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UPDATE: Our intrepid Herald Scribe is hard at work today tracking down this story, obtaining comments, and also posting on the Herald Website the resignation letter of ASA Walker. The letter is worth a read as he tenders his resignation "with great sadness" and often refers to the theme of "good versus evil".

Rumpole says: This was a prosecutor who tinged his prosecutions with a religious zeal that concerned many defense attorneys. His resignation letter confirms his "black/white" view of what we do, and also appears to confirm that the resignation was not his idea. The article by Ms. Nesmith quotes SAO Spokesperson Terry Chavez (no more handling mental health issues Terry?) as saying the SAO will comment at a a later time as to why Walker resigned.

Chavez is quoted by Ms. Nesmith as saying that ASA Jimenez was fired for misrepresenting that he obtained a victim's approval for a plea.
Rumpole says: rumours in the SAO persist that all that glitters may not be gold in the Jimenez matter.

End of Update: Here is the original post:

Today a palpable sense of fear and loathing in Miami hangs in the Dade County State Attorneys' Office. Prosecutors walk with a blank stare, heads hanging low. Any requests that they talk about what has just happened at their office is met with a polite "no comment" followed by a whispered "I don't want to lose my job too."

Such is life under a totalitarian regime where "citizens" are routinely whisked away in the dead of night never to be seen again. Morale is at the lowest point possible in the Dade State Attorneys Office.

Rumpole has confirmed the following so far:

ASA Herb Walker "was asked to resign". A controversial Division Chief who was celebrating a guilty verdict last Thursday, Walker resigned on Friday. The reason he was asked to resign is allegedly there were allegations made against against him of sexual harassment. Nothing has been proven.

ASA Antonio Jimenez was fired. The reason allegedly has to do with an allegation regarding his authority to offer a plea in a career criminal case. Word from other prosecutors and the defense bar is that Tony Jimenez was well regarded and was a good prosecutor and there is a palpable sense of outrage that he was fired. Some have whispered that he is the fall guy for a case he had authority to resolve.

A female secretary was fired for "sexual harassment."

Rumpole ponders: What is it about the State Attorneys office that is engendering these feelings of sexual frustration? Is it the proximity to South Beach and the bevy of models that sashay down the street apparently out of reach for the common prosecutor and his or her meager salary? Something is causing prosecutors and employees to become sexually frustrated to the point where they take it out on their colleagues. Perhaps an office wide trip to TOOTSIES is in order. (A quick perusal of their website reveals that "Honey de la Cruz" is appearing all this week. Ok. It wasn't a "quick" perusal.) Apparently a trip entitles you to spin the "wheel of friction" which may just be all that some members of the SAO need to ease their "frustrations."


This is the worst news of all. Apparently acting in the Christmas spirit, there was a Toys For Tots program that Judge Mills Francis was helping. Judge Ward among other criminal and civil Judges was also participating in a Toys collection program.

Out of this Toys For Tots Program, the State Attorneys office has FIRED one prosecutor, suspended without pay three to five prosecutors, and re-assigned all the prosecutors who were previously in Judge Mills Francis Division.

We did not reach State Attorney Fernandle for a quote, so we imagine she would say this:

"Merry Christmas, you're fired. Toys for Tots? Bah, humbug. "

Rumpole fumes: This is County Court. 90% of the cases deal with selling flowers without a license, possession of an undersized snook, or driving without glasses. All these cases and more are routinely dismissed.

The State Attorneys Office is going to have to offer some explanations as to why they are abusing their county court employees in this manner.

Lets not forget that the prosecutors in County Court are new attorneys. They need close supervision to help them learn where to draw the line. The Florida Bar requires that senior attorneys supervise and mentor junior attorneys who work for them. The Bar has held senior lawyers responsible for not supervising new lawyers.

If the State Attorneys Office saw fit to fire a prosecutor, was his supervisor disciplined? What if anything happened to the Chief Of County Court? Or do the supervisors at the State Attorneys Office not believe that the buck stops with them? Are they not professional enough to step forward and explain why there was a lack of supervision that caused this young prosecutor to make a mis-step that has ended his career?

