Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Fact: Most New Years resolutions are quickly broken.

Solution: Alter your expectations.


To eat more. Especially bad carbs like Ice Cream and M&M’s. Leave the brown rice and sweet potatoes for those making unrealistic resolutions.

To be nicer to the SAO on the blog. Bennett too.

To roll our eyes at opposing counsel when in chambers, the Judge, who graduated law school in 2000, tells us how s/he tried every case they had, had all depos set and most taken within two weeks of arrest. We also promise to continue coughing out loud when the judge whispers that s/he will let us in on a secrete- that the Governor really wants them on the 3rd DCA.

We’re going to keep fantasizing about women way too young for us (We mean like 20-25).

To spend like crazy. Best Buy here we come.

To work a lot more. So when the time comes to pass on to the great blog in the sky, we can have that dreamy look in our eyes as we sigh “at least we spent enough time in the office.”

To not even look at discovery until the day of trial. Especially in Federal Cases.

To charge clients less. Who cares about bills and credit ratings anyway? And sign up for all those Capital One credit card offers. Just load up and blow em out.

3 words: Butter, Pizza, Cholesterol.

We’re gonna put down that book and turn on ESPN. Plus, there’s a whole bunch of new gambling websites we need to sign up for.

Pilates and Yoga are for wimps.

Sign up for that beer frequent buyer card.

To be more nasty and rude to clerks than seems possible. We went to law school! Don’t they realize that means we’re better human beings than they are? They exist merely to stamp and copy, and to do it quickly at that. Chop chop.

And finally, to blog more at the expense of our personal life and work life. After all, there is that great blog in the sky, and we’re soooo very important to legal life in Miami. Right?

Gonna do our best- like in past years- do make a dedicated effort- or as Reno likes to say “Our Level Best” to keep each and every one of these resolutions.

See You In Court yelling at the clerk and mocking the judge.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to resolve to love Don Horn and Lorna Salomon more and more everyday.

Anonymous said...

I resolve to be a better husband. I will not scratch my ass while in public with my wife, I will not discuss dingleberries at the dinner table, I will not comment on my wife's moustache, I will work on my dunlap's disease, and I will not leave the house when I still have a drug induced three hour erection even though I only need 3 minutes and the wife only wants 1.

Anonymous said...

I will only grope women that I do not work with.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! The Mayor has filed papers for re-election.


Captain whats the deal?

Rumpole said...

I'm not going to post links to your videos. Keep it up and I will start posting your emails, which will really drive you nuts.

And may I just say this: Atkins. Really. Quit the carbs. It's showing, and not in a flattering way.

Or you can try this, which someone else used when they ran for Judge:

"A big man for a big job."

Huckabee lost over 100 pounds, you can too.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, please enforce the rule: Walker shall only be referred to on this blog from henceforth as


Thanks old pal.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about Captain Pro Se? Slim Fast needs a super hero. The vote is on Captain Pro Se for Slim Fast or Clerk of Court. Rump I suggest a new Poll.

Anonymous said...

This coming from a lazy fat ass who sits at his computer eating oreaos and chips all day. Do you even have clients or is your one client the Krispy Kream donut shop?

Back off Rumpole!

Anonymous said...

Really Rump, your response to HHWMBN crosses the line by telling him that he needs to lose weight. I thought this blog stayed away from comments on personal appearance. Most especially, the type of response that you made--taunting and humiliating a person for their weight. I must say I am really surprised and offended at your comment. And yes to all those who are wondering out there--I too could stand to lose some pounds.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole: How about a listing of the very good trial lawyers from the sao and pd who were too competent and too much of a threat to their boss so they get fired or asked to resign. Remember Michael Band, Marlene Montaner to name a couple.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008 1:06:00 PM , Santa is that you?

Rumpole said...

1:06 PM. How do you know who I am responding to? No name was mentioned, thus no person was ridiculed on this blog for the way they look.

Additionally, It's my blog and I shall do as I please.

As to "It's on Man..."
go file another lawsuit you simpleton. Should I start publishing your "I really need you help" emails? As to my size- here is what we can do-

You give 10 thousand dollars to any attorney of your choice to be held in their trust fund- and you pick the distance
20 yard, 40 yards, 100 yards, 1 mile, 5 miles, 10 miles, 15 miles

and we shall race.
I will need a notarized letter assiging me the proceeds should I win.

