Tuesday, February 14, 2023


 A sad ending on the horizon to the troubled legal career of former Miami Dade County Judge Mike Mirabal. Judge Dan Casey of Broward has filed a report with the Florida Supreme Court recommending the D word- Disbarment. 

The Bar proceedings have a tortured history, starting with complaints that became JQC complaints when Mirabal was elected a Judge. Those complaints increased exponentially when the "Mirabal Style of Campaign Financing and Reporting" was both uncovered and disapproved as rank fraud. 

The "Mirabal Amendment" ((c) 2018) finance scheme went something like this- raise $20,000.00 in donations or personal funding during a quarter; report $20,000.00 in money raised; then file an amended report for $21,500.00; then ... total up your initial report and the amended report and    VOILA! the 20 thousand looks to all the world (and potential candidates) as 41,500.00 raised. 

Insidious; petty; and fraudulent. 

There is more to the order and findings, including a long list of things the former judge "FORGOT" to add to his JNC application to be appointed as a judge, including small matters like a federal lawsuit for fraud that he lost, and cooperation in a federal fraud investigation. Various defaults on mortgages and accompanying lawsuits. Small stuff like that. 

Overall, the episode speaks very poorly to an election system that mostly selects judicial candidates by name. 

Oh, did we mention he and his attorney "THREATENED" and "DISPARAGED THE REPUTATION"  the Miami Judge who filed the Bar complaint? Judge Casey found those allegations to be proven. 

One small area of support has emerged. 

NY Representative George Santos has opined that the opinion is a "rush to judgement"; "a witch hunt"; and expressed confidence that it will be overturned on appeal. Santos did this, BTW, during a press release in which he expressed gratification for being named the Super Bowl MVP on Sunday night. 

Birds of a feather... cheat elections together. 

Here is the order: 

2021-1469_miscdoc_375549_f01 by Anonymous PbHV4H on Scribd


Anonymous said...

Good analogy. He was our Santos before there was Santos. Well done as always.

Anonymous said...

I had Santos as the MVP at 30-1. Cashed in

Anonymous said...

Comment in the prior post about the halftime show borders in racist. Just sayin

Anonymous said...

Left the Shumie Bowl after party 7am Monday after doing two shots of Patron with Jessie the bartender who is even more smoking hot all these years later. Showered on the beach. Dressed in my car. Threw on a tie. Drove to Broward. Picked a jury. Drove home exhausted and found Jessie still crashed from the morning. I had given her the keys to my crib to crash. On my way back to do openings. Another day another JOA right Rump?
Epic party weekend in SOBE

Anonymous said...

Oh so now it’s about race ? Some entertainer- I don’t care what color she is - babbles incomprehensible lyrics , grabs her crotch and then sticks a finger in her mouth and people scream in excitement because that’s what they think they should do because their neighbor is screaming? Give me a million bucks and I’ll sing Johnny cash songs surrounded by truck drivers and will fart on stage.
Come on. I don’t care what color she is. She sucked.

Anonymous said...

No way about Jessie. Everyone was trying to get her digits

Anonymous said...

I really don't know Mirabal but didn't Abreu beat him. Let it go. Why was she so angry? She really took this personal. Then he stepped down from the bench. Why not let it go at that point? It seems like in the end its about winning. I would hate to be on the bad side of a case in front of Abreu. She seems like an angry person. I do criminal defense. Its always amazing to see how a former defense lawyer becomes a prosecutor after the robe comes on. I guess the arguments for forgiveness, redemptions they made before were long forgotten.

Maybe after so many years of practice and still believing in second chances. I guess it takes a lot of visits to the jails to see what loosing freedom does. And when I see defendants struggle to get jobs after jail. I guess the ultimate thing is to go after someone's livelihood.

It becomes about winning and when that happens some people in general should get out of the profession. This is not just about Mirabal. I think this is about Abreu too.

