Monday, August 14, 2006


Today, our favourite Federal Blogger David O Markus will stand in front of a Jury North Of The Border and address them for the last time on behalf of a client that has put her faith, her hope, her future, in his capable hands.

Every lawyer handles a closing argument differently. Some lawyers methodically take the jury through the case, witness by witness, highlighting the strong pieces of evidence, ignoring the holes in their case.

Other lawyers opt for the dramatic plea.

Mr. Markus doesn’t need our advice. His client has chosen her lawyer wisely.

We just wish them both well today.


The term vengeance is synonymous with revenge.

The candidacy Of Juan F. Gonzalez is a candidacy vengeance, racism, and hate.

Fired by Judge Leifman after a string of complaints and bizarre behavior, Gonzalez found solace in the arms of Juan D’Arce, who having been rebuffed in his attempt to shake down Judge Leifman for money, was looking for someone, anyone (with a hispanic last name) , to challenge Judge Leifman. He found his warm body in Gonzalez.

The sad fact is that in a sense D’Arce has already won. His search for a candidate was not a search for a qualified jurist; it was not a search for a lawyer who, by virtue of experience and qualifications would add to the county court bench and this community; it was a search for a warm body to make Judge Leifman miserable.

By any stretch of the imagination, Juan F. Gonzalez is not qualified to be a Judge.

He has done nothing of note in an undistinguishable legal career. This would not even be a contest (Think Ali over Quarry) were it not for one lamentable fact; Gonzalez has a name that makes him immediately viable. He could be a cantaloupe named Gonzalez, and he would still mount a viable challenge. His candidacy is a walking, breathing advertisement for merit retention of Judges (which we do not favour, but this is a wakeup call to strongly consider it.)

The sad fact is that those who vote for Gonzalez without knowing him, may someday walk into a courtroom and need a jurist with the intelligence, experience, and dedication of Judge Steve Leifman. We have represented enough people to know that when they walk into a courtroom for a trial, they don’t ask the ethnicity of the Judge, they ask us “is he fair?” and “will he do the right thing?”

Knowing the bizzare behavior of Gonzalez, his penchant for screaming at un-represented defendants, his delusional references to his part in the holy trinity, the answer with him is a resounding, unconditional NO.

That question is easily answered with Judge Leifman. Beyond his qualities as a Judge, is the extra dedication to our community that he has shown in addressing the problem of mental illness in criminal law.

In the words of Ted Kennedy eulogizing his late brother Bobby,
Judge Leifman is “a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it…”

Folks, this contest is a no-brainer. If our community cannot step up here and do the right thing, then we are in serious trouble.


See You In Court.


Anonymous said...

Rump- I was in the shower this morning listening to the radio when it hit me....
The "Dude You're getting a Dell" guy as Joel Denaro!!

Anonymous said...

holmes over tex cobb would have been a better boxing analog

Anonymous said...

How about the 73 Dolphins (the One with Ed Newman) over the Jamacian girls football team?

Anonymous said...

Adolf Eichman as Juan two three D'Arce (deese damn jeews..I must geet theem.)

rar said...

although i do not normally practice in county court, i support the leifman endorsement.

Anonymous said...

bad news. it has been reported that ted klein has advanced lung disease and is critically ill. his doctors are not optimistic.the biopsy results are not good. lets pray for ted.

Anonymous said...

have you seen the faber reports

How about THIS Lurvey picture? said...

It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

Anonymous said...

memo to harvey ruvin: what has the defense bar done to warrant the punishment that is known as Norberto? clearly he has it out for anyone who wants anything on the 9th floor. asking for the time of day requires at least 20 minutes. and would it hurt to have a working copy machine in the clerks office of the criminal building of a major US city? the rates for copies change more than my well diversified portfolio.

Dude You're getting a Denaro said...



Anonymous said...




MEMO: I will write this as long as I am standing in line waiting...

Anonymous said...

The "Dude You're Getting a Denaro" post is positively the funniest post on this board-EVER

Anonymous said...




still waiting

Anonymous said...

Prince as Peter Adrien



Anonymous said...

Magnum PI as Steve Potolsky

Anonymous said...

why pick on norberto. he is fast and efficient. it only takes me an hour and a half to get a copy of an a form. isn't this normal?

