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For legions of die-hard fans who closed out the fall of last year stating "wait till next year!", next year is here. 

Just to hit the ball and touch 'em all –
a moment in the sun; It's gone and you can tell that one goodbye!

John Fogerty, Centerfield.

For at least ELEVEN  years we have run this post. Baseball is important to us.

The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again. Ohhh... people will come Ray. People will most definitely come. Terrance Mann, Field Of Dreams.

Baseball follows no time. It has a rhythm of it’s own. It’s the only major sport without a time clock.  The strategy is to control the man. Control the match-up.

No matter how you play it, its 3 men up and three men down for nine innings.

It’s a game of statistics- do you bring in your right handed reliever to face the other teams big right handed hitter? The stats say yes. And yet…

it’s a game of hunches. When Tommy Lasorda called an injured Kirk Gibson off the bench in Game 1 of the 1988 World Series in the 9th inning, one on, two out, the Dodgers behind 4-3, and the future Hall of Fame Pitcher Dennis Eckersley on the mound , he did so on a hunch. Announcer Jack Buck called the home run, and was moved to exclaim “I don’t believe what I just saw.”

It’s a game of senses.

The glimpse of the green grass in Centerfield when you first walk into Yankee Stadium.
The smell of cut grass and fresh dirt.
The sting of a foul ball off a wood bat on a cold March morning.

The sound of the pop of the ball in the catcher's glove.

Little boys and girls  learn that when they hurt themselves in the game, to rub some dirt on it.
Is there any more valuable lesson in life?

The moments are magical, yet simple. It's why memories remain so clear in the rheumy eyes of old men who once played the game.

To take the wide turn past second, stretch a double into a triple, dive in head first, stand up, and dust yourself off.

To move to your own rhythm while you crouch with your glove off of  third base, (the hot corner) each hand on a knee, eyes wide as the ball comes off the bat. You scoop up the one hopper and make the throw to first.

Roberto Clemente in game 7 against the Orioles catching the ball in deep right field, whirling and firing a strike to third base- the best throw in the history of the game. 

Willie Mays stalking center field, gliding under a fly ball. 

Hammerin Hank Aaron hitting another one out.

Pudge Fisk hopping and jumping and waving that ball fair.

Mets/ Red Sox. Game six, 1986. Do we need to say anything more?

CUBS WIN...CUBS WIN  2017...miracles do happen and sometimes "wait until next year" comes true.

October 13, 1960. A fading fall light in Pittsburgh. Seventh game of the world series. Ralph Terry on the mound for the Yanks for the bottom of the ninth. The game impossibly tied at 9-9. Bill Mazeroski, the Bucs light-hitting second baseman  takes the first pitch for a ball. The second pitch sails over a dejected Yogi Berra in left field as the city explodes and Maz dances around the bases in the only seventh game-9th inning walk off home run.

Young Dwight Gooden throwing heat, and then snapping off a curve (uncle Charlie, or Lord Charles) for a called third strike. Close your eyes and you can almost see Bob Gibson, standing on the mound in 1968, glaring, before throwing a hard high one inside.

Reggie hitting one out with his first swing on a cold October evening against the Dodgers in the 77 Series. And then another one with his first swing. And then, impossibly, another one with his first swing. Three swings, three home runs. In the World Series. 

Cleon Jones waiting under a fly ball hovering in an ice-blue New York October sky. The ball lands softly into his glove, and Jones falls to one knee for a minute as a man, and stands up as an imortal member of the 1969 Miralce Mets- the fly ball being the last out in the world series that the improbable Mets won. 

Any three guys turning a 4-6-3  double play, but Tinkers to Evans to Chance being the best.

There comes a time in a boy’s life when he stands there at home plate. It's hardball in an organized league. His first real “at bat.” The pitcher is a year older, and maybe thirty pounds heavier. The first pitch comes in so fast he can barely see it. It’s hard to believe anyone can throw that hard. And yet the boy stands there, rubbing some dirt on his hands as he re-grips his bat, kicks his cleats into the ground, and waves his bat. Hopefully menacingly. Just like he's seen it done on TV.

