Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Rumpole responds to some posts:

A PD ticked me off. He wrote this, inter alia:

Regardless of what has been said about Phil on this blog, which I think is often said for the same reason (to drive him nuts), he is way too cool of a guy to sit around blogging about gossip all day. I am relatively sure that he is not Rumpole. i think it is time to find another suspect.

Rumpole huffs:

Dear Mr PD:

We have refrained from commenting on how you and your friends spend your free time. As they say in Hoboken, New Jersey, and Crawford, Texas, “ I don't have a dog in that fight”.

Then we read this morning your dicta inferring that we spend all our day gossiping. Ignoring for the moment your questionable judgment on coolness, there are bigger fish to fry here. Where were you when our posts on important legal issues brought " zzzzzzzzz" out of the woodwork?

Did you write in with your thoughts on sentencing and whether a Judge should enhance a sentence after a trial?

Did you contribute to the conversation of the death penalty?

How about the issue of mistaken eye witness identification?

Did you bother to share your opinions about drug minimum mandatory sentencing?

The point is, we write about serious legal topics. It is your brethren in the hallowed halls of the PD’s office who spend their time talking about who is sleeping with whom, and who sleeps in their cars. The evidence on this blog is that your office contains the largest group of gossipers, malcontents, and lately, lawyers who suborn perjury in capital cases.

We are sick and tired of having people read the comments and attribute them to Rumpole. We don’t write that crap. So before you continue writing that Rumpole spends his time gossiping about people, I suggest you READ the blog, before criticizing the person who writes the blog.

The defense rests.

A Lawyer North of the Border responded to a post about a Broward Prosecutor who lost a case, and has been assigned to Mr. Cholakis’s case:

Way to poke a stick in the ASAs eyeball. You guys in Dade have a lot of class -- WOW! And, you really are smart too...in Broward, we would never come up with the idea of taunting the prosecutor on a case. Hey, do you think you jackasses could put on a CLE seminar on how to piss off and dare a prosecutor? Should be able to sign up tons of people for that. Wow, what professionals.

s/ Above you in latitude and class

Rumpole responds:

We don’t know about the rest of you, but we can tell when we have been insulted. From the likes of what we have seen North of The Border, Broward Lawyers wouldn’t taunt a prosecutor because they are too afraid of getting them angry and losing their bottom of the guideline plea offer.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, and Broward has a contingent of dedicated defense lawyers that try their share of cases. But we will not stand by silently and be lectured by some (ostensibly) “jeans wearing, no tie, good ol’boy defense attorney who cowers before Judges lest they tick them off and not get called out of turn first.”

The State Attorney of the 17th Judicial Circuit has an announced policy of not dismissing cases once they are filed, even when discovery shows that a client is innocent. The Broward ASA’s have told us, and others, that their office policy is that the jury should be the one’s to find someone not guilty. And the defense bar North of The Border just sits there and lets them get away with it, without nary a bar complaint filed.

Anyway, we welcome our friends North Of the Border to Dade and our blog. We may be wearing a suit and tie, but we still feel some kinship with you and your kind.

Plus, your signature was kind of funny.

See You In Court, not wearing jeans.


Anonymous said...

Are we sure Rumpy isn't Scotts fingerhuts and Hidnerts??

Rumpy ol' rump dela Rump- why the hate on Toddy Michaels? He's a sweet guy, and a good trial lawyer. Can't you find anyone else to pick on?

Broward Lawyers-- hate the hate and fight the fight bu won't wear a tie, day or night.

PD Pete...out!

Anonymous said...

I do not like green eggs and ham
and I want to try a case before slom, sam I am.

Anonymous said...

Middle aged, in shape, seperated defense attorney, with hot new Brickell Condo, Hot new Z06 Vette, (505 hp!!!) and two 45 yard line tickets to the super bowl, plus and NFL onwers party on Fisher Island the night before.

