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The following is an unedited reply to the Captain's post from Judicial Candidate Denise Martinez-Scanziani. We received an email from the candidate and re-print it in its entirety here:

O, Captain! My Captain! Quite a fearful trip you have dragged us into. Is it true what they say, that any rumor posted here, left unchallenged, becomes fact (kind of a sad commentary)?

I am new to this blog – I only became aware of it as a result of my being thrust into its spotlight – and, I must say, I was astounded and saddened by the undeserved attack upon my character based on unsubstantiated “facts,” rumor and flat out speculation. While the timeline is accurate, the scheming and strategizing and manipulating that I am accused of could not be further from the truth. Truly, Captain, if I “misjudged” anything, it was simply because I was naïve enough to believe that a campaign, especially a judicial campaign, can still be about the candidates--no more, no less.

I may know some of you, but it’s hard to tell since everyone posts anonymously. In any event, I dedicate myself to the civil arena. So, let me give you the facts:

1)I was born Denise Marie Martinez in 1975.

2)I lived in this community for my whole life until I went to the University of Florida. (For those of you keeping count, that is 23 years where everyone knew me as Denise Martinez.)

3)I completed my undergraduate and law school degrees at the University of Florida (Still Martinez, until July 10, 1998, when I married. Running total: Martinez = 23 years v. Scanziani = 9 ½ happily married years)

4)While always proud of my heritage and actively involved in my community, for brevity and convenience I began working professionally as Denise Scanziani, for no other reason than Denise Martinez-Scanziani seemed too cumbersome.

5)I practiced as an attorney, taught, and had a family. At no time, was the name I chose to use at issue.

6)Throughout my personal life, I have used Denise Martinez-Scanziani and Denise Scanziani interchangeably. Interestingly enough, no one ever found that duplicitous.

7)My husband, Paul, is also Hispanic. Actually, to my knowledge, no one in his or my family has even stepped foot in Italy, although I would love to someday. Should I be offended that you presumed I was Italian, simply based on my name? (See Paragraph 3 of your February 23, 2008 post in direct contradiction to your comment in the February 25, 2008 post.)

8) I initially filed to run under Group 34 as Denise M. Scanziani. Again, for brevity. However, the actual filing that dictates how my name will appear on the ballot is not due until May 2nd. (Note: Yes, I was aware Judge Sarduy was moving up and the Group would not be up for election soon, but just in case you are not aware, a candidate cannot really begin to “campaign” without filing documents.) However, any candidate can (and many do) switch groups before the end of qualifying, which doesn’t happen until May 2nd. I certainly did not think my filing would make such a splash – I assumed it would go largely unnoticed.

Due to my innocence regarding this process, I thought it was more important to state my intentions to run than to have a fixed Group in mind. The response from those who know me was amazingly wonderful and supportive. Perhaps I acted precipitously and had I filed under Martinez-Scanziani initially, I would have gone largely unnoticed. In fact, were I as manipulative and conniving as you suggest, wouldn’t I have filed this way from the get go? Something is not adding up…

9)In the interim, when I was deciding what Group to run in, I met with a group of friends, friends whom I had not seen in years and who knew me as Denise Martinez. In discussing my candidacy, they told me they would have never known it was me without my maiden name. (Recall: Martinez=23 years v. Scanziani=9 ½ years). Hence, my decision a few days later to run under Denise Martinez-Scanziani. If there was any “strategy” involved it was merely to ensure that those who know me in this community actually know it’s me. Not based on ethnicity, but just me.

10)In fact, I routinely use both names when socializing and corresponding.

11) In the span of a week I went from being Hispanic to being (gasp!) Hispanic. It might also shock you to know that although my middle name is French, I know of no French ancestors.

12) Gender, heritage, ethnicity—none of these played a role nor will they play a role in the future. There are no misrepresentations; I am who I am, and anyone who knows me, knows that this grand scheme of which I am accused is not in line with my character, my beliefs, or my sense of fair play.

