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The numbers are in and here they are: 35 Incumbent Judges (7 County and 28 Circuit) have been returned to office without opposition. There are 9 contested races (1 County and 8 Circuit). Four Incumbent Judges face opposition in August (Lindsey, Shapiro, Chumbley, and Cohen). We are guaranteed at least 6 new judges, all on the Circuit Court, as the result of the retirement of Judges Eugene Fierro, Jon Gordon, Roger Silver, Leonard Glick, Stuart Simons, and Jeffrey Rosinek. (dare I say that the courthouse may be open next Yom Kippur).

On a separate note, we have a new PUBLIC DEFENDER. Carlos Martinez, Chief Assistant to BHB, has been elected, as no one has filed to run against him. On January 1, 2009 he takes over an office that has been run by Mr. Brummer for 32 years. In 1971, Brummer joined the Dade County Public Defender's Office as an Assistant Public Defender in the Appellate Division. Over the next five years, he was promoted to Chief of the Appellate Division and later to Executive Assistant to the Public Defender. In 1976, Bennett Brummer was elected Dade County’s Public Defender, and in November 2004 he was re-elected to his eighth consecutive term.

Also, Katherine Fernandez Rundle wins another four year term as our State Attorney. Ms. Rundle started her career at the SAO in 1978 and has been the State Attorney since 1993.

Now, on to the Judicial races .......

Congratulations to the following seven County Court Judges who have been reelected to a new six year term:

Victoria Brennan ............................ Cristina Miranda
Rosa Figarola ................................. Nuria Saenz
Jacqueline Schwartz ........................Antonio Arzola
Eric Hendon (whew !!!!!)

Congratulations to the following 28 Circuit Court Judges who have been reelected to a new six year term:

Ivan Fernandez ...................... Celeste Hardee Muir
Mary Barzee Flores ................. Jerald Bagley
Diane Ward ............................ Sarah Zabel
Amy Steele Donner ..................Kevin Emas
Margarita Esquiroz ................ Thomas Wilson Jr.
Jose Rodriguez ........ Bernard Shapiro - NOT (sorry Bernie - last minute filing)
Ronald Friedman ................... Marc Schumacher
Leon Firtel ............................ Jacqueline Hogan Scola
Daryl Trawick ......................Robert Scola
Peter Lopez ......................... Sandy Karlan
Ronald Dresnick .................. Victoria Sigler
Joseph Farina ..................... Reemberto Diaz
Orlando Prescott ................ Dava Tunis
Roberto Pineiro ................. Beatrice Avgherino Butchko
Spencer Eig (in a last minute decision, it appears that Roniel Rodriguez has decided not to challenge Judge Eig).

For all 35 of you, it’s nice to know that you will be able to avoid the unemployment lines until at least the year 2014.

Unfortunately, for the rest, it’s a long hot summer ahead of breakfasts in Goulds, lunches in Hialeah and dinners in Aventura, as you make your way across this large and great county of ours, meeting and greeting voters, holding fundraisers and begging for checks from members of the bar, all the while with a smile on your face (and Purell in your pocket). The campaign begins anew, May 2 – August 26, 2008, and for some, it may drag on until November 4th. At least 116 days of campaigning …..

The contested elections:


Group 42:
Lisa Lesperance vs. Norma Lindsey (I)


Group 11:
Jorge Cueto vs. Josie Perez Velis

Group 18:
Migna Sanchez-Llorens vs. Manny Segarra (I have eliminated Tauler)

Group 19:
Yvonne Colodny vs. Patricia Kopco vs. Stephen Millan

Group 38:
Mario Garcia vs. Stacy Glick

Group 50:
Ricardo Corona vs. Abby Cynamon

Group 51:
Marcia Caballero vs. Douglas Chumbley (I)

Group 55:
Jeri Beth Cohen (I) vs. Abbie Cuellar

Group 57
Bernard Shapiro (I) vs. Denise Scanziani (last minute filing)

Group 63:
Maria Sampedro-Iglesia vs. NO-ONE - YOU ARE A WINNER !!!!!