Anonymous said...


Good to see you pulled your punches in the Leifman/Gonzalez contest.

Rumpole said...

Pulled punches? meaning what?

Anonymous said...

Alan...are we voting for Judge Leifman?

Anonymous said...

Attorneys Against Bail Bonds Assoc:

the Miami chapter announces its formation. Meeting place to be announced shortly.

Anonymous said...

Yes Chirs, we are.

Anonymous said...

What about the fact HIGH PITCH ERIC endorsed Juan F Gonzalez??

TJM said...

I nominate Brad Pitt to play Judge Jimenez. He knows why.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how long this new comment posting has been up. I don't see any mention of it in previous posts. I just want to congradulate Rumpole on the new system. Looks nicer and more professional (for whatever that's worth from an anonyomous lawyer who lacks the ability to even create, let alone maintain, a blog.

Joel da blogga said...

Scene: The Young GentleMen's Cotillion and tea on the gorunds of Vizcaya Sunday:

Me: Joel...mah blogga. You da man.

Joel: Waiter waiter...more ice in the tea please.


Joel:Heavens to besty...its my stalker. Please sir..I am neither your blogger or the man.

Me: You da blogga mah blogga and you da man!.

Joel: Sir...you are a Cad and are staring to bother me.

Me: You are dah man.

Anonymous said...

Uh Norberto... You left at 10:15 to make a copy....coming back anytime soon???

Anonymous said...

Eddie Haskel as John Blecher

Anonymous said...

Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld) as Nate Diamond

CC Insider said...

Has anyone heard about the infamous "Asian Memo) sent by Harvey Ruvin to a sitting county court Judge?

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

How come no one ever talks about Mendy on this blog?

Joel D Bloggah.

Anonymous said...

I am sure one sitting Judge will win the challenge, but resign from shame.

Anonymous said...

why not vote for gonzalez? the matrix movies well received by all in the judicial system. the holy trinity tour fits right in

Anonymous said...

Sad truth is that Leifman is much more qualified to win this but may not just because the other guy has a hispanic name.

But, remember, Steve is not the best judge we have. He means well and works hard but, is very much in favor of the state and goes out of his way to find everyone guilty.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

norberto, dude, where is that file?

A Robed One said...

Your Leifman endorsement is over the top spectacular. Any candidate would love to have such an endorsement. And we all know Judge Steve deserves it.

Love You Long Time said...

if it has to do with asians, count me in

Anonymous said...

I hope warren tells the blog about his Juan Gonzalez experience.

Rumpole said...

sorry nut job, your posts didn't make it...for shame for shame. Keep it up and we'll endorse the other guy.

Joel Da Blogga said...

I can onlys stands so much..an I cants stands no more.

I yam what I yam.

Anonymous said...

"pulled your punches" as in, you went easy on d'arce and gonzalez.

Rumpole said...

Thank you Robed One, but he deserved every bit of it just as much as he didn't deserve this tsuris.

Anonymous said...

I want a Murphy poster. Who should I call?

Anonymous said...

I am sure one sitting Judge will win the challenge, but resign from shame.

I suspect you're right and that this will be d'arce's boss. It's my understanding there is an open investigation of d'arce and, by extension, his boss. If there was nothing there, d'arce would be back from unpaid leave and life would go on. But it's been a LOOONG time since the the raid. The lack of resolution bodes ill.



A lawyer has just renamed his cat JOSE RODRIGUEZ and has announced that the frisky feline will file against Judge Farina in the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Rump who is F'ING with Joel D and why? He's a good guy...leave him alone. (Its funny as can be, especially those web sites,) but leave him alone.

Anonymous said...

Just wait in the parking lot around 11AM and you will see Murph coming back from his Morning constitutional.

Joel Da Blogga said...

Scene: Saturday afternoon tea.

Me: joel! mah blog...ugh..umhg ...ouch %$#@!#~

(several burly men then jump on top of me and proceed to pummel me)

Joel: WHo da man now???

Anonymous said...

Alan...when will Rumpole put an end to this Joel Da Blogga scenarios?

Anonymous said...

Fake Captain Update:lawyer Menachem Mendelson has petitioned the circuit court to change his name to Jesus Ramierz and he intends to run against Judge Gordon in the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Not for a while chris, rumor is that he finds it somewhat amusing.