It’s easy to post anonymously and to eviscerate someone whom you do not know based on limited facts in the context of a skewed perspective. I am not sure which is worse: basing your conclusions on a set of documents that, by themselves, do not say much or purporting to know so much about a person by simply looking at his or her name? What is truly sad is that you have denigrated this judicial race and made it into something it is not. I respect all of those who serve our community by serving on the bench. Judge Eric Hendon is no exception. You have demeaned us both by placing race and ethnicity at issue. My candidacy is about bringing everything I have to the bench, including integrity, justice and excellence. I believe I can make a difference.

BTW, to those of you who are planning and plotting, please cease and desist with those colorful, if somewhat disturbing, anonymous faxes (e.g. From: “Eyes are Watching” in Georgia, no less). Save your energy and your paper. I’m not sure what the point is, but you can leave the “cloak and dagger” business at home. I am available to anyone who wishes to discuss further my desire to serve this community as a County Judge. However, after this post, as far as I am concerned, this particular subject is closed.

Denise Martinez-Scanziani OUT.

Rumpole notes that while we have some thougths on these issues, the blog today belongs to Ms. Martinez-Scanziani, who asked for and was entitled to a front page response to the Captain's post. Well sais Ms. Martinez-Scanziani, and welcome to our humble blog.


Anonymous said...

Captain, SPANKED!

Anonymous said...

WHAT A CROCK OF BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSRememebr when you choose to enter the arena, your life becomes an opened book and you live in a fishbowl. You don't get say that chapeter is closed. Ask gary Hart, John McCain, Bill Clinton....Welcome to ther eal world......

Anonymous said...

Another 7 year wonder thinks that her little experience both in life and law makes her qualified to be a judge. You don't want to be a judge for the reasons you state. You want to be on the Mommy track and this is your comeback job. Give us all a break and be honest about why you are running. You are hispanic and female and this looks easy to you. It is the lack of that honesty and integrity that makes you UNQUALIFIED.

Anonymous said...

You're a candidate for judge yet you leave a diatribe on this blog, which obviously isn't a professional forum? Hmm, seems rather immature - I get "defending yourself," but please spare me the high school student council drama.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Captain owes someone a big apology. Mrs. Martinez, you've earned my vote!

Anonymous said...

Denise (since I dare not attempt to predict your last name),

One Question:

Why Eric Hendon?

Rumpole said...

I did not print the comment that referred to the candidate as "Mexican" and then used a slur. Totally inappropriate.

On a lighther note- the slopes are nice these days. Ahhh apres ski.

Anonymous said...

Two of the most recent appointments: Reemberto Diaz and John Thornton are proving to be excellent choices. What, pray tell, Ms. M-S have you done to put yourself in league with them. Young Latin Woman going against Afro-American male doesn't generally sit well with those of us who have been here awhile. Before you are able to step into the arena where rapid and accurate discernment is key, you must overcome the overwhelming presumption that comes with being young, overly-ambitious, and inexperienced. Running for Judge is serious business; get ready to be scrutinized.

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty long response without an answer to the Captain's main question -- WHY DID SHE CHOOSE HENDON? He's a judge that is obviously qualified, so why pick him?

Anonymous said...

Hey Scanziani - yes it is a smart
political move to file against Judge Hendon. Yes it is a smart
financial move to file against Judge Hendon. And yes it is your
choice to use your maiden and married name together. Problem is none of that diminishes the fact
that you chose to run against an
Black Judge who has been appointed twice but lost his one election.

You can claim all you want that the contest is about qualifications, but that belies
the truth. Judicial contests here in Miami are almost exclusively about race and ethnicity. Don't tell us that race and ethnicity had nothing to do with your decision. Would you ever chose to run against someone named Gonzalez
or Garcia - ofcourse not!!!

