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David Ovalle has this news story about some of our soon to be clients
It seems Moe, Larry, and Curly, went to rob a jewelry store; jumped out of the car with masks and guns; ran to the door….and realized that the owner needed to buzz them in.

Woops…no harm, no foul, but the police were called and apprehended our soon to be clients shortly thereafter.

No one ever said you needed an advance degree to try and commit a robbery. You just need a modicum of smarts and planning to do a successful robbery.

And the Herald has
this story about Miami Police Chief “Silent John” Timoney, and Judge Sigler's pending decision to hold him in contempt for refusing to answer questions put to him by the Civilian Investigative Panel.

Silent John went before the panel and raised his middle finger…err raised his right hand, was sworn in, and then refused to answer questions about how he came into possession of a Lexus SUV for a year without having to pay for it.

It occurs to us that many of our clients suddenly and without explanation find themselves in possession of luxury automobiles without having to make the requisite monthly payments. However, when our clients get caught, they don’t have the luxury of a panel investigating them. A withhold and a years probation and restitution seems the appropriate sentence here.

In any event, we shall be watching to see if Judge Sigler can convince Silent John to shed his shyness and fess up to the phat ride.

And finally, our Florida Bar (motto: "we never met a lawyer we didn't want to disbar") has decided to move forward with a formal complaint against Broward attorney Sean Conway for his comment calling Judge Aleman an "evil, unfair witch" on the Broward Blog. The blog's post on the topic is
HERE along with Fred Haddad's (Conway's counsel in the matter) thoughtful legal analysis of the complaint: "a piece of shit".

Truer words were never spoken.

See you in court, where none of our dear robed readers in Dade is either evil or a witch.





There may not be any more money to pay for them, but if they still want to wear the robe and bang the gavel, they need your support .....

The Florida Supreme Court is investigating whether any of our senior judges should get the hook:

The following senior judges' current service will expire on September 30and they are seeking service renewal.

Any persons having knowledge bearing upon the fitness or qualifications of any of the senior judges on this list to continue service as a senior judge should send, on or before April 13, written comments to:

Thomas D. Hall, Clerk, Florida Supreme Court, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399, or by e-mail at seniorjudge@flcourts.org, or by telephone to Review Board Three Chair Judge David M. Gersten, (305) 229-3200, ext. 3268:

Phillip Cook,
Robert M. Deehl,
Richard Y. Feder,
Seymour Gelber,
Marvin H. Gillman,
William E. Gladstone, Edward S. Klein,
Barbara S. Levenson, Gerard J. O’Brien, Jr., Michael H. Salmon,
Alan R. Schwartz,
Martin Shapiro,
Herbert Stettin,
David L. Tobin.


Anonymous said...

All you defense lawyers who have been slammed by Alan R. Schwartz in an appeal here is your chance to have a voice.

Anonymous said...

ahhh...but you left out Leslie Rothenberg. thats one evil, unfair witch.

Batman said...



Anonymous said...

I filed a federal declaratory judgment action this week designed to stop this Bar assault on Conway. Rumpole was provided the suit and declined to share it with you all. Fascinating. One excerpt from the suit:

One of the more hideous examples of The Bar’s shoot the messenger methods used against lawyers who identify misbehaving judges is that of Broward attorney Sean Conway, who publicly and truthfully identified the bizarre behaviors of Broward Circuit Court Judge Cheryl Aleman. Conway is being disciplined by The Bar for persuading the state’s Judicial Qualifications Commission to try and convict Aleman of misconduct!

If anyone wants a copy of the dec action suit, email me at amendmentone@comcast.net since Rumpole as Censor in Chief won't provide it. Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

From my federal dec action filed this week, a copy of which you can get by emailing me at amendmentone@comcast.net:

"One of the more hideous examples of The Bar’s shoot the messenger methods used against lawyers who identify misbehaving judges is that of Broward attorney Sean Conway, who publicly and truthfully identified the bizarre behaviors of Broward Circuit Court Judge Cheryl Aleman. Conway is being disciplined by The Bar for persuading the state’s Judicial Qualifications Commission to try and convict Aleman of misconduct!"

Anonymous said...

