Tuesday, January 18, 2011


QUICK- check out South Florida Lawyers having the inside scoop on everyone's favourite blogger, DOM, ON STAGE AND JAMMIN with his client Buju Banton.

Quote of the Year (Buju to the crowd about DOM): "Don't watch nothing say him white. Him blacker than me and you.."

Parking is becoming a problem as City of Miami and Miami Dade Police officers are now parking
en masse in Lot 26. This is the thin edge of a larger wedge and we can guarantee you that nothing about this is good. Paying customers will be forced out. Someone needs to file a lawsuit.

If only we knew a good lawyer......

Word comes late Tuesday afternoon that R. Sargent Shriver, husband of Eunice Kennedy, brother-in law of President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy, has passed away today at 95 years of age. Mr. Shriver was the founding director of the Peace Corps, one platform of President Kennedy's New Frontier. Shriver was called "the architect" of President Johnson's War on Poverty (by forming and becoming the first director of the President's Office of Economic Opportunity), he was the 21st (our favourite number!) United States Ambassador to France and candidate for Vice President in 1972, running with Senator McGovern. Another link to Camelot passes away.

Think about it- The Peace Corps....The War on Poverty....Americans working together at home and abroad to solve the problems of the world and make life better for their fellow human being. It's enough to drive a member of the Tea Party to have a stroke.

Chinese President Hu Jintao landed at Andrews at around 4pm Tuesday afternoon. He was greeted by Vice President Biden and taken to the White House. Hu will have dinner with the President and his family in the family dinning room in the White House Tuesday night and will have a State Dinner in his honor at the White House Wednesday night.

Speaker Boehner, in a new display of cooperation and putting his best foot forward to show the Chinese that we are all Americans despite our differences, will NOT attend the dinner despite being invited by the President.

Somehow we can't imagine Tip O'Neill not attending a State Dinner.

For more on the relationship between Speaker O'Neill and President Reagan, see this great op ed piece by former O'Neill aide Chris Mathews in the Washington Post.

Don't let it be forgot
That once there was a spot
For one brief shining moment that was known
As Camelot.


Anonymous said...

Sue those dirty, parking spot stealing cops

Anonymous said...

Hey Rumpole - Who gets the 2 circuit vacancies and 1 county court vacancy?

My guess? Rick Freedman and Lisa Walsh for Circuit.
For county court - Dawn Denaro.

What do your readers think? Did the Captain publish the list of applicants yet?

The Governor needs to replace Judge Piniero and Judge Emas with the smartest people to match the "greatness" of the their predecessors, right?

Fake Alex michaels said...

Dis is BULLSHEEEEETTTT!!!! I catch some punk cop parking in my spot I make sure he wish his father never met his mother.

Mr. Justice Milton HIrsch said...

It occurring to this court that there exists an emergency in parking around the courthouse, and the court, having weighed the equaties and balancing the right of attorneys to park where they paid against the public's right to have police officers appear before this court as witnesses, and by the power vested in me by the Constitution of the State Of Florida, having acted sua sponte, sui generis, and ex officio, I do hereby ORDER AND ADJUDGE that all police officers having business before this court shall park free of charge in Lot 26.

Done and Ordered In Chambers, in Miami, Dade, Florida.

Mr. Justice Milton Hirsch,CJ.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Heat!

Anonymous said...

City of Miami Parking Authority officials have advised
that they have to accommodate police officers in their parking lots. Since the hourly lot across the street from the Justice Building has now been converted to automated payment only - the police officers can no longer park there. Therefore as of February 1st the police will be permitted to park in Lot 26 - the monthly permitted lot.
Approximately 100 permit holders will be switched to the hourly lot beginning Feb 1st. I have already received my letter that I have been kicked out of Lot 26 and must now park in the hourly lot. They will provide card access and lower the monthly rate to $75 If more of us permit holders need to be switched in coming months to accommodate police more will be switched.

Mr. Chief Justice-Designate Milton Hirsch said...

To: President Barack Obama
From: Mr. Chief Justice-Designate Milton Hirsch

Dear Barack:

As you may have heard, both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the full United States Senate unanimously preconfirmed me to the next seat on the United States Supreme Court. Associate Justice-Designate and current Chief Justice John Roberts is in agreement that one of my brilliant intellect and legal abilities should be Chief Justice, and has agreed to a demotion to Associate Justice once an opening on the Supreme Court occurs and my preconfirmation becomes valid.

Accordingly, I find it a very large snub that I was not invited to the State Dinner for the Chinese President. As the future Chief Justice of the United States--and one who will go down in history as the finest in the nation--I deserve far better.

Mr. Chief Justice-Designate Milton Hirsch

Anonymous said...

David O. Markus is a cool dude. Much respect to him and best of luck to his client Buju Banton "the voice of Jamaica"

Anonymous said...

Forget Lot 26, at least that is a parkign lot. Yesterday, a cop was parked squarely in the ramp going onto SR 836. Not the curb, not the curtilage, THE RAMP. I had to swerve into the next lane to avoid hitting him. And they wonder why people call them pigs.

eyeonlot26 said...

