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Now we're getting somewhere. Whenever things are slow, we can count on our beloved robed readers to say or do something (stupid) and save the day. 

Miami Circuit Court Judge Maria Dennis claims she was battered by Circuit Judge David Miller in a fracas over a faulty fax machine. The Herald reports that Judge Miller became upset when Judge Dennis informed him that her fax machine was not working. (As an aside, can the Legislature now see the effects of budget cuts? Judges forced to share fax machines and other office equipment can lead to assault and battery. We told you so. Our Judges can't share. They may have passed the Bar, but most failed kindergarten.) 

The title of the post links to Joan Fleischman's story in the Herald. Stop the presses!!!! Man bites dog? Nah. Judge smacks Judge!!!!  SEE BELOW FOR A RUMPOLE EXCLUSIVE: WHAT THE HERALD DIDN'T TELL YOU BECAUSE THEY DON'T KNOW!!!!

The herald reports that Judge Dennis's bailiff jumped to rescue his jurist in distress after Miller mugged her (allegedly).  Someone pushed the panic alarm in chambers  and the gendarmes arrived at the scene. Apparently ignoring everything he learned in criminal court, the suspect, Judge Miller, spoke with the police, admitting contact, however stating that it was unintentional. 

Chief Judge Farina has issued his own hand made Chief Judge's Injunction, ordering both parties to have no further contact with each other. Can we look forward to the creation of a "Judicial Violence Court"?  Rumpole says: judicial violence is no laughing matter. For too long we have ignored the problem of judges battering judges, and it's time we join the 21st century and stop sweeping this problem under the bench. 

Judge Miller has Milton Hirsch. 

Judge Dennis has former Judge David Young.

ASA Joe Centorino, chief of Public Corruption, has this headache on his desk. 

 It happened in civil court. Those guys can never get along. 
Criminal Court Judges? They're old school. They keep it in house. Someone pushes someone, and Blake sends them to Newman and he straightens it out. Nobody messes with him. 

Judge Young said to the Herald that they are "exploring all legal remedies" on behalf of the victim Judge Dennis. Sounds like a case for ......THE PEOPLE'S COURT. Send it to Marilyn Milian and she'll straighten these two ruffians out. The rest of the judiciary in Miami is on TV or wants to be, so why not these two? 

Meanwhile, North of the Border there are a bunch of judges high-fiving each other. 

EXCLUSIVE TO RUMPOLE: WHAT THE HERALD DIDN'T TELL YOU, was that this whole mess was the subject of "a sit down" at an Italian Restaurant across from civil court, run by none other than  Justice Building Favourite Judge Rob Pinero.  Judge Miller and Judge Pinero and other Judges had a "sit down" during which this matter was discussed and attempts were made to resolve it amicably. Email reports are trickling in that retired Judge Mercedes Bach and Judge Jose Rodriguez were present at the restaurant as well, but it is not clear if they were involved in the "sit down." 

"Miller looked like my five year old does when he is going into the doctor's office to get a shot" one lawyer wrote to us about  Miller entering the restaurant for the "sit down." 

"It wasn't pleasant and nothing was accomplished" wrote another "on the scene" source. 

Stay tuned. 


Anonymous said...

steal cage match?

Anonymous said...

I had the misfortune on several occasions to see the temper of Miller in action and abuse of power, threatening people and in one case jailing a father for a week because he made too much noise leaving the courtroom, I hope the sob finally gets his.

Anonymous said...

Dear, Robed readers use www.efax.com and stop the violence! Can't we all just get along?

Anonymous said...

Where do I start?

My information is this:

Judge Blake has 38 new jokes

Judge Lindsey doesnt understand this whole thing

Judge Muir is explaining it to Judge Lindsey

Judge Thomas is holding a hearing on this at 10pm Friday

Judge Margolious is remembering all the judges he did a "nugie" on over the years

Former Judge Chumbley just bought gifts for both judges

Anonymous said...

We have all gotten together because this brings shame and dishonor on the Dade Judiciary and we are all individually and collectively appalled.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think this whole situation is ripe for a comment from from Fake Judge Mastos...

How would he handle this situation?

Anonymous said...