Over the course of the next 16 weeks, we will attempt to feature each of the 11 contested races and open it up for discussion as to whom are the most qualified candidates to wear the robe and hold the gavel.

Congratulations and good luck.

CAPTAIN OUT ..........




Thanks to all the readers for their patience. The Elections office here in Tallahassee was a bit crazy today and I was trying to keep my anonymity while getting constant updates from the helpful staff. Then I went for some lunch.

I think I'll stay home in 2010.

If I made any errors, please let me know; (I have no doubt you will).

As I always like to say, it should be a very interesting election season ...


Anonymous said...

Shapiro and Cohen do not deserve opposition.Eig got lucky.
Lindsey is to nice and her opponent could have filed against another person far less qualified and nice,but unfortunately no open seats exist in County Court.Thus the filing against an incumbent is the one believed to be most vulnerable.
The 3 way race of Seguer/Llorens and Tauler will be interesting.Manny is a capable candidate/Tauler if in fact a true candidate and not shill will turn out to be spoiler/Llorens will loose in run-off.
Now it is up to the public to speak.Hopefully they use their brains and not just familiarity,or ethnicity.
Thanks Captain for the updates.


Election Update .....

In Group 18, I have eliminated Ms. Tauler's name. It appears it is a two person race with Sanchez-Llorens vs. Segarra.

Clearly, my expose last week concerning Ms. Tauler's Suspension from The Florida Bar and her experience as a Defendant over at the Dade County Courthouse led to Ms. Tauler's handlers having second thoughts about her campaign.

So now we have to deal with Migna vs Manny.

Cap Out ......

Anonymous said...

The M & M fight.

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK BERNIE! We need to get behind him!

Anonymous said...

Migna v Manny, what have we come to?

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

sanchez vs segarra one thing is for sure dade will elect a judge who is bleeding from the head

Anonymous said...

Cohen doesn't deserve opposition? Are you kidding? she is the nastiest, rudest, short-tempered judge I've seen on the bench in the last few years. Even Ward eventually gives you an opportunity to speak. The fact that she's been on the bench for 100 years doesn't mean she owns it. That's the beuty of elections...people remember... I don't expect judges to kiss my rump...but I do expect them NOT TO ASSUME I'M THE DEFENDANT! Which reminds me, remember her little booboo (because I can't spell fow-paw [sic]) "if you empty all the jails, there'll be no cubans left in Miami." Not nice Jeri Beth.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, I have to admit, we don't need to read the Herald most days anymore. The Captain's coverage of the campaigns was superb today and you have a great partner in crime.

El Capitan: Good job on Tauler; she never belonged in a robe let alone running for the office. And we are very happy that Denise martinez scanziani goldstein left Eric Hendon alone. Too bad she took on Shapiro. We should all support him; he does a great job in famil ct.

Anonymous said...

Bernie's gonna need the luck hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Manny, Manny oh Manny, you seem like a nice guy I just saw your web site at:


The site looks great, except take down the cheesy videos all of them. The videos take away from a very nice web site. No offense but some people should be on camera and some should not. You are in the NOT catagory.

Also good luck I hope you win as you appear to be a nice guy.

One last not remember less is more.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Carlos Martinez, he's a good guy, a fair guy, and will do well. And thx to Mr. Brummer, for 32 yrs of teaching us by example.

Cheers to them both.

Anonymous said...

good ridanance to the "bobsy twins", gordon and simon. those guys will not be missed. dont let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Captain, you did not eliminate Tauler and she did not drop out of the race nor her handlers have second thoughts about her campaign. The reason she's not on the list of candidates who qualified has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you and you'll end up losing credibility and respect for attempting to take credit for something you had no right to take credit for. If you want to be fair to your readers, do your research about her non-qualification just as you did the research about her past problems.

Anonymous said...

The list of official web sites for Judicial candidates are:




Oh, as a side note I am guessing that Manny changed seats because of the $320,461.37 Judge Eig had in his Campaign account. Which by the way is the most I have seen for any Candidate in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

I never post but I feel compelled to beg everyone to vote against Seggara. Sorry to be rude but the guy is not very intelligent and I fear for us all should he become a judge. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We have a Amber Alert.

