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We do our best to keep it light on this Blog, while regularly discussing important issues that affect our criminal justice family.

But, today, a family, and a police department mourn the loss of a brave young police detective, Cesar "Echy" Echaverry. Detective Echaverry was 29 years old when he was shot while on duty Monday night working his job as a Robbery Intervention Detail (RID) Detective. While he bravely fought for his life, his body surrendered and he passed away tonight.

All of the police officers of our community go out to work each day, kiss their loved ones, spouses, children, and then are prepared to take a bullet for us. To make our community safer. Let us never forget the sacrifices they make for us to protect our safety and security.

May God bless Detective Echaverry and may his family gather strength from the prayers of the citizens of our community.

CAP .......



In her latest desperate move, Tess Tylman is sending text messages to voters phones that include a photo of Governor DeSantis. Next to the Governor's photo are the words stamped in bright red VOIE #90 (a reference to Tylman's location on the ballot).  This text violates several Judicial Canons including using Desantis' image as if he is endorsing the candidate and using the Governor's image when DeSantis is also running in the same election and on the same ballot.  If by chance Tylman somehow gets more votes than her opponent, Judge Lody Jean, The Captain predicts that it will be a short rein on the bench for Ms. Tylman when the Florida Supreme Court removes her from office.

In other news, we can't help but "like" several of the Comments that have appeared over the past few days in the Justice Building Blog (JBB).  Thanks mom and dad for the following:

Captain killing it this election year with his multiple stories on the candidates. Rumpole and Captain thank you for the public service you are providing. Thursday, August 11, 2022 10:51:00 PM

It is true. This coverage blows away the herald. They should just link to this site and call it a day.  Friday, August 12, 2022 7:09:00 AM

Cap, I'm loving all this campaign info! Great job.  Saturday, August 13, 2022 11:32:00 AM

That’s a pretty nice investigation! Sunday, August 14, 2022 8:29:00 AM

In case you have missed the coverage, we have been quoted and been provided attribution several times over the past month in the Daily Business Review, the Miami Herald, the Florida Bulldog, among other threads.  Yesterday, THE DBR did a follow up to our story called: GET OUT THE HANDCUFFS ??? HAVE THE DIAZ DE LA PORTILLA BROTHERS BROKEN THE LAW ??? that can be found here.

In the DBR story, reporter Michael Adam Mora (who contacted me directly) wrote a story called: 'This Is Gutter Politics': Ethics Question Raised in Miami-Dade Race Between Judge Fred Seraphin and Renier Diaz de la Portilla. Mora writes: 

"Ethics experts say it could become problematic if someone could prove to the Florida Supreme Court or the Judicial Qualifications Commission that Renier Diaz de la Portilla, a partner at Diaz de la Portilla Lawyers in Miami, was aware of the distribution of certain campaign materials in the judicial race from the PAC that supports his brother, Miami Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla."

Mora went on to say:

"But when the Justice Building Blog published the news Saturday of the alleged criminal implications, Renier Diaz de la Portilla claimed in an email that the blog is “conducting a nasty third-party campaign against me with what I am told is my opponent’s full knowledge and consent.”***

Our colleague Brian Tannebaum was quoted in the story saying: “This is gutter politics,” said Tannebaum, who is not involved in the Group 5 race. “This is exactly the type of conduct that causes the Florida Supreme Court to remove a judge, and in the Santino case they made that clear.” (Tannebaum was referring to one of the two Florida Supreme Court cases we cited in our story). 

Mora went on to say: "Tannebaum said that whether the release of the phone number could lead to Renier Diaz de la Portilla or his brother facing a first-degree misdemeanor, as the anonymous blogger claimed (in the Justice Building Blog), is an academic argument, since one could argue the PAC—a non-governmental entity—disclosed the number in the mailer. Regardless, “If you go down the list,” there are allegedly multiple violations of bar rules and judicial canons."

***In response to Diaz de la Portilla's allegations that his opponent (Judge Seraphin) has full knowledge and provided consent for our posts, we just had to laugh out loud (LOL). Judge Seraphin may read the Blog and would therefore have knowledge as to what we have written. We can assure you that we have not contacted Judge Seraphin and asked for his permission or blessing to post what we have written.


