Friday, June 01, 2012


Coming  Monday: Rumpole, Joel Brown, The FACDL, and Court appointments. Politics and $$ make strange bedfellows. 

Miami Heat crumble. Update below. 

It's been raining in Miami. Who moved us to Seattle?

If you haven't been reading the JAA blog, you're missing non-stop-relentless reporting on the absences of County Court Judges from their Broweird courtrooms.  Judge Robinson has been out eight days in a row. Judge Diaz had one case on his calendar Thursday  and then the JAA blogger/reporter snapped a cell phone pic of the peripatetic Judge in the elevator on his way to finding a felony trial for his interns to watch.
                             (Judge being stalked by blogger.)

And people think we give robe readers a hard time.

George Zimmerman's bond was revoked for having more money than he said he had. Why can't we have clients like that?

Guilty verdicts for two South Florida Doctors on a big medicare fraud trial before Judge Setiz that lasted two months. Tough loss for veteran defense attorneys Sa, Rabin and Jose Quinon. Hung jury for Federal Court veteran Dennis Urbano and his client. 
Rumpole'e oft cited  Third Rule of Jury Trials: "Avoid Friday verdicts at all costs."  It worked well for John Edwards on Thursday. 

Lots of "hush-hush" meetings on all sorts of things REGJB related. From getting into the building, to getting paid, we're on top of it all. 

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is promoting a NYC wide ban on sugary soda drinks sold in containers over 16oz. Why? Two reasons. 
1) Sugar is a dangerous substance that is addictive and kills; 2) Bloomberg obviously reads our humble blog. 

Enjoy your first summer weekend. Stay dry. Go Marlins and Celtics.
From the ESPN coverage:

The Heat have every reason to believe the referees took note of Boston's vociferous complaints that Miami's superstars were given preferential treatment and made the necessary adjustments. In Game 2, LeBron was not whistled for his first foul until there was 3:23 left in the third quarter. On Friday night? The whistle was blown on the league MVP a mere 32 seconds into the game.

Ah, but we digress.

In the wake of a resounding 101-91 Game 3 Boston victory, there's evidence this series can be competitive going forward, and that has nothing to do with how the games will be called.
It's all about Boston's defense and its ability to contain (within reason) two of the most lethal slashers in the game. It should come as no shock the Celtics' effort was anchored by two people in particular: the redoubtable Kevin Garnett and the mercurial Rajon Rondo , who followed up his magnificent Game 2 for the ages with a satisfying double-double (21 points, 10 rebounds). 


Anonymous said...

Nothing specific to this particular post. But does Domestic Violence Administrative Judge Carroll Kelly ever have court? Seems like every time I have something scheduled in her division, it's being handled by someone else. Can someone let us poor schleps know?

Anonymous said...

It was raining on my way into the office this morning and raining on my way out! Why so rainy??? The Celtics may win one at home tonight but the Heat will be the Eastern Conference Champions.

Anonymous said...

Gelin is borderline stalking Diaz. While I like what he has done there in Broweird in general, I think he has gone off the reservation on this one.

Juniper said...

While I must agree that Friday is a poor day for verdicts, it is an excellent day to play "let's make a deal." That is unless you subscribe to the Rumpolean maxim of "never plead guilty."

Anonymous said...

jose Quinones sucks

Fake Kenny W said...

I do not like that diamond patterned tie. The blue shirt is rumpled and does not fit and the collar is unbuttoned which is an unpardonable fashion faux pax. Oy vey he is a sartorial sad sack. What a mess.

Jake Ehrlich said...

"Never plead guilty!" is my maxim. You Miami boys need to come to SF in the 1950s and I'll show you how it's done. By the way, who the hell is Rumpole and what the f--k is Shummie time?

Anonymous said...

The DV judges rotate and you can get a different judge for bond hearing, arraignment, sounding and trial.

Anonymous said...

DV has only 3 criminal divisions and 7 judges.
Kelly has a named criminal division. So does Del Pino and Multack.
Leban, Rubenstein, Davis and Cannava rotate into criminal.
Kelly also has a dv civil division for restraining order cases.
All the dv judges rotate criminal calendars but the notices never change and say only Kelly, del Pino or Multack.
So, you never really know which judge you will see in dv criminal court , despite what the notice says.
It is confusing.

Anonymous said...

I just got a not guilty a week ago Friday. Verdict came back at almost 7:30 in the evening, six hours of deliberation.

But I agree. If there was any way to have prevented the jury from deliberating on a Friday, I would have.

Not to mention that I was so tired I couldn't even go out to celebrate the victory.