In return I will put 50 thousand in that same trust account assigning the proceeds to you should you win.

Game on pudgy?

Rumpole said...

And I believe what you snack on is spelled "oreo", although quite frankly I haven't eaten one since law school.

Rumpole said...

PS. I shall race in a ski mask, so the longer the distance, the more "advantage" you might have. Although you can see me on the weekends running over the Key Biscayne Bridge, down the Key and Back again. If you can't huff and puff your way up, I would suggest you forgo the race and stake out the bridge with a video camera. But I run at weird times.

Rumpole said...

re-sumbit the blog rule comment, but take out the name- and I will post it.

I am remaining within the letter of blog law, as the person has not been named. I am merely using the blog to respond to stupid comments I have not posted. The comment is directed to that mook, and that mook alone.

Anonymous said...

One more fat, pudgy comment and I will sue you by 12 noon the first thursday of the month in which the moon is full.

Anonymous said...

Just edit it Rumpole

Rumpole said...

Believe it or not- Blogger does not allow me to edit or copy and edit or paste comments. It keeps blog owners honest. Your going to have to re-do it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Rumpole is now shown for his true colors. Always trying to be a saint when he is just a piece of trash just like his friend JT.

Anonymous said...

Umm afraid of the Big M are we? Will not post the Blog Rule because you fear the Big M?

Anonymous said...

How about a poll on the blog of who they want for Clerk of Court? You are so certain someone does not stand a chance why not poll it on the blog.

Anonymous said...

While technically within the letter of blog law, your comment falls outside the spirit of blog law. Of course, I do also recognize your penultimate power as owner of the blog to do as you wish--I just think it was a low blow and very unRumpolelike (perhaps you had too many toddies this past New Year's Eve?)

Rumpole said...

I don't mind being called names. And I have been called worse than trash. But who is JT? And how is my friend?

And I think a whole host of people at the SAO and PDs office, not to mention the entire judiciary would object to viewing me as a saint.

But as Billy Joel sang-

"I'd rather laugh with the sinners, then die with the saints. The sinners are much more fun."

Rumpole said...

1:48. You are correct. I was wrong.

I just hate the first work day of the new year. It makes me irritable, and the resolution of no coffee doesn't help.

Plus, I just get annoyed having to sift through proposed comments and reject the ones from this person who claims he has never read the blog.

I'm just grouchy. 363 days to go. I like the holiday season (all that free food and booze) and January and February are just such blue months. Maybe I have seasonal affect disorder. Or I just hate running in the dark.

Rumpole said...

Now I know who JT is. I'm not publishing the comment. I have never met him.

Nor will I publish the comment which is a reprint from the broward blog where weighty matter are apparently being debated as we speak.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole, you would agree with me that the tone thus far this year (today) on the blog is quite negative? To what do you explain this hostile beginning?

My advice is that you not respond to whats his name, I think it's making you loopy, as Billy Joel said:

"go ahead with your own life, leave me alone"

Rumpole said...

Good advice indeed. Of course I'm never the one who starts it. He sends a bunch of comments. I refuse to post them. Then he gets upset, then I respond. Meanwhile I'm about to start a big federal trial and runing the blog today is a good diversion keeping me from preparing.

"Luck is the residue of being lucky. To hell with design."

Anonymous said...

Great Quote Rump -

"Luck is the residue of being lucky. To hell with design."

It's actually the only time I don't want a residue broken down.

And by the way, as a Broward Blog afficionado, your "superfriend" has officially gotten on my nerves beyond belief. Why he thinks that running a 5th tier record/promotion company is qualification to be Clerk of Court is beyond me.

If that is a criteria, I used to download thousands of songs and burn them onto CD's. That makes me as a much a record mogul as him.

Anonymous said...

band was a terrible trial attorney. i beat him like a dog. he was fired because he sexually harassed his secrectary and lied by trying to investigatge her and get her fired. if he didnt resign he would have been arrested and proscuted by the ft. myers sao.

Anonymous said...

