Thursday, January 11, 2018


Update: Rumpole here: Mr. Ovalle, always a good sport, wrote a Herald Article on our opinion in Ovalle v. Publix. 
It's a nice read. 

Gooooood morning MIAMI!.....Beautiful day....long weekend coming....amazing week on the blog. 

Did everyone catch the Twitter explosion with Rumpole when he posted the Appellate Court opinion this week? All of Miami's media-types loved it. Well deserved accolades for Mr. R. 
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"Truth to Power." I gotta tell ya something. I hear that phrase all the time. On TV news shows.  On Twitter (@millennialme786, just sayin, check it out), everywhere. Here's the thing...WTF does it mean?  It's not a complete sentence. Truth is a noun. Power is an ephemeral concept. No, ephemeral is not the correct word, but it sounds like it should be. 
 In some ways Power is in the eye of the beholders. Leaders have power until their followers no longer accept it. A supervisor at work has power, until the employee quits.
Like gravity Power cannot be seen or touched. It is hard to measure. Actually you can measure gravity, but not power.

So when people say they want to speak "Truth" to "Power" what power? Where?  I just don't get it. 

Long weekend plans? I suggest going to one of those Everglades national parks we have.  Shark River is my fav.  👩💛Everyone goes in the summer when it's a miserable, sweat-fest slog through stifling heat. Try it out in the winter on a cool, sunny day. Lots going on. You can bring your bike or rent one, or take a tram tour. And it's not expensive. And you can bring a picnic lunch. 

Speaking of lunch, you know who has the best local sandwiches? Publix. Ya. Publix. I kid ya not. It's like, a national phenomenon. (Not sure why I lapsed into Trump-valley speak there. I'll stop now.). Check out Buzzfeed which calls the subs the "best on earth." 
Google Publix subs. There are articles and Facebook  pages and fans devoted to Publix subs. My fav is the veggie. Load it up with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, yellow peppers, hot peppers, sweet peppers (I like peppers, do you think?) a few onions, double avocado, little cheese, some creamy dressing. Yummy. 

Still have the flu or that bad cold going around? Stay home. Order a Publix sub, and get The Woman in The Window, by AJ Flynn. Nice, dark, compelling, fun read. Or The Great Alone, by Kristin Hannah (No, it's not the story of my dating life 😜- it's the story of a family in crisis, in Alaska in the 1970's). 

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!  (I planned ahead and got the day off tomorrow, so I'm rockin a really long weekend.)



Anonymous said...

Publix also has the best wine selection and prices.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, MM works for the government. Only a student or a government employee (maybe bankers too?) thinks that MLK day gets the a long weekend. I remember those days. Enjoy them while you can MM.

Anonymous said...

The kid has moxie. And a joie de vivre. Like her. Keep it up kid.

Millennial Me said...

I always said I'm on a state salary. And yes, that means (At times) I don't have to work weekends or holidays. I consider it part of the "perks" - like my .08% cola salary increases and bosses who obsessively monitor how many cases I try, etc.

But on other times, with no clients to bill, I'm in the office sat and sun and taking home piles of files to prepare for the week. This weekend is special for me for personal reasons, so I always plan ahead and try and take Friday off.

Anonymous said...

I’ve never seen an Avacado option at my local Publix. Is this a real thing or has Rump never actually ordered a Publix sub?

Anonymous said...

It's Shark Valley, not River

Millennial Me said...

I get Avocado all the time. Actually xtra Avocado.
And I wrote the post. Not Rumpole.


I like Publix subs, a lot. I love Laspadas subs. Everyone else is in second place or beyond. Publix certainly trumps Subway or most any other chain sub shop, but not Laspadas.

As an alternative to Shark "Valley", the Anhinga Trail is another great place to visit in Everglades National Park at this time of year. And when you go to the Anhinga Trail you get to stop at Robert Is Here farmer's market on the way home. You won't find fresher and tastier fruits and vegetables. My favs include the guac, the fresh honey, the grapefruit, pineapple, and mango. And you can't leave without a fresh smoothie or shake. The strawberry smoothie is dope. (That takes care of one of my New Year's Resolutions).

Cap Out .....

Real Fake Former Judge said...

OMG the great Avocado Blog controversy has begun. Buckle up gentle people, I'm seeing a rough ride ahead.

Anonymous said...

From the online publix menu, here is one sub with guacamole. So first point for MM

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sub
Bh Salsalito Turkey & Chipotle Gouda, Guacamole, Peach Mango Salsa, Plantain Chips

Anonymous said...

Publix subs are best, period. Boars Head turkey, white american cheese, veggies, and buffalo sauce. Little slice of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Come on Man! Do we need to get Ovalle involved with this? Guacamole is NOT avocado. It's so much more.

Anonymous said...

4:05 is a fraud/Publix doesn't use buffalo sauce. Duh

Anonymous said...

White American cheese? Puhleeese, a Madison Ave invention to sell cheese to white America.


Anonymous said...