Fake Joe Pesci said...

Amusing? Funny how?

"What do ya mean, funny? Let me understand this cause, I don't know maybe it's me, I'm a little f'ed up maybe, but I'm funny how? I mean, funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh... I'm here to f' in' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?"

The unabomber said...

People I would vote for Judge

Joel Denaro
Menachem Mendelson
Joe Fernandez
Alan Shuminer
Dan Lurvey
Jason Grey
Ken Weisman
Steve Amster
Kathy Rundle
Bennett Brumer
Rory "Danish" Stein
Henry "Cookie Monster" Rausch
The Gum Guy.

Fake Captain said...

Fake Captain Update

Alex Michaels will be changing his name to Gloria Sanchez and will run against Beth Bloom in the next election cycle.

Anonymous said...

Best new name on the blog today:

Patty Culpepper-Pedraza

Give the person an A for effort Rump.

Anonymous said...

Just passing through..saw the Alex Michaels comment and laughed my ass off.

Anonymous said...

Hey Norberto! You got me the copy before 6PM. asked for it at 9:45. Thanks for the quick and efficient work.

Anonymous said...

Rump may I please borrow the blog?

Migna message...please stand by.

Migna media message to all SE operatives...plan delta is in effect. Plan delta is in effect.
Tom has a large mustache.
Plan delta is in effect.
That is all.

Anonymous said...

Some of the things on this blog in the last day or two have been the stupidest comments I have ever read. I've laughed my butt off and won't stop reading!!

Anonymous said...

Valerie Manno filed a suit to get Jose Sanchez-Gronlier removed from the ballot.

Anonymous said...


Early voting starts next week. You gotta speed up the endorsments

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier comment that Judge Leifman seems to be very pro-state and finds everyone guilty. In addition I think he pesonifies the term "activist" judge and in a negative way. If he thinks something is wrong with the law he tries to change it. While that may seem ideal, I don't feel it's really his role as a judge, even as an 'administrative' judge. Having said that, I plan on casting my vote for him and will tell all my friends and relatives, dead or alive, that they better do the same. (although I tend to think the dead ones might already be on Gonzalez's list.)

Anonymous said...

please attend the fundraiser for judge murphy at novecento on brickell, wed the 16th at 5:30 pm.

Rumpole said...

whats the scoop with the Mano Lawsuit???

Anonymous said...

Some more food for thought...
Meryl Streep as Judge Adrien's court reporter.

Terrance Howard as Chris Dunham

Jerry Orbach as David Waksman

Steven Spielberg as David Gilbert

Rumpole said...

caught ya fruitcake

Anonymous said...

Fred Gwynn as Abe Laeser

Anonymous said...

moderation is back

Anonymous said...

who is fruitcake? new girlfriend

Anonymous said...

Manno must be desperate. First she changes her name to a Jewish name against the Lebanese candidate and now she files suit against the Hispanic candidate.

Rumpole said...

fruitcake is the nut who is attacking the blog with crazy long posts with nonsense. I am monitoring the blog. Post all you want and it will go right up.

Anonymous said...

Just another manic monday.

Anonymous said...

Alan, I wish it were Sunday. Thats my fun day.

Joel Da Blogga said...

Future Scene at Novacento this Wednesday night.

Joel: Murphy Murphy he's our man...waiter...there is a pea in my corn soup.

Me: Mah bloggah! You are the man!

Joel: egads! It's the ruffian! The Cad.

Me: Mah bloggah! You da man!

Joel: I am most certainly not the man. Tonight Judge Murphy is the man.

Me. How can Judge Murphy possibly be the man if you da man?

Joel: You raise an interesting point. A conundrum if you will.

Me: You, mah blogga, are da man!

Anonymous said...

i hate moderation

Lurvey's Mullet said...

Leifman may be pro state BUT he cares and works hard. Better than Captain Cuckoo for sure

Rumpole said...

send me an email with a private address and I'll give you all the gory details.

Anonymous said...

A judge in a semi-small city was hearing a drunk-driving case and the defendant, who had both a record and a reputation for driving under the influence, demanded a jury trial. It was nearly 4 P. M. And getting a jury would take time, so the judge called a recess and went out in the hall looking to impanel anyone available for jury duty. He found a dozen lawyers in the main lobby and told them that they were a jury. The lawyers thought this would be a novel experience and so followed the judge back to the courtroom.