I don't blame you for this situation. And I also don't hate you for taking advantage of this situation. But just stop talking down to us with your bullcrap. Just call it what it is - a calculated decision to run against the most vulnerable and least wealthy incumbent Judge who normally tends to be one of our Black judges.


Anonymous said...

Extremely presumptious of this young Denise woman to say at the end of her post that this subject is now CLOSED.

Sorta reminds me of Hillary Clinton.

Unclose the subject, young lady. Why Judge Hendon?

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether I buy the explanation or not, but I find the criticism of her willingness to respond her is atrocious. She had ever right to respond to the attacks (and, I might add, I'm one of the posters who criticised her). I appreciate her response.

That said.......I agree wit hthe comments re her lack of qualifications. What has she done? THIRTY TWO years old? Come on. It's not like she is a recognized superstar like Bronwyn Miller was. I'd love to hear about all of the big, important cases she's handled. All the trials she's won. And the clients she's helped.

Anonymous said...

hendon qualified? yo

Anonymous said...

Denise well said you have earned and will get my vote.

To the moran dissing her for responding let us not forget that many current Judges have posted here and have sent Rumpole email message that have been posted here. Heck even the Florida Bar post comments here.

I think nor responding to the captain who is just an annoying jerk would have served you better.


Ps. Denise whats your web page URL?

Anonymous said...

To Ms. Martinez-Scanziani for a well thought out and pointed rebuttal to Rumpole's post. It's good to hear from both sides and brings perspective to the system of selecting our judiciary. Maybe I'll have the honor and privilege of appearing in Ms. M's court someday.

To Rumpole for giving the soapbox and spotlight unreservedly to the object of recent scrutiny. I've been reading the blog for over a year, and while I don't always agree with Mr. R, I always find it illuminating, and often entertaining as well. Props to Rumpole for calling it as he sees it, and having the integrity to give everyone the opportunity to respond in kind (no matter how contrarian the point of view).

NO props
To the anonymerati.

---Mark A. Stuart

Anonymous said...

This former Judge thinks that Denise Martinez - Scanziani is forthright, articulate, concise, polite and has tremendous courage to list her reasons for running. I think that she was prejudged. She should be given a chance. As she says, just because she is in Judge Hendon's spot right now does not mean that she will stay there for the final qualifying time period. I must say that I am very impressed with her style. This blog is an excellent forum for airing our current issues...

Anonymous said...

Just curious but what makes her qualified? Has anybody ever dealt with her as an attorney?

Anonymous said...

M.S. had me until she claimed that "Martinez" was added so her old friends would know she's running. Give me a break - that's a load of sh*t, and we all know it. Denise, I'm convinced that you've either deluded yourself (a terrible quality for a judge) or you lack integrity (a worse quality.) Grow up and run again when you can be honest.

Anonymous said...

to 6:38 -

The Captain was neither spanked nor rebuked. It is Ms. "Whatever-her-name is this week" who stands embaressed and ineffectual.

Ms. "Whatever-your-name-is", please answer the questions:

1. Did you chose Eric Hendon because he is black and has lost once before?

2. Why run against a well qualified judge if it is not for that reason?

It is candidates like you that make people react with an anti-hispanic prejudice. Don't go away mad, just go away.

But then again I am sure that Bob Levy and Al Lorenzo have told you not to worry about qualifications or being accused of racial prejudice because you do what you have to do to get there, even if you don't deserve it.

Or better yet maybe you can make a deal like Ada Pozo did with us when she blackmailed the Wilkie Ferguson Black Lawyers Association into an endorsement. That is if you run against someone else and leave Hendon alone. (She agreed to leave Johnson's race) It worked once, maybe it will work twice. (I was against that, because once you negotiate with "judicial election terrorists" it never ends.)

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...


I'm with 8:33 -- why you? Do you have the litigation experience that judges are expected to have? Since you enjoy spilling your guts so much, give us your bio.

