Saturday, February 11, 2017


Nordstroms. Nordstroms. Nordstroms.

Dear Diary. I hate Nordstroms. I'm wondering about how they'd feel if the 10th Mountain Division took a stroll through the store?
Gonna tweet. Testing which is better..."failing Nordstroms"..."empty Nordstroms"... "Nobody goes to Nordstroms"...

Memo to self: Call Library of Congress. Get Librarian to give me slogan on Nordstroms. Also...turn Bannon loose on Nordstroms. Whole fake news thing. Hillary shops at Nordstroms. Obama-Care created by Nordstroms. Isis loves Nordstroms. Heard Nordstroms has separate fitting rooms for terrorists wearing those bib thingys.

9th Circuit ruled against me. Some BS about court limiting president's power. They never did that to Obama. Or Nixon. Or Patton. Memo to Bannon- Make me the Nixon/Patton president.

Tweet: "Ninth Circuit has charge account at Nordstroms. Very strange. FBI looking into that."

Worked on the budget today. Lots of suits around table. Deficit, Taxes. All I could think about was Nordstroms cutting Ivanka's clothing line.

Sending Seal Team Six into Yemen. Or someplace like that. Gonna have them drop some Nordstrom bags into the terrorists closets and then take some pics.  Bin Laden had a Nordstroms account. CIA gonna leak that for me.

Meeting with Navy brass later. Issues about scheduling Carrier fleet deployments in South China Sea or something like that. Gonna ask the Admirals if they shop at Nordstroms? Why call it the China sea? Do they own it? No. How about the US Sea? Manhattan sea or Fifth Avenue Sea? Memo to Jared to set the map people straight.

Presidential Executive Order #15. "Effective immediately for National Security reasons, no member of US Armed Forces or government employee may shop at Nordstroms." DJT.

Enemies List: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Nordstroms. Loud-Mouth Liz Warren-Pocahontas. Martinique. Boy Scouts of America. ASPCA. Puppy-Bowl. 

Golf this weekend with Chinese Prez Abe. Or Japanese. What's the diff? Sushi. Chop Suey. It's all the same.

Secret Service shutting down Nodstrom's at West Palm mall. Threats of some sort. Long investigation. Should be open by July. Hahahahaha. I love being Pres.

Gotta go. Gotta set PM of Fiji straight or can you say Aircraft Carrier Patton?


Anonymous said...

How about stupid? If this kind of crap had been printed about President Obama, you would have had a fit. Why don't you just get over it. The guy won. He ill be there for four years. maybe things will get better because they couldn't get worse. Maybe someone in the world will either fear or respect us, which would be a welcome change.
Finally, how about some stuff about judges and the law locally as opposed to your ridiculously left-leaning tripe which really is very boring. Maybe the answer is to devlop a neutral blog that deals with legal and court stuff as opposed to the rantings of aging pinkos.

Rumpole said...

We will not be quiet. We will not be neutral. We will not turn a blind eye to our president being an ego-maniac with a tremendous insecurity issue. This "crap" would not have been written about Obama. Obama didn't spend his presidency complaining about the NY Times ignoring his book sales or complaining that in his re-election he lost North Carolina -which he tried really hard to win- because right wing zealots suppressed the black vote. He took his win like a gentleman and went about the business of governing. Did you ever read that Obama complained about his winning margin to the President of France, or the PM of Australia? Did Obama threaten Canada or Mexico or Australia?

If you want a neutral blog- go elsewhere. We will not be silent in the face of a president who is incompetent, mad, breaking laws, insulting foreign leaders, not in control of his white house staff and lying about things like three million illegal votes because he is so insecure that even winning is not enough. To be silent in the face of this lying madman would be immoral. We will not do so. You can.

Good day sir.

From Occupied America...FIGHT THE POWER

Anonymous said...

Yeah 1:42. Ditto what Rumpole said !
I for one LIKE the left leaning rants.
And the majority of the US population agrees with me, not you
Don't like this blog? Don't read it
Or better yet start your own
Or watch Fox News, read Breitbart, and listen to
that drug addled Rush blowhard.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Go Rumpole. Not going to "get over it." A fascist madman is in charge of our country.

Kissimmee Kid said...

¡A las Barricadas!

Anonymous said...

