Tuesday, February 22, 2011


UPDATES: DOM broke the news yesterday that the Washington whispers are that Judge Bob Scola is being vetted to replace Judge Huck. Scola, along with Judge Bagley and Fed Magistrate O'Sullivan were the three finalists. DOM also lost a tough one in Tampa on Tuesday. If you try cases (and your name is not Gerry Spence) you will lose cases. Pure and simple. But if you know David, you know he will never give up, he will never surrender, he will continue to fight for his client. There isn't any other lawyer we would want if we needed one.

In War-resolution. In Defeat-definace. In Victory-Magnaminity.

As many of you are aware, the parking nightmare that we predicted (
see, Thin Edge of A Large Wedge from January 18 of this year, when we also predicted the fall of the governments of Egypt and Libya.) has come home to roost. This Tuesday after a Monday holiday (always a super busy day) saw police officers from multi-jurisdictions take almost all the spots in Lot 26 that attorneys are paying a monthly fee for. Havoc ensued.

Here are some of the emails that went out today. We removed the authors of the emails because recent events world wide show that state security forces have a habit of dealing rather roughly with those that complain about them. Nobody wants to see our colleagues get a rash of tickets for "tires with thin tread" or "illegal tinting" or the other host of revenge related tickets that upset officers are wont to issue.

Judge Slom and Judge Soto,

I had court today at 9:30 so, I got a new look at the problems. Normally, I get to court before the crowds.

Boy, you should have see the mess outside the courthouse today. Total gridlock in all directions. Defendants are so freaked out about being late for court so they gridlock intersections. I wish the MPD or MDPD Court Liaison could put a cop or CSA in the middle of those intersections the first morning of every week from 8: 30 am – 10:00 am. It would really make a difference. Maybe you two can suggest it.

Now that the cops are “sharing” lot 26 (where we pay $80.00 a month to park) there are no spaces for us anymore. That means that we too are now late for court.

Cops block sidewalks, grass areas, intersections and even fire hydrants. It’s shameful to see a cop park a marked unit directly in front of a fire hydrant.

There has to be a better way to handle this.

When the people get to the door, they have to wait for a long time to get in. That is why I tell my clients that they must be in the courthouse at least one hour before court is called to order.I wish we had more people intensive calendars on Thursday and Friday.This is just my thoughts. I represents no one but, myself.


Dear Judge Slom and Judge Soto:

I, as well as others, have been relocated to Lot 18, the main lot on the south side of the courthouse. I was told that this is to make room for the county vehicles that are now using Lot 26. While I’ve been able to find a parking spot each day, getting in and out has been a problem. May I suggest that the entrance on the south side of the lot be kept open full time. Since monthly parking permit holders as well as daily parkers utilize pre-paid tickets now, the gate is automatic and an attendant is no longer necessary to take fees.


Dear Esteemed Judges and Colleagues,

I have attached a photograph taken this morning at the height of the craziness. The situation is dangerous. It is a situation that will escalate until a just resolution is reached. The Miami Parking Authority is an independent organization, that apparently is in denial as to the unsafe environment they have created. It was my understanding that the Miami-Dade PD was to be allowed access to the lot on a temporary basis. However, today it was a mad house with police vehicles from multiple departments and unmarked units as well.

While it is not the usual purview of the court to get involved in these matters, perhaps in this situation it would be prudent to have a meeting to discuss this situation.


That’s my car illegally parked behind the police car but, hell, I was not blocking anyone. I also watched a cop get in an argument with a defense lawyer. Not pretty.

Rumpole says: not for nothing, but we're a bunch of lawyers. We contracted for a service, paid a fee, and the vendor has reneged on providing that service. Hmm...what to do...what to do...??? Can anyone say L...A...W...S...U...I...T????

First they do away with collective bargaining in Wisconsin, and now they take away our parking. Where will it all end???


Anonymous said...

Whose brilliant idea was it to allow cops to park for free in Lot 26? If there are so many "open spots", would't it make more sense to take on more paying customers? It's not as if the cops can't park anywhere they want to anyway.

