Sunday, March 24, 2019


This is another story about bad immigrants. The ones who come from what our president so eloquently called "shit-hole countries."  The immigrants at the centre of this story are African- so they are people of color, which as we all know from attending MAGA rallies, immediately makes them a problem. They have kids they could not support- problem two. They are seeking to remain in the United States under one of those lefty-liberal immigration loopholes called "asylum" which means they are lying about facing threats to their physical safety in their home country of Nigeria. 

And because they are black immigrants from Africa, they are shifty, lazy, stupid, and do not have the get-up and go of the good Americans who go to MAGA rallies with guns in their trucks and strapped to their bodies with large Texas state flag belt-buckles holding up their jeans and an Archie comic book stuffed in their back pocket for reading while waiting for the rally to begin.  

When Tanitoluwa Adewumi (age 8) and his mother, father, and older brother arrived in the United States they were homeless. They have been in a homeless shelter in NYC for over a year, taking up needed space that good and g-d fearing hardworking taxpaying Americans needed. The two boys went to NYC public schools, taking up space that tax paying New Yorkers funded.  It was an outrage. 

But here's funny thing that NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof noted: "Talent is universal, even if opportunity is not." And so it came to pass that eight year old Tanitoluwa Adewumi began studying chess in the homeless shelter and recently he won the NY State Chess Championship for his age group, competing against children educated at elite private schools. 

Young Tanitoluwa Adewumi lugged his big trophy back to his homeless shelter which Nicolas Kristoff chronicled in his NY Times column and then a real American story unfolded. 

Readers raised over $200,000.00 for the family in a go-fund-me account. Other readers offered apartments and homes for the family. Immigration lawyers fell over themselves to represent the family for free. 

And here's how this story of these greedy, shiftless, worthless, immigrant leeches  from a shit-hole country ends:  The family rejected offers of luxury homes, and accepted a modest two bed-room apartment near Tanitoluwa Adewumi's public school in which an anonymous reader paid the first year's rent in full. The father stated that the family would not accept the $200,000.00 but would instead set up a charitable foundation to help other African immigrants. 

Mr.  Adewumi supports his family by driving an Uber and working to sell real estate. A reader of Mr. Kristof's column offered to buy Mr. Adewumi a car so he could keep more of his Uber earnings. 

Here is the second of Nicholas Kritof's columns about the young immigrant chess champion from Africa. 

A wall couldn't keep this family out. And two hundred thousand dollars couldn't make this homeless family forfeit their ideals of charity towards all and malice towards none (yes we stole that line from Lincoln). 

You won't see people like the Adewumi family at a Trump/MAGA rally. No sireee. These people from a shit-hole African country don't have MAGA ideals. And perhaps the publicity will get the President's ICE agency to swing into action and boot these grifters out of our great country. 

Everybody knows Chess is a liberal-Commie game anyway.  Give us good old-fashioned checkers which we are sure is played at MAGA rallies. 

Imagine being so un-American as to turn down $200,000.00 for your homeless family.  Trump will get these people. He can't have Africans in our country doing things like that. It would wreck everything our president stands for.  


Anonymous said...

Let's just invite everybody in. Why exclude anyone unless, of course, they indicate am inclination to register or vote Democratic.

Rumpole said...

Let's just build a wall and keep everyone out. Don't want people like these here. Or children of foreigners- Like Steve Jobs.

Anonymous said...

People who want to vote Republican are too dense and lazy to row a boat across a sea or walk across a desert to get here. When Reagan was president it was different. Now you have a gang of criminals who don't know the first thing about America. Fortunately we have the heroic Trump, the hero of Vietnam to inspire the world.

Anonymous said...

Rum. This story has to be one of the dumbest ever. What’s the point? Let everyone into the country who does not want to obey the law on the chance that one of them might be a good chess player?

Rumpole said...

