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Voting began on Monday, August 9, 2010 and in Miami-Dade County, voters will cast ballots in four contested judicial elections.

In the Circuit Court, Group 62, an open seat due to the retirement of Judge Paul Siegel, Assistant State Attorney Monica Gordo faces off against private attorney Robert Kuntz.


Ms. Gordo attended law school at the U and graduated in 1999. Her entire legal career has been with the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office. She currently is assigned to the Gang Strike Force as a special prosecutor. She has tried 52 jury trials and an additional 57 bench trials.

Ms. Gordo is active in CABA and is Pres. Elect of the League of Prosecutors. She filed to run for Judge in March of 2010.

In the past five months, Ms. Gordo has raised a total of $69,010 from 333 contributors. She added an additional $2,000 in personal loans to her campaign. To date, she has spent $37,209. Some of her notable $500 donors include: Akerman Senterfitt, Sam Rabin (see Kuntz below), Ron Book, Dade County PBA, Miami Fraternal Order of Police, and Mark Lefcourt. Her expenses have gone to consultants Stephanie Bromfield $3,000; Angie Gold $500; Margarita Armona $500 and Lourdes Molina $500. Her campaign Treasurer is Hector Lombana.

You can visit Ms. Gordo's web site at http://www.monicagordoforjudge.com/ .

Take a look at her web site and view her "commercial" where her son professes: "vote for my mom; she's even fair to us".


Mr. Kuntz has been a member of The Florida Bar since 1996. But law was not his first career. He was a journalist for 12 years and spent the last two years of that career writing for The Daily Business Review (from 1991-1993). He covered the State and Federal Courts, including the Court Broom cases among others. It was that coverage of the courts that caused him to attend law school at the University of Miami. During his 14 year legal career, he worked for Holland & Knight for six years and has been with Devine Goodman Raco & Wells for the past eight years where is currently a partner at that firm.

Mr. Kuntz has tried two jury trials, four bench trials, and numerous arbitration hearings and mediations. His practice is evenly divided in that he represents 50% plaintiffs and 50% defendants. He is a commercial litigator. He is Past President of the Dade County Defense Bar Association.

Mr. Kuntz filed to run in December of 2008, some 20 months ago. In that time, he has raised $75,881 from a total of 383 contributors. He has added only $100 of his own money to the campaign. Kuntz has so far spent $61,861.

Notable contributors at the $500 level include: Lewis Tein, Ervin Gonzalez, Sam Rabin (see Gordo above), The Bail Bond Firm, Brian Tannebaum, and Richard Sharpstein. He has spent money on two consultants: Ruby Feria $6,800 and Armando Gutierrez $2000.

You can visit the Robert Kuntz web site at
http://www.electrobertkuntz.com/ .

A good place to go to get some more insight into both candidates is:

http://www.floridabar.org/divcom/pi/jcandis.nsf/WDOCS. There you can scroll down to 11th Circuit, Group 62 and click on either candidate.

Ms. Gordo states in part:

"If elected, I will always strive to uphold the Constitutional rights of each and every citizen that comes before me with the utmost professionalism and attention to the highest standard of ethics. I will also carefully scrutinize each legal decision with unwavering attention to following the law at every juncture of my decision-making process. "

Mr. Kuntz' personal statement includes:

"I seek this position out of a desire to serve people who come into the daunting, even terrifying, world of the courts on the worst day of their lives. They are in trouble, or their family is, or their business is. They have faith that, when they get to court, there is going to be someone there to listen to them, to have compassion, to be smart enough and work hard enough to "get it right", while treating every person with the dignity they deserve. I want to vindicate that faith every day I serve on the bench."

The Miami Herald has endorsed Ms. Gordo. Who do our readers and bloggers think should wear the robe? Let's hear from you!

Next, County Court: Newman v. Alvarez & Seff v. Gonzalez-Paulson



press guy said...

From the campaign trail, the guys in the press car always have this to say about Flora Seff- "she's the prettiest gal on the campaign trail."