The trial was over in about 10 minutes and it was very clear that the defendant was guilty. The jury went into the jury room, the judge started getting ready to go home, and everyone waited. After nearly three hours, the judge was totally out of patience and sent the bailiff into the jury-room to see what was holding up the verdict.

When the bailiff returned, the judge said, "Well have they got a verdict yet?"
The bailiff shook his head and said, "Verdict? Hell, they're still doing nominating speeches for the foreman's position!"

Anonymous said...

you better stop john.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutor: Did you kill the victim?
Defendant: No, I did not.
Prosecutor: Do you know what the penalties are for perjury?
Defendant: Yes, I do. And they're a hell of a lot better than the penalty for

Anonymous said...

Traci Lords as Cristina Miranda?

Anonymous said...

I've got to say that I am APPALLED that the Herald endorsed Bonnie "Lano-Camacho" Rippingille. As a young ASA, I practiced in front of her, and she is, without a doubt, the worst judge in front of whom I've ever practiced. Her ignorance of the law knows no bounds. She is such as space cadet that all the ASAs and APDs used to refer to her as Goldie Hawn on crack.

If the Herald is going to be in the endorsement game, it should be incumbent upon their editorial board to actually visit the courtrooms of any sitting judges running for reelection. How else can one form a knowledgable opinion about a sitting judge?

Say what you will about Don Cohn, but he's far better than "Lano." Hell, a trained monkey would be a bigger asset to the bench than Rippingille.

westerndigital said...

rump ya got ya stuff on back up?

So we didn't finish the North of the Border Trial today as I had hoped. Summations will be Monday, which means a stressful weekend. Even worse, my Microsoft Exchange Server crashed at the office today, and my tech guy tells me that I've probably lost all my data. I thought this stuff never disappears... So do I start from scratch, hire a data recovery team, or try to recreate what I can from different places? UGH!!!!!
posted by David Oscar Markus

Rumpole said...

hey jerk- see your post? Nope. I can see you coming (smell is more like it) a mile away.

Rumpole said...

umm none of your commments made it. We know you're lying, and you know you're lying, and thats enough when you get right down to it, isn't it? As our favourite Bard said

"To thine own self be true."

He also wrote:

"Some rise by sin, some fall by virtue."

PS- to the moron who just left all those posts we rejected, you are NOT the idiot clogging the blog. You are another, different idiot altogether.

Anonymous said...

I've kind of confused about Migna Sanchez-Llorens' candidacy. My original impression of Migna was that she was a nice Puerto Rican girl from a middle class family living in an upscale Connecticut suburb. I think she went to Wellesly and then NYU Law, both very good schools, before moving down to Miami to work for first the Federal PD's office and then Brummer. In short, she always struck me as very un-Miami--northeastern, Puerto Rican, well-educated, progressive, a real "good government" type.

But now I read things on this blog about her hiring allegedly sleazy campaign "strategists" and "consultants," about her showing up for the unseemly festivities on Calle Ocho celebrating Fidel Castro's illness, things totally inconsistent with my impression of her as a New England good government liberal.

First of all, who are these "strategists" that judicial candidates hire and what services do they provide? Are they all sleazy? Do all candidates hire them? Secondly, are the things that I've read about Migna's candidacy true? Has she really sold out her good government values in favor of sleazy alliances with shady, probably corrupt, Miami good old boys?

I'm not from Miami, and I'm curious if this is the way politics really works down here. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Seen at a Hialeah Plumbers and Pipefitters Union Hall today: 350 (somewhat drunk) union men and voters singing at the top of their lungs:

Miami's for Migna
Migna's for Miami
Oh, Shelly Can't you see?

Miami's for Migna
Migna's for Miami
She'll be on the bench on Janaury 3.

Roper Poll said...

The "Dude You're getting a Danero" Post was today's funniest, in a survery of 43 REGJB lawyers.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


What division did Judge Ivan Fernandez transfer to recently?

What retired Juvenile Judge is now back on the bench in County Court as a senor Judge?

Rump your better at this.

Rumpole said...