Be on the look out for Rumpole he has been missing for two days. We alerted authorities after he did not make any comments on qualifying day.

He may be held hostage by Jack Thompson, He who shall not be named or one of the numerous Judges he has bashed over the years.

Anonymous said...

Breaking Blog News:

Clerk of the Circuit Court Candidate John Babun has Withdrawn from the race.

You may recall he is the only republican in a 3 man race.

This leaves 3 candidates all democrats.

Harvey Ruvin, Esq.
Darrin McGillis
Alfredo Perez, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Did Armando Gutierrez somehow convince Roniel Rodriguez to drop out of the race against Spencer Eig and Manny Segarra to move to Migna's race so that Maria Sampedro Iglesia could wim unopposed?

Anonymous said...

Harvey Ruvin Raps For A Cooler Earth
MIAMI (CBS4) ― Miami-Dade Clerk of the courts Harvey Ruvin is a proper button down guy who keeps the records at the courthouse. So when you think pop culture, you don't think of Ruvin.

Hey, don't act surprised
When you see the sea levels rise
Because while the earth's been sweltering
The icecaps have been melting

Yes, these are the lyrics to the rap song that Ruvin dishes out in a video called "A Call To Arms Against Global Warming." It was posted by the previously uncool clerk of courts on YouTube.

"We've already got, almost a thousand hits, just in one day," said Ruvin.

Everywhere you look
Triple digits
Our leaders in Washington
Are mental midgets

"Having a teenage son, I hear a lot of rap music. I could tell you all about Little Wayne and Tupac and all of them," he told CBS4's Gary Nelson.

But while he's down with rap, Ruvin wasn't down with rap's lack of involvement in meaningful issues.

"I started saying to my son, you know, the stuff you're listening to is not addressing the most important issue that faces your generation," he said.

Hey, if this generation don't get it..forget it.

Anonymous said...

Here it goes:

Buyer Beware:
Darrin McGillis is contacting candidates so they hire him. Be careful people. This man is dangerous in more ways than one in my opinion and that of many bloggers. All I can says is, Caveat Emptor!

Additionally, it is now the time to campaign and win. Al, Armando and Bob are good at the extortion portion of the campaign. Now, you need brains and at the very least the ability to read. Believe me, their record during the election season is at bad as that of the Miami Heat. Check your stats.

Lastly, could someone please tell me if the rumor I heard to day is true. What rumor you ask? That Rumpole has filed to run for Judge of the 11th. Rump, are you in the race or what?

Anonymous said...

Captain, I am sorry I did not get to meet you in Tally but now that you mentioned that you could only be one of the consultants that where their.
Bob Levy
Armando Gutierez
Steven Ferreiro
Gus Garcia
or maybe even Al Lorenzo

I wounder who you are???

Anonymous said...

Captain< I almost forgot where you part of the Martinez-Scanziani Move......

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your re-election Judge Schwartz!

So happy to have you on the bench for another 6 years!

United Insurance Company, go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Folks, listen real good. manny segarra is NOT a nice guy. He will be a clone of Adrien - T-R-U-S-T M-E

But Migna's no better. This is a shameful race. They will both be tyrants on the bench

Anonymous said...

Mario Garcia calls himself "Dr." on his website. He received an online PhD from Capella University.

Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA).

Its inappropriate for a judicial candidate to have a banner of FEMA
on his website and a poll about immigration.

These are designed to just draw traffic to his website and shouldn't be on a site for a local judicial candidate.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but did you say that "Steven Ferreiro" was in Tally and that he is a Consultant? Is that the same Steve that was fired by County Commissioner Rebbeca Sosa for having an outstanding Arrest Warrant while working for her? This child has no education, lacks brains and has a criminal record.

This is sad when people just think they can consult. When Steve worked for Al Lorenzo, he was full of lies and never knew anything. What gives? Boy, go back to school and get a job please.

