Saturday, June 06, 2020


June 4, 1942: The Battle Of Midway occurs. The Japanese sought to lure America's last (what they thought were two) carriers into a final battle. The destruction of the carriers would leave the West Coast of the United States completely open to invasion. The Japanese brought 200 hundred ships into battle. The US Navy had 50. But it was the US, under the command of Admirals Nimitz, Spruance (who was replacing Admiral Halsey who had the shingles) and Fletcher,  who lured Japan into a trap, including the surprising appearance of the Yorktown, who the Japanese thought was out of action after the previous month's battle of the Coral Sea. It all came down to who could find the other side's carriers first. Enter 40 year old Lt. Commander C. Wade McClusky, leading Fighter Squadron 6 from the Enterprise. He was running low on fuel when he spotted a Japanese destroyer moving at top speed. He led his squadron of SBD dive bombers and found the entire Japanese fleet without air cover as the fighters were on deck refueling. McClusky led the attack and sunk three Japanese carriers. The fourth was sunk later that day. The US lost the brave Yorktown, but the battle was won and Japan would never launch another offensive naval campaign. All because of the bravery of a group of men who refused to back down when the odds were against them. Out manned and out gunned, they out thought their enemy, and when the chips were down, young American fight pilots drove home the attack, sunk four enemy carriers,  and turned the tide.

June 6, 1944.  The Citizen Solider of the United States was once again going into Europe to save humanity. They would be facing the professional military Wehrmacht of Germany.  The 18, 19, 20 year old boys from the back woods of West Virginia, the dust bowls of the mid-west, the cities of Brooklyn, Chicago, Dallas, and LA jumped into the darkness over Normandy, and waded off of landing ships into the teeth of devastating fire. The darkness of Nazism had descended over Europe. But the Jewish , Catholic, Baptist boys  and the like from Italian, Irish, and European descent, raised during the depression, went up against the most professional and fearsome army the world has ever seen. And they beat them, heads up, man on man.
Inscribed on the walls of the US Cemetery at Normandy are many inscriptions, including these:

The Battle belonged that morning to the thin wet line of Khaki that dragged itself ashore on the coastline of France. General Omar Bradley, commander of the landing forces.

If ever a proof were needed that we fought for a cause and not a conquest, it could be found in these cemeteries. Here was our only conquest. All we asked for was enough soil to bury our gallant dead.
General Mark Clark.

June 5, 2020
Police officers in Buffalo, New York push to the ground an unarmed, 70 year old man who had a history of peaceful protests. His head struck the ground and he began to bleed from the ears as the riot clad police marched on by. In the police report after the protest, it was noted that one protestor was injured when he tripped and fell.

What happened in 80 years? How did we go from Wade McClusky to this?


Anonymous said...

I am still furious that the stupid MDPD cops arrested a ch 7 reporter even though he was wearing his id around his neck and of course let his girlfriend go free when she was actually breaking the law.

His crime: He shot video of the cops.

Nobody injured but, reputation of entire police badly injured.

When are all cops going to get the message that THEY serve US and not the other way around.

BlondePD said...

Rumpy, I wake up every morning and do my meditation. Then a cup of green tea and yoga, then another cup of tea and I read the blog hoping for some judge and prosecutor skewering humor that I and my PD colleagues love.
So today I log on and groan- Oh Rumpole, another walk down memory lane to D Day and WWII and the greatest generation and the borrrrrrring historical stuff you seem to love. And just as I am about to click off to see about local sales I see the final part- June 5 2020 so I continue reading and get to the last part and GUT PUNCH...wow. You are such a great writer. Toying with me. All along knowing that you have an unexpected ending that is going to tie it all up and make me gasp.
Thank you Rumpole.

Rumpole said...

11:29 AM. There is one thing anyone can do to piss off a cop- video them. Not sure why it makes them nuts but it does- even when they are not doing anything wrong. One way to stop this is for all Departments to have training on how officers should act when being videoed. First, in public they and anyone can be videoed. They should be told to either ignore the people, or walk up and address them and ask why they are being videoed- that it can be both annoying and intrusive when nothing is occurring, and to start a dialogue.

I once represented a group of people in a street riot and the coup de grace for the prosecution was the video of a person videoing the police. The police came and cracked them on the head with a baton but the crowd grabbed the camera (in the days before phone cameras) and my clients got it. The state fought like hell against the introduction of the video (so much for their obligation to seek truth) and of course with such great lawyering and the video, the clients were quickly acquitted of affrays and resisting arrest and battery on law enforcement officers (the camera man who had their skull cracked- no surprise there).

Anonymous said...

Do the elected politicians not comprehend the amount of money they will be paying to settle lawsuits from the actions of their law enforcement over the past 10 days? Have they not had these conversations with their police chiefs?

Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly sad and dangerous time in many ways. A true existential crisis of mankind.

Anonymous said...

I have a sick feeling in my stomach that there will be political landmines and unknown dangerous events ahead. Economically. Sociologically. Politically. Perhaps our nation’s most dangerous time. Just my gut and some wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Nice historical touch. For a dose of what life was like in Europe for the average grunt GI, I recommend "The Boys' Crusade" by Paul Fussell, the late English Professor at Penn. Spoiler alert: It ain't pretty.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the message usually comes from the top ... it is why so many people were spraying bleach on their food.

Anonymous said...

What's with BlondePD? Definitely getting a Fatal Attraction vibe.

Anonymous said...

"What happened in 80 years? How did we go from Wade McClusky to this?"

Oh, please. Don't pretend like we were at some peak of nobility in World War II and then descended into degeneracy. American authorities have been beating protesters since before, during, and after the glorious World War II days.

