Thursday, May 09, 2013


Heat fan said...1-1.

What is Rumpole going to say today about his beloved team to hate. We're the Heat actually winning that game by 46 points at one point. Ah, yes they were Horace

Did the Heat actually go on a 62-20 run in the middle of the game. Ah, yes they did Horace.

Was that the worst lose in Chicago Bulls Playoff History. Ah, yes it was Horace.

And how did the spoiled rotten Heaters handle the win after the game. With class. They said it was just one win and that it meant nothing if they don't win in Chicago.

But Rumpole will stay in hibernation until the Heat lose another game.

Five down, eleven to go. Word.
Heat fan
Thursday, May 09, 2013 1:23:00 AM

Rumpole responds:

In 1960 the mighty NY Yankees played the lowly Pittsburgh Pirates in the world series. Here were the scores:

The Yankees won Game 2:16-3 and Game 3: 10-0 and Game 6: 12-0.
The Yankees had Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantel and Roger Maris and Whitey Ford and Elston Howard.

The Pirates won their games 6-4, 3-2, 5-2, before winning the classic 7th game 10-9 on Bill Mazeroski's famous walk off bottom of the 9th homer.

The Bronx Bombers outscored the Pirates 55–27,  outhit them 91–60, out batted them .338 to .256, hit 10 home runs to Pittsburgh's four (three of the latter's coming in Game 7), got two complete-game shutouts from Whitey Ford—and lost.

Maz and Clemente were the only stars and hall of famers on that 60 Bucs team, although reliever Elroy Face should be in the hall, as should be Bill Virdon.

But one team had heart and played like a champion against another team's arrogant bunch of superstars.

You front running Heat fans make us ill. We don't recall all of this love for the team when Bimbo Coles and Rony Seikaly were playing for the team. The Chicago Cubs sell out almost every game and ask Judge Hirsch the last time they won  the world series. Dolphin stadium was empty last year and when LeBron James and Dwaye Wade decide to take their talent to LA and play with Koby, the AA arena will be empty again but you all have no heart and no character and no ability to root for a team win or lose. You only show up when they win (perhaps Judge Colodny can be excepted from this rant, she appears to be a true fan.)

So go dance and shout and celebrate your wonderful Heat. Just like you all did when the Marlins won the world series. You remember the Marlins, right? You can walk to the stadium from the courthouse and walk right in to any game because the ball park is empty.

Front running phonies. 

FYI: The 1960 world series contains a great trivia question and answer: the only MVP in a world series on a losing team: Bobby Richardson for the Yankees. 
Yogi was quoted afterwards, as only Yogi could, as saying “We made too many wrong mistakes.” 
This was also Casey Stengal, the manager of the Yankees, last world series and the last game he managed for the Yankees. Stengal was quoted as saying “I’ll never make the mistake of turning 70 again.” 


South Florida Lawyers said...

Let's face it -- Russomanno won this one. He had more face time than LeBron.

Rumpole said...

Look at the Dolphins and then honestly tell me that this is not a front running town. And also the year before Lebron came the arena was half empty and people were easily able to buy season tickets for the next year when the rumors started about Lebron. And finally your comment proves my point. A true fan is a fan of the team in good years and bad. Watch how that arena empties when Lebron and Wade leave.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, wrong, wrong Rumpole. If any Miami team in recent history has had consistent support, it is the Heat even when it was the Bimbo Coles led Heat. You also can't compare baseball and basketball and you can't compare cities. There are too many variables. The Marlins argument is the most ridiculous. I, for example, am not a baseball fan so I don't go to Marlins games even before the stadium. I didn't go last year even to see the new stadium because of Guillen's comments supporting Castro who happened to steal a my people's country and executed many thousands of people without trials much less probable cause. These victims included relatives of mine. This year I won't go because Loria has given us the finger once again. Do you go to a shitty restaurant with a dickhead owner just to support him or the employess? There are hundreds of crappy restaurants closer to the courthouse than the stadium and you don't go to thse, do you? It's my money. You can't tell me how to be a fan. I was a season ticket holder for one of our local teams for 22 years. I had 4 tickets. I fell on hard times and kept 2 when I really couldn't afford it. Now becasue I prefer to send my kids to private school I have none. So I watch the games on TV. Does that make me a bad fan since I don't go to the games? Does it make me a bad fan becasue I'd rather stay home and help my kids with their homework and have dinner with my family than go to 3 games a week? You know they don't fill Wrigley unless people are going 3 or 4 times a week, don't you? You are a lonely man with no life. You have time to go. You probably don't go either.

Finally, this "your team sucks because your fans suck" argument is the most ridiculous argument made in sports. It is the argument of last resort when you have nothing intelligent to say (as you often don't) and when you want to trash fans of a team that you hate for no good reason.