As to Bob Levy and Al Lorenzo? They are bad as well. Did Al ever pay the City of Miami the millions he owes them? Bob, aside from your Federal Arrest and all the Cone of Silence violations, what pending arrest do you have?

Anonymous said...

This is so funny:

Captain, I am sorry I did not get to meet you in Tally but now that you mentioned that you could only be one of the consultants that where their.
Bob Levy
Armando Gutierez
Steven Ferreiro
Gus Garcia
or maybe even Al Lorenzo

I wounder who you are???

Saturday, May 03, 2008 12:41:00 AM

Are you kidding me? These individuals cannot even read. How would they write? Have you seriously spoken to any of them? 12th grade educations at best. This is silly. No way. LOLROF!

Anonymous said...

You asked for it the Harvey Ruvin rap video. No joke this is Ruvin rapping like Jay Z and Puff Daddy:


Anonymous said...

Ruvin goes after McGillis claim that the Clerk has lost $30 Million and Counting. Ruvin highlights on his Campaign web site that he has saved $30 Million and Counting.

Can we get a fact "Blogger" checker. Either Ruvin or McGillis is lying.

Ruvin's Campaign web site is here:


Anonymous said...

Rumpole please xplain why last night The miami herald had an online article about the elections with so many mistakes and this morning i read the same article and they had changed all the mistakes It seems like you had all the races correct in your artcile.

will you be conducting interviews, making endorsements and handicapping like you did two years ago?

Anonymous said...

Some fact checking on Shapiro please...don't know much about him.

Is it true he's never been elected?

This stuff came up about him in a google search.




Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. Manny Segarra enters into a race in June of 2007 and I assume he pays a filing fee. Then he raises virtually no money for 11 months. Then on the very last day, he jumps from a two person race to a three person race.

It's official. I am entering a new profession. I am available for hire by any judge to enter a race against you. Then, on the last day of qualifying, I'll "reconsider" my decision and withdraw. Then you're unopposed and you win. Just leave my envelope of cash under the door.

Anonymous said...

If you have a Juris Doctor degree, you can be called "doctor".

Anonymous said...

9:01 a.m. is correct on both counts. Whether Migna or Manny wins it's going to be a loss to the Miami-Dade bench. Now, who's the lesser of two evils? I think Migna is more intelligent than Manny.

Anonymous said...


Mario Garcia went to a bunch of no name schools (until UM law accepted him) and then got an online PhD. He calls himself "Dr" on his campaign website. This is a joke.

Look at the accomplishments of each candidate. Stacy Glick is the clear choice here-she is a dedicated public servant with significant trial experience. Vote for her--she is the much better candidate.

Anonymous said...

Like I had mentioned on the High Noon Post.

About the jump from Hendon's race, I ask Federal Prosecutor Alex Acosta to start investigating al races to see the tactics utilized by Bob Levy, Lorenzo and Gutierrez to get people to switch.

I foresee many arrests.

And for the Steve Ferreiro issue it looks like Armando is leaking out old dirty laundry to pick up a new client. Armando Pick on someone your age stop picking on young individuals that are just trying to move up in the field.

I guess Steven is doing a good job with his candidates when someone is posting these things on him. And if I recall correctly he almost took Judge Schwartz of the Bench with Gina Mendez, unfortunately the voter turn out was low...

Anonymous said...

Dear Justice Building Bloggers;

I have received several calls from friends, clients and former clients that read your postings and have informed me that I had made your Blog. I was truly honored and surprised because, I have honestly never spent much time as a Blogger but after reading several of your postings. I guess I am really missing out on a whole lot of information and a lot of misinformation as well.

As always there are people in life that envy others in the way they progress in business, relationships, and in life in general. I am guessing one of those is the reason why the anonymous poster made reference to my PERSONAL life. But what he did is fine with me it was a stage of my life that I am not a shame of.

I thank God everyday for everything he has given me, the bad and the good, and everyone I have met even if they have tried to hurt me along the way. We all were young at one point in our life and we all must have made mistakes or made the wrong choices at least once in our past, and that is what occurred with the issue that the poster made reference to. Commissioner Sosa is a great woman and she stood by my side during the entire process, and did not fire me as stated in his posting. I offered my resignation to avoid creating an issue for her as a newly elected county official.