The simple fact is that you could sell seats for a thousand bucks a piece for the trial of David Miller. He has been such a tyrant and sent more first offenders to prison than just about any other Judge in Miami. Please bring Judge Futch our of retirement from Broward to try the case. Futch would give Miller 364 in a heartbeat and dole out a little taste of his own medicine. Nothing like a criminal trial to being down the high and mighty. Pay attention Judges on the third floor of the Justice Building, or at least one Judge in particular who loves to send people to prison.

Anonymous said...

First of all, and I can't believe I'm the first to say this, but....

We need a lawyer with gravitas and respect to step in and settle this mess before it gets out of control. The next thing you know you will have JA's pulling hair to get pens and pads.

Uncle Miltie and Dapper Dave should stick to what they know best. This is a job for the Q.
Please. Someone . Anyone. Call the Q.

PS. Did Mendy leave Frank Gavaria?

Anonymous said...

Character is a powerful asset. Jugde Chumbley gets arrested, charged and admits he was wrong. Judge Chumbley a fair jurist is praised over and over for his demeanor.

Judge Miller accused of pushing another Judge amd denies the accusations. Judge Miller considered a complete A**HOLE is taunted over and over for being unfair and related to McCain (temper, temper).

May I suggest anger management classes for Miller.

Anonymous said...

"Did Mendy leave Frank Gavaria?"


Is is it possible for a super hack to leave a hack?

Is it even possible for a hack to have a super hack that could leave him?

This is too damn funny!

Anonymous said...

Total bullshit. File was closed by state. All Dennis. Miller didn't do a thing wrong.

And I saw it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this childish behavior from these Judges. Is it something in the water, asbestos or mold in the building? Or is it a bad case of "robe-itis"? Never a dull moment in our business.....

Anonymous said...

Judge Dennis, there are about 12,000 lawyers in miami, you choose to "hire" a lawyer who is uh, on TV and hasn't practiced in probably 20 years? What happened, Milian, Shuminer, Francis and Ferrer were unavailable?

Anonymous said...

Rule #1, never believe everything you read in the Herald

Rule #2, believe everything you read about Judge Miller, and assume it was worse than reported.

Anonymous said...

Judge Miller, I think the issue of the non working fax machine is like those non working bathrooms at rest stops - they just don't want people like you in there.

See Judge Miller, now it's time to realize that when you leave the bench, no one of any caliber will have anything good to say about you, congratulations.

Anonymous said...

The L&L associate is well seasoned and ready to step in.

Anonymous said...

"buckey" Miller is probably guilty. although having Young reprsesnt you is a showing of poor judgement. He has never tried a case to a jury and became a judge thanks to his father, Burton. He is not qualfied to be a dogcatcher. NOr is his partner, Bernstein.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe this wasn't handled between the two of them. Seriously. You've got to be kidding me.

Anonymous said...

Rump--wouldn't Judge Alex be a more appropriate venue than The People's Court featuring Judge Milian. Too bad Judge David Young is representing Dennis. This is made for his show.............

Anonymous said...

North of the Border, the Broward judges are wondering what the hell is up with the Dade judiciary.

Chumbley allegedly doing a Pee Wee Herman impression in a bathroom and now the Miller-Dennis Ultimate Fighting match.

Hopefully Miller and Dennis both resign and I can put in my application to the JNC. Then again, I'm probably too normal to be a judge in Dade County.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't anybody have any pride in themselves? Even if each Judge's story is true...keep it to yourselves!

Maria Dennis was a nothing when she was in private practice and David Miller is a pussy/nerd who is way to much into guns.

Folk's, get some Elvis in you!

Anonymous said...

i think the whole thing is an embarassment and the fact that Joan Fleishman is writing about it prooves that point event more!

Anonymous said...


Judge David Miller fired one of his JA's for calling child services regarding a child who was in danger.

Judge David Miller wrote a JQC complaint on the good Judge David Miller for wearing a penguin suit during Halloween.

Judge David Miller fired JA Ana and rehired her (odd) when she had cancer. Ana died later on.

Judge David Miller is two face. Few people liked him in REGB.

Judge David Miller is cheap and arrogant.

Judge David Miller is improper and abusive in court. Let's us remember he was the Judge that allow jurors to ask questions in trial. (WTF?)