The pitch comes, and suddenly it's in slow motion. He can see the seams on the ball rotating. He can almost smell the ball as he swings. The bat glides across his hips and the plate. It all seems so simple, as a line drive bounces safely in the alley. He turns at first, saunters back, takes off his batting helmet and glove, and puts his foot on the bag, feeling it crunch beneath his foot. He may not know it, but his father is crying in the stands, and he has given himself a memory for life.

Young boys grow up and then grow old. They do their life's work and the game begins to fade away.

But every now and then, right around this time of year, they rummage through their closet and pull out a glove. Or maybe they go to the sporting goods store and buy one for themselves and one for their son or daughter. Then they sit  with their new glove that first night, showing their kid how to oil it up and put a ball in the pocket. And maybe it’s a family tradition to fold that oiled glove over a ball in the pocket and put that glove under your pillow.

And you smell the oil, and the rawhide, and you dream.

Just to hit the ball.
And touch them all.
A moment in sun.
It’s gone and you can kiss that one goodbye.

This is our favoutire post. 


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Anonymous said...

Terrfic prose Rumpole.

You almost made me forget:

(1) Baseball is the only sport played by guys with asses so fat they could not even think about doing another sport.

(2) Baseball is the only sport that seems to diminish the personality of its players (they are f...in dull).

(3) Baseball is a sport where a team owner has the gall to ask a city to build a 400 + million dollar stadium so that he can pay his players thier salaries. (these guys should make as much as possible, but without public financing).

(4) Baseball is the only sport whose management protects steroided up players because they have good records.

(5) The Marlins have now dismantled two great teams to attempt to scare the public into building a stadium for NOTHING in return. How bout a school, a courthouse, some good teachers or more judges. You really think a stadium will help the surrounding area? Check out the OB or Joe Robbie, or the Miami Arean (don't even think about crediting it with the condo boom).

To recap:

A sport whose players are fat, without personallity, on steroids, which steals money from the public to support itself, and that could not be played any other time of year because football would whoop its ass. ONLY in America!

Anonymous said...

"What bothers me (and I am no fan of former Judge Ivan Hernandez) is that Judge Hernandez's Judicial Assistant makes anti-semetic comments and Judge Hernandez is tortured for it and lost his seat. When Judge Jeri B. Cohen makes anti-cuban comments she is praised and gets re-elected in 2002.

I am concerned that a Judges JA is held to a higher standard than a Judge."

In the words of Bill O'Reilly on the unfair and unbalanced FIXED (not fox) TV Network "WHAT SAY YOU" Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Phillip Roth wrote a wonderful baseball book entitled, "The Great American Novel." I recommend it to anyone who loves baseball or Roth's writing.

I cant wait to the Marlins have a real ballpark and not a converted stadium.

Anonymous said...

Hernandez needs to unseat Krieger Martin - when is she up?

Anonymous said...

why would anyone want to pick a fight with Al Krieger's daughter? stupid

Anonymous said...

"The old order changeth, giving place to new, Lest one good custom, should corrupt the world."

Out of respect for the old man, nobody has. But, how many trials have you ever tried in front of her? Anybody? More productive people are available to move justice along in this county.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Jeri Beth is not that she is anti anthing. She just has a big mouth and does not know when to shut up.

Deep inside, she is OK. She is not a bigot.

On the outside, she is a JAP with a robe.

Anonymous said...

Its lunch! Time to gossip, tell lies and just piss off a few judicial crack pots.

Anonymous said...

Rumor is that Judge Firtel was anti Bailiff union and thus, the Bailiffs are getting an opponent for him as well as Farina. Stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

oh please the bailiffs serve at the pleasure of the judges

Anonymous said...

Who said the Herald is not one sided.

Anonymous said...
To Sunday, April 01, 2007 1:14:00 PM

Actually, the article you mentioned devotes a good bit of space to the fall-out from Judge Cohen's statement. If it's an issue that concerns you so much (either the statement or the perceived inadequacy of the Miami Herald) why didn't you read the whole article?

Susannah Nesmith
Miami Herald

Monday, April 02, 2007 11:23:00 AM
Anonymous said...
Susannah Nesmith, the article does not lie or push the bias of the issue as you did on your articles. They could have made it out to look as bad as it was with the actual quote of what she said, but you have no guts. Just like you never printed anything that damage the so called accusers, but included any and all lies on Judge Hernandez. This is why the Miami Herald is not liked. No truth in reporting and we all know you are friends with Leifman.