This is the same Office that Janet Reno used to run. When Ms. Reno was Attorney General and Waco exploded, she went to Congress and took full responsibility. Where is the same ethics and character in the current State Attorneys Office?

Let us be blunt: this stinks. We demand an explanation.

See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

Here's my problem with the County Court firings: I would rather have JoJo the "business without a license" guy donating to Toys for Tots then throwing money at Advocate or having the judge outright dismiss the case (which will not be appealed)....Kathy kills me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole, cut the State Attorney some slack. Her mother passed away today. Leave your childish vitrolic comments for another day.

Anonymous said...

I am confused why would Judge Mills ASA's get fired regards toys for tots?

Rumpole said...

I know her mother passed away. I doubt she wants my condolences. She is a professional and an elected official. Her office has forced my clients to go to trial a day after they burried their parents, so sympathy, as prosecutors so often remind a jury, is not an issue here. Her conduct and the conduct of her office is at issue here. She can respond when she gets back.

Rumpole said...

The prosecutor was fired for soliciting donations for toys for tots in exchange for nolle prosses on what I understand were
de minimis cases.

Anonymous said...

Cut her slack b/c her mom died? Is that a joke? Get your head out of your ass, buddy.

Great reply by Rump.

Rumpole said...

The word you tried to spell is Vitriolic.
Rundle's mom passed away today. What's your excuse?

Anonymous said...

KFR would not care if any of our mothers died. We should not care about her. KFR is a worthless piece of trash with no care in the world for anyone but herself. Rumor is, she is the cause of the sexual frustration.

Ask some former ASA hunks!

Anonymous said...

It is considered a conditional KNP. These KNP were done all the time on BS cases when the defendant and State wanted to do something other than give $$$$$$ to the Advocate program.

It is the head of County Court's fault. He or she should give a call to Donnie and Kathy and tell them what is going on.

Anonymous said...

See Herald's story at http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking_news/story/357357.html

Those programs of toy donations in exchange for dismissals or nolle prosses have been around in County Court for ages and nothing like this has ever happened. Judge Young routenely did them while he was a county judge. Prosecutors understood the goodness of these programs and, at worst, only objected "for the record". I don't know what grinch in the SAO came up with the stupid idea to fire the prosecutors in Mills-Francis courtroom but it may very well be someone trying to make KFR look bad with the voters and the community. Anyone with a sense of public relations at the SAO would organize and publicize these toy-for-tots exchanges and would tout to the media that the KFR's office was involved with it in order to rehabilitate petty offenders through charitable donations on behalf of needy children. But now, KFR and her chiefs are showing that they are more interested in collecting fines and costs for Harvey Ruvin and program fees for the Advocate Program, Inc. than in helping needy children have a happy Christmas with a new toy. Sad... Very sad...

Anonymous said...

Why is the SAO not issuing a press release?

Anonymous said...

The Herald has not opened comments in the SAO firings story. I guess that the Herald is protecting KFR from bad publicity, as usual.

Anonymous said...

From the tech news site "The Inquirer":

Anonymous blogger gets a subpoena quashed.

ON FRIDAY, a New Jersey Superior Court judge quashed a subpoena seeking the identity of an anonymous blogger.

Known only by the pseudonym "daTruthSquad" on Google's Blogspot service, the blogger was strongly critical of local government in Manalapan township.

After the blog critic became especially outspoken about the township filing a malpractice lawsuit against its former city attorney, the township subpoenaed Google demanding that it divulge the blogger's identity, contact information, emails, blog drafts and "any and all information related to the blog."

Manalapan's anonymous nemesis turned to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) for legal representation. The EFF asked the township to withdraw the subpoena, terming it "frivolous" and unenforceable, an improper attempt to " unmask an anonymous speaker who was engaged in activity protected by the First Amendment." The township's lawyers told the EFF to complain to a judge.

In late November, the EFF did just that, filing a motion to quash the subpoena.

