusting and pathetic. It is no wonder people hate lawyers. You should be ashamed of yourself for giving these revolting people a platform to spew their bs. i will be terminating my subscription. Not that you real trial lawyers care. Regards, a former reader.

Anonymous said...

Hanzy is clearly played in the movie by Bradley Cooper. Hanzy is truly an “American Sniper” on the bench.

Coco? Tougher to cast. He has Clint Eastwood grit and determination … but he has a very humorous funny side to him.

Maybe Matthew McConaughey?

Anonymous said...

Rump, have you seen the latest negative ad mailer about Seraphin? It's awesome. Usually you only see these about the dirtbag politicians. Now we get to see the same mud slinging about judges.

Anonymous said...

Stuzin is up for reelection in a few years. Who's running against her? She needs to go! Rude, condescending, and not very bright.

Rumpole said...

5 pm. I think humor plays a part in much of life. Even tragedies. “Other than that Mrs Lincoln how did you like the play?” has a place in the death of Lincoln. We often laugh when the pain is so sad. No one is mocking the victims. And I view the stuff about the judges as all in fun. Their hard work is obvious. They don’t need me to nominate them for awards for their public service. And to be clear Judge Hanzman is doing his job. And if that means working a lot - so be it. He’s done a great job with this case. And the tragedy is when we are surprised that a judge does a great job with a tough case.
Judge Colby is to be greatly commended for his volunteering to work for free to speed the process along. And he has been praised and will continue to be so. Does that mean people cannot have some fun with it as well? Or is the Lincoln joke too painful for you ?

Anonymous said...

Yes Rumpole. We must laugh and make light of a tragedy. We all know it is satire and Judge Mike Hanzman and Judge Jonathan Colby have a sense of humor.

They are both honorable and will serve Justice and make us proud to be lawyers.

God bless them on this endeavor. It may haunt them forever with the stories of pain, suffering and death - but they will get through all 98 of those wrongful death trials

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, July 26, 2022 5:09:00 PM

RE: You should be ashamed of yourself for giving these revolting people a platform to spew their bs. i will be terminating my subscription.

First off, theres no subscription, like really dude? So just chill. Secondly, Rumpy is correct humor plays a part in life. You need humor, its a part of life so stop shaming Rumpole over his blog. Admit it,n you;re just jealous at how smart, intelligent and fabulous this blog is. You seem like the type of person who is angry and jealous and therefore you must put and shame others down in order for yourself to feel better. Now, excuse me while I enjoy my Starbucks and read Rumpole's next post.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to criminal court. We deal with tragedy all day everyday so dark humor is second nature and necessary for survival.