Monday, February 12, 2007


UPDATED with a response on child care from some of our robed readers!

Longtime and careful readers of the blog have been able to discern that from time to time we receive “tidbits” of information from interested parties, lawyers, even members of the fourth estate.

To borrow a literary reference, we like to think of them as The Rumpole Irregulars.

Word reaches us today from an Irregular, of this picture at the entrance to our fair building:

along with the concomitant policy of confiscating cameras.

What in the name of the Federal College of Cardinals are these people thinking?

Can’t you just see the scene as the highly trained security screeners scrutinize our clients:

First Security Screener: Code Red. Code Red. A Camera!
Second Security Screener: Que?
Third Security Screener: Where?
First Security Screener: Right there! The little girl, next to the man with the machete.

Third Security Screener: Swarm Swarm Swarm.
First Security Screener [to man with the machete] “Sir. Don’t panic. Just slowly walk away from the girl with the camera. We’re the professionals. Let us handle it..”

The point is, we let these petty bureaucrats draw up their own security rules, and what we are doing is allowing our fears to trample the Constitution.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal. And in the scheme of things, it probably isn’t.

But the whole point of our freedoms is built around the idea that we have the right, and the ability, to question authority, and to make those in power answer to us, not the other way around.

"Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither"

The comments section to yesterday’s post on child care contained several good comments for and against the idea.

We like our response, which we re-post here because…well, because we can.

You know, there are a hundred reasons not to do anything: lawsuits, injury, possible problems. But it is the enlightened soul that sees the solution, not the problem.

Or in the words of Ted Kennedy during the eulogy for his brother Bobby:"Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say, why not."


So we say, stop telling us why we can't have child care, and start talking about how we're going to do it.
Thanks to Judge Young for his support of the idea.

Next time you're in court, instead of wondering who we are, look at all the parents with kids sprawled out on the floors of the hallways, and ask yourself whether there isn't a better way to do things.

See You In Court.

UPDATE: We checked the blog this morning and right on time was this response from Judge Blake, along with a response from Judge Schwartz:

Judge Blake (on his 2 week time schedule of checking the blog)* said:

Hi Rump,

As Larry Schwartz wrote, for the past several months we have had meetings with me, Sandy Lonergan, Sam Slom, Berdy Soto, Carroll Kelly, reps from the WCMA and attorney Jerry Kornreich here working on the creation of a child care place in the REGMJB. It is getting closer to being a reality--finishing up security and building issues (as well as funding).

The YWCA has one in the Family Court and there is a Court Care cocktail party on March 8th from 5:30-7:30 at Mellon Uniited Bank with a $50 donation from attorneys will be accepted at the door ($35 for law students and public interest lawyers). YOu may want to help publicize this. Thanks for your interest in this worthwhile project. It will be a reality. Stan Blake

Rumpole responds: Everyone should attend the fundraiser.Cocktails for a worthy cause: That's what we call legal research- and our civil friends can even find some client to bill for it!

*Some might be upset at our treatment of Judge Blake. But, as longtime and careful readers of the blog know, we can't-we just can't- pass up any opportunity to give our robed readers a gentle jab.

See You In Court, and maybe at the fundraiser.


Anonymous said...

Re: Child care in REGJC, t he study has already been done, Judge Blake and Sandi L are on top of it. Not in the old library and well on its way to reality.

Stan Blake said...

Hi Rump,
As Larry Schwartz wrote, for the past several months we have had meetings with me, Sandy Lonergan, Sam Slom, Berdy Soto, Carroll Kelly, reps from the WCMA and attorney Jerry Kornreich here working on the creation of a child care place in the REGMJB. It is getting closer to being a reality--finishing up security and building issues (as well as funding). The YWCA has one in the Family Court and there is a Court Care cocktail party on March 8th from 5:30-7:30 at Mellon Uniited Bank with a $50 donation from attorneys will be accepted at the door ($35 for law students and public interest lawyers). YOu may want to help publicize this. Thanks for your interest in this worthwhile project. It will be a reality. Stan Blake

Anonymous said...

but why would anyone want to take a picture of our craphole of a courthouse anyway?

Anonymous said...

child care for lawyers? or real kids

Anonymous said...

Speaking of jabbing Judge Blake, you'd think as chief judge, he would elarn how to spell the first name of Judge Soto.

Anonymous said...

Hah ha ha- I meant "learn".

Rumpole said...

On the chance that somebody copied the post last evening about Susannah Nesmith in which the poster "threatened" to do to her in print what she has done- could you email me a copy? I was stupid enough to delete it without copying it, and I think more needs to be done about it.

Anonymous said...