Circle K

Anonymous said...

Rump, you risk losing an argument when you say something tangential that is obviously not true and distracts the listener from your main point. The Yankees of 1960 were not arrogant superstars. Are you suggesting that Yogi Berra is arrogant? Whitey Ford? Mickey Mantle? Bobby Richardson? Casey Stengel, of all people? Those men had plenty of faults (well, not Yogi) but none of those faults were arrogance.

Heat fan said...

Horace. Horace. You poor sad soul. Last week you complained about the spoiled brat players on the Heat.

This week it's the fake fans.

I'm worried that next you'll be attacking Pat Riley, or Mickey Arison, or, maybe even Burnie.

Yes, it's all Burnie's fault. He is that loud mouthed large faced snotty nosed mascot that we love at the AAA. maybe you would rather support the Philly Fanatic or the Terrible Towel.

I was there in 2007 when we won 15 games. I was there before the "big three". And I will be there after they leave or retire.

I enjoy taking my children to the sporting events. It's a great bonding experience, win or lose.

So go stick to bashing judges and prosecutors. We love Burnie and we love the Heat.

See you in Court. Well be the one wearing the souvenir championship ring from 2011-12.

Heat Fan.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Is that what you aspire to? To be "true fan"? Is that what's imporatant in life? Does that make you a better human being? You're a lonely, sad man.

Circle K

Anonymous said...

You are probably right about Miami fans. I remember when I first came to Miami over 30 years ago and had this discussion with my cab driver. He told me that "Miami fans only like a winner" and this has certainly proven to be true over the years.

At the same time, you are living in the past, if you think that any team in any sport is going to be like the 1960 Pirates. With free agency and salary caps in almost all the major sports, there is going to be no team that is going to be able to keep the same group of players for more than four or five years. I grew up in the Midwest and was a Bulls fan in the days of Jerry Sloan and Bob Love, but I want the Heat to beat the Bulls in this series. Just try to enjoy and appreciate seeing a great basketball team in its prime, because like all the other great teams in the modern sports world, they won't be around much longer.

Rumpole said...

I got no problem with Bernie.
Pat Riley is a fake, carpetbaggin phoney who got chased out of NY with his slick tail between his legs because he has no guts and couldn't win with the Knicks against Jordan so he did what a no-talent gutless phoney always does when the going gets tough: he quit.
No surprise he has molded the heat in his phoney gutless image.

Anonymous said...

Of course we love a winner. Why waste time and money to go watch your team loose?

Anonymous said...

David Ovalle is just killing it. Guy is prolific - everywhere at once. And coherent, informative fair articles. What a breath of fresh air.

Whatever happened to Weaver?
He get fired?

Anonymous said...

Players like to play for a winner. Every superstar wants to come to Miami to play for one. Just like when the New York Knicks had Pat Riley, many players opted to go to New York just to play with Pat Riley. Pat is a legend in basketball. I guess, based on your argument, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabber, James Worthy, Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing (which still gives praises to Pat Riley for teaching him everything he knows), Alonzo Mourning, Shaquille O'Neil, Dayne Wade, and Lebron James are all phoney gutless fakes.

Pat led the Knicks in 1993 to the best regular season tied with the 1969-70 season and took them to the NBA Finals only to lose in a Game 7 to the Houston Rockets with Hakeem Olajuwan. Not bad for a gutless phoney fake with slick backed hair.

By the way, I'm not a Knicks and truly detest their existence but I am passionate about sports history. Upsets do happen. We can all ask Judge Hirsch about the Chicago Cubs losing to the Marlins. They were an inning away before Bartman stepped in. The Heat are a complete team. Marvel in the realism of it. Don't criticize it. Enjoy and revel in the fact that you are in a town that is creating history in basketball.

Who knows, you might be around for the first four peat. Oh did i just write that!!!

Anonymous said...

Scruggs has lost yet another important case for the sao. Why does KFR keep him on the payroll? What does he have on her?

Anonymous said...

I watched the Trial. Scruggs argued hard AGAINST allowing the Defense Juror Strike , and the judge followed Scruggs down the Path. But Scruggs in Ovalle's article seems to say the Judge didn't allow the Defense strike and the State just went along w the Judge's ruling. Scruggs set Rodriguez-Chomat up and then knocked the Judge down , in conceding error.

Anonymous said...

Which case would that be?

Anonymous said...

First of all, learn how to spell. Mantle, Kobe, Stengel. Second, is your problem with the heat or heat fans? Third, pretty broad brush you just painted or entire fan base. Fourth, this aint 1960, and it aint baseball. Fifth, are you really questioning the Heats heart? Go watch game 2, or last years pacers or celtics series. Hater.