In 1932, American veterans gathered and protested in DC demanding the bonuses they had been promised for their service. Herbert Hoover ordered the Army (the actual army, not police or national guard) to disperse the demonstrating veterans. Douglas MacArthur sent in infantry, cavalry, and tanks. George Patton lead the cavalry charge charge himself. They used rifles, bayonets, and teargas to drive out the veterans, their wives, and children. MacArthur justified the methods by saying the "Bonus Army" had been infiltrated by communists, anarchists, and pacifists, which was nonsense.


Let's not forget that when Wade McClusky was dashing in on his heroic mission, we were interning Japanese-Americans.

And serving in the great World War II didn't make men into steadfast heroes for equality and justice either. Some, like Eisenhower, would do the right thing when racial controversies came to a head. Though plenty of men who fought and led during the war went home stateside and would happily accept and support segregation, Jim Crow, or other unjust laws.


George Lincoln Rockwell served in both theaters of World War II, then went on to found the American Nazi Party.

Anonymous said...

I agree that rioting and looting are not acts of civil disobedience, but If this were Cuba, and some dissidents rioted in addition to their marches against the tyranny of the communist party, how many would feel the same? Many black and brown Americans are at that point because their lives don’t matter. The fact that there has been so little rioting is testament to their faith in America that we will find a way. We must.

Anonymous said...

My PREDICTION on the election:

Biden announces that he has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and needs treatment. Thus, he must withdraw from the campaign.

The DNC will use all of its leadership force to put together a new slate of Andrew Cuomo for President and Kamala Harris for VP.

Biden would never pick Kamala Harris because she called him a racist in the debate! The DNC needs a far left black candidate on the national ticket.

Done. Election blowout is greatest in history. 68-32.

Mark my words. The DNC is worried sick right now that Biden, a lovely man, does not have the good health or vigor to be a maniacal Trump. Biden can hardly walk. He uses a walker when not in public because of two prior falls with injuries.

RUMPOLE - thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Alternative theory?

Rumpole ... how awesome would it be if Biden choose Former Sec of State Condaleeza Rice as VP? The Bush family would sanction it as they hate Trump for what he did to Jeb. All independent voters and many Republicans would cross over and vote Biden / Rice?

Brilliant move. Thoughts?

the trialmaster said...

A clarification. The gentleman in Buffalo was 75(not 70) and was taking chemotherapy for cancer. This just makes it worse and the pieces of shit walked over him like he was a dog turd offering no assistance.

Anonymous said...

While on the topic of police brutality and "McLuskey" let us not forget the 1972 incident involving Sgt McCluskey and Michael Corleone outside a hospital in NYC. Poor guy was so traumatized he got his revenge while the poor cop was eating veal, "the best in town." Then was so scared of police payback, he high tailed it to Italy.

Rumpole said...

Personally I think he should choose Obama. Give him a slate of projects. Global warming Health care. Tax reform. And make him a co president As Reagan briefly contemplated with Ford in 1980.

Anonymous said...

Can a former president serve as Vice President. What if Biden became incapacitated or died? Could Obama become President again?


Rumpole - your comment that Biden should pick Obama as his VP.

I do believe that Obama would be Constitutionally Ineligible to serve as VP.

There is a true conflict between the 22nd Amendment and the 12th Amendment. The Supreme Court would need to decide the issue. Perhaps Obama would be Constitutionally Ineligible from BEING ELECTED VP, he might be able to attain the position of PRESIDENT again if he attained succession due to death?


Anonymous said...

He should choose Obama, and SHE would be great, I would vote big-time for that. If condeleeza rice or kamalalalala (who is not left wing, but rather is a cop loving pol who opposed body cameras), I am voting trump and will wait four more years.

Anonymous said...

RUMPOLE missed out on this historic stock run. He could have bought Carnival cruise lines, AMERICAN Airlines, Simon Properties and Marriott. RUMPOLE must be hurting and sad and broke.

No more Chateau Margaux and Kobe Filet?

Rumpole said...

Yeah you want to buy Carnival cruise which went from 8 to 24 with NO passengers and a 250 million a month cash burn. You buy and hold that my friend. The economics of that industry look so strong. And I am not even mentioning the covid lawsuit exposure and the fact that they are laying off tens of thousand of employees.
As to the airlines, they are burdened with debt (except Alaska air) and passenger levels are a 800K a day, down from 2.5 million. To safely fly they have to reconfigure their aircraft and remove the middle seat. SO tell m how they make money without raising airfare carrying 1/3 less passengers? The only upside to this industry is the lower fuel costs.
Oh you say, they will just require people to wear masks. And that is all well and good until 250 people get sick and 20 die on an LA to NYC flight in September. Then what?

You want a travel industry stock ? Thor- RV vehicles that are tanks. Everyone buying them. On backorder. RVs have become the new commercial real estate as people are buying them as second offices outside their homes. Stock went from 60-115 and no end in sight.

You can risk your money on carnival or American Airlines, or just as safely you can go to Vegas and play a $1000 Yo on the rollout at craps (pays at 7 or 11).
Same safety in either stock or craps bet in my opinion.

Today on CNBC as David Faber was saying that 50% of all American households have lost an income, a banner appeared that the NASDQ was at an all time high. I cannot reconcile the two. Sorry, but people act irrationally and that is the market today. Stay out.

Anonymous said...

Obama can't serve as VP

Anonymous said...

The plain language of the 22nd amendment doesn't prohibit Obama from being VP and then being elevated to POTUS for the rest of Biden's term. That probably wasn't the intent of the drafters, though.