John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

March 7, 2008

Frank Angones
Florida Bar President
All Florida Bar Governors
Miami, Florida Via Fax to 305-371-3948 and e-mails

Re: Right of Bar Respondent to Appear before Florida Bar Governors

Dear Frank and All Bar Governors:

I see that we have our annual Bar meeting coming up June 18-21 at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. I hereby exercise my absolute right to appear before the Bar’s Board of Governors to assert my constitutional defenses to The Bar’s SLAPP assault upon my First Amendment and due process rights. Put me on the agenda, now, at your Governors meeting at the Boca Raton gathering. Speaking of Boca Raton, I’ll be the mouth and the Governors can be the rats.

As you know, your outside counsel, Barry Richard of Greenberg Traurig, routinely asserts to federal courts that the federal case of Mason v. Florida Bar case establishes that any Bar respondent has the absolute right to appear before the Governors for this purpose. I exercise that right. Richard says there is such a right in order to secure, fraudulently, federal abstention from review of what The Bar is doing in these regards. The Bar then denies respondents their requested audiences. Naughty, naughty.

I exercise this absolute right also because it is now reported that The Bar is going after Broward attorney Sean Conway for doing what I have done—truthfully criticizing the misconduct of a judge. Frank, you are like the little Dutch boy running around trying to plug all the leaks in the dike. You don’t have enough thumbs.

Either tell me by next Monday that I am on the agenda for the June 18 meeting, or I shall secure a writ of mandamus to make you put me on the agenda.

I’m more than tired of your lies, obfuscations, and cowardice.

Regards, Jack Thompson

Copy: Attorney Fred Haddad (Fred, loved the “piece of shit” comment. Right on!

Anonymous said...

You may want to correct that to say Judge Sigler! I appreciate the free publicity though.

Rumpole said...

Mr. Thompson, I have always asked people to summarize lenghty pieces. You more than anyone else, are provided the opportunity to post almost anything. Take a minute, put that inventive legal brain to use, and summarize your legal pleadings and do what you just did. It works fine, and the blog reads better for it.

Anonymous said...

This week I filed a federal dec action based upon Keller v. State Bar of California. Keller is a unanimous US Supreme Court ruling that prohibits state bars from pursuing ideology-driven agendas, such as "judicial independence."

I fortuitously mentioned twice in the complaint the Conway matter as an example of The Bar's expending funds not to protect the public but to protect its improper "judicial independence" agenda, which, under Keller, is not a legitimate Bar goal.

And now we have this development today that underscores the validity of the dec action.

What I find unfortunate is that the "liberals" who scurry about at this blog lampoon me at every opportunity, with Rumpole posting attacks by them on my faith and my mental health, when this use of The Bar to silence critics is most assuredly not a left/right issue.

This is about the First Amendment right of lawyers to engage in "political speech."

My dec action is the way out of this thicket, and it is sad that lawyers, of all people, can't see that.
Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

Rump, I understand that you let jerk thompson post so that we can all see what a ****** he is, but I would bet that an overwhelming majority of your readers would rather not have to read or scroll through his rantings. I propose you allow us to email you whether we want jack on or jack off the blog. You could do a poll but those are subject to manipulation. If everyone sent you a "non-anonymous" email with their vote you could let democracy rule and hopefully it would be "jack off the blog".

f/k/a/ CK

Anonymous said...

Jack, I agree Rumpole should be shut down.

Anonymous said...

Jack, the board of governors doesn't meet during the annual meeting.

Unknown said...

Wow, now Man Coulter Thompson thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is both anti-christian AND a liberal. Then again, what do you expect from someone wanting a christian theocracy to run this nation.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe everyone hates you (and thats pretty much true, everyone does) because all you do is waste everyone's time and grandstand as if everything you claim is beyond reproach?

As for "attacking" you, maybe they're just doing to you what you do to everyone who disagrees with you. You insult them, harass them, stalk them, threaten them, etc. You've compared average people to nazis and have told people to commit suicide (which I have the direct quote of and can source if need be), yet you think you don't deserve any of it back?