I think you will get fired and the job place will suffer for your lies. Too bad for you.

Monday, April 02, 2007 11:39:00 AM

Children play nice.

Anonymous said...

Here are your Miami Dade County Idols. Remember these are 866 numbers not 800 you will have to wait till the end of the year to place your calls.

The top ten will tour the State will Chief Judge R. [Ryan] Lewis [Seacrest]:

01 Fernandez, Ivan F. 2008 1/5/2009
02 Flores, Mary Barzee 2008 1/5/2009
04 Ward, Diane 2008 1/5/2009
05 Donner, Amy Steele 2008 1/5/2009
06 Esquiroz, Margarita 2008 1/5/2009
07 Rodriguez, Jose M. 2008 1/5/2009
09 Friedman, Ronald M. 2008 1/5/2009
11 Fierro, Eugene J. 2008 1/5/2009
16 Firtel, Leon M. 2008 1/5/2009
17 Trawick, Daryl E. 2008 1/5/2009
18 Gordon, Jon I. 2008 1/5/2009
19 Silver, Roger A. 2008 1/5/2009
23 Lopez, Peter R. 2008 1/5/2009
27 Dresnick, Ronald C. 2008 1/5/2009
33 Farina, Joseph P. 2008 1/5/2009
35 Prescott, Orlando A. 2008 1/5/2009
36 Pineiro, Roberto M. 2008 1/5/2009

37 Hardee Muir, Celeste 2008 1/5/2009
38 Glick, Leonard E. 2008 1/5/2009
44 Bagley, Jerald 2008 1/5/2009
46 Zabel, Sarah 2008 1/5/2009
50 Simons, Stuart M. 2008 1/5/2009
51 Chumbley, Douglas J. 2008 1/5/2009
53 Emas, Kevin M. 2008 1/5/2009
54 Wilson, Jr., Thomas S. 2008 1/5/2009
55 Cohen, Jeri Beth 2008 1/5/2009
57 Shapiro, Bernard S. 2008 1/5/2009
58 Schumacher, Marc 2008 1/5/2009
63 Rosinek, Jeffrey 2008 1/5/2009
64 Hogan Scola, Jacqueline 2008 1/5/2009
69 Scola Jr., Robert N. 2008 1/5/2009
70 Karlan, Sandy 2008 1/5/2009
71 Sigler, Victoria S. 2008 1/5/2009
72 Diaz, Reemberto 2008 1/5/2009
75 Tunis, Dava J. 2008 1/5/2009
76 Eig, Spencer 2008 1/5/2009
77 Butchko, Beatrice A. 2008 1/5/2009

13 Brennan, Victoria R. 2008 1/3/2009
16 Figarola, Rosa C. 2008 1/5/2009
17 Hendon, Eric 2008 1/5/2009
19 Schwartz, Jacqueline 2008 1/5/2009
30 Miranda, Cristina 2008 1/5/2009
34 Sarduy, George A. 2008 1/5/2009
36 Saenz, Nuria 2008 1/5/2009
38 Arzola, Antonio 2008 1/5/2009
42 Lindsey, Norma S. 2008 1/5/2009

Judge Cohen will automatically be disqualified from the running.

Anonymous said...

Rumpy, with all due respect, college basketball season is not over.

Tonight we witness for the first time in Human recorded history, the attempt of one college team to win a consecutive championship with the same starting five players.

History is written by the winners, and tonight history will be made by my beloved Florida Gators.

Destiny does not by happenstance fall into the laps of those who do not reach out and grab it.

Tonight the Gators have a date with destiny.

Florida 72
Ohio 61

The Justice Buildings BIGGEST Gator Fan, Alan Jerome Shuminer, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Shuminer should get opposition based on her relatives constant stupid remarks.

Anonymous said...

Put me in Coach, I'm ready to play!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anyone who runs against Firtel or Barzee, I'll volunteer for your campaign crew....

Anonymous said...

Post a $300,000.00 cash bond and I'll run against Amy Steele Donner. Don't forget she was the first one to pass the $100,000.00 mark for judicial campaign expenditures.