He is a bigot I say - to all the tubby, fat, chubby brothers and sisters the march against Rumpole starts at Krispy Kream on US1 near Sunset Place and ends at the REGJB. Donuts will be supplied. March starts at 3PM sharp this Friday.

Cardiac doctors will be on stand by.

Anonymous said...

from 11;17 a.m. my dear rumpole. I regret to inform you that business is slow this time of year. I went home early, took a viagra, had sex with the wife, and then broke my new year's vow and went outside to do yard work with 2 1/2 hours left on my erection. needless to say, i tripped and fell while raking leaves and I am now in the south miami er with a sprained penis. boy do I feel like a dick!

Anonymous said...

"If that is a criteria, I used to download thousands of songs and burn them onto CD's. That makes me as a much a record mogul as him"

I got one over on you and the Clerk guy as I have downloaded over 4000 movies and music - so that makes me a Film and Record Honcho!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that 'anonymous' claims to have beaten Band in trial. That has always been a very short list, and none of them - as I recall - were the types of jerks who would make such vile claims.

Hey: Anonymous, do you have a name?

I do - call me.

Happiest of 2008 to all.

Anonymous said...

Veteran local news reporter Jeff Burnside was charged with drunken driving after a Miami Beach police officer spotted him driving his Jaguar at 5:40 a.m. Sunday with its headlights off.

Burnside was driving north on Washington Avenue near Lincoln Road when an officer saw Burnside's car swerving and with its lights off, according to an arrest report


S.O.M.E.B.O.D.Y. C.A.L.L T.H.E


Anonymous said...

Wazzup wit da guv? The time must nearly be up for Perez' seat...have I missed sumpin'?

Anonymous said...

To 3:48pm

Hey Idiot, the Krispy Kream has not been there for several months now! You really should get out more!

Anonymous said...

Jeff Burnside said "Forget the Q. Gimme Bobby Reiff."

Same result, just costs $15,000 more.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see how this blog has degenerated. When it started, I it was entertaining and useful. People identified issues and, to some extent, gave constructive criticism.

Now its just a venue for nastiness and negativity. Sad.

Anonymous said...


Beach cop investigated over bawdy video


Internal affairs detectives are investigating a music video posted on Youtube.com that shows a scantily clad dancing woman at a bar briefly performing simulated oral sex on a uniformed Miami Beach police officer.

The video was posted by a user named ''Caselord'' in late November. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iXQml5T3mk].

The internal affairs bureau has been aware of the video for about a week, Detective Juan Sanchez, a spokesman, said on Wednesday.

Officer Elpidio Garcia, 35, remains on patrol on Miami Beach.

The two-minute, 12-second video shows a party scene at an unknown outdoor Miami Beach bar, set to a thumping electronic beat.

Early in the video, the burly, bald officer is shown surrounded by three dancing women. Throughout the video, a woman in a plaid skirt can be seen dancing and lifting up her shirt.

Toward the end of the video, she is seen dancing -- and then simulating oral sex -- on Garcia, who is standing next to a sidewalk drinking from a large water bottle. It was unclear whether the officer was providing off-duty security for the bar.

This is the second Youtube video to surface in recent months that show a uniformed Miami Beach police officer in a party scene.

In October, a video was posted that allegedly showed disgraced Officer Eduardo Macias at a bar surrounded by cheering revelers.

Macias is facing trial on official misconduct charges after he allegedly tried dating a woman he had fondled while transporting to the police station. He has pleaded not guilty.

Anonymous said...

Rump kisser, you better watch yourself. I am the rump lover. I know he is hard to deny, but rump belongs to me.
Step back bitch.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Captain.

George C. is doing as well as can be expected. He is a very decent man, who is deeply troubled by the consequences of his acts.

Perhaps you can keep that in mind - if and when you start acting like a grown-up one day.

Like the person who took the cheap shot at Band, your courage (use your own name) is second to all others.

What a great way to start the year. Another jerk who forgot his resolutions - but remembered how to kick a guy when he is down.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the high honor of introducing to you the next Public Defender of the United Counties of Dade......

Thomas Jefferson Cobitz.....a/k/a Rumpole.

