Thursday, February 22, 2007


Judge Seidlin, barely choking back tears this afternoon, issued his ruling in the dispute over who has the right to decide where the body of Anna Nicole Smith is buried. The Judge decided, in his own inimitable way, that her daughter -and thus, the Guardian ad litem, has the right to decide where the body should be buried. The Judge went on to strongly urge that the body be buried next to her son in the Bahamas, but in the end, he said he was leaving the final decision to the Guardian Ad Litem.

Speaking of North of the Border, we received this vaguely disturbing email today - allegedly from one of the Robed Readers North of the Border:

My Dearest Rumpole: I have taken the time to E-Mail you this story from the BBC website about a blogger in Egypt jailed for posting an insult on his blog. I can assure you that many of my colleagues will be discussing the merits of the Egyptian legal system in the coming days vis-a-vis your little blog. Sleep well.
Robed Reader North of the Border.

Egypt blogger jailed for 'insult'

Soliman was arrested for his "insulting" blog posts in November . An Egyptian court has sentenced a blogger to four years' prison for insulting Islam and the president.
Abdel Kareem Soliman's trial was the first time that a blogger had been prosecuted in Egypt.
He had used his web log to criticise the country's top Islamic institution, al-Azhar university and President Hosni Mubarak, whom he called a dictator.
A human rights group called the verdict "very tough" and a "strong message" to Egypt's thousands of bloggers.
Soliman, 22, was tried in his native city of Alexandria. He blogs under the name Kareem Amer.

Rumpole Responds: Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care? She was a drug addict who married a 90 year old for his money. And she was a rogue slut to boot. Move on people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised about the Egyptian blogger being arrested? We are blessed to have freedom of the press (at least for now) and we take it for granted, but the majority of the world doesn't have it. The Egyptian blogger was lucky to get four years. Had he been an independent journalist in Cuba, he would have gone to prison for 20 to 25 years.

Anonymous said...

why ask y.

Anonymous said...

Hey Judge Seidlin (and Dwayne Wade):


Anonymous said...

I would think that post form an alleged North of the Border judge was a joke if not for the fact that many of them think that way.

I for one will be donating $$$ to whomever runs against that putz Seidlin.

Anonymous said...

Omigod. That fool crying about his ruling. He is the most shameful memeber of the Bench I have ever seen. I wish the JQC would just have walked in and removed his robes with the cameras still running

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine if Judge Postman were handling the Anna Nicole case?

How would he have done? Give me examples ---?

Anonymous said...

OMG. KFR was in los Premios Lo Nuestro. Why? Hello! The SA in an award show? How low can she sink? LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSEEEEEEERRRRRRRR

Anonymous said...

he was a great judge under extreme pressure by the media. Barbara Walters was on Larry King last night and was asked about the Anna Nicole case and she told Larry King that she has not followed the case not have they mentioned it on her show the View. Larry King asked why not and she said because she was a "nobody with no talent and can not understand the interest" translation = why is any one concerned about a whore!.

Larry King Asked Barbara Walters why she covering the Britney Spears case and what the difference. Walters said Spears is someone with real talent a pure person who is now travelling down a dangerous road of drugs.

After reflection and looking back on the Anna Nicole case and info Ms. Walters is right why are we nationally interested in what appears to be a drug addicted whore for almost 15 years or more?

Anonymous said...

Sun Sentinel reporting this morning (Nesmsith dropping the ball):

Coral Gables attorney Jack Thompson filed a complaint against Seidlin with the Judicial Qualifications Commission on Wednesday.

Thompson, who is controversial for filing complaints about what he says is obscene in the entertainment industry, said he thinks Seidlin's conduct in the Smith case violates nearly every judicial canon. The complaint will have no legal standing unless the commission finds sufficient evidence to file formal charges against Seidlin.

see full story here:


Anonymous said...

Herald Reporter Susanna Nesmith dropping the ball giving breaking news to the competition. I may have to add sunsentinel to my favorites and delete Herald?

What say you Miami Herald?

Anonymous said...

lets be clear the reaosn Anna's mother did not get the body is because during a break this week when all parties confidentially went to the ME's office for a viewing of Anna the mother drove to the ME's office with a reporter and not with one of the 12 lawyers she hired and that pissed off the judge and put in a bad light as a money hungry person as Nicole placed he mother in the video.