A debate broke out in the Comments section of the Blog last week about whether we should continue with the election of judges, or turn to the appointment system (the one used for open seats, and appointments to the appellate courts and Florida Supreme Court).

One Commenter stated:

"651 what bad or extreme appointments has Desantis made in our trial courts? None."  Thursday, August 11, 2022 8:39:00 AM

Let me respond to 8:39 AM by answering his question with a question. Governor DeSantis claims that diversity is of his highest priority when it comes to the appointment of judges. My question is - is he being honest with the citizens of the State of Florida when he makes that statement; is he being honest with himself?

Between January of 2019 when DeSantis was sworn into office and August of 2022, DeSantis has made a total of 191 judicial appointments. Of those 191 appointments, here are the "diverse" numbers he speaks of:

A total of 123 of those judicial appointments were from a group whose resumes included the previous jobs of ASA’s, AUSA’s, and/or AAG’s. Of the 123, a total of 72 of those appointments were pulled directly from one of those three offices. Can you guess how many APDs/FAPDs were appointed directly out of their offices - TWO, THAT’S RIGHT TWO, VERSUS 72. Federal Assistant PD Ayana Harris was appointed to the Miami-Dade County Court in December of 2019. Assistant PD Barry Dickson was appointed to the Escambia County Court in September of 2020.

The answer to my question, if you are being honest with yourself, is NO. DeSantis’ appointments have been anything but diverse.  



Anonymous said...

Becker & Poliakoff should be ashamed of themselves for supporting an unqualified candidate with an abysmal professional record. A candidate who has not appeared at one judicial forum. A candidate who obliterated any online existence of her nondescript 13 year legal career and replaced it with a fabricated, online persona, of someone who does not exist in the real world. The firm Becker & Poliakoff devotes an entire page of their website bragging about how “…diversity is a way of life at Becker.”. Yet, Becker & Poliakoff is supporting and funding Tylman Cervera, who targeted a hight qualified and well liked Haitian American judge because of her black Haitian sounding name. It is now public that Tylman Cervera and Renier Diaz De La Portilla exchanged emails, before the filing deadline, conspiring about what name she should use for her campaign, and which judge each of them would target. And thanks to The Captain, we now know that Tylman Cervera’s campaign is managed by ‘Winning Strategies Inc’, which is owned by Antonio Verdugo, who controls the “Christian Family” Coalition, an outfit whose agenda is intolerance of diversity. The Tylman Cervera campaign is one of an appeal to racism and one of deceit. As exemplified by her text to voters published here today. Tylman Cervera, who has never applied to our JNC, sent voters texts trying to trick voters into thinking that Gov. DeSantis endorsed her or appointed her. Becker & Poliakoff you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Even worse is Jason Blockhead. He swears he has nothing to do with the crazy false statements his PAC is spreading. Hey Jason, show me the fucking letter your PAC says Oscar Fonts signed denouncing gay and women's groups. Oh, you don't have it do you. Then, why spread ugly untrue rumors about Oscar. Jason, you are not an honorable man.

Anonymous said...


Despite you cherry picking the handful of positive comments you have received in the comments over the last few weeks (and conveniently ignoring all the negative ones) this cycles election coverage has been abysmal.

The Diaz de la Portilla mailer was sent out by a PAC, not the candidate. Every candidate does this during elections and there is nothing in the cannons, rules, etc. that bars this.

The Cevera/Tylman DeSantis mailer looked extremely familiar to me. The reason, because Judge Jean sent out the same one, with a photo of the Governor and her ballot number, weeks ago and was called out about doing so at a recent forum. Judge Janowitz also sent out a mailer with the same identical information on it. So under your theory, if any of these judges win they will be removed from the bench by the JQC? I know you are not stupid enough to actually believe that.

-The First Mate-

Rumpole said...

Notice the copying of Trump-speak by Diaz De La communist who says “from what I am told …” which is very similar to what the idiot Trump says all the time- “people tell me they’ve never seen anything like it “.
He’s a slimy moron.