Go gettem Rump de la Cobitz.

Rumpole said...

George Cholakis is the shining example (if he is guilty and I presume he is not) of all that is wrong with guidelines and an SAO fueled and driven by victims.

He is charged with a bad crime.
He has paid a heavy price.
Certainly a man who has contributed so much can have his case resolved without it entirely wrecking his life.

But we continue to elect politicans who run on the "lock everyone up and throw the keys away" platform- and judges are either mandated or intimidated into following that philosophy
( of course the ones who take delight in it have a special place in hell resevred for them)

and people like Mr. Cholakis are the victims of it.

If he's guilty, suspend his license, put him on probation, and put an interlock device in his car and be done with it. Mandatory AA and move on. By all appearances he is someone who if he's guilty, made a mistake, and should be allowed to move on with his life. This limbo sucks.

We live in the 21st century. There is alcohol. There are cars. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. I cannot throw that stone, and while it has happened rarely, and never in the last 20 years, the only difference between me, probably most lawyers and judges, and Mr. Cholakis, is the grace of the almighty.

Get his case settled reasonably and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

wishing all my miami brethren a 2008 filled with excellent health and much joy! i'm with my old adversary abe laeser...if you gonna crack hard on someone, own up to the crach with your real monicker! leon weiss PD '76 to '80...

aka the weiss man

Anonymous said...

Vote for this guy for Judge in 2008


On the issue of George C he is held to a higher standard. If he was poor and black would he get the same pitty? I am sorry but until we can treat the poor black man with fair justice I will reserve comment.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole does this take you back?

Judge Seymour Gelber sworn as an Assistant States Attorney


Anonymous said...


We live in the age of pervasive media.

If a small girl drops down a well, the nation finds itself consumed. More to the point, the visual consequences of mayhem are played over and over and over and over, leading people to grossly overestimate the odds of 'bad things.'

Crime has steadily dropped since the early 1970's, yet fear of crime continues to rise. This fear, of crime and terror, is leading us to demand an Orwellian state. And Cheney, et al., are more than willing to oblige.

Anonymous said...

To Rump Lover,

I will be doing no such thing, and for you to call me a bitch well that just makes me want to step up my game... and he's not yours!
Unless you also have blond hair, nice plump boobs and an amazing ass you had better back off! Oh, let me not forget that I also just happen to be in my 20's still...

Anonymous said...

Mr L,

I hope GC is troubled by his actions. While he may be a good guy, he nearly ended the lives of two of his fellow man. I hope he learns from his mistake and moves on.

Rumpole said...

Ladies Ladies please. There's more than enough Rumpole to go around. However a practical matter has reared it's ugly head. It seems Mr. Thompson has filed a Bar complaint against Famed Broward Blogger William Geilin for running the Broward Blog. Therefore, until that matter is satisfactorily settled, we will just have to continue our relationship through the racy and suggestive emails we have been sending each other.


Pumpkin..errr H. Rumpole, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Rump - This was just posted on the Broward Blog by Jack Thompson, who has recently become a "First Amendment Advocate". I think it is worthy of reposting here, so we can all see more of how Jacky-T operates.

Jack Thompson, Attorney wrote:
John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

January 3, 2007

Adria E. Quintela
Chief Disciplinary Counsel
The Florida Bar
Cypress Financial Center, Suite 900
5900 North Andrews Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Ken Marvin
The Florida Bar
Director of Lawyer Regulation
651 East Jefferson St.
Tallahassee, Florida 32399

Re: Formal Sworn Bar Complaint against William Jay Gelin, FB #490229

Dear Adria Quintela:

This is my formal sworn Bar complaint against Mr. William Gelin, who operates a popular legal community blog at http://jaablog.jaablaw.com/.

As you know, a Florida attorney by the name of Sean Conway is being prosecuted by The Bar for posting at this same blog certain comments critical of Judge Aleman, who was tried by the JQC for doing things that Mr. Conway said she did. The Bar, nevertheless, is proceeding against Mr. Conway for his fact-based criticism.