Let me know when you want to return to reality, Jack, so we can tell you you aren't welcome.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Jack Thompson has taken the following legal action regarding the proposed sex with animals law. 1. He is suing Discovery Cove at Disney World for allowing naked dolphins to swim with bikini clad women who pet and kiss the dolphin in the presence of children. 2. He has filed a declaratory judgment action against the Miami Dade Humane Society for allowing children to hear adults refer to young cats as "pussy" cats and to not take measures to prevent toddlers from either being licked or observing others being licked by pussy cats. 3. All male horses will be precluded from participating in public events until a device covering their genitalia is devised. any male castrating a male animal is to be charged with lewd activity with animal. 4. What is sad is that the legislature continues to proliferate more and more criminal laws but as one of the big 4 states in terms of population nothing continues to be done about crime prevention. by the way- in the past week, campus shutdown california u. at davis, coed murdcered at auburn and u.north carolina, and continued daily mass shootings. where is the leadership bush?



Maybe you finally figured it out. You filed an action based on the actions of The Florida Bar against Conway - and I believe that most of the readers of this blog probably agree with you 100% that the Bar is wrong and Conway is right. Great job, right cause, well thought out argument.

But you are puzzled why we don't seem to care or respond positively to this action? Clearly, you are seeking affirmation from us - or else you would not be saying that "it is sad that lawyers, of all people, can't see that."

It's because of your constant other dribble about oaths for employees at the Clerk's office, et. al. Noone cares whether the lady behind the clerk's window, who is working on the second floor at the Justice Building, and professionally getting me a D-6 clearance for my client, - has - or has not -signed her oath.

Can you just see it:

Clerk: Can I help you?

Attorney: I'd like a D-6 Clearance for my client.

Clerk: Sorry, your client will have to continue driving on a suspended license; I can no longer sign the D-6 clerance because I did not sign my oath of office.

Clerk: Oh yeah, ... have a nice day.

Maybe you are finally getting the message. You have every right to pursue these acts of criminality - Ruvin not having the oaths on file for you - we just don't give a damn about that crap. It is not important in the scheme of things to us. So keep on doing it, please please keep on doing it - you have so much energy and drive -we want you to keep on doing it - just don't waste our time telling us about it.

Then, when you do tell us about a matter like Conway, we can say hooray and give you props for leading a cause against The Florida Bar and standing up for an attorney who was doing no more than exercising his First Amendment rights, not to mention, telling the truth about someone sitting on the bench.

So, Jack, we do see it, and we do get it and we do agree with what you are doing.

Cap Out ...

Rumpole said...

Ahhh My Good Man CK- you disappoint men. How can I in good conscience not allow someone to speak because I don't like or agree with what he says? Do I look like Dick Cheney to you?

We're Americans- men and women have died so Mr. Thomapson can speak his piece. All I do is try and moderate the amount of pleadings that are posted. I have stopped posting his pleadings and I have asked him to just summarize what his pleadings and long letters say.

Rumpole said...

The Captain is a TICKET ATTORNEY??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Captain, or whoever you are.

Actually, the loyalty oath issue is extremely important in light of the fact that all of the Florida Supreme Court Justices but one have violated that law. Dava Tunis' loyalty oath is forged, and Farina has secured a criminal investigation of that. Not sure why you don't understnd the significance of that.

The US Supreme Court thought it was important enough to address the issue and find that Florida's Loyalty Oath Statute is constitutional and important. I guess you don't know that Congress mandates that all state judges execute these oaths.

I guess you're proving that one is disdainful of things that he knows absolutely nothing about.

My dec. action is not just about Conway, its about the Bar's use of discipline to shut down "political speech" generally. The Bar was doing this to me three years before Conway came along, so my "dribble" (I think you mean drivel) has been right on point for quite sometime now. I'm sorry you don't get it. If you and other alleged liberals had gotten it, then Conway wouldn't be in the fix he's now in. I'm sorry you weren't paying attention.

If you want to get it, finally, read the complaint at PACER, Case No 08-20565.

Also, read the ABA McKay Report, which in 1991 predicted that what is being done to Conway to me and to others would occur. The same prediction is found in Lathrop v. Donohue and Keller. You know nothing about these things, so its all "dribble" [sic] to you.

By the way, real men don't post anonymously.

Jack Thompson

Rumpole said...

Mr. Thompson- I cannot edit comments. Meaning I cannot publish part of a comment. Which is actually a good thing. I invite you to cut and paste and edit your pleading down to the important ponts, and I will be glad to post it.

