Saturday, September 11, 2010


SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: We're 3 for 3 starting the season, +400 DOMs ( We won the Saints/Vikings and Dolphins/Bills under for 100 each, and the Patriots -13, for 200. Just barely squeaked that one out. Whew.) Speaking of DOM, he pushed in his first game with us, so the standings are Rumpole 1-0; DOM 0-0-1. It's a long season.

Suicide pool: Mark Vargo (Eagles- our heart was with you) and Foot Ball (49'ers) are out of the suicide pool, getting the dreaded week one knock out. We survived, although the Giants gave us a scare. Cary Clennon survived with Da Bears, but the Lions were robbed. That was clearly a TD catch. And Mr. Immasche squeaked by with the Bucs, and that puts him in good position for the rest of the year because the Bucs are arguably the worst team in football.

COWPOKES- REDSKINS: The smart play is to collect our wins and see you next week. Washington is another home dog getting 3.5. Even we've been impressed with the Cowpokes, but there is trouble on the range. Their offensive line is in shambles, and it looked it in pre-season. The number is 40, and we're trending towards under. We also like the line with the Cowpokes, but it just galls us to put our money on the second worst coach in football. Vanilla Phillips. He stinks. What to do...What to do? Maybe we'll be back by 8 with a pick.

What the hell.....Cowpokes -3.5 for 50.

UPDATE: We've been caught. And now we have to admit our guilt. You all know how diligent Mr. Markus is. And he thinks we've been monkeying with the line. And we have to admit he has caught us. We said the line was Patriots -5. This is the game we are betting against Mr. Markus. And he complained. And he's right. So we're changing it to Patriots -20. Hahahahahahahahaha.
(Cheaters are up 31-10 as we write this.)

Here we go. What you all have been waiting for since that Super Bowl Sunday in February.

First off, our lines come from here.

This is as difficult a week as we have ever seen. Almost every favourite is on the road, so home dogs are barking loudly. Personally, we might just put a nickel on every home dog and see where we end up. But for the blog we offer these picks for your consideration:

Our hometown Fins travel to Buffalo, land of wings and not much else. The Fins are 3 point favorites on the road, but we like the under 39 for 100 Henne's. Buffalo's QBs ain't scaring anyone, and the Fins will be looking to control the game and the clock with the superior running game. Miami 21- Buffalo 16.

MARKUS MATCHUP: Here's the deal- we each pick one game each week. Loser sings Rule Britannia at noon at the flag in front of the federal courthouse wearing only skivvies and a Fred Moreno mask at the end of the season.

David picked the Tampa Bay Bucs -3 over the Cleveland Browns.

Rumpole is tempted to go the other way, just to teach him a lesson. But we'll pick the Patriots -5 over the Bungles in NE for 200 Rule 29's.

What else do we like? We like the Steelers at home getting a rare 1.5 points; the Lions to roar in Chi-town +7. We're not offering those as official plays, just games we like. As we have said, this is a tough week, and our goal is to just get through it.

Suicide pool- everyones picks are up yesterday except for these new ones. We have 23 players total. Rick Freedman, last years champ, has not yet sent in his pick.

Rumpole: Giants; Cary Clennon: Bears; Mark Vargo: Eagles; Petter Sautter: Giants; Stephen Immasche: Bucs; Ken Wesiman et.al.,: Giants; Foot Ball: 49ers; 52nd Street Irwin: Titans.


David Oscar Markus said...

Why do you get the Pats at -5 when most of the lines -- even on your site -- show the spread at 5.5? If you get the best line, then I'll take TB -1.5.

Anonymous said...

WTF Markus? The TB line opened at -1.5 and is now at -2.5 or -3. Get your shiite together.

the trialmaster said...

the trialmaster picks the lions to lose and the titans to win. write it down.


Spreads and Totals

461-462 Cincinnati
New England

45 ov-105

44.5 ov-110 5-110

44 ov-110

44.5 ov-110

45 ov-110

44.5 ov-110

So, three services have it at -5 and three have it at -5.5

463-464 Cleveland
Tampa Bay

37 ov-110 3-115

37 ov-110

37.5 ov-110

37 ov-110

37 ov-110

37 ov-110

five services have it at -3 and one has it at -2.5

That's Bodog, Sportsbook, BetUS, BM Bookmaker, Sportsinteraction and BetED

Work it out boys

Rumpole said...

11:04 pm. SHHHS. DOM's a little inexperienced in these matters. As a bettor you don't want to point out his ignorance to him. You want to slowly educate him, feed him the information you want, draw him in, let him win a few big bets, and by the end of the season you'll be driving his car, and he'll be covering your south dade tickets on Friday afternoons.

As Amarillo Slim, the very best proposition bettor who ever lived said "you can shear a sheep many times, but you can only skin him once."

Leave him be. For now.

Rumpole said...