Seeks 30 or less spinner pd or asa. Email Rumpole for details and he will post the best requests. Send rumpy your email and he will forward it to me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rumpole,
First off, I want to thank you for the top billing. I haven't made the Herald yet, but I guess this is a close second. I have arrived.
My grandmother used to always say "Never pick a fight with the editor of the newspaper." As much as I loved her, i am ignoring her advice.
Other than the fact that I know you are not Phil, I have no idea who you are. You obviously do know who I am. While I do not know your identity, I do know a few things about you. First off, for someone who runs a blog which fosters all kinds of gossip and s*@t spewing about people, you are incredibly thin skinned. One comment about how Phil is too cool to waste his time facilitating this blog, and you respond like that? C'mon man, toughen up. I can only imagine how pathetic you would be if god forbid anyone found out your identity. Secondly, you are a hypocrite. You say that you will not allow personal attacks on your blog, but the only time I have ever posted anything (and included my name to what I was signing) you make, what is essentially an ad hominem attack on me and post it on the front of your blog. Stop hiding behind your anonymity and be a man.
Now, to address your post. First off, I do not read your blog regularly. I would not post anonymously, and I have seen enough that anytime someone puts their name on a post, peple talk all kinds of junk. The only reason that I posted at all is that Phil, who I consider a friend, takes a lot of heat for the crap you write and the blog you run. I am sorry that you do not think he is cool, but I do. He asked on the blog if I would post what happened. A number of people called me asking about what happened at the card game, and I finally decided for Phil's sake to do it. So no, I have not posted on your blog regarding legal topics or any other matters. If you want to know where I was when those issues were being discussed, all I can tell you is that I was not in front of my computer reading your pathetic little blog. The only reason that I knew this was posted is that Joel Denaro called me and told me that I made the front page. I can tell you that I could have been working, reading, exercising, or hanging out with friends. While I did not contribute to your blogs discussion on eye witness testimony, I am the Florida point person for a national committee on mis-id. If you would be interested in joining, I could probably sign you up. Of course, you would have to reveal your name first.
Additionally, while I do very much enjoy my office, I am not my office, and my office is not me. Your dig that my office is full of malcontents, gossipers, and people who subourn perjury is not only misguided, but it has nothing to do with me. Anyone who knows me will tell you that. Now I have to go back to prepping for trial. I will be in tomorrow before Judge Adrien. Come watch. You may learn something.


Anonymous said...

TIJUANA, Mexico - The police department has issued about 60 slingshots to officers in the violent border city of Tijuana, where soldiers confiscated police weapons two weeks ago on allegations of collusion with drug traffickers. Maybe This will work in Sweetwater.

Rumpole said...

Mr. Michaels- 1) don't think my post is an ad hominem attack- but if you are upset, I will take it down.

2) in the words of Ronald Reagan "there you go again."

You write:
First off, for someone who runs a blog which fosters all kinds of gossip and s*@t spewing about people, you are incredibly thin skinned.

What makes you think I FOSTER those kind of posts? I have said time and time again I do not want those type of posts. yet everytime someone makes a post like that, you blame ME for it. How so?

3) While I wish you luck in your trial before Judge Adrien, I seriously doubt what you can teach me. I have tried at least twice as many cases as years you have been alive.

4) if you review the comments on the blog, I would venture 25-35% of them have been from your office about BB and the like. I didn't create the situation that had a senior trial attorney in your office subborn perjury, I just wrote about it. But we should be clear that I don't think you would do that- (I do not know you) nor do I think it's common practice at your office.

Good luck in your trial, and if the post truly bothers you, just let me know, by posting or private email, and I will redact it accordingly (as shocking as that may seem to you who views me as a know nothing cheap gossip.)

Anonymous said...

Rumpy old rump dela Rump: I view this as follows

PD Todd 21
Rumpole 19- with Rump scoring a safety and now in possession and marching towards a TD.

I love a good football game or argument on the blog. Now keep it clean boys, no rabbitt punches, break when I tell you to, now lets have a good clean fight.

Rumpole said...

Never Mind- I decided before even hearing from you to remove your name from the post. I came to the conclusion that I don't want MY BLOG to be associated with Ruffians.

Good day Sir!

Rumpole said...

PS. I am sure your grandmother was a very wise woman.

Anonymous said...

She was, thank you. Although, I must admit that i am not sure if she was the one who said it, or if it was Walter Winchell...either way, it is not bad advice.


Anonymous said...

i said good day!

Anonymous said...

you two get a room.

Anonymous said...

"The State Attorney of the 17th Judicial Circuit has an announced policy of not dismissing cases once they are filed, even when discovery shows that a client is innocent."

In the case of an innocent person, wouldn't that be mailcious prosecution and a clear violation of ethical rules?

Anonymous said...

it would, which is why i am thankful i practice in dade and not broward. as much as we bitch, and sometimes with good reasons, the ASA's here are, as a whole, a good bunch of people and will at least listen to you. try getting that in broward. that, and parking, is why i turn down all cases in broward (unless i know i can get 10K for a quick plea)!

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A ruffian can be defined as a scoundrel, rascal or unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person.[1] As a proper noun, Ruffian may refer to:

Ruffian, a famous thoroughbred filly racehorse.
In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, one of "Sharkey’s Men", who oppressed the Hobbits of the Shire. See the Battle of Bywater.

A chess engine. See Ruffian (chess).

Border Ruffians, pro-Slavery activists from Kansas in the American Civil War.

The Ruffian on the Stair, a British play.

HMS Bellerophon, was also know as Billy Ruffian.

A common term used by Rumpole to denote individuals he is having a disagreement with.

Anonymous said...

I would say Todd is a Rascal.

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

At the sound of the buzzer, it's Todd Micheals for the win!!!