Anonymous said...

Ok...ummm... Peckins is a traffic Mag right? And now I'm the new Fake Peckins, because the first fake peckins went to another blog, so here goes:

Hey whats with the bill cutting our jobs? Like we make more money for the courts and we do more calendars, handle more cases, cost less than any judge, impose and collect more court costs, and they cut us? What kind of crap is that? As Fake Alex Michaels would say "dis is BULLSHEEEEET!!!!" Right?

So what Am I going to do now? Jeeze louise.

Anonymous said...

sorry, rump. I guess what I really want is to kick his ass.

f\k\a CK


Never in a million years would I ever admit to being a "ticket attorney". I farm those out to that group - they love that stuff and I wouldn't set foot in traffic court. Besides, they charge us about $25-35 for coverage, so you can't beat that.

Cap Out ....

Anonymous said...


It is worse. Loyalty oaths are a disgrace. They are a relic of the worst abuses of the star chamber.

Christians are good for one thing, firewood.

Anonymous said...

One has to wonder exactly why John Bruce even bothers. So many of his past deeds come back to haunt him, that it becomes laughable when he attempts ANYTHING.

Whether it was his recent attempt to offer assistance to a company he previously bad mouthed or the recent filing of a legal document that actually implied a terrorist threat against the Florida Bar.

As many of you have already seen, John Bruce throws some of the best temper tantrums. Seriously, my 12 year old son hasn't thrown a fit that well since he was 5 years old.

Now, after having filed a legal document that implies that terrorist threat, he struggles to defend his actions by the mere use of the word "figuratively".


Except that he, himself, has had a problem understanding "sarcasm" or "parody". Moreover, he fails to remember that Federal authorities don't pay attention to any attempts to downplay speech. Whetehr people are arrested at airports for making offhand angry remarks such as "What? I DON'T have a bomb!" or even just arguing with an airline stewardess. Or even just making maps of real places for use in fictional video games. Federal Authorities and Homeland Security alike have investigated everything, whether it seemed rational to the rest of us or not.

And his past conflicts with the Florida Bar AND the Federal Courts certainly don't help his cry of "You know what the word 'figuratively' means, right?"

If there was EVER proof of ghosts, John Bruce has helped far more than "Ghost Hunters" because all his past deeds may very well come back to haunt him in some nasty legal ways.

Andrew Rhodes

Rumpole said...

Nobody, and really nobody, caught on to the little joke of my last line of the post. Conway called Aleman "an unfair evil witch" and I signed off stating none of our judges is either evil or a witch. Meaning....unfair is in play.

Anonymous said...

Shumie doobie doo...
shumie shumie....

anyone fake shumie yet?
Howz about fake jay white?

just askin

Anonymous said...

John a/k/a Jack you have crossed the line! I have been reading your insane rants for weeks on this blog and I have to say that you need professional help. In the hopes that by me taking action against you will stop you from harming others including myself I am filing a Bar complaint against you for this threat to bomb the Florida Bar.


I am also filing an emergency injunction motion in your bar proceedings to prevent you from coming within 1000 feet of any court house for my safety and the safety of the lawyers, litigants, court staff and Judges of the Miami Dade Courts.

The filing you made on March 4, 2008 with the bombed out building picture is scary! Your filing is a threat on me and others because I visit the Courts and if you are making threats to bomb part of the judiciary than I am afraid. You have proven to be an unstable man.

Just unbelievable - Rumpole how could you not catch this crap?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone’s going to print up “Jack THompson got disbarred and all I got was this lousy T-shirt” shirts. >.> Anyone? I’d buy one… Or two… Dozen.

Anonymous said...

came across this..once you start reading it you just cant stop!

Anonymous said...

1:28 am,

He'd probably just threaten to sue for libel.

After all, he has trouble understanding "parody" or "humor".

Or even "Earned Disrespect".

Andrew Rhodes

Anonymous said...

Rump got play on slate.com

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants the answer to the trivia question "what was the last pleading JT ever filed as a lawyer - definitely go here:


Cant wait to see you try your crap with Lenard JT

Anonymous said...

David Young should be on that list--along with his fab bailiff from his tv show.