Judge David Miller has always hated the good Judge Maria Espinosa Dennis. So much so, that he actively campaigned against her.

My questions is the following: Is it possible for Judges to get away with what normal citizens would not? What say you Chief Judge Farina? I would think that Judge David Miller will get some jail time, removed from Civil, docked in pay, reprimanded, sent to a DV course and best of all challenged in his next election or removed from office.

I urge all the good citizens of Miami-Dade County to write to Governor Charlie Crist and petition for the immediate removal of Judge David Miller.

A Judge who abuses upon women should not collect a government paycheck.


Anonymous said...

Civil lawyer here. Miller busts his ass every day. He will have a hearing at 7 am if you need it. He gives everyone all the time they need to be heard; he's pleasant and polite; and he rules quickly and explains himself.

Dennis doesn't show up to work half the time (and the word on the street is that she's being looked at for this) and is mercurial, short tempered, and dismissive. That's if you can see her on one of the days she actually shows up and doesn't cancel calendar.

I have a seriously hard time believing that Miller did anything wrong. "Diva-gate?"

Anonymous said...


CHAMBERMATES- FROM FOX TV the hilarious story of two feuding judges who are forced because of budget cuts to share a chambers and staff.
Christian Slater as Judge David Miller, a loud "oscar madison" type messy judge with a mean temper.

Maria Conchita Rivera as Judge Maria Dennis Espinosa as the loud brassy cuban judge with a neat fetish and a soft heart.

Watch the hilarity as these two opposites try and share a chambers and staff. From Fox TV this fall.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Judge Miller, but I do know that Judge Dennis isn't exactly a mild and kind person

Anonymous said...

I have to add my negative feelings about Miller.

He really is abusive... but, not as abusive as say... Judge Gene Fiero, Judge Ed Newman and a few others we have had to put up with.

Anonymous said...

The two funniest comments on this topic are the ones by Former Judges Sepe, Shenberg and Gelber, and the Shumie Time post.

I should know. I WROTE EM.


Anonymous said...

To the legal community: Imagine for a moment you are Rumpole. The best blogger in Dade. And into your office walks the best story for the best blog, in the form of a client, none other than Judge David Miller. Now what do you do?






Anonymous said...

Time to replace Miller, any candidates out their.

Anonymous said...

8:46, do you practice in the justice building? I hope not. I fear for your clients, especially if they are "the people of the state of florida."

And civil lawyer, you know nothing about Miller in criminal. I'm sure in civil hes nice and pleasant, but he cant really put people in jail over there, except for contempt. He was terrible in criminal. To the right of Atilla

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase comments on this blog:

It's not the size of the Miller in the fight

It's the size of the fight in the Miller.

Anonymous said...

Nicknames please:

1) Deck em Dave Miller

2) Maria the fax keeper

who's up next?

Rumpole said...

8:49: "their" should be "there" there.

Anonymous said...

Requesting permission to post something about Barnaby Min here, who is now with the Miami City Attorney

Anonymous said...

The buzz at that courthouse is that lady judge has a reputation as a spaz and hits the panic button when someone sneezes. The panic button is to call the cops in case there is something the judges 2 armed court security bailiffs can't handle. She hit it once when an "elderly" lady that was getting her house foreclosed started crying. Get a grip lady

Anonymous said...

My brother will beat you up if you touch me again, na na na na na! And if you ever come to Little Havana or C alle Ocho you are dead meat Miller. Nobody touches this diva without permission!

Anonymous said...

8:46.........are you serious? If Milton was Rump do you think he could've commented on the "sit-down" that took place? The Herald didn't mention that.

Keep your day job.

Rumpole said...

Here's how it works "Jack". You submit it, I review it, and if it's from"you" I reject it. You're banned.

Anonymous said...

Rump, take a mild bit of pleasure in knowing that as of Monday (October 27), Mr. Thompson's order of disbarment becomes effective.

Anonymous said...

Cost of an Administrator for 120 Judges $100,000.00 +

Cost of a Fax Machine - $350.00

Seeing the Judiciary behave like children because the Administration did not do their job -

Anonymous said...

Ignore the idiot rumpole

Rumpole said...

