Friday, January 25, 2013


SATURDAY UPDATE: The Jury failed to reach a decision in the murder count and a mistrial was declared. The defendant was convicted of kidnapping, aggravated child abuse, and child abuse as a lesser for another count of aggravated child abuse. 

SHADES OF KATHY WILLETS: The Sun Sentinel reports that a Boca Raton police officer's wife was arrested for running a prostitution ring. The big tip off to the officers investigating the case? Denise McCoy listing her employment at "Sara's Entertainment Escort Service." After some real brainstorming, the cops got suspicious. Nothing gets past those guys. 

Trivia answers below: except for the ones for which there has not been a correct answer. For those, the search continues. 

Rilya WIlson jury deadlocked 11-1 on murder count. Has reached verdicts on kidnapping and agg child abuse. Deliberations resume Friday. H/T David Ovalle/Miami Herald. 

We have a guest blogger! Sort of. The blogger put together a trivia quiz but didn't want to go through the misagosh of becoming a guest blogger so he/she emailed them to us and we have posted it. Answers Friday night/Saturday morning. Best part is you can't google the answers. 

1) This failed judicial candidate has the same name as a lighthouse and ran against Judge Dresnick and lost.  Marcus Ambrose.

2) This former county and retired circuit court judge was the public defender in a US protectorate. Name the Judge and the island where he served. The great Arthur Rothenberg- Yap. 

3) This late judge has a tennis court named after him. Arthur Snyder. 

4) This failed judicial candidate's mother was a clerk. Lenny Cooperman, whose mom was a great clerk. Last we heard, Mr. Cooperman was ensconced in Maine, successfully working as a Federal ALJ. All's well that ends well.

5) This judge issued a misdemeanor  bench warrant for a Miami Dolphin and then wrote on the warrant "Do not arrest on Sunday". Fred Moreno, way back when he was a county court judge.  

6) What courtroom was the televised bond hearings original set in? 2-4  

7) This late judge was a former paratrooper and started his calendar every day with the pledge of allegiance. Henry Oppenborn. A great american. 

8) This former Judge famously waved a gun in court at a defendant and asked him how it felt to have a gun pointed at him? Name the Judge and the Judge he beat in an election. Henry Ferro. Not. 

9) Who presided over the Ted Bundy trial? The best of the best- Ed Cowart. 

10) This current  member of the US House of Representatives was impeached from his prior office. Alcee Hastings. 

11) Name the only member of the current 3rd DCA promoted directly from County Court. Rick Suarez. 

12) Who did Jim Best run against for Judge? Ivan Hernandez was the winner. Judge Reginald Richardson, who had been arrested while on the bench came in second. Extra Credit- who successfully defended Judge Richardson at trial? 

13) This former chief judge became chief judge his second appointment to the bench, having voluntarily resigned from the bench the first time around. Joe Farina. 

14) This circuit court judge resigned from the bench in scandal twice. In between he was appointed to the county court. Al Sepe. 

Extra Credit: Who swore in Janet Reno for her last term as State Attorney? No one has come close on this one. 


L.G. said...

Trivia Answers from L.G.
1.Marcus Ambrose
2.Arther Rothenberg/Island of Yap
3.Arthur Snyder
4.Lenny Cooperman
5.Ellen Morphonius
7.Henry Oppenborn
8.Henry Ferro/ Beat out Ted Mastos
9.Ed Cowart
10.Alcee Hastings
11.Richard Suarez
13.Joe Farina
14.Al Sepe

Philip Maniatty said...

Partial Trivia Answers:
2-Arthur Rotherberg-Isle of Yap
3-Arthur Snyder
4-Lenny Coopermen
7-Henry Oppenborn
8-Henry Ferro;Ted Mastos
9-Ed Cowart
10-Alcee Hastings
11-Richard Suarez
13-Joe Farina
14-Al Sepe

Anonymous said...

Peter Nimkoff was the PD in Micronesia. He was also an Assistant Public Defender for a brief period of time.

Rumpole said...

You guys are very good. I didn't think anyone would get Marcus Ambrose or Lenny Coperman. Richard Suarez was also a tough one. I'm pretty sure I know #12- who Jim Best ran against. I think it was two judges. And I am pretty sure I remember who swore in Janet- but it is a real obscure question. Your other answers look good, but I am not the final arbiter- the secret blogger who created it is and he/she didn't send me the answers yet.

Rumpole said...

