Thursday, August 31, 2006


My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.
Albert Einstein

My religion can be found in asking just the right question,

at just the right time,
Illuminating the truth which the witness did not want to be found.

Rumpole of Miami.

(It was either that, or an essay on the virtues of that third glass of wine).



TODAY. TONIGHT. (Tomorrow for the heartiest of the bunch).


As we start our Labour Day festivities, Rumpole wishes a very hearty

WELCOME to the new group of Prosecutors and Public Defenders.

It seems just yesterday that we were a fresh faced eager young lawyer, with two suits to our name, ready to change the world. In those twenty some odd years, we have met our best friends, changed some lives for the better, saved some people from themselves, and generally used our talents to the best of our ability. The REGJB is not a bad place to spend five or ten years doing some good.

To the New ASA’s, we can offer nothing more important then the words that Janet Reno used to tell all her new prosecutors: the very highest calling of a prosecutor is to protect the innocent.

To the New PD’s, you will quickly learn the feeling of being the only person in the world, not to mention the courtroom, who does not hate your client. There is a huge difference in believing your client and effectively defending your client. A good lawyer rarely does the former, but always does the latter.

Good luck to both groups, and welcome.

Who is Rumpole? We’re the one’s grumbling to ourselves in the courtroom about the new lawyers.


Anonymous said...

I am not a judge or candidate, just someone who has practiced here for a long time and enjoys watching judicial political campaigns. For reference sake I am hispanic (cuban) and practice civil law.

More predictions:

DelPino will beat Jacobi. Not as close as people think. She has the latin name, the Herald endorsement and some african-american support. The jewish vote doesn't have the numbers it once did.

Pando will win. Great sign campaign, well connected in Hialeah and despite all her bar problems will win big.

Michael Samuels and Dennis Murphy will lose. They will make it close with the Herald endorsement but have run poor campaigns and don't have the gas to finish.

Kathy Parks will lose to Mendez and Garcia. Mendez beats him in November with a better organized campaign.

Manno and Bardiwill will make a runoff, Gronlier-Sanchez will poll poorly. Very close to the end with Manno squeeking it out by virtue of her money and connections in the latin community.

Marin, Fernandez (avoiding a runoff), Leifman, and Miller will win in romps.

See you tonight at the Road.

Anonymous said...

i saw a bunch of them in the pickle barrel. some new hottie's...

Anonymous said...

You are astute to some extent. But wrong on some of your predictions. I too am neither a candidate or a judge, or a politician for that matter. I agree that Pando will win big time. Schwartz will likely lose. Parks and Mendez will be in a runoff with Garcia coming in a low 3rd. Parks might even win outright, considering that she beat Josie Velis in the primary 2 years ago. Garcia and Mendez will split up the Hispanic vote, which will help Parks. Mendez' t.v. ads are about the worst I've ever seen. I agree that Marin will win. Davidson is sweet but extremely naive. It's a shame about Samuels and Murphy, but they haven't campaigned very much. Murphy's Law is a cute idea, but if you don't get it out there, who knows about it? Agree about Manno and Bardewil. And Manno (excuse me--I mean, Schurr) has no connections with the Latin community, unless you mean Al Lorenzo, who may or may not be working for her. Frankly, there's going to be such a low voter turnout that no one can predict anything, and there might be a lot of surprises.


A special message from HWMNBN:


Anonymous said...

Murphy's a great guy but his TV commercial looked cheap and tired.

As opposed to Bronwyn's TV commercial which looked quite professional and modern. I guess
Bronwyn's got some money somewhere.

Anonymous said...

rumpole. what if your the only person that shows up today??

Anonymous said...

Hey civil lawyer: you say KMF and McWorther will win because "enough people care about having black judges on the bench." What kind of crap is that? I don't care whether the judge is white, black, green, or purple. If they show up on time (I think rumpole considers that a qualification to be a good judge, even though I don't), are fair to both sides, run a courtroom well and know the law and how to apply it, then they get my vote.
The jewish vote still carries alot of weight, but maybe they're smart enough to vote with the most qualified (Delpino) and not just cuz Jacobi has a jewish name.

Pando will win. Her opponent isn't well known enough.

Murphy should and will win. He has lots of vocal support.

If people vote for the most qualified, then Shelly Schwartz will win and Migna's gonna be singing her stupid song as a finale.

Anonymous said...

Am I getting old? That new PD with the really short brown hair looks like he's 12 years old.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that the shady (as well as illegal according to Election Laws) slates going out from all the bogus organizations that are endorsing the untouchable candidates is being (allegedly) produced by Bod Levy and Associates. Though, we will never find out since KFR has paid him over $140K in the last 5 years and thus, she will never investigate these allegations/rumor. Things that make you wonder if the SAO (KFR) is part of the problem or part of the solution. Welcome to Law and Disorder, the Miami television show.

Jerry D. said...

I hear there will be some Judges, judicial candidates,lawyers, and other V.I.P.'s at the Rooad tonight a drinking and a carrying on. What do you want to do?

Closious said...

I say we set up a D.U.I. checkpoint and really ruin someones night. And you?

Slimak said...

Yeah...Lets get em.

Curious Geroge said...

Where O where has my free blog gone O where o where can it be. Apparently the blog owner has subscribed to the GWB school of surveillance and repression.

Anonymous said...

Is Phil in trial today? If so, he is RUmpole

Anonymous said...

the trialmaster was in the building today....

the truth said...

Rumpoles at the Road.

Anonymous said...

I just met VELIS. What an absolute and total dud. Could barely make herself understood. Obviously the voters will support her -- since they have never met her, or had the pleasure of appearing before Murphy. What a total disaster she will be. Too stupid for probate, so I guess she will end up in criminal court.

Anonymous said...