You can get buffalo sauce at Publix on anything. I've had numerous chicken finger subs with them smothered in buffalo sauce.

Anonymous said...

While Publix subs are top of the line, most lawyers consider them pedestrian and being seen eating one is de classe so to speak. Right up there with Publix is a sub shop on 14th Street near the hospitals on the east side of 12th Avenue that is very good too. But eat only half a sub for lunch and save the other half for tomorrow's lunch. The graveyards are littered with corpses of overworked and stressed out attorneys who literally bit off more than they can chew.

Anonymous said...

4:05 here. Publix will put buffalo sauce on your sub if you ask for it. You’re welcome.

Anonymous said...

9:02, sorry. you're wrong. Publix does have buffalo sauce. Ask to have your chicken tenders tossed in it when you get the chicken tender sub.

Rumpole said...

5:10 you have described me. I cannot afford my image to be downgraded by being seen eating a sub. However, as longtime and careful readers of this blog know, we have waxed poetically about the wonders of a GOOD Chicago Style Hot-dog.
But subs are working class. And that is just not a description that applies to us, our blog, or our life. We are not hoi polloi. And I'm not sure they allow Publix subs on NetJets, so there is that as well. Although their steak tartare is excellent with a wonderful Cabernet or Syrah.

Anonymous said...

The REN (A venue) had a sliced steak sandwich with grilled onions and chipotle sauce with crispy fresh lettuce and sliced tomatoes that was my favorite.

Millennial Me said...

We haven't resolved the wrongful accusations that Publix doesn't have sliced avocados for their sandwiches. I may go get one now and post a picture on Twitter (@millennialme786) check it out

Fake ASA said...

Just went to Publix for a sub. Roast beef, mayo, lettuce, provolone, and at the last minute I asked for sliced avocado and ....(drum roll please)

it took a while....BUT.....


Fly Eagles Fly said...

Mystery solved. Went to Publix to order deli platter for weekend football games- (Fly Eagles Fly!!!) and decided to order a half sub for a snack for later. Tuna, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, cheese and asked for sliced avocado. My "deli tech" said she had to go get an avocado, that they don't keep them sliced, but that anyone can ask for anything in the produce dept to be put on their sub, and they are trained to comply.

Two bucks, four delicious looking avocado slices, counting the time until my 4pm pre-dinner snack.

Anonymous said...

"We don't need tons of immigrants from shithole countries."

Okay, after your lib meltdown.... There are two parts to his statement. A: Those countries are shitholes. B: We dont need tons of their immigrants. Which of these do you believe:

1. Those countries are not shitholes.

2. The countries are shitholes but you cannot say that, only think it, even in closed door private meetings.

3. The countries are shitholes, but we *should* in fact take in their immigrants

Those are the only possibilities, right?

If 2, there's nothing much more to say to you. Youre simply a coward.

If 1, lol. Sure. Ignore abysmal GDP, corruption, education, violent crime and public health. They're great countries, all right. But this weakens any argument that we should prioritize their immigration. Remember, there are no national LIMITS. Haitians, Salvadorans, etc. can apply for US citizenship just like anyone else. And if their countries are not shitholes, well, they can use the regular legal channels. They need no special exceptions.

If 3, please explain what you think the purpose of a national immigration plan is. To do charity? Do you believe we AID a country like Haiti or Honduras by simply allowing a tiny fraction of their poor to come here? That's ridiculous, but if you believe it, at least it would be great to hear you own up to it. "I think America's immigration ought to be designed to aid the world's poor, rather than promote what is best for our own citizens." Then an actual debate could follow. I think you'd lose every election, but so be it. You'd be honest.

Long story short, Trump was masterful with this leak. A silent majority of Americans *definitely* agree that we dont need tons of immigrants from shithole countries (and trust me, a silent majority has no problem with that term), so Trump gets this story out and erases the Wolff book as well as his recent betrayal of his base on DACA. It will dominate the weekend news cycle and be yet another reason he will be re-elected.

By the way, did you see Anderson Cooper actually crying?

Anonymous said...

Worst post of all time

Anonymous said...

I did not see Anderson crying but when u are a billionaire it is easy to shed tears and to be very nice. I too Have called many countries shitholes. For example, I went to Honduras and when I got home I said it was a shithole and I did t want to leave my hotel. Does that make me a bad person? I think the problem is that when you are president you can not say things like that even though it is true. Which is why a lot of people like trump because he really gives zero fucks. Do we want a person who is proper and dignified but then in private says and does terrible things? We loved bill Clinton bc he sounded so cool but then u find out what he did in private and unless you are a hypocritical political hack, you realize is was an degenerate animal.

Anonymous said...

I'm a "coward" for thinking the president shouldn't call certain countries shit holes in a meeting with a bunch of democrats, where it is predictable to a 100% certainty the comments will be made public? Really? That's your opinion? LOL. Next time you go to a friend's home in a shit hole neighborhood, make sure to be "brave" and let him know.