Ladies and Gentleman. Lets be better. Lets sit down and know those you view as your enemy and figure out what went wrong before we judge them. A lot of us have hidden skeletons and well no one is free from sin. Feeling like letting my brothers and sisters know that its ok not to be always right and sometimes people just need a break.

Mirabal stepped down in disgrace....what is next? disbarment? Should we start sending lawyers to jail? I don't know. Mirabal needs forgiveness of sins and I am sure Abreu does too.

Lets not cast stones to all the glass houses we encounter in court on a daily basis.

Feeling like someone needs to hear that today.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know much about Mirabal’s situation but Dan Casey is about as nice and reasonable as they come. Lots of respect for that judge

Anonymous said...

Imagine that, some actual justice. Glad to see this bad guy get some consequences.

George Santos said...

This a very biased post. The only tidbit of truth - and if you know me you know I’m all about the truth - is my press release. I never expected to have a big impact on the Super Bowl and was truly never expecting to win MVP.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Plenty more where that came from.

Anonymous said...

I dont know, seems kind of harsh for filling out some papers wrong. He was bootoed off the bench. originally, the referee suggested suspension and probation. I think that would have been fine.

Six month suspension and five years probation would have been fine. The guy is 59 and this would have kept a good leash on him.

Anonymous said...

He didn’t fill out papers wrong. Read the order. It’s shocking. But you know what didn’t make the order? This gem - he stole a house in the Keys from a family member by forging a deed. Listed it on air b n b and kept a dozen tenants security deposit. Eventually the renters who didn’t know each other met when they read the complaints on social media and exchanged the letters he sent detailing the damage. And guess what ? It was a cut and paste job with him just changing the name and date. The allegations of damages were the same. And the asshole would threaten them with suing them in Keys for more damages if they didn’t relinquish the security deposit. All these people were from out of town. He was a thief with a Law license. Now he doesn’t have a law license. He’s still a thief.

Call me in the know.

Anonymous said...

World Series prop time. Ok Here’s my list. I’m putting a 1000 on each. 
New York Mets +700
 New York Yankees +800

Philadelphia Phillies +1600
 Milwaukee Brewers +2800

Let’s go Brew Crew!!!

Anonymous said...

NG Rump. Heading home from Broward to hot Jessie and some more Patron shots.

Anonymous said...

Oh I’m so jealous. A hot bartender who never advanced beyond pouring shots in tank tops and daisy dukes who is. Member of Qanon and isn’t vacxxed. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Next up on The Ren A Venue part circuit - Cinco De Shumie on May 5 in Austin!

Anonymous said...

Talk about your woke cancel culture 7:58. If someone doesn’t work her way up from bartending to law school then she needs to be canceled. Well Jess is excellent at what she does which is more than I can say for the most of the mopes I see in the courthouse. And she makes well over 200 a year most of it cash and made a million five in bitcoin which she cashed out of and bought two condos in the beach for an Airbnb side hustle. But her beliefs are not correct in your view so cancel her. Right ? Jerk.

Anonymous said...

Let's see how Mirabal's attorney tries to spin it.
Good old Kevin Tynan! Defending degenerate lawyers for decades.

Anonymous said...

The original conditional guilty plea and referee's report was for 90 day suspension, year and a half of probation, paying fines and costs, ethics school, CLE, etc.


Supreme Court rejected that recommendation and sent it back to referee.


That's a pretty strong hint they plan to nail his ass to the wall.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that some defense lawyers think no bad deed should ever be punished? Mirabal was pure trash. Like Santos, just about everything is a lie with that guy. Do we really want him practicing law? He makes us all look bad.

10 years ago the Supreme Court would have suspended him for 3 years. This Nazi regime Supreme Court will disbar him well maybe not if he was a straight, old white Christian guy... I'm just sayin....

Anonymous said...

