Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The BBC is on fire today

Congrats to Richard Houlihan who is alone among the attorneys in that case who will not be filling out notice of appeal forms. Good work Richard. 

Here's the point with the BBC stuff- if these trends keep up, local news will soon be gone. No one to report on County Commissioners doubling dipping into their expense accounts; no one to wander the hallways of the courthouse at 2PM and write about all the Judges missing.; no one to write about the cops accused of misconduct and no one to write about the injustice of trying defendants over and over until the government gets a conviction. 

We can function without Susannah Nesmith. We cannot function without the Susannah Nesmith's of the world. It's a scary thought that the free press is fading  away not with an assault against the first amendment, but because the morons who made the business decisions for newspapers  didn't see  five years ago Craigslist was about to cripple their classified ad income. 

Al Gore's "lock box" for Social Security will be gone in 2037, 4 years earlier than thought, and bad news for those of us who are aging baby boomers and write blogs in our spare time. The NY Times reports here. 

This what the blog is when we do not have the luxury of the past few weeks of Judges royally screwing up.  Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Oh wait. There is some really big courthouse news. The traffic clerk's attorney room, which previously opened at 8:30 to just accept pleadings will now.......ta da!!!!  Do all of the functions the clerks office does during regular hours!!!! Yea!!!!  

Besides accepting pleadings between 8:30 and 9:00 am, the clerk's office will now perform the regular functions of making you wait an interminable period of time while they perform the most mundane tasks. Thanks to Richard Hersch and the traffic guys for really going out on a limb and getting this done. 

If you want our opinion (and since you're reading the blog you must) the way to fix county court, traffic court, and the clerk's office mess  is to rent a really large cruise ship- load the whole lot of them on it- take it out into the ocean- and sink the sucker with a torpedo. And then start over. 
See You In Court. 


Anonymous said...

First!!!!! Now what? Hmm....shumie time? Nah. Done. Saw one of the L&L twins chewing out a client the other day.

Anyone going to the drug court hoooha?

Isn't it time for a menu change in Au Bon Pain?

Is it me, or is the guy who writes the civil blog a really bad writer. It's impossible to read. The guy who filled in for Marcus did a good job tho.

And isn't it impossible to navigate the Broward Blog? I love their blog cam and they are great muck rakers- but who can figure out where to leave a comment? This blog is much easier to read.

Anonymous said...

Posit- if you were really in trouble

I mean if your butt was about to be put in a french frier

is there anyone else to handle your case
but Andrew J Rier?

Howie Feltersnatch said...

8:29--there are plenty.

Anonymous said...

the pope's name is joseph ratzinger.

calling him adolf is low brow and akin to anti semetic poeple branding us as cheap and calling us barbarians because we choose to mutilate our sons' penis' while chanting and lighting candels.

so lets not do that.


Anonymous said...

oy vey ! Israel-based Africa-Israel Properties, which is struggling to raise cash to pay off debt, has been trying to sell the tower at 1101 Brickell Ave. for several months.



Earlier today, I said the following:

"Congratulations to attorney Richard Houlihan on the acquittal of his client in the Liberty City 6/7 case."

Rumpole: Mr. Houlihan was not alone though in not having to file a Notice of Appeal. Remember that attorney Joel DeFabio walked his client (directly over to an immigration court) in the first trial. He should also get kudos for the acquittal of his client in the original Liberty City Seven trial.

Also, seems like you are taking a poke a Mr. Hersch as opposed to just the clerk's office (which is where your real beef seems to lie). I assume you read the same email I did recently where he pointed out that he and other members of FACDL were trying to get more services for the attorneys working in the building. I regularly use that particular clerk's office and can tell you that every little bit of extra services helps.

Give them credit for trying.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

i thought it would hang. lenard is gonna give these men 70 years

abe laeser said...

Re: Drug Court

Credit where credit is due, please. This decision is a prosecutorial function. Janet Reno believed in it and pushed for its creation, and it has been carried on by Kathy Rundle. If they had ever decided to scrap the idea, it would have stopped immediately.

Re: Pope and Hitler Youth.

Last thing that I heard that was this silly was the claim that Kurt Waldhien thought that he was in charge of transporting trainloads of "shoes", not Jews to Treblinka and Mathausen.

I am willing to forgive some youthful indiscretion from the truly remoseful. I do not believe that a bigger lie will make the little wrongs disappear. The Vatican needs a better scriptwriter on this version.

Anonymous said...

Pando Pando Pando!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Rump. You are wrong about the press. With the proliferation of blogs and Google type search engines, what goes on in the local city halls and courthouses is much more likely to be reported than not. It may not be splashed on the pages of a newspaper that used to enjoy an almost monopolistic hold on news but it is there for anyone who wants to know. Your web site is a good example. How many times have you reported something and then seen it circulate into other media outlets.