Anonymous said...


I'm addicted to soda (regular). Aby suggestion on how to kick the sugar addiction?

Anonymous said...

If you want to get off soda, get an rx for topamax. It makes the soda taste unbearable.

A man in Full said...

So it was happy hunting for me, as usual, at some BS law school jobs fair. Tons of sweet law students looking for some break into the job market. I nab this smoking tall blonde, going into her second year, almost six feet tall, Connecticut blue blood wasp. And when I get her into my 911 she starts making snide comments about a fake sports car and a mid-life crisis. She sneers at my pad on Grove Isle and my 43 Cabin Cruiser and when I take her home I see why. She's in a penthouse on Brickell - three stories. A private garage holds her Ferrari. Her dad runs a a few hedge funds and is paid over 500 million annually. She spends more on maintenance of her cars and penthouse then I earn, and I earn pretty good.
Man did I feel like a fool. It even took the edge off of what could have been great sex.

Anonymous said...


Just goes to show, there is always someone out there with a bigger...um, bank account.

So if the only way you can attract a pretty young girl is with the perception of wealth, you just may run into that situation from time to time.

Start hanging out in Hialeah. The newly arrived refs are still impressed by the Carrera.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter in the least what judge is on the bench in DV?

As far as the criminal side goes, I've never seen a bigger waste of taxpayer money, than to have a separate court for these cases. In 10 years I've never had to pick a jury there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah " trial lawyers" like you probably never pick a jury anywhere and just take the money and plead them out.

The PD's try cases.

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about a waste of money..
Too many defense attorneys plead winnable cases. Fast bucks.
PD's try cases. Everyday, everywhere.
The jury trial is becoming extinct.
Not because of the PD's....

Anonymous said...

In the past six years I had one client take a plea in DV. All the rest have been nolle prossed, or have accepted PTI.

And don't tell me how only PDs try cases. There are plenty of us private attorneys who try cases on a regular basis. Dont get defensive. And don't be jealous that we make as much for a misdemeanor as you make in a month. You will have your time to do the same.

The point is that of all the cases I have tried, none of them are in DV. They all take place in REG.

And please explain to me why in Dade you can punch a complete stranger in the face, and get a withhold and court costs, yet if you punch your spouse who is pressing your buttons every day, you get a litany of punishments, including drug and alcohol evaluations, when the facts don't warrant it.

Why do so many cases get nolle prossed there, despite specialized treatment?

It is a waste of taxpayer money. Period.

Angry Gurl said...

Bravo to NYC for banning those super sized soda-killer drinks.
Facts: 7-11 32 oz "Big Gulp" of coke= 91 grams of sugar, 364 calories- all from sugar!
44oz "SUPER Big Gulp"= 128 grams of sugar; 512 calories-all from sugar.

Must be a difficult few weeks for the obese; no special holiday to justify their food orgies. But don't despair- the 4th of July is around the corner. And of course all the potato chips and nitrate laced hotdogs and pink slime hamburgers plus all that soda along with ice cream and cake- none of that affects your health when eaten during a holiday, right?

So sad. So damn sad.

Fake Kenny W said...

I have to admit, on some strange level, I am attracted to angry G.

Fake Jay White said...

For me, the 2012 Dolphins strongly resemble the 71 Chiefs, the 67 Vikes, and significantly, the 84 Dolphins, who Marino took to the Super Bowl.

An AFC championship game and a record of no less than 13-3 is easily attainable for these Dolphins. Just crunching the numbers.

fake angry girl said...

F off fake kenny.

Anonymous said...

Does the ban include diet soda?

A Man in Full said...

So Connecticut blue blood trust fund baby spent the weekend. I may not be able to impress her with my money and toys, but I can still deliver the mail better than any 24 year old pimply faced boy that she mingles with.

I'm not sure where this is going though. it was one snide jibe after another. About my gold presidential rolex she passed a comment that all the partners in her the firm that handles daddy's hedge fund wear Patek's or Vacheron's and if I was going to slum wearing a rolex the least i could do is get a platinum one.

My porsche is pedestrian compared to her Ferrari and my cabin cruiser is smaller by a factor of eight compared to her daddy's yacht which they often take to London or Bermuda.

I'm telling ya Rump, I've more than met my match with Ms. Blue Blood. I'm gonna dump her and go back and nab me a nice 3L who is 100K in debt and appreciates a good meal at Smith and Wos.

Anonymous said...

Smith and Wollensky is a shithole! The food is mediocre and the service is terrible. You aren't going to impress anyone if you are taking them there.

Anonymous said...

Then he woke up