Also, has anyone 'Googled' her name -- speaking of spilling your guts on the internet, she sure likes to do that in other web-site forums.

Anonymous said...

I feel like Sam Kinison in "Back to School" asking Martinez-Scanziani why she's chosen Hendon

SAY IT SAY IT SAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Question for you Ms. M-S, can you please tell us what makes you qualified to run to be a county court judge at the ripe young age of 33 and a half?

Anonymous said...

Very well written response.

I'm surprised that the comments have now shifted yet again. Does a man running against a woman get the same level of scrutiny? Men do not have to change their name. Women who want to maintain their name are challenged. Go figure.

Did anyone ask her "Why Hendon?" I looked back and see no reference to that. I thought the question was about her name? It seems the Hendon supporters will do anything on this blog to get an edge.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but to all of those people who are asking why she picked who she did, I don't know how much of an answer D. M-S. is allowed to give.

If she speaks of her opponent in a negative way she could get in trouble with all sorts of agencies. The Bar, JQC, JNC, CVS, PDQ, etc., have all restrcited what we can and can't say about judges to the point where even if the opposition has a valid reason, they may be scared to announce it.

Part of the problem with elected judges is that they can't give their opinion and positions; some may say rightly so, as they are supposed to be fair and impartial and not have pre-judged anything.
To me, one of the biggest crocks of BS is having hearings for the Supremes to determine the candidates positions on issues.

Sure, on the blog, under, hopefully, the cloak of anonymity, we complain about the way Judge Whoever ran theor calendar and what an idiot they might be, if a judicial candidate said that about their opponent they may violate all sorts of rules.

Anonymous said...

Based on my reading of the Captain's initial posting on 2/23/08, his question dealt with the candidate's use of her maiden name. Ms. Martinez-Scanziani's response to such posting dealt insightfully and thoroughly with the relevant question, explaining how the Captain's opinion was unfounded.

I commend Ms. Martinez-Scanziani for taking the time to explain the issue.

Anonymous said...

Hendon for President!

Anonymous said...

just another baby lawyer who cant make a living in private practice and probably has never tried a jury trial. although i like that she is a GATOR. maybe she is a young stan, kevin or sam. she needs to come back in 10 yrs.

Anonymous said...

This person who is so incompetent as to file in a "non-race"(Sarduy's old seat, which everyone excepther knew would be filled by appointment) goes on to make the following disingenous statement:

"12) Gender, heritage, ethnicity—none of these played a role nor will they play a role in the future"

Then She picks on a well qualified black judge! What a bald faced liar you are Ms Mutton-Scampi.If your statement is true why did you not pick a hispanic,anglo or woman to run against?You are full of it

Don't worry it does not matter Ms Scanty the judges friends (and they are legion)are and have been ready for your kind for months. Get ready for your wild weasel roller coaster election ride!

P.S. And don't forget to pull out your fat wallet you will definitely need it !

Anonymous said...

Better ask Gina Mendez, Josie Perez, Migda Sanchez, David Alvarez, Juan Gonzalez, Steven Milian just how easy it is to not get elected........

Anonymous said...

For the record, I am a former Assistant State Attorney who has practiced for months on end in front of Hendon and also have practiced in front of Hendon on the private side as well.

Hendon is one the nicest individuals you will ever meet. Hendon might not be the best or smartest, but he is furthest from the worst and dumbest. Hendon puts the effort into his caseload, will stay late, will listen to counsel, and will make an informed decision that he believes is correct.

Hendon is experienced and qualified for whatever you are Denise, go back to Gtown.

Anonymous said...

I just did a search of Denise and I found that Denise has used her married name much more frequently then her maiden name.

Denise is trying to pull the race card. Racist!!!!! be fair to brother Eric.

Anonymous said...


What name did you use when you ran in the Gables 5k?

Anonymous said...