I thought our Florida Supreme Court ruled that cameras can not be banned from state courhouses?

Who do they think they are?

Anonymous said...

Rumpola- can I take my cat to court if he leaves his camera at home? I earn enough money to live in a ncie condo free from pests, so there are no mice to chase. He does dabble in photography, but he has six fingers so he's a bit clumsy with the camera and wouldn't mind leaving it home anyway. He's very quiet and takes a long nap in the afternoon after eating, sort of like Judge Postman used to do, so I don't think he'd bother anyone if I brought him to trial. What's your thoughts on the matter?

PS. he can tell a lie from a mile away, so he could be of some use during cross.

Anonymous said...

I think Rump de La Rump's posts this week have been great. Fun, funny, and on important topics.

Keep it up Rumpola, and you may just get somewhere with this.

PS I have a lot more time to read the blog lately now that I live in the Gables.
Starbucks charges like 4 bucks for a cup of coffee! WHo knew? And the parking-jeeze...someone ought to do something about that.

Anonymous said...

Stan Blake and Harry Reems -- you never see them together......

Anonymous said...

Governor Bush! Welcome to Miami!

May I suggest a couple of streets in the Gables that are just perfect for an afternoon nap in your car? I do it, and it's great. Just yesterday the NE Journal Of Medicine reported that afternoon naps reduce heart attacks in middle aged men, and we are both getting up there in years. So welcome, and keep on napping.

Anonymous said...


Ha!! Top that if you dare.

Anonymous said...

Without dropping more than one letter at a time:


Anonymous said...

Has anyone seriously considered that Rump De La Rump may be Fred Moldovan? He and his cohort Ray Rodriguez prowl the depths of traffic and county court, which rump has some familarity with. Fred has been around since the mid 80's and he just strikes me as the sort of funny sneaky guy who could pull this off.

I know everyone know thinks its Howard Rosen, but my bet is Fred Del la Moldovan.

Anonymous said...

that should read "now thinks its Howard Rosen"

Anonymous said...

Picture wise, I have some of the hottest of trampy hotties on my cell phone camera from the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rump,
Actually it was my designated reader, Larry Schwartz,(so as not to violate my 2 week rule!!) who told me about kid care program being talked about on the blog. Also for "even steven"--really e.e. cummings--Judge Soto's short version of Bertilia is BERDY. I hope this helped "elarn" you! Stan Blake

Anonymous said...

Busy day Stan? Blogging away the afternoon at taxpayer exxpense?

Anonymous said...

i know stan blake from his days at UF. trust me stan is no harry reems.

Anonymous said...

DEARBORN, Mich., Feb. 13 — Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, came to the state where he was born this morning to declare his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, and became the latest presidential candidate to position himself as an outsider running against Washington.

Rumpadoo> if no other reason then I want to call the next president of the United States "Mitt", this is my guy.

Rumpole said...

In defense of Judge Blake (old habits die hard) the Judge was clearly blogging on his lunch hour.

How goes the trial? Interesting murder case so we hear.

Anonymous said...

Those of you who have read my earlier posts know that I have alleged that there is a vast conspiracy that propogates Rumpole and his progeny. I point to today's comments, which contain a large amount of references to Rumpole by different nicknames. As I have postulated, those comments are coded and bear close scruitny.

Today is 2/13/2007, and Rumpole hunters know the number 13 figures large in Rumpole numerology. Also, tomorrow is 2/14/2007 and 2x7=14, so there is a belief among us on the ICQ Rumpole chat rooms that someting big will happen on the blog tomorrow.

Rumpole- do you have the guts to let this stay up?

Anonymous said...

The posts of 101, 103, and 132 are very suspicious indeed. Sort of off topic and kinda weird. I think I'm becoming a believer.

Plus 3-1= 2

103 101 132

hmmm...what else is going on here?

Anonymous said...

as a math major, i feel compelled to add that, in addition to 7 times 2 equally 14, 8 times three equals 24. crazy!

Anonymous said...

Look at this post at 101- I have capitalized certain letters and they spell this message: RUMPOLE MEET ME AT THE SAME TIME AT THE CAR.

Rumpola- can I take My cat to court if he lEavEs his camera at home? I earn enough money To live in a ncie condo free from pests, so there are no Mice to chasE. He does dAbble in phoTography, but he has six fingers so he's a biT clumsy with tHe camEra and wouldn't mind leaving it home anyway. He'S very quiet and tAkes a long nap in the afternoon after eating, sort of like Judge PostMan usEd to do, so I don't ThInk he'd bother anyone if I brought hiM to trial. What's your thoughts on thE mATTer?

PS. HE Can tell A lie from a mile away, so he could be of some use duRing cross.