Rumpole said...

to 7:46 pm. You are not a careful and long time reader of the blog. I have given a few select interviews to members of the media (over the phone and anonymously of course) and the few things I admitted were as follows: I was a man; I went to a Law School in the Northeast. I am a criminal defense attorney. I like to drink.

If you're going to contribute to the blog, then get with the program will ya?

Anonymous said...

Captain or Rumpole, please tell me whether that Rick Freedman in the Herald this morning is the same one we know who just won a $5 million dollar verdict in front of Judge Miller in a wrongful death case.

Anonymous said...


Should not we expect a person of intelligence, intent on secrecy, to throw out the occasional red herring?

But taking you at your word, let's parse your clues...

"I was a man"
- And now?
"I went to a Law School in the Northeast."
- Fascinating. I note, of course, that the University of Tulsa School of Law is located in the Northeast of the state of Oklahoma.
"I am a criminal defense attorney."
- O.K. you're a criminal. Whom do you defend?
"I like to drink."
- Me to. Give me a colada... skip the thimbles.

Anonymous said...

Would anyone like to comment on the political strategy behind the early announcements of some that they are running for judgeship?

Anonymous said...

10:28 p.m. poster you can save your money. In Broward judges are appointed for life.

Anonymous said...

Ricky Freedman was indeed the lawyer with another lawyer who won money for a dade clerk- a wonderful woman who adopted a handicaped child who lost his life in an accident at a construction area.

Good work Rick

Rumpole said...

to 9:22 am- very funny- by taking my words out of context you have made fun of me- a poor humble blogger. To place my words into context, I wrote that a careful reader of the blog would remember that I have given interviews to select members of the media (select in the sense they sent me an email and I immediately responded) and DURING THAT INTERVIEW I SAID THE FOLLOWING : (hence the use of phrases in the past tense.)

However, if you are truly concerned I have not, nor do I have any plans to consider any gender reassignment surgery. I am and always will be of the male persuasion.

Your analysis of the law school however shows signs of "thinking outside the box" which is the clue I always give those concerned readers who send me emails begging me to reveal my identity. There are more than enough clues out there. You just have to think outside of the box. Hehehehehe.

Anonymous said...

I would like to initiate a discussion regarding a topic to see what people think:
How about if on first time DUI's w/o injuries or property damage, we let the defendant waive his right to a trial by jury and do a bench trial w/o the possibility of a jail sentence. In some other jurisdictions, the state does not have a right to a trial by jury in some cases, only the defendant does. That way the defendant can waive jury and do a bench trial. Everybody learns in those bench trials. Defendants see and regret how they got into this mess in the first place. The cops pick up some pointers. Lawyers get to practice their skills in a trial which is usually short. Judges also learn to be more impartial and demand proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

11:22:00 ...

Great idea! Let's drag in all of the witnesses on every case. It will cost a fortune and in taxpayer dollars and contribute to the back log, but so what? Lawyers need experience and like putting on shows for their clients. Isn't that what the system is for?

Anonymous said...

Seidlin is like Crespo, Pando and others alike are, an insult to the judiciary and to the legal profession.

Seidlin could not remember the name of the attorney from Texas, so he refers to him as "hey Texas." A Joke. a Joke.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is Anna's baby's daddy!

Anonymous said...

Lisa Lesperance filed to run in an open County Court Seat.
Jackie Schwartz filed to keep her seat.

Anonymous said...

For a minute I though that the Smith judge would be Solomon -- splitting the body into parts. Geez, was he ever embarrasing to our profession.

Anonymous said...

To 11:58 AM. Seidlin and Pando can defend themselves. Manny Crespo cannot. Sure Judge Crespo sometimes was a bit loud. And on occassion he perhaps said something he shouldn't have. Indeed, In one of my trials, during some argument over an officer's testimony, Crespo loudly replied to me: "He said it, I believe it, move on." When I asked to approach sidebar and reminded him he had commented on a witnesses's veracity, he was very apologetic and resolved the matter. The point is that while he made mistakes, he was a very very dedicated Judge. He worked the long hours and volunteered to do the Judicial "dirty work" like weekend bond hearings and such. I think I am correct in saying Judge Crespo was greatly admired by his colleagues and most lawyers will tell you he treated their client's more than fairly. I think its a cheap shot for you to throw his name in there in a post against a Judge you may not like. Judge Crespo, his life and his work, should be judged on their own merits, and not thrown in as comparison with anyone else.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

I heard Mike Catalano is running for Circuit Court in two years. He will not verify it.

I think he is running against a sitting judge up for re-election.