Anonymous said...

1. Also Adrien needs to go.

2. What exactly were JB Cohen's comments?

Anonymous said...

how do i love thee..... let me count the ways............

Anonymous said...

Monday, April 02, 2007 3:44:00 PM

It's not me.

Anonymous said...

4:43 talk about the understatement of the year- "Adrien needs to go". How did this man get a bar license? How did he pass the SATs? How did he pass the BAr? He knows nothing-repeat after me-NOTHING about law. I have seen this idiot ask questions about bond for first degree felonies, where it was clear he didn't know the sub categories of first degree felonies. I have seen this legal genius ask whether Metro Dade Liason takes service for subpoenas for all other police departments. I have listened to this $#@%^&#@! deny motions for the most dumb reasons where it was clear he had no clue- repeat after me NO CLUE- as to what was going on.

Oh, he will get opposition, I GUARANTEE IT.

Anonymous said...

PS Rump de la Rump- if you don't get it- I think Adrien is the worst Judge in the history of the United States, including all Judges who have previously been disbarred,

and I think you stuff this morning on Baseball was great.

Anonymous said...

To 4:59:00 -

I agree and stand corrected. My post was an understatement. Yours was much more thorough!

Anonymous said...

Baseball sucks...what's the countdown for football.

And sorry Shumie, basketball is a 2nd tier sport, don't get so excited you two faced FSU fan.

Anonymous said...

Judge Adrien is so slow that it reminds me of the Comcast Cable commericial with the Turtles

Anonymous said...

Judge Adrien never practiced criminal law. Give the guy a break,
how do you think you'd do as a Judge in the Civil Division if all you'd ever done was criminal law.

Anonymous said...

Rumpole is either Brian T or Miguel de la O

I could be wrong I just have this feeling

Anonymous said...

For those who think that Firtel or Sigler have to go, I suggest you focus your energy on the real losers on the bench, lets run Col. Raul Ordonez against Tunis, or better yet, considering her already name recognition, lets run Vellis against Tunis. NOw that is an idea!!!

Anonymous said...

If he never practiced criminal law , what in the name of incompetence is he doing on the bench? He should not have run. When you apply for an appointment, if your name is not forwarded to the Governor, many times the committee will tell you to get more experience in criminal law, or civil, or what have you, so that the person appointed is able to do the job. Your defense of this incompetent excuse is that he has no experience? I hope you defend your clients better than that.

Anonymous said...

5:38 why how dare you!! Everyone who knows me knows I bleed gator blue and gold. I am a tru blu Gator fan.

Gators 100

Ohio state 32

Anonymous said...

6:07 PM

One of the best come backs ever! Great JOB.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Judge Lawrence King never practiced in Civil court? The excuse is clear now. I have seen the light the reason for Judge Kings incompetence, well golly gee.


Anonymous said...

It's true that Adrien never practiced criminal law before taking the bench. But after 3 long years on the bench, you think the man will get a clue as to what's going on. Even the new clerk working in this division knows the law better than him. Stop making excuses for him and realize that not all of us are destined to hold the gavel and make decisions. He does need to go.

Anonymous said...

What makes Adrien dangerous is that he is mean spirited towards defendants. he makes up for his lack of experience by trying to be the toughest sentencer in the building so he can build some half assed reputation on the backs of indigent defendants. He should know better.

There are several very well respected defense attorneys who will tell you that in trial with Adrien he would say things at sidebar like the prosecutor was new and learning and he was going to give him some leeway, and the defense attorney would respond in a fashion to say this is not a game, and I am not here to train these people. My client's future is on the line and if they don't know how to ask the proper question, your job is not to help them. Adrien feels so lost that he seeks friendships with young prosecutors so they can help each other. He is a disgrace to the bench and needs to be replaced ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I am the greatest gator fan of all time. The gators are the greatest basketball team of all time. Tonight is the night. Destiny will meet desire and talent, and history will be made.

Anonymous said...

Someone really has it in for Judge Adrien. Dude take a chill pill.

If he is such a ignorant Judge please post all the 3rd dca opinions because if a Judge is ignorant the 3rd dca will catch on.

