Saturday, December 22, 2007


In Raging Bull, Joe Pesci playing Joey La Motta tells Robert De Niro, who is playing Middle weight boxer Jake La Motta about an upcoming match:

“If you win you win. If you lose, you still win.”

The Federal Government and their henchmen prosecutors have changed this slightly:
“If you lose, you lose. If you win, you still lose.”

Scene: US District Court, Southern District of Florida.

Dramatis Personae: Several nameless faceless grey bureaucrats stalking the halls of “justice”; Lyglenson Lemorin-Defendant;

A jury acquits a lawful US resident who has no prior criminal record, has lived in the US for over twenty years, and has a wife and children at a home in South Florida.

What does the US government do to this Defendant who had a trial in the United States? Yes- these United States, about which our president travels the world extolling the virtues of freedom, democracy, due process, trial by jury, presumption of innocence; the bill of rights; this wonderful government of ours throws this INNOCENT man back into custody and in the dark of night drags him off to some concentration camp in Georgia, to await removal for being something he was just acquitted of.

The United States: land of the free- so long as the federal prosecutors don’t come after you. Then it’s the land of Soviet Russia, when the government can and will do any damn thing it wants to you, and there is nothing you can do about it.

No wonder why our message extolling the wonders of a free democracy is falling on deaf ears around the world: it’s a damn lie and everyone knows it.

It makes us sick and embarrassed to be an American when our government acts no better than a group of jackbooted SS Storm Troopers:

(Jury: "We find Lyglenson Lemorin Not Guilty;
Government SS Thug 1: "Can they do that? Is not guilty allowed? Should we arrest the jury?
Government SS Thug 2: "Not yet. First grab Lemorin and take him to...hmm...that camp in Georgia. And do it in the middle of the night."
Government SS Thug 1: "The camp we call Bergen-Belsen?"
Government SS Thug 2: "Yeah that one. But don't let the press hear the nickname.")

The Herald article is here: LEMORIN - make sure you have a barf bag when you read it.

It occurs to us that if safety is the concern here- because despite what the jury said, apparently the entire safety of the free world hangs in the balance of keeping a slight and poorly educated Haitian day laborer in custody, then perhaps we should start with a top to bottom review of the entire federal government.

Ask any County Court DUI prosecutor the statistics on impaired drivers. Apparently for an individual to get arrested once, he or she must have driven impaired more than 25 times. For a second DUI arrest the statistics are higher and the probability is that they will continue driving impaired, imperiling the lives and safety of anyone who drives.

The President of the United States has one DUI conviction and the Vice President has two. That’s three within the top layer of the executive branch.

Want to make the country safer? Remove these two dangerous individuals to another country. After all, Mr. Lemorin does not have a criminal record, while they do.

See You In Court, where the great hypocrisy of this country being a democracy that protects the due process rights of its citizens becomes more and more transparent day after day.

Coming Monday: The Lawyer who represented Lemorin and the Federal Government’s new “three acquittals and you’re out law.” The dangers of getting a not guilty in Federal Court.

PS: And just so it is very clear about how upset everyone ( and besides the defense team, we mean EVERYONE) is about the acquittal and hung jury in this matter. The Court has agreed to the government's request to keep the next jury anonymous. Nothing like injecting a little more fear into a terrorism trial the government can't otherwise win.


Anonymous said...


All of this coverage about bar matters, pleadings, letters, complaints filed and no response regarding the Daily Business Review's coverage yesterday or the Fl. Supreme Court's ruling Thursday? What gives Rump?

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for this poorly educated day laborer. He'll be treated for better in Georgia than Haiti. Jackboots, AS IF!

Rumpole said...

11:48- How about letting this INNOCENT AMERICAN back to his family. If these prosecutors/marshalls aren't acting as jackbooted thugs, what would you call their actions? humanitarian?

Anonymous said...

Cheney, Bush, Rove, Gonzalez, Libby, Miers, Rice, Yoo, Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Scalia have used 9/11 to create a police state. The never ending war and their response is positively Orwellian. If one should draw the attention of the police state there is no law that will save you.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, so I guess you support Ron Paul for President, right??

If you think any Democrat will do ANYTHING about these evil scenarios you correctly abhor, then you are (sorry) A COMPLETE IDIOT!

Freedom means more than hating Bush.

Anonymous said...

It sux

Anonymous said...

I read last week that 27 lawyers had signed up as scabs for Joe George.

Does anyone know who any of these people are? Are any of them regulars in the cthouse?

Anonymous said...

If jack booted thug is the term of choice of the NRA... and Rump has latched onto using that term for gov't agents, does that mean Rump is a card carrying NRA member?

Anonymous said...

I think Pacificus's comment was fairly clever.

If in fact, a Regional Conflict Counsel Office is unconstitutional because of a lack of election, does that mean that each court appointed counsel (state appointed PD/PCAC) must themselves be elected rather than appointed by a court?

This creates quite the legal conundrum.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Colonel Angus was the first to report the Circuit Court's decision on the regional decision on this blog...You were also the first to report on this blog the names of the six nominees to the County Court seat being vacated by Judge Bach that the JQC sent to the Governor. Good job Colonel!!

Rumpole said...