If we could get them to put aside their differences for the good of all of us attorneys, perhaps we could get a dream team of The Q and Shumie to join up and sue the city and kick those cops out.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the 60's. That era of tranquility and harmony when all got along so well and social justice was foremost on everyone's mind. But wait. I grew up in the 60's and I have a memory. And what do I remember that brings back such idyllic thoughts?
1. Civil rights workers getting murdered;
2. JFK's head blown off in public view;
3. Diem murdered by the US government;
4. Watts, Detroit, DC, Newark, up in flames in riots;
5. Fire hoses blasting black protesters;
6. MLK murdered;
7. RFK gunned down;
8. Chicago police beating up college kids with nightsticks;
9. College kids throwing bags of their own shit on Chicago cops;
10. Kent State students gunned down by National Guardsmen;
And this is just off the top of my head. What a time!

Anonymous said...

It's not just Miami-Dade and Miami Police that park in lot 26. There are police cars from every jurisdiction. I don't understand why they can't keep parking in the newly-automated lot.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong. Milton would never mis-spell "equities" as "equaties."

Anonymous said...

Mathews seems to have forgotten quote by The Tipster about his great friend President Reagan:

“The evil is in the White House at the present time. And that evil is a man who has no care and no concern for the working class of America and the future generations of America, and who likes to ride a horse. He’s cold. He’s mean. He’s got ice water for blood.”

Anonymous said...

why does some one have to be black to be cool? that is so stupid. I know plenty of black people who are not cool as a matter of fact I know some who are huge dorks. my best friend is black and he can't dance, can't sing, can't act, he is socially awkward etc.

Its so annoying

Anonymous said...

why all the hate against milt? He is a brillian lawyer and a nice guy

Anonymous said...

I was in front of Mliton Hirsch today. Pleasurable experience...not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Kinda glad Boehner and McConnell are skipping the state dinner for the Chi-coms. Bush didn't grant them the honor in 2006, just lunch, and said state dinners are for our great allies.

But I guess these Republicans are just knuckledraggers out to embarrass our great president.

BUT WAIT, Harry Reid just called President Hu a "dictator" and isn't going to the state dinner either!!! Is the "new tone" working? Can this be the start of a new era of bipartisaship?

Anonymous said...

the police can't park in the automated lot because there they would have to pay. The parking people have given them space in 26. Apparently it's better to be in with the cops then a bunch of defense lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Yes, David O. Markus is black. So is Bill Clinton. Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele are white. Understand?

Anonymous said...

Why not make DUI trials standby instead of mandatory? That would solve the parking issue for sure.

Anonymous said...

I pay for lot 26, every month. The police don't. Why is it a shock cops get free stuff? Hubris.

Anonymous said...

If the county has to reimburse cops for parking fees it seems like letting them park in a county lot for free would save on administrative costs. that being said paying customers should get priority .

Anonymous said...

Speaker Boehner-

How does he get away with his name not being pronounced "BONER?" as in Boer or Boeing.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea.

Why didnt the lot go as free parking to jurors? We ask them to give up days at work, for a pittance in return, which does not cover the cost of parking and lunch. Give the few taxpayers who actually obey the subpoena for jury duty a little break.

If we lost our parking for that, I think we would all feel a little less like we have been robbed.

The police can park anywhere, without recrimination. They are getting overtime often for appearing. Why not make them pay a monthly fee like everyone else?

I am sure however that the County and City worked out some deal, where money from one is going to the other, with all the necessary parties getting their cut.


Anonymous said...

To Thursday, January 20, 2011 7:53:00 AM -

Then DUIs wouldn't get dismissed for officer failure to appear. Our system depends on that in order to move things along.

Anonymous said...

Beyond the tragedy, there is the sense on the streets that cops have no respect for Blacks. Many kids on the street do not mourn the deaths of two police officers. That is a shame. Are they all criminals? Are they murderers? Is there a reason why they hate police officers, or is it just an unfair rap?
Should all of us go in every day in court and watch them lie through their teeth and do nothing about it? Should we just mindlessly agree to pleas to close out a case? When we finish analyzing what went through Johnny Simms' mind, maybe we will find that many of the cases against him were just crap -- that he gave up -- that he thought his life was worth nothing, and therefore judged the lives of others the same.
There was a picture in the online version of the Herald that showed two little Black kids on bicycles within five feet of the tarp-covered bodies. Would that have occurred in a white neighborhood? You know it would not. But, for all of the police officers on the scene and there were probably hundreds, many of them parents, they could care less if little Black children see this kind of horror on a daily basis. It is wrong, and I wonder what effect it has on kids to see dead police officers on the street and angry ones roughing up everyone who is male above the age of puberty because they are mad and frustrated.
I have not been practicing criminal law as long as some, but I will tell you this much that I have learned: All things being equal, be born white, and if you have to be born Black, be rich and Black, and if you are not, steer as far away from Latin police officers as you can. I was around in the early 70s and saw how whites treated Latins. Now that Latins are riding around in the police cars, they are dishing it out to the Blacks tenfold more than they got from the crackers. If we do not change this, it will only get worse.
There is no way Johnny thought he was getting away. Want to claim he is just evil? We do so at our own peril. The hopeless deal in a hopeless fashion.