Anonymous said...

Is Rump dela Rump related to Miguel Dela O??

Anonymous said...

Tod is a ne'er do-well, scalawag, rogue, and scoundrel.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole has challenged the ruling on the field that Michaels scored a TD on an interception.

{tic tock ten minute wait]

After further review the ruling on the field is reversed. The defender interfered with the receiver. Furthermore, the defender did not have possesion of the ball. The defender dropped the ball. Therefore, the Ball is returned to Rumpole at the spot of the interference. First down Rumpole! The play clock will be re-set to 1 minute and six seconds.

Rumpole said...

He might well be a scalawag.

Anonymous said...



10:OO AM


TODD MICHAELS will be our guest speaker: How it feels to be trashed by Rumpole and how to fight back.

PLus: What to do if someone publishes a picture of you on the blog sleeping in your car during the day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I may be a rogue, a ne'er do well, and a scoundrel, but nobody calls me scalawag.

Todd Michaels

Anonymous said...

Rapscallions, reprobates, and varlets all.

Anonymous said...

Thought you could push around a little PD, huh Rumpy? I score round 1 to: Micheals

fake brummer said...

Report to the back seat of my car at once! You violated section 3.850 of the PDO handbook entitled NO BLOGGING AT WORK.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole got bitch slapped.

Anonymous said...

hey dip shit you cant file a bar complaint against a prosecutor check the florida bar rules!

"without nary a bar complaint filed."



Appearing as an EDITORIAL today in the Miami Herald:

For public trust:


The Florida Supreme Court should take the advice of the state's public defenders: Stop the practice of planting falsified documents in court files. The high court should also commission an independent investigation to determine how many records have been doctored and what harm, if any, has occurred as a result. If criminal charges are warranted, that, too, should be pursued.

The public-defenders' request comes after The Miami Herald uncovered that Miami-Dade court officials had secretly altered dockets in the cases of some informants for the state attorney's office. Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle later confirmed that prosecutors and judges had agreed to alter the court documents temporarily to protect informants and ongoing criminal investigations.

There are rare exceptions that may require using fake filings. Ms. Fernandez Rundle cites Operation Court Broom, a sting operation that targeted a potentially corrupt system, including judges. But allowing files to be altered in informant cases isn't in the same league as targeting systematic judicial corruption. The former risks concealing pertinent evidence from the public.

Florida Chief Justice Fred Lewis has done well to bar secret court dockets uncovered by The Miami Herald last year in Broward and other counties. But the proposed reforms in court filings don't go far enough. The extent of falsified court documents, or potential criminal misconduct and ethical lapses connected to them, are unknown and disturbing.

The Florida Supreme Court should clarify the rules to bar phony court documents while providing guidelines for protecting informants. The integrity of judicial records and public trust in the courts depend on it.

CAPTAIN OUT ...............

Anonymous said...

"The Florida Supreme Court should take the advice of the state's public defenders: Stop the practice of planting falsified documents in court files."

Can't wait to hear what these hypocrites say when it comes out that a lot of these defendants were represented by APDs........

Anonymous said...

you absolutely can file a bar complaint against a prosecutor. One should hope you never have to do that.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please provide the links to The Miami Herald articles on Kathy Fernandez-Rundle and Bennett H. Brummer's lack of integrity and control of their office or abuse of public trust.

Additionally, could Rumpole or the Captain please create 2 polls with names of possible replacements for the PD and SA as in my opinion, they are finally on their way out.

Oh, lastly, could we also have 2 polls so we can take the pulse of the readership as to whether a Bar Complaint and Ethics Commission Complaint should be filed against Brummer and Fernandez-Rundle.

(Hey Nesmith, do your job. This will most likely prove to be juicy.)

Anonymous said...

Phil, why do you always answer and write so damn much? You make me sick. Go find some clients.

Anonymous said...

A source has told me that Al Millian is Rumpole!

Anonymous said...

Can KFR hire a felon to work her campaign? I mean, is this ethical? I was told this may be a work program or something, but seems to me a bit strange. Captain, are there any rules on this?

Anonymous said...

Nothing but love for Todd Michaels. You should have found a better target for your outrage Rump. He is a nice kid and he tries cases.

Rumpole said...

I think Mr. Todd and I have reached an amicable settlement.

Anonymous said...

and the winner by tko is................todd "the crusher" michaels!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

President Bush rules!
Lets go for drinks.

Anonymous said...

If President Bush Send McGillis to Iraq, Bin Laden would ask the US for asylum.

Anonymous said...

The County is so screwed! Run Everyone!

Carlos Alvarez has taken control of Miami-Dade County!!!!


"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

The County Commissioner have just become pawns in the political world of Miami-Dade thanks to a do nothing Mayor who strives to gain power.