Rumpole said...

I’m not a big fan of diversity. Especially when it comes to putting unqualified lawyers of lesser intelligence and experience on the bench. Diversity meaning expanding the bench to include mediocrity is not for me.

Anonymous said...

If you are against elections for judges, be ready to miss out on judges like Hirsch, De la O and Delancy. I'm not

Anonymous said...

I agree that this site provides the best information regarding the judicial candidates. Captain does an excellent job with his investigation and analysis. Unfortunately the majority of the voting public probably aren’t reading the blog. The turnout for early voting appears to be very low. Hopefully those who read this blog will all vote or have already voted. Took a total of 5 minutes to vote at the 111 building last week. Go out there and vote, make sure to tell your friends and family to vote, and send them links to captains articles.
Regarding the flyers, texts, and signs, it is clear that the candidates aren’t worried about any JQC violations. Tylman/cevera’s desantis is an example of this. Jason’s slanderous allegations is another. Blumstein won his last election with those misleading billboards and now as a sitting judge doubled down and made a fake navy logo on his lawn signs. We need to do whatever we can ethically do to keep good judges such as Rodriguez Font and Jean and get rid of the really bad ones like Blumstein.

Anonymous said...


Biden is worse then Trump !

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, I think you are being too kind when you refer to Tylman Cervera as 'mediocre'. Tylman Cervera is a Circuit judicial candidate who, according to TFB, has had 11 different professional addresses in her 13 years of practicing law. How many of those 11 different addresses are from jobs she got let go from ?

Anonymous said...

He literally did not pay for or authorise that text and you insisting that he did, won’t make it true. He didn’t have to. ORF stepped in it himself by going to the CFC bkfast which he also did in 2016. Ive seen voters refuse to take his cards at the polls they’re pissed. And may I remind you, ORF is the one that hired a sleazy campaign manager who got busted for ballot fraud in Hialeah.

the trialmaster said...

Alan Berker must be rolling over in his grave.


to First Mate at 7:49 AM:


According to the Harris Poll, the Justice Building Blog is respected by 87% of its readers; (https://theharrispoll.com/)

The Gallup Poll is no different with a 91% positive reader experience. (https://news.gallup.com/home)

The Pew Institute's numbers are even better at 94%. (https://www.pewresearch.org/)

And thank you for being my First Mate. We here at the Blog always appreciate the support of our loyal readers.

Cap Out .......

Theodore Mastos said...

Anonymous at 8:32. What are you smoking? Haven't you seen or heard enough about Trump yet? What world are you living in? Why would you say something like that?

Anonymous said...

Time for Fredo to take a boat ride.

Anonymous said...

I have a question because I know little about election law. If Ron DeSantis is not on the August primary ballot because he has no opposition, is it be ok for Jean and Cervera or anyone to use his image as long as they include a disclaimer he did not endorse them? Or is the November election considered the same election as the August one and/or because he is actively running for re-election, even if down the road, that is the disqualifier for candidates unable to use his image? (Disclaimer: I voted for Lody Jean. The other candidate seems uniquely unqualified to be a lawyer, let alone a judge).

MMMMbop said...

Rump a set back in the Hanzy & Coco universe. Their audition tape for a comedy and variety show residency at MGM Vegas was given a hard Thumbs DOWN
I have some the material and it's not good

Hey Coco Why don't oysters donate to charity? Because they're shellfish.

Hey Hanzy What does a baby computer call its father? Data.

Hey Coco What did the custodian say when he jumped out of the closet? "Supplies!"

Hey Hanzy, now this is serious Why is the covid19 virus a bad criminal? Because it is too easy to catch.

Pretty cringe worthy.
The "Coco signs the blues" segment was even worse. Although his duet with Barry Williams (Greg Brady) of the Hanson classic "MMMMBop" wasn't half bad.

Anonymous said...

What is Cooc deaf? He "signs" the blues?


Anonymous said...

Dark Brandon is ruining the country

Kissimmee Kid said...