Anonymous said...

Well now we know that Ms. Gordo has violated the Code of Judicial Conduct to which she is bound as a candidate. She is not allowed to even belong to an organization that endorses judicial candidates, let alone be an officer.

Ask Jackie Scola, who had to have the FAWL Board of Directors hold an emergency meeting to amend the By-Laws to prohibit endorsements of judicial candidates, so she would not have to resign as President.

If I were Kuntz, and Ms. Gordo has advertised an endorsement from the League of Prosecutors, I would file an ethics complaint with the Miami-Dade County Bar Association Campaign Ethics Committee and possibly with the JQC if she wins.

What is wrong with these people? Don't they know how to read? Don't they bother to learn the rules?

And they want to be judges.


Anonymous said...

If 11:58 is telling the truth, then it is no wonder that Herald can't get much right on judicial races. They are blind and demented.

Anonymous said...

Seff is also rude to litigants and staff and thought herself too smart to be dealing with south-dade issues

Beavis said...

I mean, now that I know that Lefcourt is on the Gordo train this one's a no-brainer.

Huh uh huh, he said "no-brainer".

Butthead said...

But, not only is Lefcourt supporting Gordo, so is Sam Rabin.

Huh uh huh, he said "butt".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Seeking the Truth: said...

We are fortunate to have two excellent judicial candidates to choose from that are running for this judicial seat. I hope one day, both Ms. Gordo and Mr. Kuntz are circuit court judges. I would like to be able to vote for both of them.

who are you voting for said...

This race is the most difficult one for me. I know who I am voting for in the other three races.

My defense attorney side says vote for Kuntz. I don't want a career prosecutor on the bench who has had no private law firm experience. I understand that Kuntz has a lot less jury trial expereince, but the man has a lot more expereince in the overall scheme of things.

I have met Ms. Gordo and she seems nice enough and fair enough and has a good reputation. She has 52 jury trials according to the Captain and that's pretty impressive. So, she knows what it takes to work in a courtroom day in and day out.

Curious how everyone else sees this race.

Anonymous said...

I have found Ms. Gordo to be an obnixious, arragant prosecuter.If elected she will be a prosecuter wearing a black robe. she would be a diseaster. A career as only a state attorney does not qualify one to be a judge. I will vote for Mr. Cuntz

Anonymous said...

I think that Monica and Michelle are prettier than Flora.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Monica Gordo would be a terrible judge. I have found her to be untrustworthy, untruthful, and a pawn of the police.

Anonymous said...

Flora Seff? prettiest gal? Seriously? this is a judicial race (separate from the fact that Press Guy must be Seff's Husband)and the fact is that Judge Seff is not well liked and it is commonly known that she thinks "county judge" work just isnt important or not worth her time. She has no respect for the litigants and the importance of the work she was charged with doing in South Dade. She applied for County only because they wouldn't appoint her to Circuit. She can fool all of you, but I know her on and off the bench and she is not getting my vote.

K hole said...

Monica Gordo has proven throughout her career to be a fair and ethical prosecutor who is truly interested in seeking justice rather than some others at the Sao who seek convictions at any cost. For that and that alone she gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Robert Kuntz doesn't have enough trial experience, in my opinion, to be a circuit court judge. Two trials? Seriously?


12:58 pm makes a valid point.

Ms. Gordo lists on her web site the following endorsement:

•American Federation of State and County Municipal Employees
•Dade County Police Benevolent Association
•Fraternal Order of Police, City of Miami
•Latin Builders Association
•League of Prosecutors
•Political Action Committee of Concerned Citizens of Northeast Dade County
•Political Action Committee of Concerned Citizens of East Kendall
•The Miami Herald

The League of Prosecutors is one of those endorsements.

She also states on her web site that "... she is also the current President-Elect of the League of Prosecutors."

Sounds like a serious lapse in judgment by Ms. Gordo.

Cap Out ....

Skeletons... said...

I knew the weeks leading to the election were going to be interesting. Mr. Kuntz is going to be in for a rough ride.