At least we don't have to pretend that the judiciary is a sanctimonioius apolitical branch.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we called him "No drama Obama" for a reason. It may be just a little thing, but Obama oversaw our return from the biggest recession ever, adding 14m jobs,inducing the banks to lend again, bringing auto manufacturing back from the brink. The only foreign-born Islamic extremist attack on the homeland, in 8 years, was the one in San Bernardino, no intent to minimize, but the American's fiance was radicalized abroad and truly had insufficient vetting because the fiance visa process is not as rigorous as it could be. We're a romantic country. Obama seeded tremendous good will towards the US throughout Europe and Muslim Africa. How do I know? Because I've traveled a lot through the Bush and Obama administrations. And I recently made my first trip abroad since Trump. I just can't imagine that the widespread distrust and disgust throughout Europe and Africa is helpful to us in the long run. And Obama made real, if small, steps towards rapprochment with Muslims generally. One way he did so was to reduce the degree to which we protect Israel against the worst of its excesses (I'm a Jew so don't bother), which has been a long-festering sore for Israel even more than for anyone else. And he modeled virtue, in the way he always behaved with dignity, the way he chose informative and inspiring words with which to address us. Sometimes I think that the highest role of the president is to model humble virtue.

I admit my view of Obama is biased, maybe because of the way he presents himself (everyone thought Lady Diana was virtuous because she was pretty). I don't believe anyone who prefers one candidate over another is lacking in bias, but they focus on some defect of the spurned to create a rational basis for the preference. Of course some candidates do have objective advantages over the others with respect to the public's welfare.

What I really want to know from those who prefer Trump is this: has anything that happened in the past three weeks weakened your preference. You're anonymous here. Just say what you think. If you're plain-speaking and not defensive, everyone here will take it to heart Seriously. And I know I began on the offensive. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, Obama was an awful POTUS. You're a left-wing, commie leaning pinko. But at least you're entertaining. In the same way a little dancing monkey is entertaining. Funny, but no substance.

Anonymous said...

Brennan for NSA.

Rumpole said...

7:33 am - a couple of points. First, I admit your blog is better than mine. You took the chance, went out wrote a blog and it's clear everyone in Miami reads your blog and probably only you and few dunces read mine.

Second- Obama- Bin Laden dead. Auto industry alive. True, he only dropped the unemployment rate from 9 to 4, but he didn't sexually assault women, have Valerie Jarret go on TV and boost his book sales and he didn't berate his daughters teachers for not giving them straight A's; he didn't threaten Australia, he actually knew what the START treaty with Russia is; he didn't threaten to ruin the career of a state legislator in Texas, and he didn't ban people because of their race and religion. Of course he wasn't brave enough to send in seal Team six in a raid that ended with a death of a team member and the crash of a plane and he wasn't smart enough to approve it over dinner instead of carefully vetting it in the situation room with experts. He didn't have a national security advisor who illegally negotiated with Russia and then lied to him about it. And he didn't invent three million illegal votes and lie about voter fraud.

And he didn't do all of that in three weeks. But then again, we all can't be President Trump. Yeah, you seem to be right. Measured against that, Obama was indeed awful.


Anonymous said...

Rumpole: Perhaps you are missing the message. All of us conservatives know that we are evil, money-grubbing pieces of crap, and that true understanding is only expressed by those who embrace the progressive point of view, favor killing babies, encouraging children to embrace alternate life styles and the like. We know that, and we do not have a problem with blogs that are devoted to fellow embracers. The point is that it would be nice to have a blog that discussed cases, legal theories, judges and the like, How about this? Why not have two blogs, one that can deal with liberation politics and football, and the other that deals with stuff that is important to the lives that we supposedly try to help.
I support your right to express yourself. I just don't want to have to read it. You provide a great service and maybe two blogs would solve the problem.

Rumpole said...

"I just don't want to have to read it."

Hmmm... lets analyze this from a conservative/Ayn Rand/Objectivism point of view.

What is a conservative to do when they don't want to read something? We know what liberal-statists do. They form a government agency to regulate the problem and then complain to the regulators. So you could form the Florida Blogging State Authority (FBSA) but, you're a conservative and you don't believe in regulations. So back to square one. What to do....what to do? Quite the conundrum.

WAIT! Let the market place decide! Of course. The answer was right in front of you. Take your finger out of your stupid nose and reach for the power button and turn your computer off and when you log on next time don't read my website.

Conservative? Son, you don't know the meaning of the word. You're an Altruist/Collectivist/Statist of the republican bent who sits around country clubs checking your stock balances that your daddy left you while making snide remarks behind the backs of the latina women who bring you your scotch and soda.

"Why not have two blogs.." There are probably two million blogs you idiot. Go find the content you want and stop telling me what to write. What would Ayn Rand think about a reader who has the audacity to tell an author what to write? I know what she would say (since I knew her). She would laugh in your face and then tell you to check your premises.