Consider this. Our current system is the best possible system. Some folks can apply for positions, be vigorously vetted by a highly professional committee, then, if they pass that hurdle, be selected by the chief executive of the Sovereign who intends to employ them. Other folks can stand for election and convince the community that they have the character to make important judicial decisions and the people who have to bear the brunt of those decisions will select who judges them.

Today, we have the virtues of the appointive and elective systems. I resent that people want to destroy what works well. I like salt and pepper. I don’t want to have only salt, or only pepper.

Anonymous said...

For those of you following the Surfside case (courtesy of Hanzy & Coco), what do you think about the scumbags trying to cash in on this tragedy?

Take a look at the receiver's motion to strike claims, and the order setting the in-person hearing:



Anonymous said...

Ted, some people like to hold on to things. In trumps case it's boxes. In your case it's the bench. You wear a gavel on your tie and on your lapel yet you left the bench in disgrace. Let it go! Remind you of someone? You both need to go out to pasture. But Trump was better then the boob in office. Chew on that.

Anonymous said...

Hanzy & Coco tearing up Miami. Any sightings?

Anonymous said...

Yup but. It in Miami. Try The Hamptons. Matt Lauer at Armin and Judy. Nearly impossible to get a table unless you are an A lister. Barbara Walters. Mike Bloomberg. Mathew Broderick. Nathan Lane. Steve Brandano.

Anonymous said...

Captain you have a very incorrect opinion of the current Florida Supreme Court. They are not gonna remove Tylman, or Diaz de la Portilla, or anyone else who runs on Republican messaging and tactics aided by Republican consultants, and wins.

Anonymous said...

If HANZY and/or COCO are A listers, why would they summer in Miami? They would at least holiday in Europe, the Hamptons or Kiawah Island!

When does the season premiere take place? In September? On “must see Thursday ABC?”

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:46. It’s not even close. Trump spent all day playing with his phone, golfing or eating and bitching at the same time. Biden works. Ask 90% of the people who worked for Trump wether he sucked? The “boob” has unemployment down to 3.5 and your boy Putin is smoking a turd.

Anonymous said...

Brandano was no there. I saw him at Largo.

Anonymous said...

I heard Hanzy and Coco were having a buffet breakfast at a diner and Coco ordered his eggs over easy and Hanzy ordered toast- buttered both sides.

Anonymous said...

I fully endorse this clap back.

Anonymous said...

Jean was appointed by DeSantis. Tylman wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Hey Captain...I saw an ad by Jason Bloch (approved by him) touting his 28 years of public service. Does working at the County Attorney's Office for $200K/year constitute public service?

Anonymous said...

7:10 am, where did you get the information that Tylman and De la Portilla exchanged emails about who to target in the election?

Anonymous said...

5:01PM I don't know what 7:10 is referring to, but the emails between Tylman Cervera and Diaz de la Portilla discussing her name change and which Haitian judges each would target have been mentioned in the press and also in this press conference starting around the 16:30 mark (J C Planas speaking). J C Planas apparently filed one of the TFB complaints against Cervera. I've read there are more than one TFB and FDE complaints against these two.

See here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mohrMla2LJg

Anonymous said...

Planas is such a clown (dating way back to his days with me at the SAO). That was the most awkward and staged presser I have ever seen. This guy will literally piss on his mother for attention.

Probably won’t vote for Diaz de la Portilla or Cevera, but to suggest that they “attacked” the entire Haitian community is beyond absurd. Diaz sent out a negative mailer on his opponent. Happens every day in politics. Apparently Cevera “attacked” Haitians by simply challenging a Haitian judge. So does that mean every time a black judge draws opposition by a non-black challenger their opponent must be racist? This logic is beyond idiotic but on par with Planas’ feeble mindset.

This was such a shit show by Planas but goes to show you what a complete duchebag he is.

Anonymous said...

A powerful presentation.

Anonymous said...

Have Hanzy and Coco replaced Shumie and the Q?

Lets just say Shumie and the Q don't spend time at Lake Cuomo with George and Amal Clooney.

Coco baby sits the twins.

Anonymous said...