In a hearing Friday, Judge Terence Flynn granted the EFF's motion, ruling that the blogger has the right to anonymous speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

"We're grateful that Judge Flynn upheld the First Amendment rights of our client and recognized that anonymous speakers should not be intimidated into silence through the discovery process," EFF Staff Attorney Matt Zimmerman said in a statement. "Now 'daTruthSquad' can continue to discuss township business without fear of government reprisal."


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, there were chiefs of county court with common sense and who knew how to run the division. Pam Thomas, in the late 80's comes to mind. She used her brains and common sense to make the most effective use of resources and personnel for the worst cases while saving her ASA's a lot of work. We need someone mature, with real life experience and a sense of perspective to run county court. To start with, giving ASA's a bit of discretion at all levels will do wonders to make the division run better and smoother.

Anonymous said...

Two of the fired/disciplined ASAs from Mills-Francis had real promise. They're going to need jobs now. Who's stepping up to right the wrong perpetrated by the Evil Empire?

Anonymous said...

Rump: I don't understand how a SAO intern gets fired for the Toys-For-Tots thing. Young ASAs have little or no authority in the Courtroom, let alone an intern. There must be more to it! Also, little or no talk of "Judge Karen" and her Sony Distribution deal for Fall 2008. (since modereration has been enabled--if this is a secret or fell through, just edit this part of the comment out) Toys-For-Tots is a great Program. Public servants should be getting awards, not demands from the Herald for comments. Personally, I enjoy going into a County Court courtroom and seeing a friendly judicial face. Justice with fairness AND compassion. Thank you Judge Mills-Francis!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"''Judge Karen Mills Francis had a favorite charity if you will -- Safe Space,'' Chavez said.

Mills Francis put several cases on the calendar, making it clear she would dismiss the charges if the defendants brought in toys for the charity, Chavez said.

''Our office didn't want to go along with it but (the intern) basically went along with the judge's decision,'' Chavez said."

Did I read that correctly? I like KFR but could this be exactly what took place? Something is not right.

Rumpole said...

1) Good news for anonymous bloggers

2) Re: Judge Mills Francis- no secrets here. And any time I don't print a comment, my policy is to explain it in the comments section.

3) I remember Pam Thomas.

Anonymous said...

I really can't believe what happened to those ASAs in 2-11. They were great guys and its a shame kathy fernundle had to come down so hard on 'em. It's the freakin' holidays. They will be missed

Anonymous said...

My God, what a bunch of sad and bitter people post on this blog. I hope that your material possessions help make it through the night. How sad, very sad.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me about the SAO's response in the press about all this is that they mention the name of a young ASA who by all accounts is a decent guy and they basically call him a liar. Then they mention the name of a secretary who allegedly has had problems in the past as well as the allegation of "a slight hint of sexual harassment on her part." What the fuck does that mean??? They mention her name with that allegation of a "slight hint of sexual harassment" but no where do they mention why Walker was asked to resign. According to what I have heard, it was also allegedly for sexual harassment. It sucks that they name the junior ASA and the secretary with their alleged transgressions, but for Walker, they leave it vague. They all should be treated the same way! Either name them all and say what they allegedly did or don't do it. Don’t just fuck with a junior ASA's and secretary's reputation, but protect the weasel Walker. Someone in that office needs some training in how to address the media on these types of situation. Be fair!

Anonymous said...

Who the same Janet Reno who ordered the conflagration at a Waco compund filled with children and who ordered the armed invasion of the home containing Elian Gonzalez but who on legal technical grounds objected to Bin Laden being extradited to the U.S. from the Sudan prior to 9/11? Who the same Reno who now wants us to go soft on the Administration's terrorism detainees and who did nothing in response to the terrorist devastation of the USS Cole and the WTC bombing in 1993? She was more concerned about prosecuting Bill Gates than she was about extraditing Bin Laden. This is your hero.

Anonymous said...

What woud Sy Gaer say?

Anonymous said...

ek raises some issues. rump, please respond.

Rumpole said...