I know Lisa Lesperance is running.

Do not be surprised how many people run for judge in two years.

Anonymous said...

11:22, Unclear on your proposal. In your scenario, if a defendant gets a guilty with a jury he could go to jail, but if he gets a guilty with a judge he wouldn't?

Anonymous said...

will you please email me that motion?

Anonymous said...

check your email genuis.

Phil R

Anonymous said...

Seasons Don't Fear the Q
Only the wind and the sun and the rain
you can be like they are
come on baby
don't fear the Q

Anonymous said...

After a bench trial, he would not face jail.

Anonymous said...

That's it! I'm running for Judge.
Vote for JTB

Ps: The "T" stands for Tiberius.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ.
As hundreds of young DUI prosecutors have found out over the years:

Fear The Q
Respect The Q

Close your eyes

become the q.

But above all else- FEAR THE Q.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts from Judge Don Cohn's Investiture today:

First...Don is a great guy and will make a great judge. Not the flashiest, not the most intellectual, not the most charismatic but in a system where integrity,character, perspective, and experience count most of all, Don is tops.

Next. For those judges who walked in late. We noticed. Dont hold it against our clients nex time they are late for court.

Next. For those appointed judges who rolled their eyes when the Strong Mayor talked about having much respect for those who ran and were elected. We noticed.

Next. Judge Hendon won the "biggest smile contest." Followed closely by out favorite:

Judge Beth Bloom. What a hottie.

Good luck Don. And as Rump would say...See you in Court.

T.A.T. out.

Anonymous said...

from my good sources in Civil,
seen at Cohn investiture today in his new Armani suit, fresh off his $5 million dollar verdict, attorney Rick Freedman, who ,we hear, made the criminal bar look good (in now civil Judge David Miller's courtroom) against all those lousy civil attorneys known to think their -hit don't stink.

Anonymous said...

Egad, Blechers a Trekkie!

Anonymous said...

NO- Blecher is not a trekkie. The most we can say, in this twisted little blog world of ours, is that fake Jonathan T Blecher is a trekkie. I am the real fake blecher, to be distinguished from the Real Blecher and the fake Jonathan T Blecher, and I am not a trekkie. Get it?

Anonymous said...

uneven steven- how many judges were at the investiture? Just wondering if a bunch were missing because Cohn ran against a sitting judge.

Anonymous said...

I have run many of the identifiable posts through a language and writing analyzer. Based on the style of writing in the comments section and the style of writing in the main posts, I am prepared to say that Rumpole, outside of his identifiable posts, has not posted in the comments section under another name. This means any of the usual Rumpole suspects are not Rumpole because the writing is not remotely similar.


Anonymous said...

Phil R,

I liked Manny Crespo a lot as a person. However, Manny was an embarrassment to the judicial system. Manny worked many hours and did he garbage work. However, Manny was not smart, did not know the law, and made a mockery of the system.

Also, Phil, you are wrong how he treated defendants. Manny would yell at defendants, sentence defendants to the maximum if they went to trial (even if no priors) and clearly played favorites with the defense bar (if they were a donating attorney).

Manny was a good man, but a horrible judge.

Anonymous said...

F Rumpole's identity. There are as many fake blecher's running around as there were fake lee harvey oswalds right before kennedy was killed. Is blecher part of some soon to be unveiled large conspiracy that will shake the world to its foundation? I believe a fake blecher was recently spotted at the russian embassy in mexico city, while another blehcer has applied for citizenship to communist china. Just what is going on here?

Anonymous said...

maybe the cia operative can investigate that instead of running blog posts into some stupid government computer system that probably cost a hundred million and doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Former Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa withdrew from the Democratic presidential race today, saying the crowded field had made it impossible for him to raise enough money to wage a competitive national campaign.

I'm crushed. Just crushed by this horrible news. My cat ain't too happy about it either.

Anonymous said...

"Will the three people please step forward"
[applause from the studio audience]

[Announcer] "Contestant number one please state your name:

[C1]I am Jonathan Blecher"

[Announcer} "And contestant number two:
{c2) "I am Jonathan Blecher

{announcer} "and contestant number three

{c3} "I am Jonathan Blecher.


Anonymous said...

Mike Catalano is running for Circuit Court he will win and let me tell you why.

He was the back bone in Patricia marino's campaign win. I studied all the campaigns in the sept 5 and nov 7 election and Marino spent the least with the most effective advertisemnet. Note: I supported Shirley and NOT happy the Marino won).