As you also know, Florida Bar Rule 4-8.4 (a) prohibits a Florida lawyer from assisting others to violate Bar Rules. In other words, it is a conspiracy or proxy Rule. If Mr. Conway violated Bar Rules in criticizing Judge Aleman, Mr. Gelin clearly did as well, as he aggressively moderates (censors/edits) JAABLOG. Mr. Conway could not have posted his comments about Judge Aleman without Mr. Gelin’s assistance. If you are to proceed against Mr. Conway, you have absolutely no choice but to prosecute Mr. Gelin as well.

Additionally, you need to understand that JAABLOG’S routine content is criticism of Broward judges and other officials. The Bar, if it is to enforce its speech codes found in its Rules, simply must enforce them against Mr. Gelin via Rule 4-8.4(a).

Further, Mr. Gelin, with the advent of the New Year, has authored and posted at JAABLOG a broadside against the judiciary in Broward as follows:

Posted by JAABLOG at 1/1/2008 4:57 PM and is filed under uncategorized
by The Ghost of 2007
12/31/2007 8:35 PM ...


Clearly, if The Bar is to prosecute anyone for criticism of the judiciary, it must prosecute Mr. Gelin for this and anything critical of judges at his site.

Please proceed.


Regards, Jack Thompson

Rumpole said...

Yeah I saw it. File it under the saying "In for a penny, in for a pound."

I don't think JT is after Gelin or Conway. Indeed, he has previously written in defense of Conway. He is trying to force the Bar's hand and point out the inconsistency of how they enforce bar regs- his own case being the foremost example in his mind.

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson's actions remind me of the episode of "South Park" when Cartman sued the school for sexual harassmant (no pun intended towards Herb Walker) and the case ended up as Everyone vs. Everyone. Why doesn't he just file a Complaint against every member of the Bar? Every lawyer, at least in private, makes disparaging comments about their bretheren and sisteren.

Anonymous said...

J/J T is cancer that if not exorcised will metastasize and kill your blog Rumpole.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 11:10 has hit the nail on the head. Under Jacky-T's theory of the case for his complaint against Bill Gelin, at least every attorney that read the Broward Blog entry by Sean Conway, heard of it, read someone commenting about it, etc., was required to report the alleged unethical conduct to the Bar.

The failure to do so would be a violation of the Rules.

I'm looking forward to reading the decision in Florida Bar vs. Everyone who reads the Broward Blog, Esq.

Anonymous said...


He has

Anonymous said...

Following Jack's logic on the proxy interpretation of the bar rule, I think we need to include in the formal complaint the following people:

1) Mr. Gelin's mom for birhting him. Were it not for her, Gelin could not criticize people.

2) Gelin's elementary school teachers for teaching him to read and write, thus enabling his behavior.

3) Dell and gateway for the PC used in this alleged criticism.

blah blah blah blah blah

Jack sounds like the guy who got beat up in school and blamed everyone else.

Fight your own fight and leave the rest of us out.

Anonymous said...

jack - you are embarassing yourself and our profession. go away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea JT. Rumpole beware!

Anonymous said...

Jack Thompson, Attorney wrote:
Let's see if you alleged attorneys, bravely identifying yourselves as "anonymous," can follow this. This is not terribly difficult, so pay attention:

If The Bar is going to enforce its unconstitutional speech codes (see Fieger v. Michigan Supreme Court) against some Florida lawyers, then it's going to have to enforce them against all lawyers.

You alleged lawyers understand the equal protection problems with selective prosecution, right? It's a sort of basic constitutional concept.

Now, if Sean Conway is to be disciplined for criticizing a judge, then Bill Gelin must be disciplined as well, as Rule 4_8.4(a) mandates that any lawyer who assists another in violating a Rule must be held accountable as well.

What is really reprehensible is that Bill Gelin himself did not tell The Bar this, since he's supposedly all for free speech and so forth.

The Bar seeks to disbar me for telling the truth about Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Ron Friedman and an irrascible judge in Alabama by the name of James Moore.

It is beyond foolish, then, that people who claim to be anonymous lawyers don't "get" the fact that if The Bar is allowed to cherrypick whom it is going to prosecute under these unconstitutional speech codes, then The Bar will be making good on Justice Douglas' prediction in Lathrop v. Donohue that integrated state bars would be "goose-stepping brigades."