Mr. Walker has probably earned all the criticism he is receiving, but comments about his personal appearance and verbotten. Down they come.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angry ASA. This is the good old boy network, or women network taking care of Herb. Look who Herb's friends are (hint religion).

Maybe it is L and Donnie wanna be baseball Horn playing the cards.

Anonymous said...

where are the rossbach's attorneys now that they are needed for another sexual harassment case against KFR.who where they, and were are they now/ are they available?

Rumpole said...

I admire Reno. I have no knowledge nor have I ever heard of her objecting and preventing the extradition of Bin laden. She did the right thing in Waco and the right thing in Elian.

Ek is not correct about the Cole and the 1993 bombing of the WTC. The 1993 bombing was investigated and prosecuted and the Cole was investigated but the responsibility for responding was Clinton and the armed forces.

Reno joins a long line of respected individuals, like Senator McCain who recognize that the people detained in Guantanamo are a PR disaster for the US and that indefinate detention without the basic adherence to due process makes us look like complete asses to the world. Can you imagine the stink Bush would raise if Iran was detaining prisoners under the same circumstances?

Rumpole said...

And for the record, my hero was Roberto Clemente.

Rumpole said...

Listen to me carefully: Mr. Walker prosecuted with the zeal of one who believes his cause is always correct. In my opinion he gave no quarter to human fraility or weakness. Therefore, while he deserves no compassion, I am better than him, and will extend him some compassion for what appears to be a mental health issue. However, I will not let up on the SAO until they come clean and explain exactly why he resigned so recluctantly.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's the Reno we're talking about.

Koresh killed his own people. Only Miami Cubans got huffy about Elian. The first WTC bombing ended in a successful conviction. Terrorist Ted Kaczynski was successfully prosecuted. Terrorist Timothy McVeigh was caught and successfully prosecuted. The Cole occurred in YEMEN. Your comment about Reno frustrating Bin Laden's extradition from Sudan is a snippet, taken out of context, and twisted into a factual pretzel. (Pagin Ann Coulter?) And 9/11, which occured on the watch of AG John Ashcroft and the George "My Pet Goat" Bush? As I remember it, the 9/11 commission was touch more concerned with the FBI, NSA and the CIA than Janet Reno. But perhaps I've let reality color my views.

Rumpole said...

By the way, no clerk is lowly, not in our book.

Anonymous said...

AMEN RUMP. Especially Mills Francis super duper hot spinner clerk. If she is lowly, I want to be the bug beneath her.

Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

Oh Susannah, why is the Herald not opening up reader comments in the State Attorney's Office story? I'm sure lots of readers want to comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole, I thought you frowned upon the mentioning of people's sexual orientation, even if they were open about it... if so, why did you leave the 6:38 PM comment about the sexual orientation of the secretary involved? You also missed the one about the man boobs at first, although you already took it down. What's the matter? Not paying attention?

Rumpole said...

1) the person's full name has not been used.
2) it appeared relevant in that it was used in her defense. It just seemed to pass my smell test.

I am inclined to leave it up unless
a) you could assure me she wouldn't want it up
b) some other reason that would ring true with me.

Anonymous said...

I left the SAO late in the last decade. When I left, my chief complaint/joke was that I needed a written note from my D.C. (who I have to say was very reasonable and trusted my judgment) to take a shit. Not to mention that you had to see Chief A for X, Chief B for Y and whatnot. I have since left South Florida. And it seems that my joke complaint has virtually become true--things have only gotten worse. I thought morale was bad when I left, and it seems like it has only gone downhill.

My advice to any ASA who wants a decent legal career is to say the hell with your 3 year commitment and get out NOW. The more time you spend at the SAO, the more you hurt your chances for future employment. The lame compensation at the SAO is nowhere near worth all the BS and other shit you need to put up with, not the least of which is KFR and her cronies protecting their favorites, who are usually incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Attention "spinner" clerk minders,

She is no longer in mills francis. Repeat, she is no longer in mills francis.