This is unmitigated bullsh*t. She used her hispanic name, the one she didn't use professionally, because she wants to run for judge and believes that it will give her an advantage at the polls. She is yet another 'baby' lawyer using a blatant appeal at the ethnic vote. This particular jurist has been targeted in the same fashion before. If you give a sh*t about racial disparity on the bench, don't buy into her defense.

I have said it before, 15 years before you can even be a judge has to be the required minimum. And merit retention once you get there to prohibit these racial and ethnic appeals.

Anonymous said...

What kind of ego makes a 7 year lawyer think she is anywhere near qualified to be a judge??!!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what name is on file with The Florida Bar? I would assume you cannot run for judge with a name that is different than the one you're practicing law under. The one on file with The Florida Bar is the one you have to be practicing law under and if you use a different name, it is a violation of Bar rules.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she choose Hendon because she believes he is percieved as arrogant and aloof, therefore, making him an easier target. Does it always have to be about race?

Anonymous said...

She picked him simply because he is black and lost an election in the past.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you have been answered and her response seems legit. You may have over reacted on this one and thought it was some kind of devious plot to capitalize on name confusion. (also known as a "Camacho")

Although without knowing more, someone who is 32 and with only 7 years as a lawyer is probably a little young to be a judge.

Rumpole said...

Let me clear up two small items: 1) Captain made the post that this woman responded to, not me.

2) I did not post one comment that made reference to an individual and their child. Family members are not fair game on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the Eric Hendon campaigners are all over this blog. I can't believe how lame to send her a fax from Georgia. What immaturity! But I'm sure he appreciates all the name calling and racist remarks. Way to belittle the election guys.

I didn't realize that when you were a county court judge along with your name you also included your age and skin color. Also, Hendon was appointed, lost his re-election, then got re-appointed...I thought it was up to the people...guess not.



... to the eloquent counterpoint by candidate Scanziani.

It is certainly well written and gives explanation for the actions taken between February 15 and February 20, 2008.

In addition to my original post, I wrote several follow-ups in response to other posts. All my posts attempted to make the same point - that being the judgment issue.

For example, this was a post written last Monday:

The Captain Responds:

She may in fact be a lawyer of personal integrity and dedication. I had no doubt that she was not Italian when I wrote the post.

But, she is running for Judge. Her "judgment" is what a "judge" does on each and every case, each and every day, that she sits on the bench. Where do you think they got the name "judge" from - one who sits in "judgment" of others!

Her first decision as a candidate was to file under two different names only five days apart. Bad judgment!!!

I'll stand on the facts that were presented to me in the 18 pages of campaign filings from February 15th and February 20th.

Cap Out ....

Monday, February 25, 2008 3:42:00 PM


Now let's review the facts:

1. She files on 2/15 in a Group that will have no election. She says that she knew this little tidbit. I question that! Why file in Group 34 and then change five days later? I agree with her that many candidates jump around on the final date of filing or a couple of days before the deadline; (May 2nd). But she filed on 2/15, nearly three months before the deadline. And then changed five days later.

If she was doing this as a strategic move, she would have waited until May 2nd, like she claims, and filed on the last day to run against Hendon. Hendon would have been caught off guard and probably raised much less money.

Conclusion: she made an error when she filed in Group 34 (in a seat that was not going to be up for reelection). And when she realized it, and made the move, she also realized it would be much more advantageous to run as Martinez-Scanziani; (and not because a few friends would recognize who was running).

2. The name game issue is one the voters will have to decide. I can only go on what the facts are:

They are:

1. She changed her name on the Florida Bar home page to Martinez-Scanziani on 2/22.

2. The property she owns in Homestead with her husband does not mention the name Martinez.

3. Her law firm answering machine does not mention the name Martinez.

4. Her law office stationary does not mention the name Martinez.

5. Her web page - no Martinez.

6. Her voter registration is in the name of Denise Marie Scanziani.

7. Her driver's license is in the name of Denise Marie Scanziani.

8. Her vehicle registration is in the name of Denise Marie Scanziani.

9. She headed a Florida Corporation from 2004-2006 called Home Trust Title & Escrow under the name Denise Scanziani.

10. Her law firm PA is registered with the Florida Department of Corporations under the name Denise M. Scanziani.

11. She had another corporation named AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER...INVITATIONS AND MORE, INC under the name Denise M. Scanziani.

