Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The DBR reports that court reporters are about to go the way of bond reductions North of the Border. The title of the post links to the article. The PDs and the SAO have agreed to stop using live court reporters and replace it with something called DepoTek.

This boondoggle charges $60.00 per hour to tape the deposition and then anywhere from $120.00 to $300.00 to transcribe 60 minutes of chatter. We don't see the real savings unless attorneys don't transcribe the depos. If the audio file could be downloaded, we guess an enterprising attorney with a laptop could do some damage at trial. But what do we know?

Judge Petersen:

There's been some real lively discussion on Judge Petersen speaking out about Judge Lederman's reign as chief judge at Juvenile. For our part we think it's refreshing for Judges to speak out against other Judges. This much is for sure: It is abhorrent to have a court system where Judges create atmospheres of fear and oppression.

But then again, without fear and oppression, not to mention "demands for rigid conformity and obedience" how would Broward continue to operate?

And finally, this is a pretty cool link to NASA that allows you to listen to various parts of the Apollo 11 Mission.


eyeonshumie said...

FIRST!! Can you say "Shumie Time" for Court reporters?

Anonymous said...

It's PetersEn, not PetersOn!

Rumpole said...

Your point bEing?

Anonymous said...

Boy have I seen a difference between a live court reporter and a transcript from a tape.

Goodbye Judge Lederman. I never liked her. She pushed everyone around and really made it clear she could care less what advocates say. She is on autopilot.

Can someone please tell the press to stop 24/7 reporting on Michael Jackson?

Anonymous said...

It is now being used at the PDs; The fact is at the PDs in Dade we now have vid cams w/ mics connected to the Felony Attorneys desktop computer. A few clicks and we record live the depo.
As to my critics, please note: I just was commenting on the reporter issue. I didnt come up w/ the idea, nor get the hardware/software. So DON'T BE HATEN ME, if you Hate the IDEA. Welcome to the 21st century .
Rump, a little trivia, who hosted the show : THE 21st Century ?
D. Sisselman

Anonymous said...

What's up with Judge Miller? I heard he threatened an attorney this morning with a fine if she uttered another word after he denied her motion. I know that a Judge's ruling should be respected but attorneys have the right to respectfully argue or disagree with the Court's reasoning.

Anonymous said...

First, even some Broward PD's and ASA's read THIS blog.

Second, as a former Broward PD, your initial thought was right on the money. We were NOT allowed to order (for the most part) depo transcripts. We are usually drilled with questions as to why we need them, then denied the request.

It begs the question: Is it better the be indigent with a SPD (or dare I say Regional Conflict) where the JAC will pay for the transcripts.

the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster only has made 2 appearances in juvy ct. one was a lawyers son who had alot of drugs stashed and the other was a first degree indictment of a juvy. the trialmaster won both of these in criminal court after they were bound over. unlike Judge Peterson, the trialmaster has tried hundreds of cases to verdict. the trialmaster has no opinon on the lady judge who judge brown replaced. But, the trialmaster has great respect for Judge Brown and believes if he made the call there has to be good reason.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the Code of Judicial Conduct have something to say about one judge disparaging another, even a has-been who had his own issues back in the day....???? I especially loved the "how dare you give ME a ticket" incident. He's always been a loose canon and whatever he thinks of Lederman, she allowed him to sit senior status in Juvenile....and as we see, no good deed goes unpunished. Nice! That's ingrate with an E.

Rumpole said...

Mr. Sisselman- you are a proud member of the "not afraid to sign my name" club. Unfortunately that makes you subject to the slings and arrows of the less intelligent neanderthals who somehow have managed to figure out how to connect to the internet.

Keep it up and be brave and strong.

Anonymous said...

2:30 p.m. - Don't feel alone. While Miller was in civil I witnessed him actually throw lawyers, including a former judge I hear, out of his chambers for just trying to present an argument after the other lawyers in the cases had uninterrputed dialogues with Miller for 30 minutes or more. Listening to both sides is not his forte.