Its a subtle point for people who do not get the nuances of life. Like you. Re-read the NY Times piece. Talent is Universal, although opportunity is not. Re-read my piece. How many of those g-d fearing Americans wearing MAGA hats, who are on food stamps and sit around cursing foreigners who took their jobs in their limited HS equivalency vocabulary would have the courage and character to turn down 200K while just getting out of a homeless shelter, because they wanted to use the money to help others who need it more?

The facts that are behind this build the wall crap and the American exceptionalism theory is that somehow just by being born in this Country you are better than others. This is crap. Not only are we not better, most of the 35% who support our president are worse. They are uneducated, and sit around cursing their bad luck, never thinking that maybe they just need to work harder and study harder to get more from life.

American Exceptionalism lies in the fields of Normandy, at the US Cemetery. Those men were exceptional because they rose to a task. American Exceptionalism is found in the companies of Silicon Valley, and in people like Steve Jobs, who as a baby was adopted from immigrants who probably would not now be allowed in this country.

And American Exceptionalism lives in a small 2 bedroom apartment in NY where a young boy from Africa taught himself chess and became a champion while his Dad worked two jobs to support his family.

American Exceptionalism doesn't exist with knuckleheads who look at the story I have recounted and scratch themselves while burping and thinking "golly, rumpole is dumb- he thinks because one kid is a chess champion we should let all those Africans from shithole countries into the US. Good thing Trump is president. Now let me see if I can find another Dukes of Hazzard re-run to watch."

Stop reading the blog. You don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Folks, the national motto, as considered by the founders, was not "In God We Trust." It was "e plurubus unum" ("out of many, one" for those without google or a sense of history).

The plaque on the Statue of Liberty bravely proclaims for all the world to see that real Americans wish for and invite the "tired, [the] poor, [the] huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of [the foreign] teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me."

Don't be such pussies. The land of the free and the home of the brave does not refer to a nation of the comfortable, the fat, and the rich. Freedom isn't free. It requires that we accept risks and all comers. All men are created equal - that includes, well, all men.

I know that this post is full of words that you will likely think of as cliche, and that I am just repeating hollow impractical mottos. But your wrong. These words have meaning. These words of our foundation define what (and yes, even who) Americans are.

In short, there is nothing more un-American than nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Curious if people like Rump, who had arrived at a conclusion of guilt on Trump's alleged collusion to influence the election, will take this moment to do some self-evaluation, especially given our status as criminal defense attorneys.

The most fundamental part of our job is to demand that police, prosecutors and jurors be clear-eyed and eschew lazy (if comforting) bias towards allegations against someone. Most of our clients are unappealing, ugly, and even obnoxious. Yet we are tasked with reminding everyone that the presumption of innocence is not just an arcane rule to be given half-hearted due in court, but an ethical principle for life. Holding the accuser, not the accused, to the burden of proof is not merely some inconvenience, but a habit to cultivate justice -- which is a virtue worth the sting of being forced to abandon prejudice.

It's quite clear that the fact of Trump's innocence (as well as the truth about Smollet, Kavanaugh, and even George Zimmerman) is deeply disappointing to progressives, committed as they are to their agenda.

Here's hoping that they can pause, self-evaluate, and re-commit to an honest assessment of reality.

Were you disgusted with conspiracy stories about Obama's birth certificate? About Alex Jones's rants about Newtown? About the media being completely in the bag about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

Well, the chickens are knocking on the door. Roost time.

The hour is at hand for progressives to admit that Trump won the election fair and square, that the DNC elicited opp research from a firm that hired an ex-spy who paid the Russians for a laughably phony dossier that was then used, illegitimately, for a Democratic administration to spy on a political opponent, and then to hobble that person's administration with a 2.5 year investigation into crimes that never took place. Leading progressives created art that featured the president assassinated, beheaded, naked and humiliated, as the dominant media chorus assured the public that the president would be impeached, jailed, exiled, etc.

This is your legacy now, progressives. Own it, and hopefully make some amends.

Anonymous said...

Rump why are you so mean?