12. She received four traffic citation between 2000-2003, all under the name Denise M. Scanziani.

Those are the facts.

I am happy to hear that you respect all those who serve our community by serving on the bench -and that your respect includes that of Judge Hendon. But, if your candidacy is about "bringing everything you have to the bench, including integrity, justice and excellence", I would question whether adding the Martinez name five days after not including it was a decision that speaks of "integrity, justice and excellence".

This is all a matter of "judgment" and the voters of Miami Dade County will have their opportunity to cast their judgment on August 26, 2008.

Captain Out .....

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with the Captain. I will now not only support Eric Hendon, which I have for years, but I will stand up and fight against Denise.

Denise is now on the list that includes:
Herb Walker
Michael Grieco
Wayne Huizenga

Anonymous said...

Instead of everybody giving her grief on this website, everyone who thinks she is running against Hendon because he is a black male with no funds should pull out their checkbook. Put your money where your mouth is. If you believe Hendon is better qualified, as most of you seem to, then help support him and get him re-elected.
Then, as it gets closer to election time, make a list of all the judges you support and be sure you tell all of your non-attorney friends who you suggest they vote for.
The general public has no idea. Put the info out to those you know.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Captain sounds like a quasi-psycho
know it all.


First Mate said...


Well done; touché, great job my lad. Just call me: First Mate and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Martinez; how dare you pursue your dream to be a judge without advance permission from old bitter lawyers who never took a chance following their dreams?

Anonymous said...

An Affair to Remember :)

Anonymous said...

Captain, can I hire you as my investigator? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Amend the law, change the rule! A Judge must be a minimum of 50 years old, with 15 years experiance, and no less than 5 jury trials

Anonymous said...

Hendon is not a bright bulb.

Rumpole said...

There are nicer ways of telling me I made a mistake and put up a comment that was inappropriate. Sometimes I don't screen correctly and I did miss that comment and I took it down.

And no, no one will find me.

Anonymous said...


Hopefully that will answer some questions about her background (i.e. still not qualified)

Can't wait for the big fund-raising event on 3/19.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me dumb ass bloggers but Hendon Loaned his Campaign $100,000.00 far from a poor black candidate. In fact Denise did not do her home work as she comes in with zero to his 100 grand.


Anonymous said...

Hehe, let me guess. He construed a post as a death threat, bragged about trying to misuse the police/FBI/secret services just to annoy you, and threatened you and your readers with a subpoena?


Anonymous said...

You go Denise whatever your name is. I am for anyone running against a sitting judge. The more people that run against a sitting judge, the better. It encourages judges to think that they are vulnerable.
You know what happens when you get judges that never face re-election? You get Broward County. The same old, tired shitty judges that everyone complains about. Yet no one does anything.

So Eric Hendon gets an opponent and may lose (again). Are the whells of justice in Miami-Dade County going to come to a grinding halt? I think not. Let's face it, the best judges dont get opponents very often.

If you think she is playing the politics game, then so be it. Do you know what the politics are to get appointed? Do you know what the politics are to get appointed twice?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the Captain and his mates. We should definitely amend Article V to the Florida Constitution to give county judges lifetime terms -- or at least to let them run unopposed.

Also, Section 8 of that Article has always bothered me -- who does it think it is, insinuating that a person who has been a member of the Florida Bar for five years should be eligible to become a county judge?

I mean, honestly, the Constitution? Just because I swore to support it when I took my oath of admission to the Florida Bar does not mean I cannot chastise someone for acting in accordance with it.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Her response is amusing. Her "friends" must have been really close to her if she's been married 9 1/2 years and they still knew her as Martinez. PLEASE.