If you dont have any cases than please shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

"Destiny will meet desire and talent"??? Sounds like a party of strippers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh...there's a whopper of a 3rd DCA opinion on its way. The transcripts would shock you.

Anonymous said...

RUMPOLE - please publish a list of the names of the applicants who filed for the 3rd dca? deadline was last fri. we have a right to know and to comment or write letters - and we should!

Anonymous said...

Judicial Nominating Commission
3rd District Court of Appeal
List of Applicants for Judicial Vacancy

The following individuals have applied with the Commission for nomination to the 3rd District Court of Appeal:

1. Charles M. Auslander
2. Jennifer D. Bailey
3. Hugo L. Black, III
4. Sanford Lewis Bohrer
5. Jonathan D. Colan
6. Richard Domingues Boscovich
7. Kevin Emas
8. Ivan F. Fernandez
9. Michael A. Hanzman
10. Mark King Leban
11. Lisa Berlow Lehner
12. Roberta G. Mandel
13. Kathryn S. Pecko
14. Roberto M. Pineiro
15. Lisette M. Reid
16. Jose M. Rodriguez
17. Scott Lawrence Rogers
18. Vance E. Salter
19. Eduardo I. Sanchez
20. Edwin A. Scales, III
21. Cristina Pereyra Shuminer
22. Sheri Smallwood
23. Steven Edward Stark
24. Douglas H. Stein
25. Paulette Rose Taylor
26. Sandra E. Taylor
27. Arnaldo Velez

The 3rd District Court of Appeal Judicial Nominating Commission encourages and seeks comments regarding the qualifications of these applicants from the public and members of the Bench and Bar. Any comments may be addressed to:

Gerald B. Wald
Murai Wald Biondo Moreno & Brochin, P.A.
Two Alhambra Plaza, Penthouse 1B
Coral Gables, Florida 33134


Anonymous said...

A quick search of cases that have made it to the 3d DCA in which Judge Adrien was presiding, reveals that he has had 20 cases affirmed, 3 reversed, including one which reversed Judge Adrien's downward departure and 1 case which was remanded for correction. 6.66% reversal rate, I don't know what the average is for the 3d DCA.

For those who complain about Judge Adrien, your complaints may are more effective when addressed to Judge Farina, then when written anonymously on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess Phil "Big Ticket" Reizenstein is jumping for joy now that his Gators have secured a back to back championship much like his vaunted Steelers. The similarities are really quite amazing when one takes the time to decode them. My hats off to you Mr. $69. Keep the witholds coming!

Anonymous said...

Is this funny or what! Darrin McGuillis is now an authority on 3rd DCA picks! I guess your list contains Judges you never lost to or that like the same thing you do.

Go back to Menudo you weirdo. Isn't your sister still calling for Judge Cohen or something. Don't you have metanl appointment or something? Gosh.

Anonymous said...

If McGillis wants them there must be something wrong with them!

How would you like to be the 3rd DCA candidate of the sociopath?

Anonymous said...

Someone please tell Judge Adrien to stop posting in defense of himself, its transparent...and, note, reversal rates are not a measuring stick.

Reality, most day-to-day rulings are not appealable, and even if appealed, the 3rd is not always right.

Anonymous said...

For those interested in one of the named applicants, read United States v. Alzate, 47 F.3d 1103 (11th Cir. 1995).

Anonymous said...

Very interesting case and a bad reflection on a potential appellate court judge. I had a bad experience with this same A.U.S.A. in case in which he promised to give Rule 35 consideration to my client and then disappeared into his rathole after he and his agents had debriefed my client about 20 times and sucked every piece of information possible out of her before she went to Federal prison

Anonymous said...

Who is up for re-election in Broward?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shuminer you big and fat (literally and figuratively) liar! You have your entire office covered in FSU crap. NOT ONE PIECE OF GATOR CRAP! You are the ultimate bandwagoneer!

Anonymous said...

Firtel is amazing. Please do tell why you believe he needs to go. he is kind, compassionate, fair, and takes no shit.

Anonymous said...

I have finally come out of the closet....I am a Gator fan!! It is true that I have many FSU posters in my office but that was only when they were challanging for their own national championships. I now have all orange and blue baby!!! Go Gators...Go Colts!!! Go St. Louis Cardinals!!!