Remember this is the same guy who let his well known volcanic temper get the better of him with a fellow judge.

Batman said...

2:52 - let's not mix apples and oranges. The "ticket" incident was former County Court Judge Ray Steinhardt when he was assigned to Miami Beach. He was rightfully sanctioned by the JQC for that, as well as castigated resoundingly by the Herald.

Tom Pederson is a good guy. But, I think Cindy just did things different than Tom would have liked, or more how he saw the job. Tom has always been a social worker of sorts, even when he was with the SAO. Cindy is not quite as far out there as Tom. They just have different approaches.

Tom was dedicated to Juvenille and did not deal with the problems Cindy has. I think had he walked a mile in her shoes, he might have had a different opinion.

Unfortunately, you are right about the Code of Judicial Conduct and Tom's letter has crossed the line. He may fairly comment on matters designed to improve the quality of the justice system, but his personal attacks violate that Canon. It just may be, if Chief Judge JB does not take action against him, the Supremes may by not renewing his certification to serve as a Senior Judge.

I suggest that it would be in Tom's best interest to write a formal apology to Cindy for the personal attacks. Otherwise 2009 may be the last we see of him on the bench in Miami.

Think about it, Tom.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your hats:

VERY Young PD and VERY MILFY Judge about to be exposed. Lunch Quickies at the Dew Drop Inn, Weekend getaways at the Fountainbleau...racing down Collins with the top to car and the top to Judge down....all details about to be splashed in a very public way. Pics supposedly included!!! Cell phone sexting...the PD is supposed very very well ..ahem ...blessed by nature.

Anyway=- it's coming.

Fake Alex Michaels said...

Trialmaster, you talk a lot of bullsheeeeeet. I challenge you to Romanian Death Match in front of any judge in REGJB. You pick judge, and I vill reep off your head and shove it up your ass so far!!!!!

Put your bullsheeeeeet to rest!

Anonymous said...

Miller is out of his mind. Just ask any pd, asa, clerk or corrections officer working with him day to day.

Anonymous said...

Miller takes everything personally. He has no business being a judge.

Ask his clerks and corrections officers. They fear him too.

the trialmaster said...

fake alex : when you learn to speak english let me know and I will take up your challange. It will be in front of former fla sp ct judge jerry kogan at a time to be determined. HOw long will it take you to learn the language? I will probably be in a nursing home if you ever can master english.

Anonymous said...

what judge is very MILFY?

Anonymous said...

Batman, have you gone holy batnuts crazy?

You say:

"I suggest that it would be in Tom's best interest to write a formal apology to Cindy for the personal attacks. Otherwise 2009 may be the last we see of him on the bench in Miami."

The guy just wrote a detailed "True" and "False" and continues to post over and over on the blog after the fact defending himself.

Yea, look for him to say sorry. He is re-tired why does he care.

Batman said...

1:09 "a.m."- you need a bottle of Ambien. I don't know about posting in the middle of the night.

On the substance of your comment, I will say that Tom does care. He has to be re-certified every year to sit as a senior judge. No certification, no sitting. When you seek re-certification your name is advertised for comments. What are the odds that his name will get through without a thorough examination of his letter and possible violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct?

I think it is truly in Tom's best interest to "clarify" his comments so they are less of a personal attack on Cindy. Otherwise, if Chief JB does not stop using his services on his own, then the Fla. Sup. Ct. most probably will not re-certify Tom. Then he really will be "re-tired".

Anonymous said...

What is it with you guys (Jeff) and the Miller bashing? I've appeared in front of him in both civil and criminal, many times, and he always lets everyone say their piece; thinks about his rulings; and rules. He hardly has a "volcanic" temper.

Everyone knows the Dennis thing was BS.

If he's giving you a hard time maybe you should come to court prepared.

Roumanian Tenderloin said...

Zis Trialmaster shud be sent to Gulag or Roumanian Vurk Camp.