You know who I love the blog covering? The Big Easy E.
An enigma. A riddle. As mysterious as the Mona Lisa smile. As secretive as Howard Hughes on the top of his casino. As great a trial lawyer as the Q. A Miami real estate mogul before cashing out and creating genius Maine Watercolors of nature while building the hottest food chain in NYC- Miami Slice.
The guy is an REGJB legend. And I miss him. He would bound into court every day and prosecutors knew they had no chance.

Anonymous said...

5:43 AM. A friend voted at Westchester today. As he was about to enter the building he was approached by Adam Cervera, who was there campaigning for his wife. Adam Cervera whispered to my friend, and to other voters about to enter the building, that they should not vote for Judge Lody Jean because Lody Jean is a Haitian. My friend said that Adam Cervera looked hyper, crazed and seemed out of control emotionally, which was turning off the voters. The Cerveras targeted Lody Jean because of her black Haitian sounding name.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Lody Jean is not black. According to there bio, her family emigrated to Haiti from Lebanon

Anonymous said...

So there is exactly 0% chance that this “comment” happened. Cerera’s husband would not be that stupid. This appears to be a sheer desperation move by the Jean campaign because they are likely getting slaughtered at the polls at the Westchester location. I voted for Judge Jean but give me a break with this crap

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

8:02 Adam Cervera sounds like a thug and a bull from the two revires he has on AVVO


1.0 star
Posted by anonymous
September 22, 2021

Mr. Cervera had lack of caring for his client, no effort to help. You wonder if he is really working for you. I do not recommend.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.Hired attorney
Stay Away From this Snake
1.0 star
Posted by anonymous
July 2, 2015

This Attorney has a very cocky attitude and thinks he is sitting at the right hand of God, really likes to walk the line, he is exactly what lawyer jokes talk about. Heartless, careless and only out for himself. Litigation is his specialty and he will run over his mother to win. Be careful with him, stay away from him and his firm B&P not as prestigious as you may think.

Anonymous said...

Hanzy and Ccco references are getting a bit old. Please create an Instagram account and post there. I miss Fake Rosy Aponte, much funnier.

Anonymous said...

Here are the two AVVO reviews for Tylman Cervera. I suspect the one 5 star review by "Adam" was authored by her husband Adam Cervera Coincidentally they have been married 10 years.

1.0 star
Posted by Thais
October 7, 2020

I obtained this attorney through my legal insurance, ARAG. ARAG provided me with documentation that all of the attorney's fees were covered. This attorney was informed that I was capped at my damages totaling $2,000. This attorney failed to place me on notice that she was given conflicting information until she billed the insurance for $2,000. Then, she withdrew from the case and left me hanging. This attorney failed to properly communicate the discrepancy so that I would have known, before she charged all those fees, that I was not going to be covered to see the litigation through. She failed to properly communicate information that undeniably made a difference, so much so that she told the judge that she should be allowed to withdraw because working for free would be a hardship for her family. In the same way, Attorney Tylman, failed to think that leaving me hanging in the middle of litigation would be a hardship for me. Attorney Tylman failed to disclose material info.

5.0 stars
Posted by Adam
April 30, 2022

I have been a client of Attorney Cervera for over 10 years. I have used her counsel on dozens complex and contentious matters throughout the tri-county area. I have been extremely satisfied with her services over the years that I continue to receive counsel from Mrs. Cervera to this day. I would recommend today and have recommended her counsel for many years.
This review is from a person who hired this attorney.Hired attorney
Failed to Communicate Important Information About Fees

Anonymous said...

I see that Judge Jean is back posting in the comment section 😂. I reminder the good old days of political races where people kept their opponents families out of it. Lody is acting more and more like a DeSantis appointee with her nutty posts

Anonymous said...

Friday, August 19, 2022 9:40:00 PM

If you dont like the Hanzy and Coco comments, go someplace else. There are many us who like the comments.

Anonymous said...

I heard Hanzy and Coco are out yachting this weekend and the yacht will be full of babes and more babes, hot babes with no tan lines. The champagne will be flowing all weekend long baby! And I hear Rumpole will be making a special appearance!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Jean is back! Hi judge and thanks for your above contributions to our beloved comments section 🤮

Anonymous said...