Anonymous said...

Susanna Nesmith thanks for creating Darrin McGuillis.

Anonymous said...

Susana, what is your home address or at least, the area you live in? I have some info I need to get to you baby.

Anonymous said...

I read the Alzate case and it's quite disturbing to have someone like the AUSA in that case sitting as an appellate judge. Maybe he has matured and realized that the end does not justify the means and that truth, due process and fair play take precedence over getting a conviction, even when the prosecutor is convinced of the defendant's guilt.

Anonymous said...

girls now rock teh field, you dinosaur

Anonymous said...

uh, fake ex husband of donner? have you ever appeared before espinosa dennis? and she put in for a federal judgeship? hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

I hate baseball.

Mayan Calendar said...

Why are you reposting from 2007?
Is it cause of the apocalypse?

Anonymous said...

What's with the 2007 posts?


From the DBR:

Jose Baez opens Coral Gables office .....

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, is returning to his roots, opening an office in Coral Gables this summer with four lawyers.

Baez has spent the last six months quietly searching for office space in South Florida, hiring lawyers "that fit into my practice" and preparing to open what will likely be the main office of the Baez Law Firm. He plans to maintain his office in Kissimmee.

"I have been getting cases all over the country since the Casey Anthony verdict," said Baez, 43. "I wanted to expand my practice and could have gone anywhere. I decided to come back to Miami."

The New York native dropped out of Homestead High School, got his GED, earned his law degree at St. Thomas University Law School and worked at the Miami-Dade public defender’s office for three years. He still has family in the area but moved to Central Florida eight years ago to open his own practice, saying he desperately needed a change of environment.

It’s unclear whether Baez will be welcomed with open arms by Miami’s legal community. He was let go by the public defender’s office in the late 1990s after failing to be admitted to The Florida Bar due to "character issues." The Bar cited past-due child support, unpaid bills and extravagant spending. Baez ultimately achieved Bar admission in 2005.

"We obviously thought he had good potential, or we wouldn’t have hired him," said Rory Stein, general counsel with the Miami-Dade public defender’s office. "But he couldn’t gain admission to The Bar, and we hired him as a lawyer, so we had to part ways."

Stein, who was Baez’s trial advocacy professor in law school, laughed when he was told Baez is moving back.

"Jose went to school down here, so it’s a natural fit for him," he said. "I’m sure at one point we’ll bump into each other."

Baez’s idol, criminal defense attorney Roy Black, called Baez’s move to the Miami market "a good idea."

"I think it would be much more difficult for him to continue in the Orlando area," Black said. "When you handle a high-profile case that poisons the community, it is very difficult for the lawyer involved as well as other lawyers. I think this is a much better fit for him rather than Orlando.

"With Jose being Hispanic and having his name attached to a famous case like Casey Anthony, I think he will do well."

Celebrity Status

Few know that Baez got his start in the Miami-Dade state attorney’s office, where he worked for one day before crossing the street to the public defender’s office. "Being a prosecutor just didn’t fit my personality," he said.

In Central Florida, Baez was a solo criminal defense attorney, struggling to find cases, when the case of accused child killer Casey Anthony walked in the door. After winning her acquittal last July and becoming a media star in the process, his life changed completely.

Baez became friends with Geraldo Rivera, was introduced to former President Bill Clinton and had dinner with Cheech Marin. He is still reeling at his newfound celebrity status.


from the DBR - continued:

But he also got plenty of hate mail. He defends his role defending Anthony, saying, "There are always people who have a negative reaction. I understand the information they’ve been fed. I don’t blame most folks. I was honored to represent Casey. She placed her life in my hands. It’s an awesome responsibility."

Baez also received 26 Bar complaints during the case. A Bar spokeswoman said he has been cleared of them all.

The lawyer has since achieved victory in another high-profile case, securing the release of Gary Giordano, who was held in an Aruba prison in the disappearance of a Maryland woman. Giordano said she was swept away while they were snorkeling, but Aruban authorities considered him a suspect in her death.