Check the opening lines at 1 pm today. The Bucs will be -3.5 and the pats will be -4. The money is trending that way.

"Follow the money" didn't start at Watergate. It's been a bettor's mandate ever since Arnold Rothstein fixed the World Series in 1919.

Rumpole said...

Actually I need to amend that. I made a mistake. The money is flowing the other way- the Pats maybe six point favorites by 1pm and the Bucs -2.5 because there is a lot of late money on the Browns. I will watch it and post the proper line for the Pats at 1pm although there is something to be said for locking the bet in early.

DOM and I will have to work it out. My thought is that you get the line whatever it is when you post your bet. The line was clearly -3 Bucs when DOM posted his bet. For this week I may be willing to take -5.5 although the early line was 5.

I will be fair.

Anonymous said...

The words NFL and September are almost oxymorons. The real season does not begin until it starts getting dark out at 6 pm. For you prognosticators (i.e., degenerate gamblers), the teams that cover and amaze in 100 degree weather are the same teams you should bet heavy against come late November and December. You should start gradually increasing your wagers against any team that is 5-0 and 4-1 in October. And grab the line on Monday night as the price will go down as others start getting the drift.

Anonymous said...

Rump, nice edit, but you get my point.

Anonymous said...

Rump, its really your fault, as the host of the Official Blog for the Justice building you need to keep the level of intellectual discourse higher than it is. look at


to see what I am talking about.
Make sure you post my earlier post, as it is a fair critism of Markus and now of you. You should not only be fair with the lines you offer but also with the debate you allow.

Rumpole said...

10:08 what do you mean by 'NICE EDIT?"
Please explain.

Fake Nick Basco said...

Viva Mark Sanchez!


I've held my voice all season long
as quiet echoed sunday stadium songs

but now we're here
season week one

and end today
on a smile or a frown

be assured I will yelling


Fake Jay White
assisted by
Fake Country Dave

Anonymous said...

Had dinner with a former client and now friend this week. High school dropout. Makes his living off the vig. Has been doing it since 1969. Told me something interesting. The three professions with the highest percentage of gamblers are car salesmen, doctors, and lawyers. Aventura is a gold mine followed by the 441 strip in North Dade. Not much scares this guy but getting stopped and searched by some greedy cop on a Tuesday night puts the fear of God into him. And lawyers are the toughest to collect from. Most do but every week he hears the same line: "you know this agreement is really illegal. My money is nothing to you. And this ain't the movies you know." Funny thing though. No one has ever tested that theory. Eventually he gets paid.

Rumpole said...

Late suicide pool picks- Rick F- Titans;
Juan Gonzalez- Fins; Lurvey-Titans; Fake Chris and Alan- Raiders.

Rumpole said...


Fake Kenny Wesiman said...

Can I pick the Hurricanes in the suicide pool?

RFB said...

Please remove fake blecher from the suicide pool. He is an embarrassment.

latest lines said...

latest lines. Rump is right- Pats -5, Bucs -3.

Markus is a picky fed lawyer always looking for the angle.

Pick 'Em Paulie said...

Dont like much this week which is a shame since lots of $$$$ can be made in the first few weeks of the year. Maybe something for Monday night, but doubtful.

Anywho, going with $500 per pick all year.

Week 1


(Or, if I'm DOM, I'll take NYG+32 and over 5.)

Fake Nick Basco said...

Viva Mark Sanchez and the J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS

Rumpole said...

Couple of random thoughts:

I really loved the Steelers at home getting points and the under. But I have done so poorly in the past picking them, I skipped it.

The Redskins have 90,000 in attendance!! That's amazing.

I loved the way Vick brought the Eagles back and almost pulled out the upset. He's your starter in week two.

To the idiot who wants to know what happens in a push in a suicide league, I am officially revoking your man card if you're a guy. Go wash dishes with your wife or GF. And if you're a girl, go watch desperate housewives or some other nonsense- you're bothering me.

Anonymous said...

hey, he likes to prosecute football players, not watch them

Anonymous said...

There’s a long way to go for Drew Brees and New Orleans to prove they can avoid the Super jinx, but it was a good sign to start by slugging out a victory over Minnesota that featured much less offense than expected. Still, Brees was 27 of 36 passing for 237 yards. And the Saints defense mostly stifled Brett Favre.

Miami spent $43 million to sign Karlos Dansby as a free agent, and the Dolphins should be happy with the initial return

FRFB said...

Will you please just leave RFB alone.

Love, FRFB

Anonymous said...

Give me 5Gs on the winner if you know what good for you, otherwise Big J and the boys will close fown your illegal gambling venture. Hell. . . we will even get Altfield to prosecute you.

Anonymous said...

It's telling that the JNC only sent up 5 names to fill Judge Esquiroz's seat when they can send up to names. It says a lot about what they thought of and heard about Richard Hersch.

Anonymous said...

The underdog always wins-- just saying.