Oh- Im' pretty sure 5-3 as he original court room where the televised bond hearings started is INCORRECT. AT least I remember a different courtroom.

DS said...
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DS said...

2 Arthur Rothenberg of Yap
3 Art Snyder in NMB
4 Copperman the Hatman
6 5-3
7 Oppenborn
8 Ferro beat Ted Mastos, but he waived the gun at the defendant's MOM not the defendant.
9 Cowart
10 Hastings
12 Ana Maria Carnasoltas
13 Farina resigned to follow his then wife to California and returned to Miami in less then 5 years
14 Sepe

extra: REG

Rumpole said...

LG your guess for #5 is wrong. It's a good one, but wrong. I remember this incident. It was either Clayton or Duper, and it has become one of the many stories of this well regarded Judge.

Rumpole said...

DS your answer to #12 may be partially correct. I remember who Best ran against- he was a sitting judge, but since neither of them won there was a third candidate but I do not remember who that was.

Rumpole said...

Wow. Go take a look at the JAA Broward Blog. Some west palm beach judge pissed Geilin off big time.

Anonymous said...

I believe that number 5 was Harvey Baxter. And Leonard Rivkind sworn Janey Reno for her last term.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I find it rather disappointing that so many members of the Bar take such joy in pounding people publicly like we see on the Broward blog (I'm sure this blog would be similarly brutal but for the moderation). Really sad and heartless. Must be tough going through life so bitter.





If you want judicial results, who else would you expect to know the answer, other than THE CAPTAIN!

In 1992, Best filed to run in a County Court election, but withdrew his name.

In 2000, Best ran in a three way race. The results from the primary:

Ivan Hernandez - 79,160 - 44%
Reginald Richardson - 54,107 - 30%
James Best - 49,999 - 25%

Graham Trial, deadlocked .....

What is the consensus of opinion on the sealed verdicts and the 11-1vote?

Is the one holdout a NG vote or a guilty vote?

Did they convict on aggravated child abuse?

Did they convict on kidnapping?

Rumpole, didn't they have Bond Hearings in Courtroom 2-4 way back?

Have a spectacular weekend and enjoy this amazing weather. To think, they are going to have a Super Bowl in NYC next year and if it were this year, the fans would be arrving and greated by single digit temps. Thank you NFL for using your head over your heart on that decision.


Anonymous said...

Harvey Baxter would cite for chewing gum in hos courtroom!!

the trialmaster said...

The trialmaster answers as follows,2. Arthur Rothenberg, Yap.3. Snyder 4. Lenny Cooperman 8. Henry Ferro.9. The late great Judge Edward Cowart."take care of yourself partner" 11. Hastings 14. Farina. working on the rest.

Anonymous said...

The 11-1 is for acquittal. The jury asked if they are hung on one count, do the others still go forward. Of course, the answer is yes.

So they are convicting on all the lower counts. NG on murder.

Put two hundred Harbaughs on it.

Anonymous said...

1. Not sure.
2. Arthur Rothenberg, nice guy. He told great stories about that job. His wife has been an appellate PD for many years. She's real nice too.
3. Art Snyder was mayor of NMB and then after retiring from the bench was first mayor of Aventura. Now deceased. If your client could pass a polygraph, you won.
4. Lenny Cooperman. His wife was Judge Harold Solomon's clerk for years. I think her name was Sylvia. Lenny is now a social security judge in New England. Go figure.
5. I think it was Ellen "Maximum" Morphonios but, I do not remember her being a county judge.
6. Think it was 5-3 for a long time.
7. Henry Oppenborn. Great guy. You should have seen the look on all the non English speaking defendants when he started the pleadge. They put their hands over their hearts and wondered what was going on.
8. Henry Ferro. Boy was he a total fucking asshole. He didn't waive the gun, he pointed at the mom and said how would YOU feel if someone did this to you. (Gun was not loaded) He beat Ted Mastos who plead the fifth in court broom investiation. (Ted is still a nice guy, though).
9. Ed Cowart. His portrait is still in the big courtroom on the 4th floor. Very nice man.
10. Alcee Hastings was impeached but, was aquitted at trial so, we promoted him to US Congressman.
11. Richard Suarez. Strange leap but, he has been wonderfull at the 3rd DCA. Wish we could say the same for Lestlie Rotenburg. (Yes that is how I spell her name.)
12. Ivan Hernandez. Ivan then lost and had that JA guy who got him into all kinds of hot water.
13. Joe Farina. Nice guy but, can anyone ever remember him ever giving a defendant a break?
14. I think you are tlaking about Al Sepe. He is now disbarred and a Federal convict from Court Broom but, I think you got it wrong. He was appointed to the circuit court after having resigned under pressure when he made sexual advances toward a mother of a defendant in chambers. Al was horrible and it was clear he was corrupt.
Someone mentioned Ana Maria Carnesoltas. Remember her? What a nut job! Now she lives in Seminole Fla and has been suspended over and over by the Bar for misconduct. Remember the anti Cuban male comments? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Mike matters needs to run his quotes past his partner. They have not been stellar. And the bouble chin on 2a is astounding.