Since then, Baez said he has deliberately minimized his media appearances and speeches to focus on his practice. He honed a subspecialty of forensic science, taking a three-week certification course at a DNA lab in Holland, attending a blood-pattern analysis class in New York and studying entomology with forensic expert Kathy Reichs, the inspiration for the television series Bones.

"I find it fascinating how forensic science is used in the court system," Baez said. "A lot of lawyers are asking me to join their defense teams as the forensic expert. I don’t need to be the guy front and center. I like teamwork, building strong teams and partnerships."

He scoured downtown Miami for office space before settling on a new building at 2020 Ponce De Leon Blvd. in Coral Gables. The building management lent him space in the sales office while it builds out his floor plan, which features a wraparound balcony with a view of downtown Miami.

Handpicked Lawyers

He has hired four Miami lawyers he is not yet ready to name. They will focus on personal injury, immigration and civil litigation. He expects to open his new law office within six months and has taken on some South Florida cases.

"They are closing up their practices," he said. "I handpicked these lawyers. They are very good lawyers. I wanted to make sure if my name is attached to something, it is the best."

While his billing rate shot up after Anthony’s case, Baez insists his firm will continue representing "the nonrich" at lower rates. He is representing defendants charged with drunken driving, domestic violence and fraud.

When asked to name his role models, Baez mentions Black; Miami criminal defense attorney Al Krieger; Clarence Darrow; and J. Tony Serra, a San Francisco attorney who was the subject of the film True Believer. Baez also called the original O.J. Simpson defense team "phenomenal," adding, "they didn’t get the credit they deserved. The prosecution in that case was outlawyered."

"I love to watch good lawyers work," he said. "There’s a skill set involved. There are subtle things that make the difference between winning and losing. A lawyer can’t change the facts, but, if you have skills and preparedness, that’s two out of three."

Anonymous said...

who is the dumb ass calling for someone to run against barzee?

she resigned a year ago

i love state court lawyers....its like swimming in a sewer.

Anonymous said...


How did all those 2007 comments show up in this post?

George Frobisher said...

Jose has better taste in trial lawyers than he does in ties and pocket squares. J. Tony Serra is one of our great trial lawyers, a dying breed on life support. We are still waiting for Roy Black to blog about Serra's craft and style - there's plenty of video on Tony on the net, Roy. Watch him take apart pathologist Michael Badden in the Binion murder case.

In Jose's opening and closing in the Anthony trial, we can see perhaps glimpses of Serra's influence on him. Sure everything else was tough to watch. But while the talking heads in the media and the publicity-seeking Orlando lawyers were taking pot shots at Baez's lack of technical skills in procedure and evidence, we know that the jury was not so interested in those things. They were interested in the story. A trial is not an evidence contest.

Baez's problems in central Florida were not mere jealousy, although there is that. He is/was not liked by his colleagues in the bar for a number of reasons.

So was he just lucky? Let's take a step back and give credit where credit is due. He stood in the area and took the blows from the media, the judge, the public, his colleagues in the criminal defense bar, and he kept his focus. He displayed personal conviction; he believed in his case; and championed his client's cause.

Perhaps his hero Serra spoke to his conscious during those dark, lonely nights leading up to the trial...

Anonymous said...

I got so confused reading this comment thread.
I know you've been reposting the post, but the comments too??

Rumpole said...

Yeah- if I re-run the post the comments go along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

Just cut and paste to avoid that Rump.

Anonymous said...

Baseball SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

It would be real emberrasing for Rumpole's Knicks if they couldn't even beat the Heat's J.V. team. Does not bode well for the Knicks in the playoffs (especially if Carmello can't score 50 points every playoff game).

Anonymous said...

Well done, Doctor.

Well done indeed.

N.B. First loss at home for the Yankees on opening day since 1982.


Rumpole said...

Carmelo hung 50 on your Hear. Is that the 3rd time this year the knicks have beat the heat?

Anonymous said...

As long as Carmello is making 75% of his jump shots, the rest of his team is scoring 52 points a game, and Norris Cole is running the 4th quarter offense for the Heat, the Knicks have nothing to worry about in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...


Instead of reposting a past blog how about a discussion on the best trial metaphors utilized in trial.

Hell, you could even do a post on an obscure subject such as Barratry.