Either lawyers or people who claim to be lawyers will tell The Bar, as I have, to be consistent and nonselective in such things, or The Bar will be the thought police of extremist knuckleheads like Bar Governors Ben Kuehne and Steve Chaykin.

Martin Luther King, Jr., understood the usefulness and the wisdom of pushing the government to the logical extension of its unjust, unconstitutional laws. That is what I am doing here. Bill Gelin, if he were consistent, would thank me.

And if the rest of you knew anything about American history, the constitution, and how to force the machine to change, you would thank me, too.

But I don't need your thanks. Just get the Hell out of the way. Adults are working here to preserve the Constitution, you anonymous cowards notwithstanding.

Jack Thompson

Anonymous said...

Don't ever tell Jack Thompson that "reasonable minds can disagree".

First, it may give him the false hope that someone out there thinks he has a "reasonable mind".

Second, in Jack's twisted and warped mind, "reasonable" minds cannot disagree. Either you agree with him or you are a perverted Nazi bent on destroying him.

Remember, just because you are paranoid doesn't mean people aren't following you.

Anonymous said...

Thats going to drive JT nutso!!!!




As you predicted Rump, Cameron was canned today and it looks like our next coach could be Tony "Soprano" Sparano.

Cap Out .....

Anonymous said...

Rumpole--You're a runner? Whats your 5k/10k time?

Anonymous said...

To Rump Kisser,

Well, blonde I am, nice round tits no doubt, and real! and as for a great ass Ill send pics to prove. Must be all that running with Rump. Since you know where the Krispy Kreme's are located, Ill assume your full of shit. 30 ain't bad and be careful because it will come quickly.

Forever a RUMP lover!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why Jack just doesn't put a footnote at the end of all his pleadings that says "should the Bar choose to drop it's proceedings against me, all of this will stop immediately, until then, I intend to be the lawyer police."

Anonymous said...

Rump, I propose a Justice Building Blog poll. How fitting considering today is the Iowa caucus.

Rump Lover vs. Rump Kisser
Each submits a body shot, no head, and your bloggers vote... which girl does Rump deserve?

The picture must be from a webcam and not downloaded or from a camera.

Whoever wins gets a date with Rump.

I would take Rump to Christy's Restaurant in the Gables, treat him to prime rib, mashed potatoes, a glass of wine and finish it with a cigar. Shumie's NOT in, and rest assured, Ill be dessert.

Anonymous said...

More great old pd's...Harvey and Britt.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who will get the Jeff Burnside case. It will not be a clinic like the Q. Media people know better than to hire ticket clinics like the Q.

Probably, Rieff, Catalano or Hersch will get the case. They actually fight to win.

Don't be surprised if he gets suspended from his job.

Anonymous said...

You "wonder who will get the Jeff Burnside case?" That's what you're wondering about? "The Jeff Burnside case?" Who is he, a local reporter? Big deal. He screwed up, go wonder about whether you will ever be anything moderately important.

Anonymous said...

Does Thompson have a fatal disease? Is he at death's door? Why else would he act like such a jerk, in a public forum, attacking everyone and everything? Either he has a mental illness, is dying, or is an active out of control alcoholic or drug addict. Please shut up.

Anonymous said...


Want to know why I post anonymously? Because I don't want you to know who I am. Anonymity doesn't just protect me from the government... it protects me from you.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jack has a great point on the free speech issue (some of the others, not so much). It's very frustrating that judges can slam us in their opinions, but we can't defend ourselves by pointing out how wrong they are (even when discussing the opinions in which they slammed us).

I for one would be happy to testify about how that works out.

Jack.......if you'd stick to your argument and not spend so much time slamming anyone and everyone who crosses your path, you'd get a lot farther. Your good points get lost in your rhetoric. And you're smart enough to know that people make decisions with more than their minds. Win their hearts, Jack, win their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Rump Kisser, after Rump Lover's last post, I vote for you.

Anonymous said...

To Fake Barnaby Min

Please don't steal my posts verbatim from the Broward Blog.

I know that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but jeez, it's like stealing a fellow comedian's jokes sometimes.

Best regards,
Faux Fakey Fakerstein, Esq.