She who shall remain nameless can often be gawked at with Schwartz on Thursdays, jail arraignment in 3-2, and on occasion in post judgment in 107.

If you're coming to 2-11 to wag your tongue, please be on your way as we are often very busy in there

Anonymous said...

The 535 page 9-11 Commission Report is available at: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/911/

By my reading there was no attempt to extradite Bin Laden from Sudan by anyone. Certainly there is nothing that Reno stood in the way of Bin Laden's extradition from Sudan. I acknowledge the possibility that I missed something in the 535 pages.

But if extradition from third world countries were so easy, Bush could just ask Pakistan to turn him over, no?

Anonymous said...

I would say we are more "fans" then "minders". Actually we have seen her in Bloom 6-8, where ironically, the Hot Bloom PD is now in Mills Francis 2-11. Something about 6-8 just attracts the hotties.

Now 2-11 is many things, but busy? Come on now, get real.

Plus, there was a super hot new blondie clerk in post judgment today. I'm going to have to put her in my "rotation" if you know what I mean. But no one will replace my true object of love nee lust- my dear sweet spinner clerk.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, your 9:38 PM response is flawed. You first assert that the secretary's full name has not been used. You are mistaken. Go back and read the article written by your favorite Herald scribe, which you have linked on your initial post. The secretary's full name is mentioned. There is no anonymity at this point. As to your second point, your olfactory senses are not working very well. You take the assertion by an anonymous poster that she is a lesbian and that the person who she allegedly harassed was a male, and that could be a valid defense. First of all, sexual harassment does not necessarily have to do with sex, it can be a power thing or simply making the other person's work environment a hostile one. Secondly, what if I were to tell you that the secretary is actually bisexual. Would that change your response? If you believed the original anonymous poster, why not believe me?

This is your blog and you can run it as you please, but if you are going to set ground rules, please keep them the same for everybody, not just those that you seem to sympathize with like a secretary that was fired for whatever reason. Thanks

p.s. I look forward to Anotnio Jimenez's response. My sense is that he got royally screwed by someone who was trying to cover her own ass. In the end, I hope he is vindicated. Also, like a previous poster, I am concerned that the SAO is not saying why Walker resigned, yet they are happy to say why the others were fired. My guess is that they will say that since Mr. Walker resigned, that is his decision and that they do not feel obliged to explain why, where as for the others, they were fired and the public is owed an explanation. This of course is bullshit, especially if Mr. Walker was given the opportunity to resign whereas the others were not. bye bye.

Rumpole said...

I must say that in reviewing your comments, my first inclination has always been to err on the side of caution in this matters, and with that, and your comments ringing in my ears, the comment is down.

Anonymous said...

Why has this asa toy drive story made the news? It is a sad commentary on the world we now live in that an act of kindness to needy children living in Safe Space{a protective shelter for victims of domestic violence)is translated into something so ugly. Why wasn't Safe Space and its displaced kids the feature of the story? Minor cases in county court are routinely nolle prossed or dismissed. this time, scared and forgotten children living in shelter away from their homes during the holidays were the beneficiaries. sad...so sad...the fallout.

Anonymous said...

The recent vitriolic attacks on KFR and the SAO are totally misplaced (for a change). Frankly, she doesn't owe an explanation of what happened. The office is, and should be, above trashing people it disciplines. Forcing someone to resign or firing them is a sufficient sanction without the additional pain of public embarassment. When you lose a case (or your job at a law firm) does the Herald humiliate you in front of your friends and family?

Oh wait. Prosecutors are public servants. We expect perfection out of them (which is why we never thank them for protecting our communities).

What a joke.

I'm really tired of the constant posts about how we have to hold prosecutors to a higher standard because of their important role in society couple with many more posts bashing those who actually take their jobs seriously and take pride in their work (ie. slamming the contents of Walker's resignation letter). It seems that the same folks who call those who don't live up to the standards hypocrites are the ones who call those who do their best overzealous. Talk about a catch-22.

You all are so hypocritical it's naueseating. Frankly, I love that Walker took such pride in his dedication. I may disagree with his approach, but I like that he prosecuted from his heart (imagine that.