Or, another post on how ASA's refuse to turn over "Brady" and how pro prosecution judges in this building almost always never does shit about it as if the SCOTUS has never ruled on it.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...

this blog is following arods example by juicing the number of hits it gets

Anonymous said...

Accept Arod is getting paid.

MC Waste Services, Inc said...


Anonymous said...

In June 1970, Pirate righty Dock Ellis threw nine innings of no-hit baseball against the San Diego Padres. That in and of itself is impressive, but Ellis did it while tripping his brains out on LSD. In his celebration of the feat, Nashville raconteur Todd Snider recounts this bit of counterculture lore by describing the hallucinations (“the ball turned into a silver bullet, his arm into a gun”) as vividly as he does the game play (“His sinker looked like it was falling off a table, but nobody was hallucinating that”). In the end it’s impossible to tell which is America’s real favorite pastime: baseball or recreational drug use.

Anonymous said...

Accept it garbage collector

LSD is a great drug.

Anonymous said...

gag me

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Off this topic....

I was reading through some old posts and found this comment:

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please do not advocate sending "Bad New Brennan" to civil. We have too many little girl fomer prosecutors like Gordo, Ruiz Cohen, and others who have no idea what the heck they are doing. Keep her in criminal where most are guilty and away from the important cases that involve money, oftent alot of it in civil.

Sunday, April 05, 2015 2:06:00 PM"

I was a long time former APD who left awhile ago to come to civil - admittedly only for the money. I don't know Brennan - she arrived after I left - but for all intents and purposes, she sounds pretty bad. However, I've got to say that this post is offensive on multiple levels.

The obvious one is the "little girl" comment. There are many female judges who are exceptional and who far surpass their male counterparts. That being said, even the bad ones should not be referred to in such a sexist manner.

The OTHER reason this comment was offensive (and laughable) is that civil lawyers - for the most part - wouldn't know how to try a real case if their life depended on it. Most of them don't have even a layman's understanding of what hearsay is, they have zero courtroom decorum, and they have no understanding of litigation skills. They can't read a judge or a jury and just run around all day speculating about inconsequential garbage.

This particular commentator is obviously in that category. Exhibit A would be his lack of spelling and sentence structure skills.......

Anonymous said...

All is now right with the world.


Eye on Shumie said...

Time to call the Shumie on this 2007 post.

Anonymous said...

The time(r)s, they are a changin'.
Gonna need to edit the post. There's now a between inning clock so we know we have 2:25 to run up the steps, hope there's no line for the bathroom or at the beer stand and run back down to our seat before the next pitch is thrown.
Not sure how it'll alter the game times but it'll speed up my pace.

Anonymous said...

Like Yogi Berra would say, this post is deja vu all over again.

Robert Kuntz said...

Tuesday, October 27, 2016. Game One of the World Series. I can see it now:

The Indians are on the field; the Cubs' batter stands in at the plate.

I believe it will happen. I believe it entirely. I have believed it every home opening day of every season of my life.

And -- at least for today -- it's true.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a shockingly original post. Who did you copy and paste this one from? ( occupied America?)

Rumpole said...

Thank you. I wrote it ten years ago. Check and see. Accuse me of what you wish, but plagiarism is not one of my faults considering my absolute superior writing ability that lures even lunkheads like you back and back and back every day when you are able to put down your Archie & Jughead anthologies.

Anonymous said...

Start of the season...............CUBS are world series champions, undefeated and in first place. GO CUBS GO. SAO5

Anonymous said...

I read an interesting article today. Compared opening day to Easter or Christmas at a church. 90% of the people there would never be caught there on a Sunday in February. Not a day for true believers.

Robert Kuntz said...

Looking back at my comment from this time last year, I really should have placed some bets.

Anonymous said...

And our idiot crazy loco president will not attend the first game.....

Anonymous said...

Game 7 of the 1960 world series ended on a Bill Mazeroski home run, hit to left field, where Yogi Berra was playing. If it was hit to right, as you mistakenly said, it would have gone over Roger Maris' head.

Anonymous said...

Start of the season, as always a great post. Thanks.....although the CUBS didn't prevail last year to get to the series, they're undefeated now. Go CUBS go.....SAO5