Rumpole said...

not quite 10:09- someone wrote something that in a context was inappropriate. I didn't see the whole comment because sometimes I clear the blog's pending comments from my phone, which is less than ideal. When the individual in question objected to the comment, they called me, to paraphrase "an ill individual, and one who was born of questionable parents". They then wished that someone would hunt me down.

There are, as I said, nicer ways to point out I made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

I was going to write to agree with the comments regarding this woman being high school student counsel dramatic and clearly emotionally immature to be a judge but I have been laughing too hard to type. Not only is the thought of this woman deciding other people's fate both hysterical and very frightening at the same time (considering the level of maturity she has shown thus far) but "the recognized superstar that Bronwyn Miller was" has me in hysterics. Are you kidding? Nice woman but superstar she was not.

And M-S is either lying about her surname motive and choice of races or she is too stupid to know that being Hispanic will get you a major leg up around these parts. Either way, she is too naive for a job like this. I am voting Hendon when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

11:11 PM Great lets count the votes

1 Blogger voting for Hendon


1 million plus hispanic voters voting for Denise Martinez

If I recall this Blog supported former Judge Ivan Hernandez and boy we now how well that went. I am confident Denise will do just fine without the support of overweight bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Hendon, nice enough guy. Not much in the personality department, though. Works hard, i guess. Fair, yet not cerebral.

But better than another baby lawyer using her hyphen to get over on a "vulnerable" black judge.

Would somone PLEASE change the "5-years as a lawyer to be Judge" law.

Judge Ed Newman should be the poster child for that campaign since he put his name in for a seat with just 4 years out of law school. Had to withdraw from race.

Yo Captain... research the ages (or years in Bar) of the county judges in Florida's largest counties: Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Pinellas, Duval, Orange. Let us know what you come up with.

Anonymous said...

2 points:

1. I went to Denis's Bio. She gives new meaning to "thin resume." You know she hasn't done much when her bio states: "Over the years, Denise has devoted hundreds of hours to various causes, community service, and pro bono work." YET, the only examples she chooses to highlight are "acting as 'Principal for the Day' in Springview Elementary, speaking at various Career Days, and appearing as Guest Speaker at the Gamma Eta Sorority Convention." Glad those Sorority girls had Denise to set their lives on the right path.

2. Her explanation for why she haded Martinez to her filing is so ridiculous, it is disqualifying. Think about it, when it comes time for her to "decid[e] what Group to run in," she meets "with a group of friends, friends whom I had not seen in [9 1/2] years and who knew me as Denise Martinez." Really? That's the story you want to go with? How absurd is it to think that when the time comes to make the single most important decision of the campaign, Denise chooses to sit with friends who are so close to her that they have not spoken in any substantive way for 9 1/2 YEARS. Had they had any meaningful communication, in 9 1/2 YEARS, you'd think the topic of her MARRIAGE might just have come up once during those 9 1/2 YEARS.

Tell you what, Denise. I'll reconsider my opinion if you answer three questions.

1. Have you ever appeared before Judge Hendon? What case # or #s?

2. Name one lawyer that folks on this Blog are likely to have heard of who vouches for your qualifications to be a Judge.

3. Give us three examples of significant areas where you have used "Martinez in the 5 years preceding your entry in this judicial race.

Frankly, so far the Captain has punked you on this last issue. Your email to Rumpole never covered this point. Sure your were known as Martinez for 23 years, but you made a conscious decision to drop that name 9 1/2 years ago, and you are not intellectually honest enough to admit why you have re-adopted it. When you give a BS story about meeting with long lost friends to decide in which Group to run, you only confirm our worst suspicions about you.

Anonymous said...

If you lie to get elected, then watch out for the big bad JQC

Anonymous said...