Marino campaign was one of the best every time I turned my head her face was platered on street corner bus stops everywhere including neighbor hoods and not busy street. She had huge Billboards up and down US 1. I was impressed with her billboard ad's and placements. She also had ad's in the small local newspapers in spanish, creole etc etc etc.

So in my opinion Mike Catalano is running for Circuit Court is a win if he follows Marino's formula.

Mike side note Judge Jeri Cohen is a easy target.

Anonymous said...

Lets be real clear on "Judge Marino" won because she was named Marino in Miami. If she was named Brady and ran in Boston she would win. If she was named Jeter and ran in NY she would win. If she was named Montana and ran in San Francisco she would win.

I don't know any ballplayers named Catalano

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to announce that Mike Dwyane Wade Catalano will be running for circuit court judge next election.

Anonymous said...

That's Michael Dwayne Wade Ferguson Schwartz Catalano-Rodriguez to you!

Anonymous said...

that may be true but I disagree. She won because of the advertisement I studied and saw what everyone was doing.

George Alvarez had the worst advertisement and lost.

Judge Ivan Hernandez had great advertisement but because I tore down all his banners as fast as they went up he had no chance in that area of ad's. Oh scratch that it was someone else...

Anonymous said...


Rumpoles the name he has chosen
He's crafty this Howard Rosen
He pretends he's defense
while he sits on the fence
As A prosecutor's career he has chosen

The Rumpole Charge he did parry
Running the Blog accusations did vary
He's shifty and fast
his posts are a blast
But now we know Rumpole is Rosen

Of this I am certain
That Howie is Rump
These charges he'll never trump
running a blog from an office he'll dump
when Rumpole reveals he is Rosen
And KFR finds out for certain
then choose he must
between SAO or bust
and with the end of the blog we'll all be hurtin

So Rosen will retire as Rump
a career in the media would be a bump up
famous he'll be
but scared by you and me
for being rump de la rump behind a curtain.

(c) Rump is Rosen
all rights reserved

Anonymous said...

I'm confused- are we spending the weekend picking on Blecher, Catalano, Marino, or now Rosen?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Catalano is a big baby and a loser. Catalano has the potential to be a very good lawyer, but he is such a liar it is disgusting.

Personally, I will run an anti-Catalano campaign. By the way, the clerks hate Catalano. The ASAs hate Catalano, and most defense attorneys hate Catalano.

Anonymous said...

Hate is such a strong word. it leads to all kinds of violence and unpleasant events. Can't we just say that clerks or lawyers don't approve of Catalano's Methods and leave it at that?

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Uhho...there's a rump de la rump message. Methinks another message in code has been sent.

Rumpole hunter is on the job!

Anonymous said...

I don't handle many misdemeanor cases, however, I have appeared before Judge Bloom a few times recently. One thing is for sure, the State does not run her courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Fart On The Q
Down With The Q

Open your eyes and take aim with your gat

blast the q.

But above all else- FUH Q

Anonymous said...

Fear the Q
respect the Q

close your eyes

become the Q

Anonymous said...

thats some funny shit. i want what ever you were smoking when you came up with that...

Anonymous said...

Seidlin was a total embarrassment, before and during the Smith case. the hearing should have been quick and he should have ordered the parties to work out arrangements for a memorial service before the body decomposed and then worried about where she should be buried. He either (1) was clueless, or (2) milking the publicity. And.. what gives him authority to appoint a guardian for a baby who has never set foot in Florida? Fortunately, Richard Milstein is a professional through and through, who was the only dignified individual throughout the whole process. I hope Broward voters wake up and smell the cappucino if some Broward lawyer ever gets the guts to run against a sitting incompetent judge.

Anonymous said...

"Seidlin was a total embarrassment"

"Richard Milstein is a professional through and through, who was the only dignified individual throughout the whole process."

Humm, how did Milstein get in the case?

If you read the written opinion, and the cases cited therein, it seems pretty clear that the "total embarrassment" did exactly the right thing. The child is the next of kin and is the person entitled to the body. Florida has recognised Guardians since statehood.

I think you are a total embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

How about Seidlin making an objection from the bench. To who? How about Seidlin instructing the lawyer to instruct her client, to answer a question. Why didn't the lawyers call the judge (using that term loosely) Bronxy. What a total embarrassment this judge is to the bar and the judiciary in our State.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:35pm, don't you know that Milstein wrote that opinion. What is wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Funny how one of you said that clerks and prosecutors don't like Catalano but, when they need a hard working lawyer they hire him?