I find it sickening that you all keep posting stuff about how important it is for the SAO to give discretion to its prosecutors so they can do what they think is right and then criticize those who actually do. Seems to me that you all really want the SAO to allow prosecutors to do what YOU think is right and that you only support the ones who cut breaks to everyone and their uncles.

You claim that you're "the last protectors of liberty," but you're oh so quick to slam Susannah (who, as far as I could tell, never did anything to hurt anyone you sob's who post these malicious rants) and prosecutors without knowing much (let alone all) of the facts. Did it occur to you that it would be unprofessional for the SAO to reveal everything that went into its decisions to fire people?

I'm not a prosecutor (though I am proud to say I was one). And, I do have the scoop on what happened. Trust me (why not? I'm anonymous. That seems to mean that I'm credible on this blog), there's a lot more to this than you all know. The prosecutors got what they deserved (the secretary is the one person I don't have enough information on.........though I do have at least some of the scoop). I won't post any of the underlying facts because they've been embarassed enough.

The fact is that the SAO doesn't discipline (let alone fire) anyone without real cause. I know, because I've BTDT (though it has been a while). You all (at least those of you who have been part of the system for more than five minutes) should know that as well.


PS---the take on the Rossbach firing is a load of crap as well. Anyone who worked with that division at the time knows that. Just because a jury says she was harassed, doesn't mean she was(you all should know that by now........I mean, come on, how many posts have you written about the number of supposedly innocent people being convicted). GET OVER YOUR HYPOCRISY.

PS2----I am NOT a KFR fan. Personally, I like her. But, I have serious concerns about the way the office is run. I've posted several times about some of the issues. I'm just tired of so many people taking things way to far. Your criticism would be a lot more useful if it was constructive. If you can't do that, at least try to be fair.

Anonymous said...

The "confidentiality" protecting JQC complaints attaches to the JQC, not to the complainant, just as with Bar complaints. This stunt by the judge is ridiculous and must be punished:

John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

December 27, 2007

Judicial Qualifications Commission
1110 Thomasville Road
Tallahassee, FL 32303

Re: Formal JQC Complaint against Miami-Dade Judge Karen Mills Francis

Dear JQC:

Here is my formal JQC complaint against the above county court judge based upon allegations that have surfaced in the enclosed Miami Herald article also found on the Internet at http://www.miamiherald.com/news/breaking_dade/story/357357.html.

It would appear that Judge Karen Mills Francis may have violated Canons 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. No judge should be dismissing or pursuing criminal cases on the basis of a defendant’s willingness or refusal to contribute to a pet charity of the judge. Cases are to be handled on their merits, period. How could a judge not know this?

This is just the type of “justice for sale” nonsense that tells the public that some judges cannot be trusted to adhere to the simple principle found in the symbol of Lady Justice—that “justice is blind.” Please proceed with haste against this compromised judge:

Regards, Jack Thompson


Anonymous said...

Jack, your bar complaint against Judge Francis is precisely why most everyone hates you.

First, you are correct that it is inappropriate to dismiss charges in exchange for a donation to charity.

HOWEVER, there is nothing nefarious going on when the charity is toys for tots or what not. About ten years ago, I was a victim and agreed to have the ASA drop charges in exchange for a four figure donation to a highly respected charity of my choice. In retrospect, this was technically inappropriate. Did any one get hurt? No. Was the perpetrator free to reject the deal? Yes.

Ultimately, it is such a satisfactory outcome that many judges do it. Most are surprised to learn it is inappropriate. And that's where it should end. Judge Mills-Francis should be pulled aside and informed of the prohibition. Judge Blake should issue a memo reminding everyone of the prohibition. But beyond that... you come across as a publicity seeking trouble maker.

Anonymous said...

It is so funny. Kathy, Lorna, Don and company select a different process for each person who is to be 'fired'.

