Friday, March 10, 2017


This is how it all ends for 45; with a bang and then a whimper.

Some international crisis occurs. North Korea shoots a missile that hits a beach in Japan. Or Russia invades a neighbor. Or ISIS blows up a ship in NY Harbor. Or all three occur on a Saturday when Trump is at his singular and solitary best.

The President reacts. Then he over-reacts. The rational professionals around him become concerned. They won't authorize the release of nuclear weapons against North Korea or Iran while the president is sending Tweets attacking Iran, North Korea, Rosie O'Donnell, Warren Beatty,  and the National Parks Service.

The stock market opens the next day down 4,000 points at the open.

Justifiably worried about his mental status, a majority of the Cabinet votes to  remove the president under section 4 of the Twenty-Fifth Amendment by notifying congress that the President is unable to discharge his duties.

The President retreats with his remaining loyal staff to Mar-A -Lago. He places the Strategic Air Command on Def Com 2. He orders the closing of all Dominoes pizza stores for including secret anti-Trump messages in the small print of the Pizza boxes. He orders the shut-down of all cell-phone service  because he tweets that they are being used to listen to his conversations. He tweets disparaging comments about his son Barron's vice-principal after she won't change a B to an A on his history exam. He orders the Justice Department to arrest Presidents Obama and Bush 41 (from his hospital bed) for conspiracy to engage in treason. He appoints Rush Limbaugh and Nyn Eng- the  assistant night manager of a coffee shop in Trump tower- acting counselors  to the president. ( Eng  makes the best cafe lattes. Amazing cafe lattes. No one has ever tasted a cafe latte like this cafe latte)

The acting attorney General (Sessions is under his own impeachment proceedings for perjury) files a lawsuit for the president. It quickly goes before a series of "so called judges " who dismiss his lawsuit. (Chickens coming home to roost). The case goes to the Supreme Court which rules 8-1 against the President. Thomas dissents, citing Lincoln's actions during the civil war. He reads his dissent from the bench.

The house impeaches the president approving two articles of impeachment. Trump orders congress disbanded via Twitter.  Acting President Pence goes on national TV from the Vice President's residence with the Cabinet including both the Sec Def and National Security Advisor  behind him, urging calm and assuring the country that it is safe and the armed forces are listening to the civilian chain of command through his office. The media reports that Presidents Obama and Bush 43 and Bill Clinton were also present.

The stock market opens the next day only down 450, having lost another 8,000 points over the last week.
You can now buy Apple for 11 bucks and Amazon for 15 (down from 850) because Trump has ordered Fed Ex and UPS shut down as a national security risk. Trump orders the arrest of Al Gore for crimes against the environment that he has just been informed about.

Putin thanks Trump for ordering the provisions of 28,000 servings of  Duck'la Orange delivered from Mar-A-Lago to his troops which are massing on the Turkish boarder. Mexico closes ITS  border with the US. So does Canada. Australia requires a six month wait for any US citizen who seeks a visa. The Ayatollah of Iran is interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel and urges the American people to support President Trump.

Senators Graham and McCain are the prosecutors of the president for the impeachment trial in the Senate. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are their assistants. (Chickens coming home to roost). Bernie Sanders volunteers for the defense after no other senator else does, but everyone realizes it is just a bit of his cranky-Vermont humor. The producers of Better Call Saul offer legal advice to Trump.

And then it is over. Trump is impeached. He gets no votes in the senate.  He is at Mar-a Lago so there is no historical shot of him getting on Marine One one last time. No Nixonian final wave of the hand as he flies off into infamy.

Instead, from Florida, Trump orders via Twitter  the Bush Carrier Battle group to 1) change it's name to the Andrew Jackson Battle group and 2) position itself off DC to coordinate actions with the Russian super carrier Ulyanovsk. 

Pence moves into the White House. Armed secret service agents remove Trump counselors Bannon who walks out defiantly, and Miller, who has handcuffed himself to his desk and is crying "no, no, no, I wanna stay and be important."

The Russians take the Kurdish oil fields while the US government deals with its constitutional crisis.

Three North Korean ballistic missiles possibly containing nuclear warheads explode on launch on three consecutive days, the effects of a computer virus program implemented by Obama. South Korea, supported by Japan and the U.N,  invades the north, and Pyongyang falls as China stands by and does nothing. Israel successfully bombs the remaining North Korean missile launch sites.

And in a final insult, the President of Mexico via twitter offers former President Trump a two week free vacation at a three star hotel in Acapulco two blocks from the beach.

It will end this way, absent the hyperbole and imagination of Rumpole. The rational people in Washington will continue the whispers that have already begun. The president is unstable. He has accused via Twitter the former president of the United States- without any reason- of a felony. Soon after he attacks a TV reality host on Twitter. These are not the acts of a competent and rational man, and we must all pray that people like senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Sec Def Jim Mattis, VP Mike Pence, minority leader Nancy Pelosi, and Speaker Paul Ryan and others will act- Lincolnesque- to save the Union and the world.