8:45 am The referee's report shows a pattern of lying and misconduct for personal gain. But you did one heck of a job blaming the victim. I'm glad that Judge Abreu had the intestinal fortitude to report Mirabal to the Bar. It takes a lot of chutzpah to not only lie, but do so repeatedly on applications and other documents required to become a judge.



Sadly, Judge Thomas Petersen has passed away.

From the Miami Herald:

He raised hell”: Pioneering Miami juvenile-court judge Thomas K. Petersen is dead

“The how-to manuals for incoming juvenile-court judges don’t include chapters on being more like Thomas K. Petersen, a revered judge at the Children’s Courthouse in Miami: Petersen made social worker-type home visits to kids and their parents. He was known to dress as Santa to bring presents to children stuck in lockup for Christmas. He once took a kid to a Marlins game as a reward for completing community service.

Petersen, who died of what appeared to be a heart attack Friday afternoon, worked from his own playbook. He was 80.

Over three decades as a prosecutor, public defender and judge in Miami-Dade, Petersen was credited with developing reform-minded programs – usually from scratch – that later became national models.“


“For most of Petersen’s career, “the system” meant children. Attorneys assigned to Petersen’s court recall that his “calendars went on forever” because he would probe deeply into the lives of every child appearing before him. Juvenile calendars, Osborne said, are like fast-food restaurant menus, meant to get in and out quickly: “You order hamburgers, French fries and a Coke.”

But Petersen lingered. He forged relationships with the kids and their parents. He parsed their school histories. He looked for ways to reach them.“


Anonymous said...

Captain, are you saying that Marie Osbourne, the longtime head of the public defenders juvenile office, said that juvy calendars should be done quickly, without much thought or regard for the child?

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t stop here. He pulled the same stunt in Dade with some other properties. The quit claim king! He is a bad person and he deserves all of this and more. Lock him up in the psych ward for all I care. He is a menace to society.

Oh, wait. Are we going to gloss over him pulling a gun on some kids last year?

He gives lawyers a worse name—if that’s even possible.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've heard the phrase "the cover-up is worse than the crime."

I think Mirabal's shifty campaign finance forms were deliberate lies, not just incompetent errors like he claimed. However, if he had left it at that, he still may gotten away with just a slap on the wrist. But then he tried to lie and evade during the Bar investigation and tried to intimidate witnesses and people who filed grievances against him. That escalates things to sudden death.

When the Supremes think somebody is lying or misleading in a disciplinary investigation, that will instantly throw a routine reprimand/suspension matter into disbarment/removal territory.

Kissimmee Kid said...

You have to wonder why this fellow wanted the job so much. Now, there was a time when a Judge held some power. In my memory there were Judges who got to decide cases. But, those days are over. Judge's are now case managers. They do a job a high-school kid could do. They don't do trials, they hold scheduling conferences. They don't adjudicate disputes, they send them to Mediation.

Why would anyone want such a crap job?

Anonymous said...

8:45 am: on Valentine's Day you woke up and decided to write garbage about Milena Abreu? Did you read the order? Oh, of course you did. You probably are the person that order was written about. Who else would trash Abreu like this? Mirabal is a proven liar and thief. Milena Abreu is not. Get a life you miserable jerk.

Anonymous said...

Abrue is one of the good ones. Not sure what this snide comment is about but she has excellent credentials.

Anonymous said...

It's "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” you Moron.

Anonymous said...

7.24, 3.11, and 12.17 are absolutely correct. I read the entire Referee's report, and it is evident that Mirabal lied at the trial as well as in his JNC applications. Kevin Tynan is a fine defense counsel for Bar cases, but he doesn't claim to pull off miracles.
Sending in the Conditional Plea was a good effort, but the Referee was frank in stating that much evidence was uncovered at trial that had not been revealed to him at the Conditional Plea stage.
7.24's additional information about Mirabal's shady deals also raises significant concerns.
Mirabal was admitted in 2004, and is now 59, so was well into his 30s when he began his legal career. Horrifying.