You say Alvarez is great? Tell me something he has done aside from flip-flopping? When compared to Mayor Alex Penelas, Alvarez is a bad as well as cheap copy. I am not talking about his looks or lack of public speaking skills, just his attitude, smarts and lack of true leadership.

We are so screwed people!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Carlos "Do Nothing" Alvarez has become the "FIDEL CASTRO of Miami-Dade County!"

Up next, and this is really scary, Mayor Carlos Alvarez plans to take over the Miami-Dade County School Board. He mentions that education is poor and Crew is overpaid.

This coming from a cop.

Anonymous said...

10:31 and 10:36 stop smoking/sniffing/snorting/injecting/drinking/inhaling whatever substance you are smoking/sniffing/snorting/injecting/drinking/inhaling.

Anonymous said...

Who's this Bruce Lehr guy?

Anonymous said...

Here are some clues as to who Rumpole is:

1. A person with lots of time.
A. A person with a great practice and many employees, or
B. A person with a horrible practice and hardly any work.
2. Surely not Hispanic or African-American based on the Anglo humor and other remarks.
3. Not a man based on all the time he spends watching sports.
4. Sexually deprived based on how often and late he blogs.
5. A former PD based on lack of information aside frm gossip re: KFR and the SAO. When it comes to horrible Brummer, the man has great insight.
6. This man must be in his 40s or 50s because we all know that most older lawyers can't even type.
7. Like I said before, has much time based on all the crap he writes.
8. Politically in a small way based on the superficial knowledge of the process.
9. Has the ability to blog from his phone and or car.

I have a few more, but want to compile a list wherein I am able to read what others here think. If you want more, please post. If you want my email, please let me know by writing to me the Rumpole Slayer.

Night ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Oh snap!

Anonymous said...

To 11:41. very nice analysis, also he is almost certainly Jewish. Hispanic, african american and anglo men play sports and chase women and don't sit around and talk like a schoolgirl in the cafeteria about which attorney won his trial, got divorced, or got yelled at by a judge or is dating so and so. Name me a great jew athlete or womanizer. Oh yeah, now all the jews will bitch because I used the jew word. Could you imagine a black guy talking about whether bhb is a jerk for 1 year.

Anonymous said...

I love the list that is being compiled!

Here is my guess.

This person goes from courtroom to courtroom in the Traffic Division and has very few Criminal cases as per his interest in Traffic cases.


Anonymous said...

Clarification, Criminal cases as in Felonies and not Misdemeanors.

Sorry and YEY again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Retardo, ever hear of Mark Spitz, Sandy Koufax, Henry Benjamin "Hank" Greenberg, or our own Ed Newman? How about Sarah Hughes, Victor "Vic" Hershkowitz, Issac "IKE" Berger, Sid Gillman, Marshall "BIGGIE" Goldberg , Charles "BUCKETS" Goldenberg , Benny Lom, Sid Luckman, Ron Mix, Steve Stone. This is an abbreviated list in that it only includes some of the professional athletes from the USA but does not include any of the international pros. Oh and of course Jews own, coach, and are commissioners in every sport there is.So next time you decide to mouth off get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

You forgot one Jewish womanizer:

Hint: He had a war of words with Rumpole today.

Anonymous said...

Who? Mendy?

Anonymous said...

to bnai, thank you for setting me straight, if the math is right that's one per decade.

Anonymous said...

It is a well-known fact that Scottie Pippen is a secret Sephardic Jew.

Anonymous said...

Pippin is a Falasha, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

He is. Sharif Abdur Rahim is also a Jew

Anonymous said...

Rod Carew?

Anonymous said...

Sage Rosenfels?

(weak, I know)

Anonymous said...

You can add Shawn Green (baseball), Shahar Peer (tennis, #17) and several others.

I wonder how many more there would be if it weren't for two millenia of persecution by bigots like you?

But, it doesn't really matter, does it? I love sports (and work out every chance I get), but I'm much prouder of my contributions to our society, as are most Jews. Fact is, we have won more Nobel prizes and have contributed more to the medical and other sciences on a per capita basis than anyone (and it's not even close).

Anonymous said...

Isn't the nobel prize nominating committee run by the same people who run the international zionist conspiracy to rule the world tho? Bit of a conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

lets get into a religion debate! How small can we get.....

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Rumpole list? Hello!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Einstein and Newton combine to write The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

Now go ask Jimmy Swaggart and Pat Robertson what God told them recently about the evil Jews.

Anonymous said...

As a Jew, I'm pissed that no one ever invites me to the meetings where world domination is discussed.

Anonymous said...

Shaquille O'Neal. Although with a name like O'Neal he is probably Irish.

Aaron Krickstein for all you 1980's tennis fans.

Anonymous said...

This is BS!

Anonymous said...

If you is, or if you ain't, my baby!

Please let me know!