Hey, isn't everyone running for judge.

Catalano has helped in many winning judicial campaigns so, if he runs, he already knows how to win.

By the way, before you jump on Catalano, I ask you this: Have you ever tried a case against him? I did and he won fair and square. I am still a prosecutor and can not remember any lawyer being more prepared.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, Catalano hit a big PI case and is ready to get out of the rat race and become a lawyer on a small income.

He told me he is running in two years and will run against a sitting circuit court judge.

He will probably end of being state oriented.

Anonymous said...

Mike Catalano here.

I never told anyone I was running for judge so, please drop all this. Some of those comments hurt my feelings.

See you in court... at the podium.

Anonymous said...

I litigated against Mike when I was with the SAO. Mike is misunderstood by many. Mike actually is a decent guy with a bad temper and sense of self righteousness that sometimes gets in his way. He doesn't deserve a lot of the critism that is levied against him. I've seen him do some very gracious things when there isn't an audience around.

If some of you would stop taking him so seriously, you might enjoy slugging it out with him.

Anonymous said...


I've been poking around here for a few months. I really didn't care who Rumpole is as the merits of the blog are funny and cool to see how lawyers think. So, this is kind of like a puzzle which is intrically of equal value. That is a game I like too. We've got law, chess, war; I love it.

So, specifically, a school in the northeast. A poster said that could mean Tulsa OK. I sucked in Geography and I guess through a very liberal interpretation of the statement, it could qualify...However, why dpes "north east" even mean the country? First I was thinking dang... I gotta start looking at Canadian law schools possibly to figure out this riddle wrapped in a muffler?

Just a theory: I don't know a lot of the other clues. What school is North and to the East of where Rumpole lives. Geography is relative to either him or the courthouse. Therefore, is it not possible he went to the Harvard of the South? NOVA? Or maybe Stetson(not sure where exactly where on map that is). If he lives in West Dade, perhaps... but even nova has sattelites east. In all likihood, he threw a red herring at that poster though.

If he went to a prototypical school in the northeast, odds are it could be a great northeastern school like the Nova of the North... Harvard. Such a witty game.. truth is it could be anywhere. Not a knock on Nova here! Got me my great job. Time and Space are relative and stuff! huh huh. you say hehe. i like butthead better.

He likes to drink too (that doesn't really help). I saw a shadowy figure of him on TV once... That was hysterical. I saw a shadowy figure on the internet on youtube too once. Similar features.

Of course he is a man, but isn't someone working with him? The Captain? And couldn't "The Captain" write as him and visa versa? Thus the gender bender issue. Also, he could flat out be lying or had a guy act as him when a shadowy figure on TV. I believe he is a man but you can argue the earth will stop spinning tommorow too.

To me, that's all abot what's great about this game. I read a book he reccommended (or she even though from now on I'm saying he). Ancient Art of War. Hopefully he can send me unsavory women, though I'm not an enemy, to weaken me. Thing is, if Rumpole sends me unclean females, that would be cool, not weak.

Anonymous said...

Outside the Box

Uhh..... not a rocket scientist (actually I am), but I don't think it's correct to do that to any lawyer or person. I don't know him from Eve or any you folks. But I've read what Rumpole writes. I'd bet he woudn't approve. Not too mention, he gambles...didn't see the other post and felt a need to comment.

If anything, he should get a gig on 560 or ESPN. He picks a hell of a lot better than the "Hammer."

I got it! Rumpole is Hank Goldberg and this is alternative handicapping site in case he screws up on TV. The North east school is Duke and he gets intel from his Brethren fighting Nyfung, a true rocket sceintist indeed. That he's a lawyer is all a charade. Hank, 790 is kicking your ass in the ratings. So is this blog.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again; Bennett H. Brummer is quoted in the television version of this report as stopping the defense of Mr. Chavez. (Not that we agree with Mr. Chavez or like what he did.) By doing this, Brummer once again showed how he will do anything he can to stay the Public Defender. KFR should investigate these allegations and put him behind bars for interfering with a Criminal Investigation. KFR, it is on you to do the right thing and put this turd in a small jail cell where he belongs. While you are there, check Carlos Martinez as well as he must be the brains in the cover-up. I feel bad for the poor Assistant Public Defenders who were forced to not represent Mr. Chavez as they could. Shame on you Brummer. I wonder to how many other defendants you have done this to in the past.

Anonymous said...