See what I mean. Rumpole is more evil and powerful and dangerous than we thought. This conspiracy reaches deeper than anyone knows.

Anonymous said...

like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard the camera signs are being removed.

I wonder who was in on that brillant idea.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Rumpole spelled backwards is elopmur. That makes R the 7th letter. I can't believe I missed that before.

Howardroark21.............14 characters (all adding up to one........Rump himself ;-)

Howard Roarke. Again, R as the 7th letter. 2 X 7 = 14.

(3 X 7 = the 21 in the e mail address)

Except, that only the 2d r is capitalized. Subtract the little r from 14, and we get 13. Good God! I've done it! I know who Rump is.

For a fee (cash only; small unmarked bills, please), I'll tell you who he is.

PS---Captain. 7 letters again. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

See what I mean? Once you get started on this, the "coincidences" become too many to ignore. I have spent over a hundred hours cracking web sites, solving puzzles. checking out addresses, doing research on the web. This Rumpole must be stopped at all costs. He is undermining society worse than the free masons.

Rumpole said...

People people. Calm down. This is arrant nonsense. The best story I ever heard was one robed reader who emailed me to tell me he was driven to open his copy of the fountainhead and low and behold on the bottom of page 21 was the name Howard Roark. The Fountainhead sells a few million copies every year, so there is no way I could coordinate every edition and page number. Your time is better spent in defense of your clients. Nobody knows me. I have told no one. So no secret can be revealed without me. This stuff about websites and numbers and coded messages is the product of an amazing imagination and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole: The lion roars at midnight. Repeat. The Lion Roars at Midnight.

John has a big moustache. Repeat. John has a big moustache.


Anonymous said...

Rumpole knows who killed Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

I have some grainy film of rumpole entering the courthouse. Anyone want to buy it?

Anonymous said...

"wounds my heart with a monotonous langour"

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the only close-up shot of Rumpole in the Zapruder film is in frame #313, when he is behind the sign.

P.S. Nobody should give Stan a hard time just because he was blogging at 9:07 and 1:54 today.

Anonymous said...

is the charity cocktail event tax deductible?

Anonymous said...

5:09 Pm
wounds my heart with a monotonous langour"

Somebody's been playing hookey, staying home and watching The Longest Day on TBS.

Anonymous said...

is the charity cocktail event tax deductible?

You bet. You should see the stuff I run though my office account. How do you think I support my high flying lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

M tt Ro ney, e form r governor of assachusetts, c me to the state where he was bor this m r ing to declare his candid cy for the Republican presidential no nat on, and became the latest pre idential candidate to po tion himself as an utsider ru ning against Washington.

add the letters I dropped out of this Rumpole coded message and you see this man is attacking us subliminally. He is dangerous:

I m the Man on a mission

Anonymous said...

Best Stat Ever: (heard just now from Lou Dobbs on CNN)

The USA contains 4% (four percent) of the worlds population. We consume 2/3 of the worlds illegal drugs.

Lesson; A society can function just fine (even become a Superpower) while burnin a fatty or sniffin a line on a friday night. Drugs should be treated like booze. Regulate it, tax it, and proceeds for those who need rehab. (see holland on this one).

Finally, gang violence will be gone when drugs are legal. Gangs kill people for selling in their territory. McDonalds doesnt kill Burger King employees when a franchise moves next door. you see the analogy?

Too bad the majority of people cant see this. Half of our federal prisoners are drug offenders. how sad. id rather see half be rapists, murderers, armed robbers, etc.

oh well. time to fire up another doob... maybe read some FLW's, not operate my car, and generally mind my own business. why do so many hate the potheads. all we want is peace.

Anonymous said...


the idea of a child care center at regjb is a noble idea. your heart is in the right place.

and your frame of reference is a good one...a child care area at family court...where mom's (or dads) dont routinely taken into custody for bench warrants, aliases, probation violations, bond revocations and sentencings. but at regjb, its routine.

i can just see a baby's momma or baby's daddy or baby's auntie dropping off little juan, takeisha or kyle and not coming back because they got taken into custody.

who is going to pay for the health care of these kids when they get dropped off and contract god-knows-what communicable diseases from the other kids, you? (ever had a kid in day care, rump? didnt think so).

but it does have its merits. i can see teen moms dropping off their unwanted infants there and leaving them instead of drowning them, throwing them into a dumpster or having them beaten by momma's boyfriend.

like i said, rump, you're hearts in the right place though your mind may not be.

Anonymous said...