Captain, you previously were the first to expose much of the fraud that Teressa Tylman Cervera is trying to perpetrate on the citizens of Miami-Dade. This story, in today's Florida Bulldog further supports what you brought to the surface.

See today's Florida Bulldog story here:


I have been following the Tylman Cervera vs Lody Jean race, but did not know Tylman Cervera had a prior TFB complaint, nor did I know that Verdugo who heads the Christian Family Coalition was the paid political consultant in charge of her campaign of deceit.

How can someone perpetrating what Tylman Cervera's law school ethics professor, Professor Fingerhutt called 'a public fraud', be allowed to run for the highest trial court in Florida, where she will rule over peoples' lives, in front of a seal that reads "We Who Labor Here Seek Only Truth"? It will be interesting to see what TFB or the JQC do about what you have brought to surface Captain.

Anonymous said...

The AVVO review of Tylman by supposedly a Tylman 'client of 10 years' named "Adam" (which coincidentally the same name of Tylman's husband of 10 years) is very much 'on brand' for these two. I hope Lody Jean wins and that then, after the election that the FL DOE and TFB comes down hard on Tylman Cervera.

Anonymous said...

There is something odd about the Tylman Cervera payments to the CFC's Anthony Verdugo's company. In her financial disclosure of today Tylman Cervera is now making that same $1,667 bi-weekly payment she was making to Verdugo to ABLE, LLC for church visits etc. I wonder if that is related to the Captain exposing the Tylman Cervera and CFC and Verdugo Axis and the still unpaid and substantial IRS lien on Verdugo ? Is judicial candidate Tylman Cervera actively helping Verdugo skirt that IRS lien ?

Anonymous said...

Why would Perry Aider, Esq., the managing partner of Becker & Poliakoff, personally contribute to the judicial campaign of someone as incompetent and deceitful as Tylman Cervera ? The same goes for Jose K. Fuentes also of Becker and Poliakoff. The financial disclosure filed today also reflects that Adam Cervera, her husband, contributed $150 (not a typo, yes, one hundred fifty dollars). Hey Perry, give Adam Cervera a pay raise so that Adam can fund his wife's campaign, instead of making her ask her daddy for a $100,000 loan.

Anonymous said...

Full disclosure: I am an ASA who will NOT be voting in this election cycle for a litany of reasons and I have never appeared before Judge Jean. However, as a casual observer (and loyal follower of this Blog) it seems to me that Judge Jean must be doing very poorly in her race against Tylman-Cervera if she and her folks have resorted to attacking her husband. What happened to keeping spouses and kids out of these disputes? Super low class move by the Jean camp and/or their supporters

Anonymous said...

Well… the difference here is that Block chose to work at the county instead of joining a firm. Where as in your case, the public defenders office is probably the only job you can get. He also worked until 8/9pm almost every day. This I know for a fact. You think with a degree from UC Berkeley and Georgetown CUM Laude he didn’t have a ton of offers?

Anonymous said...

Really? You think that with Cervera hiring the head of the CFC to head her campaign they would resort to tactics like that?

Anonymous said...

Former ASA here and criminal defense attorney in Miami Dade County......in response to Friday at 8:02 PM.... this accusation is 100% true! It happened yesterday also where poll workers received SEVERAL complaints about Tylman's husband telling people not to vote for Lody Jean because she "is Haitian."
Lody Jean was chosen for opposition because she is Haitian yet she is an excellent jurist and will win this election. Judge Jean is doing extremely well with informed voters! Tylman sounds like a moron when she speaks! Imagine having to appear before her for an Arthur hearing or worse yet, a regular 3rd degree felony trial!

Anonymous said...

responding to Friday at 8:02 PM: Cervera's husband is a MAD MAN at the Weschester polling site! He's the desperate one at that site! I was there to vote and he obviously did not know that I am a licensed attorney and therefore I went and complained about him once I found out he was the candidates husband! What an embarrassment!

Anonymous said...

Tylman lost!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Tylman lost!!! Go back to using your true name Tylman, who can't even speak Spanish! You are a disgrace to the community, attempting to act like you care and act like you would make a good judge! Embarrassing!!!