Gronlier-Sanchez and Bardiwill are better connected in the Hispanic community than Manno. She does have money connections with Al Lorenzo, but the other two are better liked by the Hispanic voters.

Rumpole said...

OK- you can accuse a popular suspect of being the blogger, but you cannot support violence against him or his property. So I did not post the comment about keying his car. Re-do it without that, and it will go up. Like I care? He's the one angry everyone is accusing the poor guy of something he has no part in.

Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

Every elected state official from the governor down to KFR needs the Levys and Lorenzos of the world every four years. My prediction is that no investigation will ever get anywhere and that things will remain as muddy as always.

Anonymous said...

About Mendez commercials! I think they are great and so have many that wotk for me! As a matter of fact, people at work keep talking good about Mendez and are going to voter for her! I have not seen any commercial for Park's why is that I wonder?

Anonymous said...

if phil was in trial, safe to say moderation would be on all day. he seems to be a bright enough fellow and would probably have someone trustworthy add a post while he was in court, to divert any identity hounds. maybe its just me, but that seems pretty basic.

however, bring that deductive reasoning to the third grade and you'll be a freakin magician.

Anonymous said...

I am a female criminal defense lawyer who has had an opportunity to spend time with many of the judicial candidates and incumbents. For the guy that said that Josie Perez Velis was a dudd, do not judge a book by the cover. talking to someone for 4.3 seconds at a poll does not constitute knowing her. Sit down and talk to Josie for five minutes or more and you will learn that she is extremely intelligent, dedicated to her career and family and will make a fair judge. Everyone just attacks her for running against Murphy. Running against an incumbent judge doesnt mean that the non-incumbent is an idiot. This is a democracy. She is going to beat him and good! And I for one am looking forward to seeing her on the bench when many of these criminal lawyers who have been trashing her on this blog come before her. Josie, I will bring the popcorn for your first day on the bench!

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that Larry Schwartz will have problems because of two Mendez's running for judge. They both help each others campaign by getting the Mendez name out there. On the other hand we have two Schwartz's running for judge. Two Schwartzs vs. Two Mendezs. ztrawhcs vs. zednem....this race is really backwards.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To 1:31 a.m. blogger -- get some sleep in your campaigning for Velis. I met her, I spoke to her, and I CAN judge a book by its lack of a cover - or are you suggesting that she left her smart hemisphere at home when we met? Unless she gets a brain implant she will NEVER understand the intracacies of a trial. I must assume that the last one she even saw had Raymond Burr going up against William Talmadge. Give me a break. I barely know her opponent, but I know that I would not vote for her, even if threatened with bodily harm.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Parks already did the Levy-Lorenzo thing 2 yrs ago. It didn't work then and it hopefully won't work now. Let Mendez do it this time. Botton line: hard campaigning, being out there, grass roots worka. Commercials don't work, nor do signs for that matter, unless you can plaster the town like Bardewill and Jacobi have. Marin is doing a good job, as is Davidson. It's anybody's guess. I predict a very low voter turn-out.

Anonymous said...

bye bye Larry

Anonymous said...

NOT SO! Marisa T. Mendez is running for a different seat, nothing to do with Schwartz!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Mendez is running for a different seat makes no difference. It is simply the same last name being in the public eye that helps Gina. People just hear and see the name Mendez, and that is who they are going to vote for on Sept. 5. when they are at the voting booth. Are you tense Larry? Too bad you have such a big mouth. Lose Larry Lose. See what it feels like.

Anonymous said...

mendez and garcia will split the hispanic vote, i think, leaving parks to win..

Anonymous said...

Why are you so vicious about Larry Schwartz? What's he ever done to you? When I hear comments like the above, I can assure you that my vote will go to the non-attacker. Frankly, he seems like a very nice man to me.

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous 700 and 11, you been a loooooser your whole life? That why you're anonymous and have knowledge of what it feels like to be a looser? Or are you really Jeff Locke????

Anonymous said...

I just got a call that Al Millian, the sucker puncher, is working a precint for Migna. Is that scary or what? I am surely voting for Shelly now. I do not want a Judge who is controled by a mad man.

Anonymous said...

Parks, you should use your real name rather then remaining Anonymous! This way people can see aho you really are! I feel sorry for the people if you get elected Judge----if the people really get involved and read this blog--you need to beware from electing her, she would most likely fry you then use her knowledge to be a fair judge! God help those who fall in her courtroom if she should be elected.

Anonymous said...

I am posting this information from the following site:

Candidates For The 2006 General Election, Circuit Judge,
Miami-Dade County


Information on Cathern B. Parks:


Note: The candidate's statement was supplied by the candidate and has not been edited or endorsed by the Department of State!


I have practiced as a litigator for over 20 years, having graduated from the University of Miami School of Law. I have specialized in medical malpractice, product liability, aviation law, and general insurance defense.

I have been named one of the “Top Attorneys in South Florida” by the South Florida Legal Guide for several years. I am also a registered nurse and a guardian ad litem.

My extensive experience as an attorney who has handled complex litigation at a circuit court level makes me an exceptionally qualified candidate for circuit court judge.

Thank you, and I would appreciate your vote.

Information on Marisa Tinkler Mendez:


Note: The candidate's statement was supplied by the candidate and has not been edited or endorsed by the Department of State!


After practicing law in this community for 20 years, it would be an honor and privilege to serve in the capacity as a jurist. I am a true believer in our justice system and would strive to maintain the balance, integrity and respect for our system. I believe I possess those skills and important characteristics that would allow me to serve the public and community in this capacity: honesty, fairness, integrity, intellect, respect, patience and humility. My extensive background in criminal defense work and in representing indigent persons at all levels of State and Federal court proceedings makes me comfortable and well-suited to serve in this honorable capacity.

For those who don't know the candiates, you could go to the above link and read about them.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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