Anonymous said...

They are cops. They were guns and badge and cute polyester shirts. They can park where they want bc, and I'm only guessing here, tow truck drivers are probably too scared to park illegally parked cop cars.

I think all lot 26 decal holders should file a class action vs the city for breach of contract. Or perhaps the city should plan a parking lot for officers to use ( or just designate each fire hydrant a police spot ) Perhaps the police could just park in the ASA lot and see what happens

Anonymous said...

I thought the victory concert and the white black man comment were a bad sign. Only Bill Clinton could pull that off.. Bad beat.

Fake Alex Michaels said...

Stop dees bullsheeeet in Lot 26. I vill file class action lawsuit and make much money. I vill put Miami-Dade Parking director in Romanian Death Clasp until cops gone.


Anonymous said...

Anyone remember this? It was part of Rumpole's post from Jan 23, 2008! Guess things haven't changed much. In three years! I thought I had read something from Slom that said there wouldn't be any ticket cases scheduled on the Tuesday after a Monday holiday. That lasted a whole Columbus day.

Excerpts from Rump 1/23/08:

"The system is breaking down.

We are speaking of Tuesday trial days when Monday is a holiday.

Two of the busiest days of the court week are jammed into one, and the result is chaos.

Parking is next to impossible.

The lines to get into the courthouse are literally around the block.

There is mass confusion and everyone is upset.

Chief Judges Blake and Slom need to recognize there is a problem.
While they don’t have a problem parking, and while they don’t have a problem getting into the building, perhaps if they glance out of their dark tinted windows as they cruise into work humming the Gator fight song they may see the mass confusion going on outside their Corinthian leather appointed cars.

The system is broke, and Slom and Blake have the responsibility to fix it.
(yes, we wrote this line with a straight face.)

We will be watching.

See You In Court, doing sudoko puzzles in line."

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have a man crush on DOM. Indeed DOM is a good lawyer but even the good ones get their ass kicked once in a while. This will only serve to make him a better lawyer but in the mean time, I am LMAO. CONVICTION! Chalk up another one in the WIN column for the boys in blue!!! yea baby!

Sam I Am said...

The County doesn't give a rats ass what Judges Slom and Soto might say. There are 280 county folks making more than Judge Soto and far more county officers making more than Judge Slom ever will.

Lawyers, having abandoned any real defense of the judiciary, should not be surprised to find the county turning a deaf ear to their complaints.

Anonymous said...

Unsolicited ass kissing alert!

I used to avoid reading this blog, because I felt reading all the "gossip" was beneath me.

Now I find I can't go a day without checking the blog and the commentary.

Please keep up the great work, and thanks for giving us a place to learn, bitch, and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you lawyers go ask Judge Miltie to straighten this parking lot genocide out??? He can just issue a writ of prohibition to the various police chiefs. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I wrote the email that got all of this going. I am not ashamed to say I wrote it. I am sick and tired of the mess the first day of each week.

I was a volunteer fire fighter up north many years ago. For the life of me I can not understand how a cop can block a fire hydrant.

Go ahead, post our names.

Me, who else, Mike Catalano

Anonymous said...

Well, your welcome to come on over to lot 18 where the authority will save you a spot, charge you less money, and waive the deposit on a newfangled transponder.

However it will take you about 40 minutes to pull into the lot since the attendants are unable to operate both the 12th street and 14th ave/11th street entrances at the same time.

Anonymous said...

We actually pay $90.00 a month not $80.00. It was my understanding that Metro would be able to park there but not other departments. However, every police agency is parking there for free, while we pay $90.00 for no spaces. This is BS

Anonymous said...

How do you say DOM got his assed kicked? Did you read any articles about the facts of the case? The case was a slam dunk for the feds. Only DOM could've hung the case the first time. For the second trial even the feebs could figure out how to get a conviction. You ignorance is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Only Dom could have gotten a hung jury. Are u fucking smoking crack. Get off your high horse. The case could have been won but was lost.

Anonymous said...

I mean honestly, who would write that accept davids wife.