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"Super Sunday dawned cold and rainy, turning the field of Dolphin Stadium into a swampy marsh where Bears root and Colts stumble and splash. We all know Colts quarterback Peyton Manning has a famous father- but the question that burned in the hearts and minds of football fans everywhere was whether he was a mudder? "
(In honor of the late John Facenda.)

The weather changes everything. Here is the post I wrote for today, but I warn you now: the weather could turn this game into one the Bears could squeak out a win. Plus, the over and the points scored should be off the board. If it continues to rain, I don’t know how you don’t toss a few sheckels on the under.

There are so many propositions, we don’t know where to begin.

Its +130 that Billy Joel will take longer than 1 minute and 42 seconds to sing the national anthem. Its -160 that he brings it home in less than 102 seconds. (You bet 100 to win 130; or you bet 160 to win 100.) Take the over.

The coin toss: Each team and each side of the coin is -105. It’s a little known fact that since the days of Alvin Pete Rozelle, the coin toss has been fixed by the NFL front office. Rumpole has sources. The Bears win the toss, and probably with tails. If it happens, just remember we broke the story first.

First Score: Bears +110; Colts -140. The Bears should be +130 in our opinion, because they are a big underdog, but we still think the Bears score first.

First Field Goal: Bears +115; Colts -140; Take the Bears.

The First Field Goal will be : 40-49 Yards: +350;

Total Points Scored by both teams: You can get +9900 for 0-7 points: not bloody likely though. 57-63 points gets you +500 and that’s the play. (update- with the weather like this, if I was in vegas, I'd throw down a c-note just for kicks on the 0-7 total-that's a million if we win, right?)

Which means….we like the over 49 unless it’s a rainy day. (update: and it is raining this morning)

We have considered this game six ways from Sunday.

This is Peyton’s game.
He is a very very complete football player. In the match-up on the field between shifting defenses and offenses, he usually gets the last word. He’s a great QB. He has a couple of great wide receivers, and a good young runner behind him.

The Colts had their problems on defense this year, but as we have said before, Tony Dungy is an old DB. He was raised in defense. His first coaching job was coaching DB’s. We think he is the superior coach to Smith. (Who wants a football coach named “Lovie”anyway?) We think football coaches should be named “Gus” or “Tank” or at least “Tony”. You don't find many super bowl winning coaches named "Winthrop."

The Colts have been the class of the NFL for the last few seasons. Flirting with perfect seasons, and at times, dominating any and all teams. Beating the Patriots, especially after the lousy first half they had, went a long way in liberating these guys, and taking the proverbial Belichick monkey off their backs.

If this game is played ten times, the Colts win big 8 of those times. Sunday is one of those days. Colts -7 is the call. Chicago gets some easy TD’s at the end when the Colts are playing prevent, to help the game go over 49.

Colts 35 Bears 24.

rainy weather prediction: Colts 17- Bears 13.


Anonymous said...

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony Dungy played for me-won a ring with us in 1979. Tony Dungy coached for me. The cover 2 that Dungy uses on defense comes from the defense George Perless (my defensive coordinator) and I installed in 1972. It was good enough for us to win 4 of these things. Remember when our defense held the Vikes to 16 yds rushing in our first super win ? Anyway, rumpole is right- Colts win.

Anonymous said...

How many super bowls did Dan Fouts...I mean Dan marino win?


Anonymous said...

I'm almost ready to get to the second website away from the seven seals of Rumpole. Does anyone know the area code or Karachi? And if so, how is it expressed in binary code? This Rumpole is an evil genuis.

Anonymous said...

The Q has 2-countem- 2 super bowl boxes. One for his family and office staff, the other for a bunch of under privileged kids.
That Q! What a guy.

Anonymous said...


Why do you hate us so much?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, me too

Anonymous said...

Is this the year of the GATOR?

April 06 - NCAA Final Four - GATORS

June 06 - NBA Champions Jason Williams & Udonis Haslem - GATORS

Oct. '06 - World Series MVP GATORS

Janaury 07 - BCS Football - GATORS

Oh Yeah - 06 Dancing With The Stars Winner - GATORS

Number of Gators on Colts - ZERO

Number of Gators on Bears - FOUR

Peyton Manning's record at Tennessee vs. GATORS 0-4

I have two words, in conclusion


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bears 46

Colts 10

Anonymous said...

Uh, Mike. I think you're getting your Super Bowls mixed up. Too many ribs and boilermakers last night?

Anonymous said...