You can't stop reading can you? Between listening to Neal and Howard you're just obsessed with this blog, and I had nothing to do with your downfall. All I did was call you a jerk for harassing a widow and her child during the day their husband/father was being buried.

Rumpole said...


Anonymous said...

Frankie "sweet music viola" Gavaria- SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!!!!!! Has mendy flown the coop???

Anonymous said...

Here is the inside scoop. David Young (The Yenta) in violation of the confidentiality rules of the JQC process has let everyone know that a couple of weeks ago he was in Tampa before the JQC (of which he used to be member) representing, who else, but Espinosa-Dennis. After the meeting in which Espinosa-Dennis recieved a private counseling from the JQC and dismissal of the complaint, one of Young's JQC buddies (in violation of JQC rules) let him know who the complainants were. They included a private lawyer, Miller and two other judges.

When Espinosa-Dennis returned from Tampa she did not want Miller in her office, even to use the fax. She removed the fax to her private office and through her staff told Miller the fax was "broken". When Miller confronted Espinosa-Dennis about it, she started yelling, screaming and charged at Miller to get in his face. Miller pushed her away.

Enough blame to go around. Farina for not moving her immediately. Miller for not just going to Farina to deal with the problem. Espinosa-Dennis for being so juvenille. The other judges on the 4th Floor for joining in the complaint.

Now you bring in David Young, who is all about dropping a dime for promotion sake and Hirsh, who is all about Milt and the press, and you have a real mess.

There it is readers, the whole sordid tale.

Anonymous said...

Although Miller and I have had some tough cases together, he has always been fair and very professional. I happen to like both Judges and I am sorry to see that this happened. That being said... I think Maria Dennis has a Lot more on her plate going on in her life than she can handle right now.. Personally and professionally. Some of you who are friends with her know what I mean. Maria has confided in too many people her personal issues. I wish them both the best.

Anonymous said...

I am a commercial litigator and thus cannot speak to Judge Miller's actions in the criminal division. I have appeared before him only in one case earlier this year. Although the case was assigned to him for only a few months, during that time the case was very active and involved quite a few hearings (some very lengthy); I had more interaction with him in those few months than I have with many judges over the course of years litigating other cases. I have to agree with the earlier comment by the civil litigator praising Judge Miller. Judge Miller is perhaps the most accomodating judge I've ever appeared before. He was quick to accomodate hearings, let every lawyer have his or her full say, read every case provided to him (and even did his own research), and was unfailingly polite to the lawyers and to counsel. He was willing to start early and stay late. I also had an opportunity to observe him handle other matters that were scheduled before mine. In those hearings, I observed the same thing. So, I can't speak to what happened between him and Judge Dennis or how he acted on the criminal bench. But the Judge Miller before whom I appeared bears no relationship to the Judge Miller who is described in many of these posts. I do not know him socially and have interacted with him only in the course of the one litigation. However, I wish him the best of luck in getting through what I imagine has to be a tough time.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you are 11:57 (most probably a judge), but that is the 100% gospel, except you did not name the other complainants whose initials are BM and VP.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Judge Miller showed up to the JQC hearing wearing his tactical assault vest, empty holster, of course, but a Rambutt knife (in case he was threatened by Judge Young). Word is he was accompanied by a person of short stature dressed disguised as KATO (for the youth this was the Green Hornet’s sidekick). The rumor is that KATO was non other than Judge Platzer, one of the judges who encouraged Judge Miller in his quest to go after Judge Dennis!

David Young showed up in his Penguin suit, accompanied by a fellow of short stature, dressed as Robin, “the Boy Wonder.” Word is it was actually Judge Farina in disguise.

Judge Dennis showed up with two companions. All were dressed as Charlie’s Angels. Regrettably the identity of the two companions disguised as Charlie’s Angels is unknown.

Judge Dennis received a call from Sara Palin, offering support, and telling the good Judge that said she will take care of Judge Miller when she is in Town next week. Word is Judge Miller got a call from the NRA telling him the Vice President Palin was issuing challenge to Judge Miller, a showdown at the Medley Police Range.