Anonymous said...

Calling the pope "Adolf" is uncalled for, Rumpole, and detracts from your credibility. after being conscripted, Ratzinger desserted and escaped from Hitler's army and he's been dennouncing nazism ever since. Just because he didn't say this time the particular words that some Israeli leaders wanted him to say is no reason to call him "Adolf".

Rumpole said...

The Vatican has a LOT of answer for because of their conduct during WWII. At best, the church of "the prince of peace" looked the other way while the Nazis killed 12 million of the most "undesirable" Europeans. Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals were not the constituency the Roman Catholic Church plays to. Of course there were many other complicit in this. Look what this country did with the Ship St. Louis, which was full of jews fleeing germany and was not allowed to enter the US.

Here's the point about the pontiff. For a guy who heads a church based on confession, how about a "Im sorry. I was young, scared, stupid, and it was wrong. My joining the hitler youth shows we are all human, we are all fallible, and here's what I'm going to do about it..."

Instead we get the pope's PR guys denying what is true. It's shameful. He deserves to be trashed just as much as that guy in Cleveland deserved to be deported to Germany to face charges.

Anonymous said...

^rock on, Rumpy.

Anonymous said...

wow - you're a hateful a-hole. really. post that - lets see if your readers agree.

and oh, tell me israeli "settlers" never slaughter innocent palestinian women and children either.

you are a charlatan.

Anonymous said...

you're very hateful and angry and small minded.

that is not what we learn in temple

Rumpole said...

I'm sorry 8:49, but you don't know me. You assume I'm Jewish. But since you asked about the Israel-Palestine problem, I will tell you this- Israel bears much of the blame here. The Palestinians were promised that land to them 50 years before Israel was formed. So they have a legitimate beef. However, the Palestinians fairly well forfeited their rights to any public or international concern by hitching their wagon to terrorists in the 1970s. However, the Israeli response has also been lacking in proportionality and they have killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent children and civilians. And then on the Israeli side - they respond that their children have been killed as well, and the innocent Palestinians would not have been killed if they had not supported the terrorists.

This can go on and on.Both are right and both are wrong, and therein lies the problem.

But don't assume my criticism of Popes and their church is because I am jewish. It is because they acted shamefully when they should have been at the forefront of those saving the jews, gypsies, and others the nazis tried to exterminate.

Anonymous said...

i never said you were jewish

Anonymous said...

its funny too, because you apparently assume that I am not Jewish.

You always have been an inferior lawyer, buddy. My friend.

Mahatma Gandhi said...

Rumpole is a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist and a Jew.

Anonymous said...

ridiculous rump. the idea that a young kid who joins and then leaves the hitler youth is somehow then personally responsible for the holocaust is ridiculous. and by the way I am jewish, for what that is worth. But even if you were absolutely right on the merits, and he should say "I am sorry" for atrocities that others committed and which the pope's predecessors kept silent about (which is certainly true), to call the pope adolph makes you sound like what you likely are: an asshole.

Anonymous said...

PD Order is out

Anonymous said...


Look at 3rd DCA opinions today for big decision on PD law suit. PDs lost. Now what?????

Anonymous said...

Anybody who doesn't think that the Catholic Church was sympathetic to the anti-communist/Nazi movement before and during WWII should read "Hitler's Pope," which shows how Pius XII helped smooth the way for Hitler to take over Germany, while he was Vatican Secretary, and actively supported facist, pro-Nazi organizations (especially in Croatia) during the War. Now the Vatican is trying to whitewash history in an attempt to make Pius XII a saint. It looks like the Vatican is beginning to do the same thing with this Pope's unsavory Nazi background. When this guy was made Pope, it showed to me just how out of touch with reality and the rest of the world the Catholic Church really is.

Anonymous said...

Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for the weak. How many wars and death are a direct result of religious nut cases?

Instead of claiming your invisible friend is more important than my invisible friend, practice one random act of kindness a month. The world would be much safer and frankly more fun.


Anonymous said...

3:27 pm - youre a closet hater. a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Trujillo was my case and Judge Areces followed the law. She was not afraid to rule against the State eventhough there was a minimum mandatory involved in the drug case. We need more Judges like her , its a good thing Judge Pineiro took over her division.

Anonymous said...

Nice. The clerks will really help you now. We know you think we can't read or access a blogsite, but please. More arrogant attorney's thinking they're superior because they managed to pass the bar and yet still can't manage to form a coherent sentence in a courtroom. Ever come up to a clerk and ask how things work in this courtroom? Most clerks could outwit you in the courtroom and, come to think of it, outside of it too.