Two points:

#1 the dukes of hazzard is a great show

#2 there was no collusion

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

What 1:47:00 PM fails to understand is that we have invited these folks in. For 50 years our economy has depended on cheap Mexican/Central American labor to do the jobs we don't want to do. They fix our roofs, pick our crops, and tend to our children. We set up a system that draws them here, then bitch 'cause they come to do the jobs we pay them to do.

Anonymous said...

Your post at 7:52 is pretty offensive. Why don't you try to be civil?

Anonymous said...

What is so sad about the lack of intellectual sophistication in a country that brags about being the best at everything regarding the immigration debate is this: there are millions of americans falling through the cracks, homeless, people who won't go to the doctor because the bill will break them. all these poor babies coming over our border when we don't adopt americans in social services and don't help single mothers and their children. all the violence in our country done by abandoned and neglected children. AND THE READERS AND CONTRIBUTORS TO THIS BLOG MAKE A LIVING OFF THE PEOPLE WITH MONEY AND POWER DOING NOTHING ABOUT NEGLECT AND ABUSE OF AMERICAN CHILDREN. WHY DO WE ALLOW 1.3 MILLION AMERICAN CHILDREN A YEAR TO DROP OUT OF SCHOOL KNOWING THEY WILL END UP IN JAIL OR DEAD BY AGE 25 (THE BOYS) AND THE GIRLS WILL BE ABUSED BY A JERK OR END UP IN THE SEX TRADE.I have no sympathy for these children until we spend money on our own, charity begins at home.

Rumpole said...

My post at 7:52 was mean because I am dealing with morons in MAGA hats who are ruining this country and what I find offensive is they are ruining this country while touting how great this country is. It's like the over weight person who goes to McDonalds and orders two big macs and a diet coke.

I will apologize to Dukes of Hazzard fans. I may have gone overboard and beyond the bounds of decency with that.

Anonymous said...

Rump, perhaps even despite himself, gets to the heart of the migration debate.

He writes: Talent is Universal, although opportunity is not.

This is a tenet of faith among many people. That if one could remove poverty, social oppression, and economic disadvantage, one would find as many potential astrophysicists in Guatemala as in the United States, as many Fields Medal contenders in the Congo as in Israel, as many computer scientists in Haiti as Hong Kong. (To say nothing of marathon winners, NBA All Stars, olympic sprinters, heavyweight champions, etc).

This is a beautiful, enticing idea. All peoples are, the claim states, essentially, equal. An Australian aborigine is as likely to be born a genius as a Japanese or a Swede. Talent, after all, is universal.

I suggest, sadly, it is a religious idea -- accepted for its moral attractiveness rather than any empirical truth. It IS horrifying, after all, to confront the possibility that some groups have evolved different abilities. Why are so many Jewish people winning Nobel prizes in physics? Why are so many sprinters from a small area in Jamaica? If we all had the right opportunities, that could be any of us! And of course to suggest otherwise is to risk being tarred a racist, a Nazi, an evil, evil person.

But if this claim is at the heart of Rump's immigration policies -- and it is, make no mistake -- then he should be able to support it, empirically. Where do you get the idea that talent is universal? From what data?

Rumpole said...

I AM NOT PUBLISHING CHEAP SHOTS AT DEAD PEOPLE. It's not right, you should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you would disparage a person who had a good reputation (blemishes and all) and who cannot defend himself.
Was the person flawed?
Let's see....someone of note once said this: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone"

Anonymous said...

Rumpole (the original one) would not sign on to this blog's author's screeds. Chiefly, I think he would suggest that the blogger should stick to his job (being a criminal defense attorney) and leave the political polemics to those whose job or inclination it is to advocate for different viewpoints.
Sadly, by so vigorously advocating for one point of view in the pro- and anti-Trump controversy, our Rumpole has lost the light touch and humor that for a long time typified the Justice Bldg Blog.
Having done so, the blogger is further distancing himself from his initial purpose by debating with anonymous commenters. Time to close the blog, perhaps. A pity.