1:46 Pm. No need to apologize. I have been called worse. I am fairly confident neither John Edwards nor Dennis Kucinich would allow this country to fall to the depths of totalitarianism we have now reached. Neither would Joe Biden.

Anonymous said...

From the wire....three state attorneys were canned on 12/21 Friday....Merry XMAS

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Rumpy, but you are still an IDIOT. (At least on this one.) First of all, Dennis Kucinich is a totalitarian. Basically a straight-up Communist. Learn his history, read things he's written.

Edwards (lefty collectivist)does not wish to change the size or scope of our GIGANTIC federal govt. If anything, he wishes to add layer upon layer of new laws and bureaucrats, though I'm sure its all for our own good!

I'll ask again, do you support Ron Paul? He's the only one that would seem to have an ideological kinship with you given your previously stated beliefs re: civil liberties, altruism, foreign policy.

All the Democrats are altruists and collectivists. Its the Democratic Party's reason for being. Most Republicans are no better, and sometimes, yes, worse.

Why not Ron Paul??!!

Anonymous said...


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don’t mess with Shumie unless you want a big fight.

Rumpole said...

yes it is true that almost all candidiates from both parties are on the same side of the coin philosophically- they are all altruist collectivists. No doubt about it. I don't know enough about Ron Paul. I do know that if I am stuck choosing between the lesser of two evils, then at the moment the democrats offer more of what I am looking for.

Anonymous said...

Slow down a bit with the rhetoric, HR. Totalitarianism? My grandparents left Russia in 1929. The home of their birth and their ancestral homeland since...forever. And they left b/c they had no choice. Leave or die. That's totalitarianism. In contrast, here in the US, the president gets blasted by the media and on the street and in homes, schools, etc. all day, every day and...nothing happens.

There is a very big difference. When you use rhetoric that overheated, you tend to lose creditiblity with neutral people. And those are the only folks whose minds can be changed.

Anonymous said...

And this is what we've been talking about.

All of those people who say, "Oh I used to be an Assistant State Attorney, no one ever came after me for losing cases and getting not guilties on tough cases. No one ever pressured me to close case out to outcomes that I didn't feel uncomfortable with. No one ever made me feel as if I were forced to ensure certain outcomes."

One of those terminations for sure, had to do with an ASA who closed a case to an outcome he felt was the right outcome and the victim approved the outcome. There may have been a question as to who approved what on the State's end.

But the defendant was apparently a HO, PRRP, GORT, HIJKLMNOP...

And thus the plea should have been no less than something unusually harsh, cruel and oppressive. The almighty Chiefs have spoken! Defy us, and get that pink slip!

Anyone who thinks working at the SAO isn't a lot of politics, BS and CYA, hasn't been there lately.

Rumpole said...

7:46- Nothing happens? Nothing happens? They STOLE an election. Then they sent 4000 americans to die for a LIE so Haliburton could rebuild Iraq. And we're such a great country because Cheney has to put up with me calling him an asshole? Believe me, if I was a real threat to him, I'd be in a jail somewhere on some trumpted up charge.

Nothing happens? Tens of Thousands of american children go hungry every day. Military Vets are butchered in substandard hospitals. The rest of the working poor can't get any health insurance, while those that put these idiots and liars in power get rich. Bush is better than Stalin because he doesn't haul hundreds of thousands of people away to a gulag? (It kills me to say this) Bush is SMARTER than Stalin because he realizes that to accomplish his goals he doesn't need to haul hundreds of thousands away to gualgs. He does what he needs to do to silence or otherwise lie about to achieve his aims. Look what he and Rove did to McCain in the South Carolina primary? A coward like Bush doesn't thave the moral authority to hold a real american hero like McCain's jock strap.

These people pulling Bush's strings are dangerous people.

Anonymous said...

Health insurance is so expensive b/c of all the govt rules and regs on the medical industry in general. It is the most un-free market in our nation. No wonder it seems to be the least efficient.
Hardly an excuse for John Edwards socialization of the whole ball of wax. Once you head down that road, its over.

And yes, nothing happens when you criticize Bush. Absolutely NOTHING! Zero. Zip. In fact, you get lauded for being so "brave" and "progressive". UGHHH!

If you want liberty, and not just to make stupid partisan snipes, check out Ron Paul. If not, just keep on griping and enjoying it, b/c it won't make any difference whether its Edwards, Clinton, Rudy, whoever. They'll not take on the Leviathan power of the Feds. Not in a million years, Rumpole.

I suspect you know this, but don't really care b/c its much easier to whine and bitch than to really work for actual freedom, not just a different overlord.

Anonymous said...


Rumpole said...

as long as he's not Rumpole...we're ok.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Rumpy...
Hope you have a great day!

David Oscar Markus said...

After reading posts like these, I'm thankful for this blog. Good work!

Anonymous said...

7:46 The Soviet Union / Russia was/is a totalitarian state. So what?

The point is that the U.S. under the Bush administration, has moved forcefully toward fascism. The legal ground-work has been laid to justify the surveillance and seizure of anyone for reasons un-disclosed.

Presently, only people on the fringe - like Lemorin - are being targeted. But the justifications behind the seizure of the marginalized work just as well on the mainstream.