All jokes aside, you got to wonder if this is the judicial model we want to portray to the public. Again and again, I say, we are more civil and professional in criminal, than in civil, this goes for all in the system! Grow up. The JQC complaint was bush league, hiding the fax machine was childish, and the two equal stupid and unfit. As for the Judges who fostered the compliant, I offer a suggestion, let he who has no sin cast the first stone. Do you really want the public to know how “hard” some of you don’t work! Grow UP!

Anonymous said...

Civil lawyer again (7:37). It is true that I cannot speak as to Miller's comportment in criminal. But notice how every comment here from civil lawyers is positive.

He's also one of the nicest guys around. Finally, look at who he hangs with from the civil building -- all of the best judges. (Echarte, Barzee, Gerstein, Fernandez, Platzer, Hubbart, etc). To me, that speaks volumes in itself.

This whole thing is ridiculous, frankly. But to use it as a whipping post for an excellent, hard working judge -- that's beyond stupid.

That's Republican.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the true side of the judiciary.

When is Slom going to slap Leifman over the next cafeteria choice?

Anonymous said...

I have known David Miller for many years as an adversary and on the bench. His demeanor, character, and ethics are impeccable and I can't say the same about the "other one" involved.

He is totally respectful towards all litigants, attorneys, and other judges. He presides in a friendly, informal and postive way. Any attack on his character or actions would be without any foundation whatsover.

Anonymous said...

I was an ASA assigned to Judge Miller's courtroom for almost one year. I like to think I learned a little about the man after spending so much time with him. Judge Miller was the most professional and courteous judge I worked with during my three years in the office. He treated everyone with respect. It is unfortunate that so many supposedly fair minded criminal defense attorneys are taking pot shots at him now that he's in the headlines without knowing all the facts. Criminal defense attorneys didn't like Judge Miller because he held criminal defendants accountable for their criminal behavior unlike most of the judges in this county. He wasn't afraid of the criminal defense bar and sentenced defendants with an eye toward protecting the citizens of this county. What a novel concept. We need more judges like Judge Miller in this county. This storm will pass.

Anonymous said...

This whole battery incident whether it really happened the way Maria said it did or not, has been embarrassing for the entire office and makes us look like a bunch of buffoons. Maria confided in more than a few people that she was angry with Miller. She also told her friends that she was overcome by emotional issues related to her son, other family issues, and the JQC investigation, to the point of requiring medical intervention. Those people then told their friends and now the whole office knows. If you take two persons with some power, a trivial dispute, add emotional issues, threats to retaliate, and you have the beginnings of a real problem. It stinks of impropriety and retaliation not to mention the implications of the JQC investigation leak.

Anonymous said...

I have had the privilege to practice in front of Judge Miller on a number of cases over the last few years. In this process, I have conducted motion practice before him on dozens of occasions, so I believe that I have seen and heard enough of Judge Miller to be able to now post an educated opinion. Judge Miller has always treated the lawyers who appear in front of him with great respect. What Judge Miller does not allow is for lawyers to disrespect the office that he holds by sometimes attempting to raise frivolous allegations in front of him. I have also seen his humanity, when he has dealt with those facing the imminent loss of their home. He not only has treated them fairly, but has had the compassion to express to them his sympathy. Judge Miller is the only Judge in this circuit that I have practiced in front of who has made himself available on Saturdays and every other day at 7:00 a.m.

Judge Miller is a decent human being who left his successful practice to serve the public and to spend more quality time with his loved ones. What is transpiring now, in my humble opinion, is politically motivated. I am confident that the truth will come out, and the citizens of our city will continue to benefit from his knowledge and compassion.

Anonymous said...

2:58 - which sounds like David Young trying to excuse away his own stupidity and misconduct - you at least are right about Espinosa-Dennis' complaints as being retaliatory. However Miller let his temper get the best of him and he placed himself in the compromising position.

Esponosa-Dennis' problem is that she is not very bright, lazy and to emotionally unstable to continue. As difficult as it may be for her to do, she should resign and relieve herself of some of the pressure, so she can concentrate on her family and her health.

Anonymous said...

"she did not want Miller in her office, even to use the fax. She removed the fax to her private office and through her staff told Miller the fax was "broken". When Miller confronted Espinosa-Dennis about it, she started yelling, screaming and charged at Miller to get in his face." 10/22 11:57am and confirmed by 10/22 3:01pm.