Marty Kohn said...

If I'm not mistaken Ms. Gordo resigned back in April...

Anonymous said...

If my shoe ran against Gordo I'd vote for my shoe. Shed be nothing but a heartless prosecutor on the bench. 52 trials. Big deal. What PD/ASA doesn't have that many after 7 years. Quality over quantity. She's not really good in trial and would be a detriment to the community on the bench. Just my opinion

K hole said...

What happened with Special K?

P. Nis said...

Or you should do your research before making attacks Mr Kuntz...

Skeletons said...

I find the endorsements troubling. Take a look at the candidates endorsement pages, there are several people according to those pages that are endorsing both candidates, doesn't that strike you as strange? If indeed the endorsements are supposed to be made in writing and kept on file, I could almost guarantee that one of the candidates isn't being honest about their endorsements. I also have it in good word that the bar is already investigating...

Fake Al Milian said...

Nice DBR article about Manny Alvarez today. Check it out!!

Marty Kohn said...

Only $100 of your own money invested?!! Talk about having skin in the game!

Anonymous said...

Re: DBR article on Alvarez
Figures Milian thinks that a "domestic" incident and a "restraining order" are irrelevant to being a judicial candidate ! Very sadly funny and ironic ... Seems that the puppeteers lower their standards for candidates when it suits them... !

Anonymous said...


You're such a good guy. Why did you get involved in this Dorta-Newman-Pertierra-Milian mess? The DBR article is a knife in the heart. The Newman camp takes the high road and doesnt pounce. This leaves the CABA mob to sit there and declare, "Oh please, what's a little restraining order and gunplay amongst family?. He never stole a freight train." How embarrassing.

When you lose this race, campaign for an open seat or throw your name to the JNC a few times and see if you can snag a county court spot. I also cant vote for a CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER that is so stupid not to expunge his own arrest record.

I was at the Government Center today and threw in a vote for Ed, Flora, Kuntz and Samantha.

Anonymous said...

Would you kundly summerize the DBR report for us. Answer the 5Ws abou the matters that 3:58 alluded to? I know nothing about what s/he is talking about? Is it important, true, politial garbage or even relevant?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sisselman,
No need to summarize the DBR report. Just go to their website (www.dailybusinessreview.com) and scroll down. The full story on Manny is there and can be read for free. It's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

I love when people comment "I'm not voting for _______ becasue he/she would just be a prosecutor on the bench." Does that mean you woudl want them ro be a defense lawyer on the bench?

The Situation said...

I worked with Gordo as an ASA. Monica is WEAK as a trial lawyer and is not qualified to become a judge. Oh wow, so she's in the Gangs Unit. That's like saying you're an ASA assigned to the RICO or Economic Crimes Unit. In other words, it sounds nice but you're in those units because you're not interested in going to trial. When's the last time you saw the Gang Unit go to trial? Gordo is the typical female ASA: stays at that job because the hours and the freedom are great and once you get out of division and into a specialized unit, life is awesome. Gee, I would have stayed an ASA for 7 years too if I knew that the number alone qualified me to become a judge.

Anonymous said...

To the person who wrote the following: "Gordo is the typical female ASA: stays at that job because the hours and the freedom are great and once you get out of division and into a specialized unit, life is awesome. Gee, I would have stayed an ASA for 7 years too if I knew that the number alone qualified me to become a judge."

You clearly show signs of jealousy or insecurity...perhaps Gordo or other female ASAs were promoted over you and this why you feel the way you do; alternatively, maybe you have been cheated on in previous relationships. Either way, this last portion of your comment showed that you are biased against women ASAs which makes any comments and/or opinions you may have of Gordo completely worthless.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be that MONICA GORDO is showing her true colors now that she is on the bench. I don't suspect her reign there will last too long. A judge can't be thinking still as a prosecutor when they sit up there and yet that is exactly what GORDO is doing. Good luck to her... it won't be long before we all hear about "resignation".