Rumpole said...

Your Answers to 5-6 are wrong. As to Ed Cowart, his portrait does not hang in the big courtroom on the 4th floor. His portrait hangs in the courtroom he used on 4 which was not the big one.

Anonymous said...

5. Fred Moreno

Rumpole said...

Bingo. Take a bow. You got it.

Philip Maniatty said...

I'll take a stab at the first "wired" bond hearing courtroom. I think it is the one in which Samantha Ruiz-Cohen now presides at the east end of the second floor, on the north side. I can't remember the courtroom number.

Anonymous said...

This perez woman needs to be investigated for being a world class bottom feeding hack. As a devoted Cane fan and Miami native, I find her conduct unforgivable. She should move her practice to Gainsville if the bar allows her to keep her ticket.

maybe it's just a canes thing..

Anonymous said...

Trivia question:

Who was the judge who presided over CJ Milt Hirsch's first trial and who was his opposing counsel?

Rumpole said...

Winner winner chicken dinner Mr. Maniaty. That is correct sir!

Rumpole said...

I didn't that one would be so hard when I first saw it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Weintraubs and David Gilbert for winning a very difficult case (and to Michael Matters for putting an an excellent, albiet unsuccessful, defense). May Rilya rest in peace.


DS said...
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Anonymous said...

#12. REginald Richarson was defended by George Yoss.

DS said...

Congrats to both teams in that brutal trial. Great Lawyering.

The adversary system shown at its best. Aggressive Prosecution by Experienced Attorneys. A Strong Defense by Talented & Dedicated Lawyers.

Good Job , Kudos.

Alas, there will never be Justice for Rilya.

Anonymous said...

Did Reginald go pro se?

Anonymous said...

I was assigned to carnasultss as a pd in county court she had a hot body if you like Latina curves! On the bench she was impossible we used to call her Anna Maria kuntasaurus , i ran into her several times later on and she was always oil off the bench


The Captain Reports:

Hey. Rumpole. Did you read my post at 11:59 on Friday morning. Twenty two hours before Phil Maniatty. I already mentioned the courtroom on the second floor at the end of the hall. I believe it is 2-4.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

#5, Would it be Special Ed?

Angry Girl said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Angry Girl said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Eyeonshumie said...

Au contraire. A shumie master manipulates time and tide.

Anonymous said...

I think that Richardson was represented at the second trial that resulted in an aquittal by Jane Weintraub (and possibly Steve Potolsky). Excellent lawyers. But I don't think they represented Richardson in the first trial that resulted in a hung jury/mistrial. Can't remember who did.

Anonymous said...

If you keep your body fat at 8% all year long you can guilt-free eat all the pizza, chicken wings, and chips you want on Super Bowl Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Question; does the case jumper who the SAO employed to testify in the Geralyn Graham case conditional or she gets to give back a natural life sentence just like that ?


12:35. I believe it was Jayne Weintraub and Ben Kuehne.


Shumie Master said...

A Shumie Master is like a Jedi Knight. They can control the minds of weaker people.

SM:" This should be a state continuance set try or dismiss."
Judge: "State continuance. Set the case try or dismiss."

SM: "These are not the drug dealers your looking for. Reduce the bond."
Judge: "These are not the drug dealers we have been looking for. I will lower bond."
SM "Release them ROR"
Judge "On second thought I am releasing them ROR."

Anonymous said...

Bravo Bravo another fine officer from Boca Raton. I wonder how many cases he's been involved in before and after he was previously suspended for showing his genitalia in his patron unit, and if BTDT is going to call him to testify on any of her cases...

Oh no it's not true, it's all a lie, no-- another officer wasn't arrested again no I'm punking... Yeah right it's true baby shove that up your ass BTDT.

Anonymous said...

AM/UAM............too funny. You need new material though.