Chief Judge Ross on Rap, NASCAR, and Catholic penance in court.

video: http://video.sun-sentinel.com/global/video/popup/pop_player.asp?ClipID1=1227189&h1=Broward%20Chief%20Judge%20Dale%20Ross%20excerpts%20from%20magistrate%20court&vt1=v&at1=News&d1=116000&LaunchPageAdTag=News&fvCatNo=&backgroundImageURL=&activePane=info&playerVersion=9&hostPageUrl=http%3A//www.sun-sentinel.com/news/columnists/sfl-mayocol11feb11%2C0%2C6894211.column%3Fcoll%3Dsfla-news-col&rnd=799516

print: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/columnists/sfl-mayocol11feb11,0,6894211.column?coll=sfla-news-col

Anonymous said...

We attempt justice at the REGJB, why not attempt childcare?

Anonymous said...

Because we cannot be permitted to do as bad a job with someone else's child as we do with justice.

Anonymous said...

The child care at the Family Courthouse accepts babies as young as 6 weeks. Anyone who brings a 6 week old baby into the TB infested, AIDS ridden criminal courthouse should be charged with Child Neglect/Endangerment. My wife didn't take our baby out into the public until he had his shots at 2months. Can you imagine the courthouse at 6 weeks? These people who bring babies in as human shields should be shot.

Anonymous said...

The Fred Moldovan theory as Rumpole has some weight to it.

Anonymous said...

The Fred Flintstone theory has even more weight.

Anonymous said...


I was the one who responded to the jerk who made the threat against Ms. Nesmith and I remember asking who the F... is "Thomas Paterson" or a name similar as that is what he signed his name with at the end of the post. I questioned why he was attacking a friend of the blog but you deleted my response and the jerks email.

It was very weird post. Thats all I recall. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Down with potheads, Gonzalez v. Raich!

Anonymous said...

The very offensive blog was signed: Thomas Putnam. He is a character in THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller. Also a character spoken of during the height of McCarthyism - during the HUAC hearings.

P.S. Did anyone actually keep a copy of the post? Rumpole did not.

You can forward it to me at: AbeLaeser@MiamiSAO.com

Anonymous said...

here is what Wikimedia says:

"Thomas Putnam was a real person in the Salem witch trials, and is a character in the play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller.

Thomas was the husband to Ann Putnam, and father of Ruth Putnam, Jr..(In the Crucible, her name is Ruth Putnam) Together they blame Goody Osbourn, the midwife of Salem, for killing the seven babies that Goody Putnam had many years ago. Not only do they blame her, but they blame many of the wealthier and well respected citizens of Salem during the time. Unfortunately, their accusations are not booed down, but actually believed, because of the climate of fear and hysteria. In one of the most dramatic scenes in The Crucible, Giles Corey accuses Putnam of killing his neighbors for their land, so Danforth calls Putnam in to the court. Putnam denies the charge and Corey shouts:

"A fart on Thomas Putnam!"

Minutes later Corey rushes at Putnam and tries to tear him limb from limb.

Putnam owns much of the land, and money. He is respective of the church, and is close to Reverand Parris. That does not stop him from subtly manipulating Parris. Putnam has often been viewed as unscrupulous and amoral, but his subtle machinations are often overlooked. He leads Parris by the nose to the conculsions he wants to hear, and faces down John Proctor, a man not lightly intimidated.

Putnam and his wife Ann act as a group in The Crucible, particularly in Act I, where they allow their fears and demands to override Parris' inherently weak personality."

Why did the guy use this name on the offensive post?

Anonymous said...

Rump, you are such a blowhard. Do us all a favor and stay out of the courthouse then, forever. Then you can take your pictures of yourself on your cell phone all day long if you want.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Down with potheads, Gonzalez v. Raich!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 10:25:00 PM

here are the facts. I am glad our government has superceded the medical community and bans drugs that help people. Wait until they ban penicillin, then tell me what you think of Gonzalez v Raich. Or watch your mom in agonizing cataract pain b/c of Gonzalez v Raich.

Angel Raich claimed she used marijuana to keep herself alive. She and her doctor claimed to have tried dozens of prescription medicines for her numerous medical conditions, and that she was allergic to most of them. Her doctor declared under oath that Raich's life was at stake if she could not continue to use marijuana. Diane Monson suffered from chronic pain due to a car accident a decade before the case. She used marijuana to relieve the pain and muscle spasms around her spine.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Most government employees can barely afford child care for their children because they're so underpaid, but MD is going to provide it to criminals for free. Unreal.

Anonymous said...

make up your mind state, do you want child care, or do you want defendants (criminals as you say) bringing kids to court to use as props?

Anonymous said...

The CABA website says the cocktail party is March 6th. Is it the 6th or the 8th as previously posted?