I can report that my sorces have told me all the REGJB regulars who attended super parties-from the Forge to Mansion to Opium, to Privee, to the Versace mansion, behaved well, got into the parties, and paid their bills. Well done.

I'm hearing about some large civil firms and some luxury boxes, and some robe wearers making questionable decisions, but so far its just hearsay.

I do know that a few former judges will be living it up big time at the super bowl. And what about that hot little JA and the Colts at that restaurant in Fort Lauderdale earlier in the week? Well, at least she isn't married.

Enjoy the game.

Anonymous said...

So, going back a few days to another comment about the secret world of Rumpole, was that comment yesterday about Rump De La Rump a coded message?

Anonymous said...


I was going to give you and your readers some inside information about the Super Bowl game, but, since you have deleted all of my previous inside information posts, I will let you ride bareback for this game. I did notice that you used my information about problems within the Saints organization to correctly pick the Chicago/New Orleans game, and I congratulate you for that.

At any rate, the Booger will not be picking this week, since he is going to the game. So Rump, you make the picks, while I have the tix. And, while you sit in your pathetic aqua and orange themed mancave surrounded by posters of your heroes Joey Harrington and Ronnie Brown (and you think Lovie Smith has a wimpy sounding name), I will be dry and warm in a sky box with my good buddy Jim Kelley and his brothers watching the Super Bowl and celebrating Thurman Thomas' election into the Hall of Fame. See you next year, when the Bills will again squish the fish.

Your Pal,


Anonymous said...

i'M leaving for the game now. I'm the middle aged guy with the Rams Cheerleader I picked up earlier this week. She's the one with the great rack, long blond hair, and the IQ of a fish. Just the way I like em.

Rumpole said...

Brad: I delete so many posts made by mental midgets that you're going to have to refresh my memory about what I found so offensive about your posts. I seriously doubt I took your advice about the saints bears game, or any other advice for that matter. Tell Mr. Kelly I said hello, and not to worry- the most prolific super bowl losing quarterback in history is still fondly remembered in these parts for more than blowing chunks and choking in the 4 biggest games of his career.

I mean even Doug WIlliams, Jim Plunkett, Kurt Warner, Brad Johnson, and Phil Simms managed to win a super bowl.

Anonymous said...

I demand they stop this super bowl. I want an injunction. I want to replay the season until the dolphins get to the super bowl, and then I want to sign dan marino to my team and have him throw the game winning TD. I'm big wayne huizinga, and I get what I want.!!!!Damit.

Anonymous said...

Now Wayne...just calm down.. We don't always get what we want in life, do we? (Well , maybe I do...but no one else does.) Now I give you my word- and we all know how trustworthy that is- that I have left the Dolphins one player away from a super bowl.

Anonymous said...

its the year of the orange and blue.gators, boise st/ i say 24-20 da bears

Anonymous said...

I hate/I despise/I loathe/ Sleezy Sam...and all men who are likeminded.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sleepy Bennett on this rainy super bowl sunday???

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, can you set up a separate blog for "who is rumpole" debate. Kind of like the kids table at thanksgiving.

fake brummer said...

After my nap I will be attending the game with Art Koch in the PD sky box.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I love the Sleepy Bennett posts, and the last one made me laugh out loud.

Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to announce that which ever team wins this year's super bowl wil be merely keeping the Lombardy trophy warm for the Steelers for the next 10 years or so.

Anonymous said...

He's such a sleepy fellow
He's kinda mellow

He likes to take a nap
sitting in a car
not looking at a map

day or night
park or hollow
you can find him sleeping
in His BMW.

He takes a snooze
but the PD's don't lose
Because while his thinning hair is parting
he can still beat Gabe Martin

Oh I like this Sleepy Bennett Fellow
Even if his car isn't canary yellow

Lately he's had a bad rap
for not doing more
but still taking a nap

In a car
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giving lawyers for free
you can find this sleepy guy
oh yes you can if you try

just take a look
up and down the street
see that sleepy guy in the car
ain't he neat?

ode to a sleeping PD
By Anonymous.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

yea!!!! Chicago KICK SOME ASS!!

Anonymous said...

In the same fashion of the 2006 Judicial Elections, the weather will determine the outcome.

Yes, it was the weather FOOLS!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great job on the rainy day score RUMP -- but it is only halftime.

Anonymous said...

I bet the under - lunch on me at the Pickle Barrel for everyone. See you at Noon Monday.

Anonymous said...

this is 6:52 I would like to recant my comment.