I was man enough to correct the issue and make sure to learn from it. So if anyone out there wants to JUDGE, please feel free to do so. But in my eyes you are the one with the problem not me.

I am also sure that those of you who don’t know me will at some point in the near future meet me and realize for yourselves what type of person I truly am. Until the next time a

Truly yours,

Steven Ferreiro

Anonymous said...

Jeri Cohen is a smart judge. If she cuts you off, it's probably because you're blowing smoke. The Cuellar campaign is pure payback for the Cubas case.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Ruby Ferria is a con artist that dresses like Michael Jackson. Does anyone have a picture?

Also, since Judge Ivan Fernandez got re-elected it means we can once again find him at the golf course? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

As someone who worked with Segarra at the State, and fairly closely...He's not so bright.

Anonymous said...

well well welll you THE CAPTION wel i gues you got your piece of flesh...fell good now????Well remember that " evil triumphs when good peoplem stop working"...and we have not stop working because God knows what he does and does it for a reason...remember this now that you pissed me off get ready ,because theres a saying out there you can get me angry but dont piss me off ...there hall be many syrprises coming this election in the coming 16 weeks unprecedented ..all i can say is look and learn CAPTAIN,,,GOOD SHALL ALWAYS PREVAIL....THE FIGHT IS ON AND IT SHALL BE TOTALLY POSITIVE ...LOL.LOL.LOL NOW THE THE REAL FUN BEGINS...
the truth

Anonymous said...

I think Stacy Glick left providing ammunition and refreshments for the gunfight at the OK Corral out of her website's list of her Prosecutorial Miss conduct.

Anonymous said...

Judge Bernie Shapiro defeated David Tobin in 1988 for a Seat on the County Court. He ran unopposed for a Circuit Cour Seat. His bar polls have been in the high 80s to low
90s. He deserves our support.

Anonymous said...

OMG Steve!

LOL. You are hilarious. Really? LOL.

You wish you were that important guy. The truth be said, I wrote this to let everyone know a bit more about you and it is not personal because it is Public Record. Mistakes are not good and obviously, utilizing you is a mistake. I remember calling you in the past and getting lies and more lies. Remember? You worked for Al. Also, that Sosa deal did not go down that way and you know it.

Gina made a mistake which I hope my colleagues do not make again. You, Safdie and Arnaud are walking accidents. On your reply, please post your level of education as well as your record in judicial election. Almost is not good enough and no reputable judge should be lied to.

Be well young man and start telling the truth as Armando said. Libertad!

Anonymous said...

What is Steve's case number? How did he get pass the County's background check?

Captain, can we please do a background on all of the Campaign Consultants to see who has what record of arrest? I know that Al Lorenzo owed the City of Miami about 1.2 million. Correct? This could be the most interesting report to date. Where is that Nessmith woman anyhow?

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that people are still being scared by judicial tugs. Report anyone?

Anonymous said...

Here are your responces on questions on Steve.

What is Steve's case number? The Case is seal but it was a Nolle Pros

How did he get pass the County's background check? Based on what recollection people that where involved he passed it witout a problem, they have all suspected a set up by Armando Gutierez, Juan De Arce

And I believe this is all coming out to screw with the guy, He is a good guy and means well, and he has helped alot of good judges as well..

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous that keeps posting on Steve, you must be one of the crazy candidates he worked for.

Jackie Schwartz, Diane Ward, Joe Fernandez, Maritza Mendez Tinkler, I wounder who you are...

And by the way thanks for naming Armando, I guess he is the one feeding you the info.....

Anonymous said...

To: Monday, May 05, 2008 11:41:00 PM

You are hilarious. Steve is slow and whatever.

Armando does not even care about this clown. We could only worry about learning how to blow a good job and get a bench warrant from him.

Steve, please stop wasting our time and go to Apex Tech and get a skill that is worth our time.

Hey! Air Conditioning!

Anonymous said...

By the way, what is Steve's case number?