For example, Herb is like the DJ ASA (MG), that ASA who was drunk in court, the ASA who was head of sex battery and was high every day on drugs, that ASA who beat up her division chief (yeah the chief was five times the ASA's size but who cares), the crazy ASA who had twelve personalities, etc. who get to resign or take leaves of absence. Wait a second, isn't there a big time ASA (maybe even a guy who is in charge) who has been accused and rumored to have been a sexual harasser? Somehow the cute intern girls always get a job after he lays his eyes on them!!!! Anyway, the special or loved ASAs get a special way of getting rid of their issues. But if you are not a loved one, they come after you with all their power and might. Many times, dumbo Lorna either has no idea what she is doing or is in bed with another ASA and drops the ball.

It is so hilarious. A female Cuban ASA can take a three hour lunch and go shopping at Saks, but another ASA has their parking card read to make sure she is in the office on time. The loved quiet Cuban female ASAs get a free ride, while the others get demotions. The entire office is a JOKE!

Think, why is the conviction rate so low in Dade versus Broward!

Anonymous said...

why is the SAO so scared to say why Herb Walker was asked to resigned? is it becuase his brief exposure to the media and his numerous guilties? he committed sexual harrasment, and from what i hear on numberous females at the office...why is that not in the media, poor tony and that secretary...their names get trashed while herb walker walks away hinting at a possibility of coming back to the SAO...the office should have some Balls, it was a disgrace that they let him stay as long as he did...well said angry SAO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson is envious that Kare Mills-Francis is going to the big leagues and he isn't.

Anonymous said...

12:21:00 a.m., if you know so much about this topic, please share your knowledge with your fellow bloggers.

Anonymous said...

10:39----as I said, I will NOT share my knowledge. These young attorneys have suffered enough. I will not embarass them further to satisfy your morbid curiousity. How would you like it if your every screw up was detailed on a blog like this so people could trash you publicly? I find the the voyeuristic joy you and so many others take in the prosecutors' suffering disgusting.


Anonymous said...

3:02, what knowledge? You don't know what the F you're talking about. If you had a clue about the real facts - like those of us who have actually spoken with the parties involved - then you'd know that the young ASAs got screwed. Period. You're an SAO apologist, which is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

LOL> What "parties" did you speak to? The prosecutors? You really think you got the full story? Not.

I am no apologist and you're too angry to see my point. I'm not trying to protect the office, I'm trying to protect the prosecutors. If you were even a little rationale, you would understand that. THEY don't deserve to have the reasons for their punishment posted. There simply is no reason to post what I know (satisfying you is not a reason). Tough break. Get your thrills elsewhere.

PS--I find it hard to believe you spoke to the prosecutors involved and want me to post what I've heard. Makes no sense. Unless, of course, you're the type of "friend" who gets off on that.

Anonymous said...

I guess you told me, 10:15. For the record, though, I never asked you to post anything about the ASAs. Why would I? You don't know anything. You, like all SAO apologists, are jumping to conclusions based on hearsay.

P.S. "Not"? Oh, 10:15...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less who hates me. Tying criminal court dismissals to charitable donations is improper.

She's going to the bigs? I've been in the bigs so long (60 Minutes, Today, Nightline, etc.) that they don't seem big anymore. Please. Get a grip.

Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

11:14.....I hope you're not a lawyer. You can't construct an argument to save your life. You suggest that my knowledge is worthless because I'm relying on what I've heard (which you refer to as hearsay). What about you? Were you there? Are you one of the parties? If not, you're relying on what you've heard just like I am. Furthermore, we (all of us) rely on the what we're told to make decisions each and every day. Think about it genius. If you're a prosecutor, you rely on witnesses tell you. If you're a defense attorney, you rely (or at least listen) to what your client's or defense witnesses say.

Regardless, you still don't get it. I won't post what I've heard because there is no reason to print everything and cause further embarassment to the prosecutors. That sure as hell doesn't make me an apologist for the office (either, for that matter, does suggesting that we should be more even handed in our criticism of the office. Believe it or not, the office isn't always wrong [I know there's a signficant enough pattern that it sometimes looks that way, but, again, the office isn't always wrong]).