From Occupied America...Fight the Power!


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The blog is over. Has been for some time. Used to be focal point of our criminal justice community. Posts would generate 20-30 comments. Now you get a few. I used to read this multiple times a day. Now maybe every few days. I know I'm not alone.

You've lost your luster. Now you're just an unfunny shell of what was once a great forum.

Anonymous said...

Is all of this before or after Lynch is indicted?

Anonymous said...

You know, Trump Is loathsome, vile.

But one bumper-sticker comment I've seen floating around makes sense: Rooting for him to fail is like hoping that the pilot of the plane you're on has a fatal heart attack.

But Democrats and the left in general don't get that. Nothing can mute their howling outrage that the people they despise (i.e., anyone not on the left) managed to prevail overwhelmingly in the last election. They cannot understand how those ignorant trogs -- many of whom don't even LIKE soy milk lattes -- managed to win the White House, both houses of Congress and a super majority of state legislatures and governorships. Since it is impossible to for them to fairly consider that THEY may need to adjust THEIR world view, those on the left can only stand, stunned, amazed and shrieking, slavering in anticipation of consuming their enemies (i.e., anyone not on the left).

This isn't going to end well.

Anonymous said...

well done!!

Anonymous said...

get a life

Rumpole said...

Dear 8:21. Please do the following: 1) enter TMZ into your search engine. 2) make it your home page.
3) Go to settings on your browser. Find block. Enter this blog site.

4) or as the late great Neil Rodgers used to say, you can't stop reading/listening. If it is so bad, it's very simple STOP READING. Life will go on. people will approach us in the street and shake their head sadly "How are you doing now that s/he isn't reading the blog anymore?"

"Is everything OK?"

"Are you hanging in there?"

"Don't give up. Maybe someone else will read the blog instead."

Our promise- somehow , some way, in the face of this ultimate and tragic disaster for us, we shall overcome.

Anonymous said...

You're rooting for disaster now. Nice stuff. Step back and relax, in four years when none of your disgusting dreams come true, all the little boys crying wolf like yourself will just help Trump get another 4.

Barak Obama said...

Brilliant commentary

Anonymous said...

Why are you not covering David Young's investiture on Facebook Live?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to post this on the Listserv because it may be so obvious a question that I don't want to look like a dummy, so...

If an ASA sets a hearing for a motion to continue in advance of trial and doesn't notice me for the hearing, and acts like the PD is the attorney of record (which they're not), is that grounds for dismissal or just sanctions?

Anonymous said...

You're such an asshole

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you discussing the important matters brought up by President Trump? Fake news has erroneously reported that, contrary to the Presidents pronouncement, he did not receive more electoral votes than any winning candidate in the last 50 years. Also our president correctly reported that Scwarzeneggar screwed up the greatest television show of all time. We need congressional investigation of these very important scandals.

Anonymous said...

Get over it, mr trump is our president. You can cry about it for the 8 years, no loss to us who are making America great again. Stay in your safe space, snowflake. And suck on a pacifier.

Fight the power ( lib-tards). Occupied America ( occupied by legal citizens whom the electorate duly voted for president).

I'm sure in your world a crook like Hillary would be great to ruin our country, but real fucking Americans who care about this country voted out democratic corruption. Our voices were heard. We work, you whine. Trump 2020. Ivanka 2024 Hillary for prison.

Anonymous said...

This blog now officially sucks! Not only is the blogger putting out shitty and boring content, when called out he insults his critics, instead of fixing the problem - he's worse than Trump!

Rumpole said...

10:36- why are you still reading. Is there no other content on the web. Let me school you on Ayn Rand property rights. THIS IS MY BLOG. I do what I wish. In return, I ask nothing. I place it in the marketplace of ideas and content. Anyone is free to read it. You are free to start your own courthouse blog. Go for it. But I don't write what my "critics" want. I write what I want.

9:15- uno momento por favor. 8 Years of Trump? I give him two. In fact I make this promise. If Donald J Trump serves a full 8 years, on the Day in 2025 when Jenna Bush is elected the 46 president of the United States, I will unveil my identity. In fact I will unveil my identity if he merely serves four years and loses. He will be impeached. Mark my words.

Horace Rumpole, esq.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Rump. Trumpfty Drumpfty will have a great fall!

"Viva la resistance"

"Stay woke"

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, we want your blog to be great again! MYBGA!!!!! Enough with the Trump crap. Nobody cares! Get back to courthouse gossip ASAP, you liberal pinko commie!

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, please inform yourself about how impeachment trials work. The House passes the articles of impeachment alleging that the president committed high crimes and misdemeanors and designates managers to prosecute the impeachment in the Senate. The Senators are the jury and vote on whether the impeached president is guilty or not of the allegations in the House's articles of impeachment. It's only been a few years since Clinton was impeached and acquitted by the Senate, so you ought to remember.

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RE: "Let me school you on Ayn Rand property rights."
Horace Rumpole, esq.
Saturday, March 11, 2017 9:11:00 AM

LOL! Priceless!