Verdict: Judge Dennis, Guilty of acting like a spoiled 4-year-old. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

Man, am I glad to see that it was only the criminal defense lawyers, whose guilty clients Judge Miller did not have pity for, the ones who chose to speak ill of him at a time like this. Even more satisfying was to read the praises from the civil trial lawyers who have practiced before him. I belong to the latter group, and like other colleagues of mine, have practiced before Judge Miller over the last two years or so. Contrary to some judges in that Courthouse, who mistakenly think of themselves as being holier than thou and intellectually superior, Judge Miller was apparently raised well by his parents. He is decent and fair, and I have never seen him bully a young lawyer, as I have seen it done by other judges there. He respects his peers (lawyers and judges alike) and treats people with respect. I have seen him, like someone said before, give compassionate advice to homeowners who are facing the loss of their home. That's the trait of someone who cares.

I have never had a case in front of Judge Espinosa, but have ran into her many times at the Courthouse. Just by looking into her eyes you can tell she is an emotionally unstable person. Colleagues who have practiced in front of her tell me she is not very bright and she knows it, so she tries to cover it up with antics.
We really have to work on getting a larger budget for our judiciary this year. You mean to tell me that these two judges have to share a fax machine?
Judge Miller, if you read this, know that many of us who know you like you and respect you. Everything will be OK.

Anonymous said...

The further Maria goes with this if the further she distances even those who like her.

She told her story to Miami-Dade Police. Miami-Dade Police found conflicting statements and did not find PC for arrest of further investigation.

Maria was not happy and demanded Kathy's office file charges. SAO saw that the only statement that came close to Maria's was her personal assistant, I mean bailiff. Her other staff were pressured into nodding OK, but later, under penalty of perjury told the truth.

Maria wasn't happy so she had Dave Young call his friend Joan Fleishman and gave her a copy of the Police report to write a character assassination report without all the facts. That caused Miller's friends and co-workers to rally. Even those that weren't even close to Miller to divulge information to the investigators about Maria's behavior, emotional issues, and motive. Seeing sworn depositions in the future, Maria's friends to start to jump off the sinking ship.

Maria wasn't happy, so now she is exploring the race card.

The further she goes, the clearer the picture becomes. This scares me because now I see what could happen if someone you rule against devises some plan of a false allegation as a means of revenge.

Anonymous said...

As a commercial litigator, I have had numerous cases before Judge Miller. My experience before him, with regard to the way he treats attorneys and parties alike, is that he treats everyone fairly and with respect. He is the essence of how a jurist should conduct himself. This debacle with Judge Espinosa-Dennis has clearly been blown out of proportion, and should be dismissed as a misunderstanding.

Anonymous said...

OK, I've sat on the sidelines on this one but now the last stunt ( If you don't know, you will hear about it today ) has cc'd me and I take that as an insult. I can make up my own mind on matters and an anonymous letter of this nature shows signs of someone juvenile, desperate, and cruel.

I am not sure if the sudden announcement of Judge Farina’s decision to depart does not have something to do with this alleged incident. Maria has said in the past that she has the goods on Judge Farina and it makes me wonder if she may have pulled out the hidden card again. Judge Farina is presumably doing his own internal investigation into the incident and
I wonder if Maria has backed Joe into a corner.

This incident should have been addressed quickly and decisively. It has now spiraled into conduct that should be looked at by a higher authority and preferably not the friend of David Young that reportedly was involved in the misconduct and leak of information at JQC.

I thought the above post about Maria resorting to using the race card was probably BS and propaganda. Up until I heard it from a respected member of the Cuban American group she approached. It's almost entertaining... Almost, till you remember that it is done with one purpose...at the cost of Millers reputation and an irreversible embarrassment to the judicial establishment.

The rumor is that Maria is now on her third lawyer in two weeks hired for this case and that in itself speaks volumes....

Anonymous said...

The rumor is that Maria hears cases where attorneys involved are relatives, social friends, and never discloses it or disqualies herself (and guess who her rulings favor). The woman is a certifiable nut! She should be removed from the bench for everyone's benefit and sanity.