I don't know if your questions qualify as trivia so much as daily minutiae.

Anonymous said...

i dont know who rippingille is. but calling anyone goldie hawn on crack is very funny

Anonymous said...

knock a guy for trying

Anonymous said...


1. Civil

2. Judge Steven D. Robinson

Rick Freedman said...



The expensive suits invaded the BCC this afternoon and could be seen on three different floors.


Judge Michael Kaplan

Attorney David O Markus was outside the courtroom waiting for a verdict. I saw him at around 4:30 and he said the jury had been out since Noon.


Judge Jeffrey Levenson

Attorney Jason Grey was picking a jury on an Aggravated Battery case. He was in the middle of finding out how Mrs. Jones bakes her cakes and what ingredients she uses, when a juror asked the following question of Jason:

“What is that man over there doing sitting in the courtroom?" (He was referring to the defendant) and the juror was asking a serious question. Giggles broke out but Jason handled the matter very respectfully, by first telling the man that the constitution required his client be present for this part of the trial; and then he hit the guy over the head with a hockey stick.


Attorney Rick Freedman was arguing pretrial Motions on a Possession of a Firearm by a Conv. Felon, CCF, Possession of Coke with Intent and Possession of cannabis before Judge Eileen (I forgot to mention the EEOC complaints by the blacks and the Jews) O'Connor. He was arguing a Motion To Suppress Statements and a Motion To Sever.

Judge O'Connor kept referring to her days as an AUSA and federal law and Freedman kept citing state law. Fortunately, the Judge did the right thing, handled the issues very professionally and the case worked out relatively well in the long run.

If you want any insight into the Judge, feel free to contact me at anytime.

Rick Freedman

Anonymous said...

leifman is the guy you wanted to beat up in high school, but he was on too many clubs that had well-liked advisors.

wont say hello in the hall until election time. two-faced mofo. he's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Alan, are we voting for Larry Schwartz?

Anonymous said...

No, Chris we are not voting for Larry. We are for Gina, remember.

north of the border victory said...

our famous federal blogger won his case north of the border - (no, I'm not Markus, so shut up)

Patrons cheer Broward jury's decision that game room operates legally

By Jon Burstein
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted August 15 2006

The owner of a Pompano Beach adult game room sobbed uncontrollably, her attorney pumped his fists in victory and courtroom spectators applauded as a jury acquitted her Monday night of illegal gambling charges.

Gale Fontaine's victory could have immediate ramifications for the adult arcade industry not only in Broward County, but across Florida. The case marked the first time in the county -- and one of the first times statewide -- that an adult game room owner had a jury decide the legality of the businesses' video machines.


"I think this is going to encourage the further growth of adult arcades in Florida," said Robert Jarvis, a Nova Southeastern University law professor who follows the industry. "It's a red-letter day for anybody interested in these sorts of establishments. It's very big news."

Monday's acquittal does not mean the end of Fontaine's legal woes, though. She still faces criminal charges arising from a June raid on another Pompano Beach business she owns, Four Corners Bingo. Broward sheriff's deputies seized 50 similar video machines from there.

Markus said he hopes prosecutors consider dropping the second case.

"The jury has spoken. They have spoken very clearly and I think now it has been settled that Ms. Fontaine was acting legally and in compliance with the law," Markus said.

Rossman said the second case will continue. (because it's broward, and they just can't lose there)

Anonymous said...


Big news............the ubiquitous ANONYMOUS (along with his well known relatives incognito, pseudonymous, unidentified, and unnamed) endorses Leifman!

ANONYMOUS appreciates Leifman's ongoing support for defendants with mental health issues. Said Anonymous, "I greatly appreciate Judge Leifman's respect for these individuals' privacy."

Anonymous said...

It seems like more Dade lawyers are in trial in Broward than Broward lawyers???

Anonymous said...

whats the deal with migna going from fed pd to brummers house of pain?

there's gotta be a story anyone know it?

Anonymous said...

nice piece in DBR about lawyers who do public service. my only question is are thier really firms beating down the door to hire tamara gray at pd's office who has been in juvy for at least 11 years?
if you havent read it go to markus federal blog

Jason Grey said...

Hey Rick, I saw you sitting in the back laughing your ass off!

Anonymous said...