Eric Hendon is a nice man and a gentleman. I went against him many times, and he was always a pleasure to deal with. But a brain trust? Hardly. Devil's advocate--if he was white would everyone be jumping on his bandwagon? I think not.

Anonymous said...

10:29----you're wrong. I'd support him because:

1. He's fair.
2. He treats people well.
3. Based upon what we've seen so far from Denise, I have serious questions re her integrity.

In fact, I wasn't going to donate Eric before. Now, I will.

Anonymous said...

3:10, what am I wrong about? I said absolutely nothing about his integrity. Eric Hendon is and always was a man of integrity. My point is that he's never been a legal scholar, just a very nice man. That doesn't necessarily make him a good judge, just a pleasant one to appear in front of. That being said, you know very little about this candidate, and yet you and, it seems, most everyone else is jumping on her case because she dared to run against a sitting judge. A sitting African American judge. What bothers me is that you attack, as you did my post, without addressing the issues. And, by the way, how can my OPINION be wrong? You might disagree with it, but it's still my opinion.

Anonymous said...

As clients of Denise Martinez- Scanziani,
my husband and I,(we are almost twice her age,and non-hispanic) have found her to be interminably honest, patient, attentive and intelligent. She has always treated us with respect and integrity. You are so off base with your accusations. Denise, by any name, could only bring honor to the bench.
Having attained the delightful age of 50 something, I too, am known by my maiden name by some, my married name by others, as well as both, hyphenated. I still introduce myself all three ways depending on to whom I am speaking . Certainly ,this does not make a woman a bad person because she chooses to maintain the names and ancestry that she was born with.
Sounds like a lot of sour grapes going on here. Captain, did she beat the pants off you in court?

Anonymous said...

After all the support from the 22 members of the blog, I'm sure Hendon is comfortable he will be re-elected.

Here's a thought: maybe some other candidate runs in this group seeing as there is a vulnerable incumbent and a little known challenger.
If that third candidate is Hispanic, Hendon can clear out his office.
The question is whether Hendon can get appointed a third time after he loses this election.

Anonymous said...

2 points:

1. I nominate Captain for psycho-stalker of the year (maybe the century);

2. I thank this blog for teaching me that it's NOT racist to demand that a person is entitled to a job due to their race...I will bring this up at my next job interview

Unknown said...

Mr. Alex Acosta!

Any word on "Operation Ethical Bench!"

If you read this blog, your investigation should pick-up speed. Look at all the threats and harassment by those entrusted to protect the public. I tell you, the laws and rules are clear. Why should candidates have to be blasted for running. Regardless of how ignorant and stupid the candidate may be, they have a right to run. Truly.

By the way, check the consultant also. It may be the same crook with a name that rhymes with Debbie...


Anonymous said...

Ahh, Fererro brings in the spector of the "The Scum". I believe a poster on March 3 at 7:30am made direct reference to him and his buddy Al L. No doubt they are involved.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Montminy is a better candidate than Denise!

Anonymous said...

Judge David Young was about the same age as Denise when he ran for county court in the early 90's--why does no one mention judges like him in this discussion?

Unknown said...

David "The Penguin" Young as David Miller likes to call him is not mentioned in this comments because he is and was protected by his Daddy Burton Young. Aside from that, aside from all the money, he is protected by the system. You know how that goes. Id. Krieger-Martin.

Anonymous said...

Rump-start a column whereby you poll and ask the following: which judges should we run against and why? I think this would be a great dialogue.

Anonymous said...

The more I read this the more I think this blog is bias on elections. No one complaint when the judiciary was filled with Anglos. Get a grip and remember these are politics and anyone can run. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

This post is ridiculous. The posts are ridiculous.

Provide a comparison breaking down the judiciary of Miami-Dade County versus the population. The representation is not equal, but it is shifting.

Anonymous said...

I have proof that Denise Martinez-Scanziani should not be an attorney let alone a Judge. This involves a current Family case. It has nothing to do with her name, it has to do with her complete and utter lack of ethics.